This guy bought a banged up 800-BHP supercar – by Tavarish

how’s it going guys my name is divorce and today I’m standing behind another car under another car cover now in the last few episodes I took apart that fake Lamborghini and I told you that that was going to be one part of a big project the most ambitious project I’ve ever had on my channel and that project is right here ladies and gentlemen I just bought a supercar with 800 horsepower that you’ve never heard of so if you guys new to my channel thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoy it and consider subscribing if you like this sort of stuff this is no mere rebuild project this is the most ambitious project I’ve ever had on my channel and I’m super excited and a little bit scared because this car is a complete mystery to me I’ve never worked on one and I don’t even know really what it is but I wager that you guys have seen one of these cars in one form or another if you just didn’t know it that’s because this car is a very special car called an RC r SL C RC R stands for race car replicas and SLC stands for superlight coupe and the race car replica should give you an idea of where this thing was used because you might have seen it in this movie that’s right none of those cars were real they were these they were SLC’s obviously this is not exactly the best quality example of an RC R SLC but this is exactly what I wanted because I wanted to make my own version of my ultimate dream car now the first step was buying this car at a salvage auction now you guys might not know this but you can’t actually buy one of these at a salvage auction without a broker’s license that’s why I use today’s sponsor Auto bid mister also known as a site that makes browsing and buying Salvage auction cars SuperDuper easy it’s a one-stop online car auction with more than 180 thousand vehicles on sale right now they’re a salvage auction broker which means that you can buy in 50 states without limits on the types of cars you can buy in these salvage auctions say no I’ve used auto bid master in the past but let’s just see what they have right now that might be sort of interesting oh boy I should not have seen this so this is an old 8 Lamborghini Murcielago and this is an LP 640 and it has a buy it now of 75 grand which is five grand less than I paid for mine and mine is not an LP this could be one heck of a project oh dude oh this is okay alright so let’s put in a bid of $60,000 so what happens is the system bids up to this amount in increments it’s just gonna go up to the maximum bid but hopefully if you know your cars well enough you got the winning bid and what’s even better is that auto bid master partnered with easy haul calm meaning that they can actually ship this car directly to your door which is just nuts now you can just browse these cars for free or you can do a paid subscription which I definitely recommend because you get a lower transaction fee you get shipping discounts and depending on the price of the vehicle it can basically pay for itself in fact if you go to the link in my video description below you’ll get 50 bucks off of paid subscription right now it is really really worth it if you’re looking at getting any sort of salvaged cars not just the Lamborghini my god there’s another one so let’s begin I wanted to go handheld because there is a lot to see on this car and it’s not just the incredible amount of damage I think just went into a wall at a racetrack or something hopefully no one got hurt I don’t see any fluids inside but let’s not dwell on that this car is awesome it’s reminiscent of the gt1 and Lamar cars of the 80s and I love the shape of it I mean just think about if this wasn’t looking like a crumpled piece of paper back here is exactly why this car makes a lot of power and why this car is very very unique even in the world of SLC’s so this is one of the only three rotor SLC s and this guy well the guy who built it really loved rotaries check that out this is a rotary has a little rotary badge there he was really into this rotor stuff Rob Dom would probably be jealous of this engine but this is a 20 beef 3 rotor engine they came in the Mazda Cosmo you know something or other I might be completely butchering that but this is actually a very rare engine behind the engine is something a little more rare let me uh yeah it’s a little hey Jared we’re going to just be very careful just so behind this engine is this transmission and you guys might not know what this is but it is a transaxle called a Mendiola sd5 this is a trans axle for trophy trucks and it is a sequential 5-speed in fact I found a YouTube video of this car driving down the street and it just it sounds insane [Music] it also comes with a air to water intercooler here’s the we’re not using that anymore in addition there’s 8088 turbo that might need a little bit of refurbishment or replacement there is a really good kink in the air line and the frame is quite damaged I mean you can see that it has just cracked on multiple pieces back here so this is thoroughly thoroughly screwed I mean this car is you wouldn’t be able to drive it like this at all but what’s cool about it is that the brakes are nice and big it actually has Grand Sport wheels from a Corvette and it has its own suspensions we just lift that off yep there we go okay so this is the front of an SLC there supposed to be a radiator here but that radiator got sort of mangled in the wreck let’s check this out SLC’s have their own suspension they have a lot of bespoke parts so this isn’t a kit car you can call it a component car because this all has its own components it’s not based on any other platform like that car was that’s basically just a Fiero that had its roof cut off and then Jared definitely it’s a roof off hey it’s a boy it’s a convertible good how do you feel good yeah but this is its own thing and it was designed by a guy named Fran Hall and he is still the guy that you talked to about getting one of these just take a look at this pushrod suspension it’s really cool and it allows this car to have awesome handling at the track and also some good road handling capabilities as well but in addition to that one of my favorite things about this car is uh billionaire doors this is awesome now these doors don’t stay up because they’re supposed to be a little rod that sticks out from there that wasn’t there the person that put these seats in there were a little wider and perhaps a little shorter than I was so we’re gonna have to change those seats out and I’m not quite sure about that color scheme right here is a haltech dashboard we have a lot of really cool racecar look and switch gear that really awesome sequential shifter and back here you can see a haltech elite stand-alone you have a bunch of different can bus elements and what we’re gonna have to figure out what all of that does but hopefully this car can start up maybe sorta kinda what do you think oh yeah we’ll make it run I know that these things love to be cooled properly and there’s no cooling system so we can’t run it for that long not very long just enough to fire it up make sure it runs maybe shift the transmission a little bit because the indicators aren’t working we’re gonna make sure it’s off the ground yeah the last thing we want to do is yeah and it just goes somewhere yeah launches into SEMA 2019 this transmission is actually upside down that’s the only way you can get it to work but it should handle a decent amount of power this allegedly made seven sixty five to the wheels and that translates to like what eight hundred something at the crank eight fifty or so on the crank so that’s a lot of power I mean obviously it’s a little too much power for the driver of this car only two hundred it’s like just a weed whacker the reason why this car was in this condition was likely because the person that’s driving it didn’t have the talent that this car required now this has a manual steering rack it has manual brakes you can actually get these with AC and front lift and all that stuff but this was a race car for the road don’t even have any windows here you can install windows but they didn’t have them there and I’m not really sure what the focus of this build was just to make a speed machine and I’m guessing the speed was a little too much so this project is not only going to be rebuilding what we have back there but we’re also going to be rebuilding and modifying and adding features to what’s already here so I’ve actually been talking to Fran Hall the guy who makes the SLC possible and he told me that he wants people to know about these cars and I want people to know about these cars so if you guys are interested in one of these cars just go to his website I will link it in the description below and if you buy one which I really recommend you do just let them know that you got it from me or you I had something to do with it I really want to get the word out there about these cars these are as close to super and hyper cars as you can get without a super or hyper car budget this is very very affordable and most people don’t put three rotors in them they usually put LSE’s or ford coyotes or something that has a little more torque and it isn’t as finicky as this so this car actually does have some arrow some diffusers stuff back here but this is all broken I don’t think any of this is actual carbon fiber I think it’s just plastic but man everything got wrecked in here you can see that this is bent that’s supposed to be one piece and jerry’ just took off the one bolt holding the back end on so we can put that to the side so this looks pretty cool I really liked the racecar look of this and the fact that you can actually drive this down the street well not this one specifically but you can drive one like this is quite interesting this one had Michigan inspection stickers actually no I had a New Jersey inspection all because that’s even harder that is even harder let’s get your welder we’ll just like ratchet strap it back over yeah today I’ll be back together dude we’ll have this done in like an hour here’s a real big issue the wheel is correct now when I was talking to Fran Hall about this he told me that this is designed specifically like this to buckle in case of an accident like this because you want all the energy to be dissipated evenly you don’t want something where it’s a super super rigid structure and it transfers all that energy into the cabin this is a semi monocoque chassis and there’s an aluminum tub and then there’s this roll structure up here and it goes all through the car it’s actually quite ingenious and if you have the body off it looks like a really cool sled –is– go-cart and right here is some really cool vents and what I like is that you can customize all of this to suit whatever you need as far as engines and turbos the sky’s the limit because you do have a decent amount of space here probably fit a v8 maybe fit a v8 I mean not not the LS right I might have a v8 to put in what jared is doing right now is he’s just taking off the intercooler and that basically means that we’re taking the turbo out of the equation we don’t need the turbo right now and the turbo is probably toast so we’re just going to make sure the engine can rotate we’re going to take the spark plugs out and then we’re going to put a little bit of ATF in there because the rotors they need a little bit of lubrication and a little bit of cleaning for the apex seals and all that stuff to work rotors you don’t want them to sit it’s it’s not a very good situation because when they sit that’s when things get really dry and crusty and then the second you start them up it’s just you have to get a rebuild we’re assuming the turbos toast it broke the large beep and that holds the compressor housing on it it’s been allowed that I’ve seen one break that way and because it’s jammed in so hard it’s probably crushed the compressor wheel which is the part that sucks the air in so the other reason we’re going non-turbo is if it’s somehow damaged we just don’t want it trying to grow anything into yeah and any piece of aluminum or whatever look how clean that is that is like incredibly clean there’s no oil or anything so we know that turbo was actually in good shape there’s there’s nothing in this inner core it’s it’s bones ride i mean somebody spent some time on this car somebody spent some time and money I don’t think clearance is normally meant to be this tight on the side I don’t think that either I think the engine if you look at it a little bit a little bit cocked sideways I think it should be a little more centered in the engine bay why is every kit car we’ve worked on in the past to day have the engine in the wrong spot I can tell you a few reasons why okay actually well I mean there’s oh that’s a little bad oh yeah come right down from the top oh yeah it’s that we call foreign object damage I well it’s technically not foreign object damage being that it was the actual turbo housing itself that did it okay so okay that’s that’s toast yeah um but we can probably rebuild this it’s a gret ET 88 turbo so it’s not exactly the newest thing in the world a lot of stuff on this car is old-school when you see that Airmotive a 1000 pumped down there and that’s just a big honking fuel pump but it’s not actually that efficient at what it does you have a lot better technology now new brushless stuff moves like it’s old reliable but there’s there’s new stuff that with less power consumption less eating of the fuel can move so much more than it it doesn’t make sense to keep that it might not make sense to keep that engine what do you think do you like the rotaries are you a rotary guy I’m not a fan of me neither me neither so you let me know in the comments if you want me to keep that rotary in or not or do something else because I’m leaning towards something else also I already bought an engine alright so we’re gonna check the spark plugs and the plug wires just came out because there they are overstretched actually this might actually be a problem yeah this might there’s gonna be a problem because the engines not far enough well yeah the motor mounts gone or even just the bolt but yeah I think the bolt just sheared that should be about here is that a problem is that a problem generally for long-term running yes oh you have to be kidding me explain to me how to take that out it is recessed in there I have no idea how they put the plugs in there how can you get those out that makes no sense you’re supposed to use other spark plugs this one there the rotary plugs that I have always seen have an extra long shoulder on them this is this is really dumb Rob how do you fix that help help us dumb and off he’s gonna pick up [Music] whenever you need somebody they’re not there should have let that number get announced jared is using the Mazda approved method of removing spark plugs this oh did you get it out yeah okay all right that’s not that’s not a hack method it’s a wholly improved ma’am it actually was running fairly well – yep it smells dry right we’re just squirting a little bit of ATF into each rotor and onto the ground and onto the ground you got to make sure you do that because of the accident we can’t actually get on to the crank pulley to turn it but I’m able to put the screwdriver on the pulley bolt so I’m gonna go through a very slow and painful process of an inch at a time rotate this around so we can each chamber what a hero you are Jared what a hero and we’re certain that that’s that’s a positive well familiar with any positives that bolt directly to the chassis you never know these rotaries are a little weird oh I heard a click there’s lights there’s lights on the dash Oh Oh things are happening this exciting okay oh there’s a lot of light oh yeah all right so does the house heck turn on let me get this out of here this is a real discussing place to be but we’re gonna we’re gonna try to send it and see you see what happens okay we have fuel pressure fuel coming yeah and we have good pressure and ignition on oh this is awesome okay what else do we have fan one record now oh yeah we’re not doing those inner cooler pump we’re not turning that on ignition kill line lock later I’m just gonna kind of pop it a little bit now just go for it right all right [Music] give her a little gas we may need more juice I think we might need more juice I hear like something’s not happy then we need more okay I have ten point four volts yeah we need more juice are you doing sketchy things yeah might not want to try this at home kids ignition on we should have ten point nine volts so there’s a voltage drop somewhere yeah there’s something something off [Music] let’s try it why would you do that that’s fine go yeah it’s probably ripped a few grounds so I’m not sure what else to do we have a brand new battery we have to jump boxes on there and still not enough voltage so there has to be a voltage drop somewhere in the system and chasing that down is gonna be a big issue one issue that it could be as the Browns the ground isn’t horrible doesn’t look like it’s it’s too bad back there but everything shifted around so who knows what could be broken up here I mean that it’s been rained on so there’s a there’s a good chance that it’s just a ground corroded somewhere there’s a ground in the back of the engine and that actually is okay and it looks like it is connected to the chassis so hey Freddy what smell my fingers [Music] that doesn’t smell like fresh fuel smell like varnish yeah and when I pulled the fuel line out it was brown usually not what you want to see 800 horsepower car that kind of was like you know what everything we’ve had has been such a weird fuel slash ignition slash everything issue so I was like let’s double check our fuel quality in it’s not it’s just not the fuel quality that wasn’t the theoretically all this needs is a battery and in a fresh tank of fuel even though I don’t actually know how to woah that’s a lot of know some of that was already there that was water that started draining as we moved the car around and got weird angles we should probably clean that up or maybe not whatever we can drain the tank and get fresh gas to make rotary noises or we can do a couple things to help you realize your dream and in that pisode there that’s what we’ll be doing right so here’s what I’ve come up with just got a – 10 with a push lock hose on a regular – 10 stainless steel braided hose however this is not what you’re supposed to do this is only temporary this is probably going to leak a little bit but we just want to make sure that it can get fuel into the engine and we have some fresh fuel it’s it’s actually regular which you definitely don’t want to put the dissension if you’re going to be putting it under any sort of load we just want to make sure the engine runs Rob Tom can adopt them all it’s a pretty nice brakes Oh professionals a starter and then fuel now I think we gave it the best possible shot and just we have to redo the entire fuel system clean it and who knows how much stuff is in those fuel injectors I can probably do that a little bit later in a different episode because this is it’s a little bit more involved or we just don’t use it but the other benefit is this whole setup that harness we can actually just put it on the ground and start it on the ground or I can just sell it so just so you guys don’t think that we’re making this up this is the color of the fuel yes we’re gonna do more harm than good if we try right yeah I actually have a solution to this issue three rotors aren’t exactly my thing but you know what is my thing this this is a 4.3 liter Ferrari v8 from a Ferrari f430 look we’re doing the Pulsar engine know that that’s not well know that’s something different that’s a better idea yeah I have a present what’s your present this is only half of it oh are those the turbos off of my Bentley engine those are the turbos off your valiant well this is one of them and what so I said this is only half of it that’s true I think what do you think I think that could work so I got this engine from my friends at eajy and you guys will know them from the 430 scuderia manual and they had this in their storage and they said that this needs a little work so in the next episode I’m gonna be taking this apart so obviously this engine is missing a few pieces the intake manifold the accessories all that stuff but that is easy to source and I think this is gonna make that way more exotic now these in their stock form run right around 500 horsepower a little bit less but with turbos and a built engine the sky’s the limit for this so take a look at how small the bell housing is it’s really gonna Rev quite quick because the clutch has to be very stout and it’s gonna be very small so I’m not sure if I’m gonna use that same sequential transmission I think it would be kind of cool if we did but in addition to all of that we’re gonna do some body mods some heavy heavy body mods and we’re gonna do some mechanical stuff to this engine to the transmission to the drivetrain because after all I did say this was going to be the most ambitious project ever and here is a very very rough mock-up of the real thing obviously we’re gonna do a lot of bodywork and I’m gonna make this fit so it looks oh em but I already love the shape this is gonna do this is gonna turn out to be awesome all it’s gonna be amazing this is really cool and we’re keeping those pop-up lights and I think we could do something else that nobody has done on YouTube and that you see our driver seat right there yeah we’re going to move that to the middle you don’t got time for passengers no no no we can we can do a one-seater middle cheap McLaren f1 Ferrari Lamborghini twin-turbo Bentley Bentley mishmash of parts SLC so this is gonna be absolutely insane out hope you guys can subscribe because this is going to be a more long-term project I’m not gonna have stuff on this every day but we are gonna make a lot of progress on this hopefully in the next weeks and months because this is gonna is gonna take a while I’m gonna make sure to do it right and I’m also going to be we’re gonna have a new a new slogan not only are we wrenching everyday because well Jared is Jared is is a heave wrenches everyday anyway right always but we’re gonna do it one better so the slogan is build it better and that’s gonna be I think I think that’s pretty good right absolutely go ahead better not just expensive but there’s lots of ways to build it better and we’re gonna do it yeah and we’re gonna do on a budget we’re gonna do it DIY but we’re gonna make sure that everything is done right this is not gonna be a hack job and even though it definitely looks like a hack job right now right now it is a hack job yeah right now it’s literally a hack job I mean we hacked off the fenders but this will be a running driving car with all the creature comforts that you’d expect from a supercar and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing I’m I’m very excited and I hope you guys can appreciate that I’d like to give a big thank you to our sponsor auto bid master that’s where I got not only this car but that that nasty arrow where we got this awesome front end so go check them out in the link in the description below I’d like to thank Brian hall from our CR for giving me a lot of insight into these cars and hopefully if he’s on board then we can really get this to the next level and let’s thank all of you for joining me so until next time this is me reminding you guys having cars like this that are gonna be amazing one-off masterpieces and thanks Jared by the way Jared’s MVP as always you guys need to wrench every day.

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