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Hi guys I’m Shmi hello to you and welcome back to the channel where today you join me at one of the most mysterious automotive venues in the world we’re at air Elysium home of Volkswagens private test track and today i’m here with bugatti not only to experience a little ride in that very share on behind me but because something quite special has just been unveiled let’s head inside and take a look in a few moments I’m gonna jump into the sheer honor that’s outdoors to go for a ride in it but before we do that you have to check this out I can’t believe what I’m about to be showing you I don’t mean the 1 to 8 scale Lego Technic charan that’s behind me that we saw recently not even the 2nd share on it that’s here in the traditional dual blue Bugatti paintwork but take a look at this before 1 to 1 scale self-propelling and driving lego bugatti chiron this is a world first let’s take a quick look around it but literally this car drives itself and it is made entirely out of Lego it has about 5.3 horsepower from 2,304 electric lego technic motors it is just well incredible to look at it look at the likeness with the real car it even has animated light sequences the wing that opens and closes will come around and have a quick look at this before we run over more of the details after the ride in the real car everything it’s built around a steel frame but all of the surfaces you see all of the mechanicals are the electric systems from LEGO Technic it even has a lego technic speedometer going on inside there behind the steering wheel which mimics the real car everything is done using existing LEGO Technic pieces but you look at the skin the way it folds and takes the shape of the real car the engine back here if I just show you quickly we have an example of here so they have to manage the thermal side of things and to actually physically fit it in between these two enormous rear tires but you have so it’s wearing the wheels off the real car the wing lifts up and raises up but this is an electric Chiron in real life powered and run by Lego parts and components and made entirely from Lego you could sit in it you could drive it that is just crazy and look at it here next to the real car with the horseshoe grille at the front the splitter that matches up the wheels that are the same the C that runs around the doorframe how crazy is that well let’s head outside and go for a ride in the car that’s out there and we’ll come back and check this out afterwards unfortunately the weather today is not exactly on side what we can do is jump into the share on the real car for a little experience with it out on this area behind me we’re in the middle of the test track here it’s air LSE and it’s a pretty special location it was built back in the Cold War because quite literally this was a no-fly zone so you couldn’t spy on what VW were doing at all we’re in the centre of the area which houses a high-speed circuit with straights of nine kilometers of length that’s where Bugatti set their records with the Veyron going four hundred and seven kilometers an hour and more recently with the Veyron Super Sport with 1,200 horsepower going up to 431 this car the Chiron is limited to a top speed of 420 let’s take a quick look around it Before we jump in just to go out and explore and see what it’s like joined by Andy Wallace so this is the exact car that I drove last year finished in the gold mixed with the carbon fiber that you have around it but back here at 1500 horsepower 1600 Newton meter quad turbo 8-litre w16 engine the crazy engine that offers so much of that talk pretty much throughout the rev range it’s sitting in handling mode with the rear wing what raised up here you got the full width rear light as well and obviously not exactly the best conditions as you can see from the rain water that it’s picking up as such an iconic design maintaining the Bugatti horseshoe at the front the headlights and other details around it anyway let’s find Andy jump in and go experience this car and see what it’s like even in these conditions for this ride then I am joining mr.

Andy Wallace the legend himself how are you I’m doing great thank you very much and I do apologize for the horrible weather we’ve got that was the one thing we couldn’t order today but here we are inside the sheriff yes but what we do have is lots of space it’s very interesting I’d be driving the car this morning there’s so little grip on the surface but yet with the the amount of traction this car can provide you think just full throttle go through all the water you feel it’s moving around and the systems are operating but you can put almost the full 1500 down on the tarmac which is amazing that was one of the things I remember experiencing even on the first drive 1,500 horsepower is a whole lot that is a big number even on a dry terrain you would struggle to get all that power down you would think I wouldn’t you but with all my driving and now it’s a it’s above 80,000 kilometers now it needs you 80,000 kilometers you’ve driven sharon’s it’s crazy no he’s a good job but I mean I know if you can see this we roll a lot but this is the but the moment we’re showing tire pressures as soon as that blue number at the bottom as soon as we’ve rolled the blue number all actually change to the temperature yeah so you see we’ve got 50 degrees so in order to get a hundred percent traction in first gear you just need to see 25 is great even a bit less will work or anything more okay and that’s a hundred percent right when you go full throttle and that’s not electronic trickery that’s just traction great yeah we’ll drive of course yeah it’s full drive it’s weight distribution its suspension geometry its tires it just you know everything together puts all that power on the road because obviously you can give a car 5,000 horsepower but if you can’t put the power on the road you’ve got the reseller any faster that’s true that is absolutely the absolute key thing these kind of cars the crazy thing with the Chiron is you have all of that and then you mix it in with the luxury person tario at the carve and the leather the beautiful finish the comfortable seats that view across the engine it’s a magnificent thickness car every time just even looking at one is truly special it’s in this gift put together and although it’s incredibly fast as as you know it’s also is so refined and luxurious normally that and performance the opposite ends of the scale if we just dash across here we’re going to run through a whole load of water it is probably not gonna feel that Pleasant because it’s patchy water on the other hand we just want Oh Kailyn so what I’ve got on here we’ve registered a measure this is gonna hold max power yeah my speed I’m explaining myself here okay just a little puppy to first gear but we’re gonna go are you ready yeah I’m gonna slide out you feel the water and you feel the lack of grip but the systems are keeping you all under control 224 km/h in that in a car park so they also let you use up to 1000 380 horsepower that ryan and depending on which bit of the road you use whether it’s wetter or drier earlier it put down for 33 other things are most to put down exhaling negates it so yeah so patchy the other thing is quite interesting is the game with all this water around it just not going crazy we just see how much lateral deep or that you’ve actually got a look at me because it’s an instantaneous read hold on pretty tight together three that we’re splashing through the puddles so yeah it’s quite amazing I’m sure I’ve already bored you with this before but it’s worth probably reiterating in there we also grabbed these massive horsepower numbers and everything’s all you know when we’re talking more than race car not that horsepower but if you’ve driven down we’ve driven lots of things driver a very high performance engine generally or you sacrifices you sacrificed your abilities durability for one shot you sacrifice drivability and flexibility because normally you’re pushing the envelope in the direction of peril and you have to give up something yeah so with this what is incredible is 1600 new pieces of tall from two to six thousand are yeah yeah and that basically being set and by the time you’ve got the throttle all the rate pinned down to the ground you’re already pulling your max torque yeah which is crazy so if we go let’s say we go into third gear still very low you decide you want to go there’s an hour again just like that which is placed just rolling along it’s in yeah so of course how that is achieved is with the Bugatti two-stage turbocharging where you actually block off two turbochargers you force all the exhaust gases at low rpm through only two because they are massive turbos and effectively brings them down a half size in terms of spirit speed okay so you get the boost immediately to turbo charges alone can produce maximum boost but you do need the extra two to join the party because you need volume watch the RPM rise yeah 3,800 you open the second two and four thousand is when you need them so you’ve got that small delay as they spawn and as soon as you hit four thousand you’ve got all four scalar charges pumping and it’s 6700 rpm max power arrives and the apatite Ferrer is a thousand liters of air per second thousand liters a second isn’t that amazing and you know everything about this cars massive massive massive numbers but then it’s all wrapped up into a package where it’s easy to drive it’s refined it’s comfortable its choir he looks after you I mean we’re doing silly things with the Carl crazy your grip surfaces and yeah you can feel it moving around but it’s always looking off – yeah for sure and you feel even just sort of going through brief tons and things it’s it’s completely flat as well yep there’s no body roll to speak of just a fantastic machine and I notice we also went up to 1389 a little bit boy yes if we can find a bit of road which is slightly slightly dirty bit exists maybe there’s been here to see if we can [Music] unfortunately not not quite it’s not quite pretty enough is it but you do look at the ground and it is properly wet outside at the moment Oh still every time you put your foot down like that and I experience from the passenger seat it’s that feeling of the car just pushing you back you feel like the whole thing just feels stuck I remember you saying when we went out for the drive if you put like a 50 euro nice dashboard you’re trying to reach forward you have no chance when you’re going flat out you just could never reach anything that would be put there but no any genuinely I know this sounds like an exaggeration right absolutely promise you it’s true especially the first few times you go in the car when you accelerate especially on the dry road pull it actually takes your internal organs and it rearranges them in fact you know the car you’re almost having to check that are all back where they should be it’s amazing and I never had that feeling in in the house yeah effortless power continually being delivered just doesn’t stop and I know because we went up on the drive we did before up to a total top speed of 363 yes it’s pretty near to 380 top speed limit without the speed key but even after that speed it just feels like it’s constantly going it doesn’t stop it’s relentless it’s still pulling and the important thing is the stability is is incredible you don’t start feeling like you’re gonna wander around I remember that yeah very straight yeah my fears quite achievement in fact I mean of course because the arrow forces are going up eventually and smoker speed each few more kilometers you put on you’ve got even more downforce but you’ve also got even more of a problem to manage the airflow yep so it’s no he’s remarkable he’ll staple the craft at the state I was did we always on a runway and if we knew when you’re going up and down the runway it seems a bit crazy but you can’t see the other end if it laughs here ocean there’s so long here isn’t it you can’t see 90 kilometers ahead of you that’s it the curvature of the earth means it dips away yes it does doesn’t it but but if you’re if you’ve got a sort of finite distance like we do when we’re doing this diagonal run unless you’re gonna put some cones down you can actually judge where the other end is that you want the easiest way to do it is just measure it on the trip and okay and so that’s what I did what we were on the runway before and you just say to yourself okay I’ve got let’s say you want for Kay’s well let’s give it three cares and we’ll jump on the break but it reached the speed limit error about 1.9 Kate no without the 1.9 kilometres to the speed limiter in the Sharon yeah to the 380 the first speed limiter so he miss me I notice also this cars done thirty thousand three hundred and eight kilometres and it’s been all over the world it’s done lots of test drives it divine already everywhere I mean I noticed it’s a middle-eastern spec car yeah as well he’s a genuine workhorse / well absolutely fantastic as always thank you very much for taking us turrets and the experience well and also you what are you gonna do before you show my boss how much fun we’re having in this car also got a spin on it to say this really hard work to otherwise they won’t know definitely that definitely is the toughest job ever imagine of all I’m sure it’s it’s um that anyway it really is a pleasure every time you jump in the car and shut the door really mean and I’d be driving cars for a very long time and this makes me feel alive every time I jump in it because I’m over that really thank you very much [Music] what’s an awesome experience as always but the car is off a big thanks to Andy for coming back on the channel teaching us through I love the way he talks about the cars he knows so much but let’s head back inside now and take another look at the Lego one two one sure on all right back inside let’s take a more detailed walk-around of the full-size Lego car I never thought that I would actually be filming a one-to-one lego model a lego technic bugatti chiron just to explore this more the likeness with the real car is really quite amazing look at the headlights for example they had to make new transparent pieces but they are animated and they will show that sequence we’ll check that out in a second coming around the car the way they’ve designed the skin it’s all kind of movable but makes the shapes and even in sight you can actually see that the entire thing is all LEGO Technic if I just come in really close to this you can see even inside their LEGO Technic components for the entire thing of course it’s wearing the Bugatti badge at the front the emblem inside the grille at the front there the whole thing though just shaped designed to match with the real car it has blinkers in the mirrors indicators there this kind of carbon fiber effect that’s used for parts that would be carbon fiber on the real car of course there’s no glass it’s a Lego model just look at the inside look at the dials and the gear leaver that match up what we’ve seen outside on the real share on all here on the Lego model even the windscreen wipers so the share on sport was introduced recently with lighter carbon fiber wipers I wonder if this has the hose fitted the C that follows around the outside finished like the real car but just look at this the way they’ve built it the way they’ve illuminated all of this the VB logo for Ettore Bugatti the exhaust system down at the back we probably not going to get a loud startup out of this but everything is designed to match the full-scale car even the covers over the back of the w16 this is quite ridiculous so they have to decouple the motor to be able to break the car because obviously the way this is done as a driving car means there’s a lot of engineering had to go into it a lot a lot of hours I imagine to create and make it function correctly let’s have a demonstration of the lights the way they start up is exactly matched to the sequence of the full car now on its main beam controllable this is really quite amazing this is a proper big boys toy and the noise you can hear in the background is the compressor starting up so we can demo the rear wing but the lights turn off using the same sequence the indicators the hazards you can see all around it actually like an actual car the speedometer is working as well up towards the top speed it’s about 500 kilometers an hour that the speedometer says in the real Chiron about 60 or so in this car but it drives at 30 kilometers an hour maybe slightly faster electrically on the move you can also see the pressure gauge on the left which will tell us when it’s possible from the compressor to raise up the rear wing now the magic happens the car goes into its handling mode so the wing actually as you can see can pivot to various different angles the motors that lift and raise it out so the car has cooling underneath that and also the full scale car sits down into its mode when you want to go for high speed but just like the real shear on the wing lifts up at the back so you can see how that works here it’s completely modeled off the exact car and we can also put it back down again as well now you can see that tucking back in magic how awesome is that there we go then a first look at the full-scale Lego car not just any car the bugatti chiron I never thought that would actually exist but here it is they’ve revealed it today we’ve been able to take a look around as well as experiencing the actual car again with Andy Wallace always a delight to experience his passion and enthusiasm but just looking at these two how cool is it that they have made that so accurately replicate the original car for car fans out there for model car fans for lego fans it is incredible that this exists so so awesome I can’t believe it but here we are it is there it works it does its thing so thank you very much for watching guys thank you to Bugatti for the opportunity to come down thank you to Lego as well I hope you’ve enjoyed the video as always make sure to be subscribed and I’ll catch up with you again very very soon Cheers.

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