Hey guys it’s KJ from the scariest movie ever channel on YouTube I’ve recently been looking at a few different events here and drawing a few connections I wanted to share some of this with you it’s important for you to understand that you don’t need to be religious or even spiritual for that matter to understand what I’m about to show you these are real events that are taking place now and have been for the last few years all around the world and I’m going to clearly show you how all the religions are being pulled into one and you may think this doesn’t concern you but it certainly will it’s going to concern everybody across the face of this planet the other thing is that we were told that something like this was going to happen a couple thousand years ago in the Bible itself and I know I know there’s people out there that disregard the Bible and think all this stuff is bogus but if you look up the scriptures for yourself and realize what it’s saying that there is coming a one-world order a one-world religion a one-world monetary system one-world government and an antichrist leader and then you take a look around the world as it is right now and as it’s been changing the last few years there’s no denying that all of those things are happening now we’re literally watching the Antichrist kingdom being created before our very eyes and Pope Francis is certainly playing a huge role in all of this after all he is the jesuits Pope if you don’t know anything about the Jesuits I highly suggest you look into them because the Jesuits themselves play a massive role in the coming new world order they’re a big brick and the pyramid of that beast system so we have to listen to what the Pope’s saying get a listen to what he’s saying here’s one of the stories right here Pope Francis saying that spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is no different than waging jihad basically saying that this right here ministering to somebody else spreading the gospel introducing people to Jesus Christ he’s saying that this is the same as this preaching the gospel is the same as this right here to Pope Francis and now here’s just one example of how they’re absorbing all the religions into one u.s.

Lutheran’s approve historic agreement with Catholic Church the Lutheran’s approved two declaration recognizing that there are no longer Church dividing issues on many points with the Roman Catholic Church here’s another example so of course they’re going after the Muslims as well all right is going to be every religion in one Muslims go to Catholic Mass across France and Italy to show solidarity all of these are steps they’re all steps in that general direction of e one-world religion a new interfaith and spiritual gathering of Christians Jews and Muslims will take place in Jerusalem the September so it actually just passed from September 4th to the 23rd is an initiative created by that Jerusalem season of culture an annual festival in Jerusalem to bring together the world’s three major faiths who share a belief in one God and a boundless love for Jerusalem to dialogue studies sing and pray together in one temporary house of worship we will study argue yes this is also allowed and pray together in alone we will see if it is possible despite all the corporal difficulties and earthly obstacles to create a new reality then of course you can’t forget the Christians right so the Pope and Hillsong Hillsong Church will unite together 2016 in Washington DC now in this case right here the symbols really do speak for themselves Pope Francis visits Sri Lanka this happened about a year ago you see the symbols on stage once again combining all the world religions Pope Francis delivers a speech during an inter meeting this was actually called the warp summit World Alliance of religions so peace summit but once again these symbolism I believe speaks for itself here on the bottom you have the rainbow in the middle you have the twin pillars and on the top you have the red Sun and symbols have a language all their own right so even with this rainbow flag finger reminds me of how the LGBT community has literally co-opted the rainbow for themselves so now every time you see a rainbow flag you think of the LGBTQ community and with the language of symbols we always go back to the original meanings rights with the rainbow we can actually trace that back to the Bible itself whenever the rainbow appears in clouds I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth so this was the original meaning for many of us of the rainbow and now in 2016 this is the way the world wants to represent the rainbow so with this meeting they have that together 2016 meeting at the National Mall tons of symbolism all around this thing even starting with the basics right here you have the red and the blue represented on both sides it means a lot of different things you can actually go back to Freemasonry and you can find the Red Lodge and a Blue Lodge I’ve shown in a lot of other videos in the past the colors red and blue flickering at a certain rate is a form of mind control somebody else understood this concept when they created the police lights being both red and blue and flickering it’s such a quick rate I believe this is one of the reasons why when you get pulled over and you see those lights in the mirror right you freeze up and remember when it comes to symbols we always go back to the original meanings of this symbol so I was actually pretty surprised how prominent the aura borås the snake eating its own tail was is all over the place you can see it right here on the stage and if you didn’t know going back to the original meanings the aura borås symbolizes the end of time we’re seeing this symbol prop up more and more in a lot of places as well it actually played as a Super Bowl at last year with Liam Neeson for LG TV and in this commercial he was called the man from the future and at one point in the commercial you actually find the ora Boris and just on a side note I’ve covered this subject in a few different videos but I firmly believe these new LG TVs and also a lot of your smart phones and cell phones are literally black mirrors or scrying mares and scrying mirrors have been used throughout history by occultists pagans witches to contact the other side or do summon up spirits from the other side and speaking of scrying mirrors portals even reflecting pools is very interesting once again we found that also at the together reset the Washington Monument itself as a representation of a Cyrus’s penis bad tooth at the or Boris which is the end of time the representation of Osiris right in front of a reflecting pool the reflecting pool itself is also another example of a scrying mirror a black surface portal so the reset is the end of time or the end of this age as we know it and the beginning of the final reign of the Antichrist Rose Cyrus which is a representation of that they also represent the inverted world the as above so below paradigm just below you see Jesus changes everything and they have the changes backwards and upside down inversion as above so below is also represented in the reflecting pool now we look into the language of this together reset there are a lot of videos that came out of people holding up their phones like this with hashtag I am together the I am also reminded me of the Invictus games just happened recently and you can see where the I am is kind of singled out right even more appropriate they have it on the pyramid right here but we go back to the original meaning of I am I am just happens to be another name for Yahweh forgot this is the name revealed to Moses when Moses asked what name he should give to the Israelites if they asked what his name was this is the same title that Jesus used many times in the great IMS during his earthly ministry it is the self-existent one we are human beings but God is simply being that meaning he had no beginning and will have no ending God told Moses to tell them I am that I am or I am the self existent uncreated one meaning that I have always been and will always be all of that brings us current to 92116 now this recently just happened it was called the gathering this was an event in America that pulled all the different religious denominations together into one what’s most important understand here again we’re going back to symbols the most blatant most obvious Illuminati symbol or symbol of the beast system is right there in front of your face it’s the pyramid with the Sun look at that the a is the pyramid with the Sun think about that for a second they did not have to make it that way but the pyramid with the Sun is one of the most obvious symbols for a lot of us of again the Illuminati or the Satanic beast system the one-world based system because ultimately all of this is going to lead to the worship of the devil worship of Lucifer these are Luciferians we’re dealing with they give you just enough truth to bring you in and here’s one more thing I want to leave you with all the stuff we’re talking about the one-world religion right pulling all the religions together all this has been represented through Freemasonry for ages as well because these are the builders these are the architects on the highest level these are the people that for many centuries have been actually creating this system they’ve been putting all the bricks in place but it certainly seems like they’re getting close they’re getting close to fruition a One World Order one world religion the one world system the big difference when all this stuff plays out between us and them not just freemasons I’m saying them all the people the world accept what’s coming this Antichrist Kingdom is one world religion the big difference between all of us is going to be that we follow Jesus Christ that we believe that you need Christ to make it to heaven the rest of the world the rest of the world is going to be against that again they’re going to pull all your religions into one this is going to be Luciferian it’s literally going to be a worship of Lucifer for the Antichrist the embodiment of the devil in this world the one thing they’ll be leaving out is Jesus Christ so I’ll leave you with that guys I just wanted to show you how how close it is I certainly believe we’re in that season these are things I’ve been watching for a very long time and I hope it helps I don’t make these kind of videos to scare you I’m hoping that I’m preparing you all right and take care out there thank you very much for checking out the video …

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