This American Warship SURPRISED Russians

Nov 24, 2020

Human has always been, is and will be associated with water. Mastering this element began a long time ago. According to scientists, attempts to use swimming facilities were undertaken 50 thousand years ago. At first, these were rafts made of logs. Further, the technique was improved, boats, sailboats, ships appeared … What is the sea for? The sea was used for trade and transportation. Often, sailing on the sea, new territories were opened, battles were fought. Quite quickly, the sea became an excellent arena for fierce battles. For this, the Ancient World strenuously created combat units for subsequent sea battles. In the 19th century, there was a revolution in the construction of floating facilities. Previously, all means were moved by wind and male power. Nevertheless, during this period, all ships began to be equipped with steam engines. The material for construction was also changed: steel supplanted wood, which has been so popular since ancient times.
The 20th century is considered the most productive in terms of the development of the fleet: aircraft carriers, submarines, boats with various mechanisms appeared. The Navy is a highly technical and expensive type of weapon. Countries are investing heavily in the country’s defensive forces. Maritime countries necessarily have a fleet, and in every possible way support the country’s security from the water.
Our rating includes modern ships that are distinguished by their special military power.

This American Warship SURPRISED Russians

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