There is a Present Darkness in the World 2019

Pushing back this present darkness Pushing back in this present darkness Remember the thief came to what steal kill and destroy now Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel the next thing you see is one son sacrifice is accepted with God and the other ones isn’t and Cain a seething envy in his heart got a hold of him a hatred for his brother and Subsequently, he actually murdered his brother without conscience When the Lord came to him and said, where’s your brother and he said how do I know? My my brother’s keeper.

There’s just a nonchalance, you know humankind can start to murder without conscience folks. That’s what separation from God produces jesus said to the religious around him in John chapter 8 verse 44 Who claimed to be the children of Abraham? He said no you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do for he was a murderer from the beginning You want your own way you want your own rules. You want no boundaries and you will kill to get it That’s exactly what happened. It’s why they killed the son of God even in the name of religion This was the beginning of mankind wanting his in her own way up to the point of taking the life of anyone who got in the way And do we have a more glaring example than the recent law that was just passed in New York State on abortion Not only passing a law but looking at our state legislators and the people around literally patting each other on the back and smiling as they sign a law of Slaughter of the innocents and lighting up a building here in New York City sticking your finger in the eye of God Daring God to judge the city might I add all folks.

There’s a line you can’t cross God himself said you enter into the fields of the fatherless. I will rise and defend them and remember remember the Scripture says do not be deceived whatever you sow you’re going to reap And there are three immutable laws of the harvest you saw what you reap You sow it later than you reaped it and you sow more than you reaped a License to murder For convenience sake in many cases Not all I understand that but in many cases just a license to murder Unthinkable unfathomable that a society could become so barbaric After signing this ungodly law they should have hidden their closets and ashamed Instead of lighting up a building here in celebrating murder You know We read in the Old Testament about the abomination of the nations Moloch how they took their children and they put them on this red hot Idol Well, tell me what makes us any different now in this generation How do we claim any moral ground? in every society that starts to distance itself from God and moves into the utter depravity starts to sacrifice their children in the name of convenience People at this time we’re still able to communicate with one another but they decided to build a tower you see and keep they’re still moving on this quest to be as God is without God and They ended up in their pride losing the ability to communicate with each other You can check it out yourself in Genesis chapter 11.

They said let’s make a tower up into the heavens That’s it speaks of of humanity trying to be God in itself because that was the sin that they embrace we can be God We can be as God is so so let’s build a tower to prove to the whole world that we we are Godly, we can get into the heavens by our own strength The Lord came down and we see the introduction of another Consequence of being dis unified with God at a level of division among people Got into this world where suddenly they couldn’t communicate with one another and let’s take a look at our society today We see a preoccupation with neck nakedness and sexual sin We see Envy hatred murder division evil.

Speech Lying has become the order of the day Now we see the killing of innocents coming our way and Don’t anybody try to suggest there’s any ability to communicate anymore We see the vision coming into our society on almost every level and so the question arises Who is behind the obvious? Degenerating social condition of our day. I don’t care what people call themselves. It’s not flesh and blood we’re fighting against you understand We’re fighting spiritual wickedness in heavenly places The people are signing. These laws are just unwitting dupes. That’s all they are. They’re being influenced by powers of darkness They have no defense because they’re not in relationship with God. So they’re open to the suggestions of evil and There’s simply pawns of Darkness. That’s all they are. I feel nothing, but sorry for them There’s a day coming everybody around that death signing This ungodly law is going to stand at the throne of God one day and answer for what they have done And so the question arises what can you and I do about this number one Recognize that the cross is God’s invitation for you and I to come back to him again In the garden when they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil The Bible tells us they God said now lest Humankind mankind men and woman less unless they touch the tree of life and eat of it and live forever They have to be banished from the garden And so the scripture says they they lost access to eternal life in God at that point They lost access to to the favor the promise of God the hope of God Everything of God was lost death began to reign but at the cross It’s no coincidence that Jesus was crucified on the tree.

You understand the cross is the tree of life regained The cross is that opportunity to come back to God. Remember Jesus himself said lest you Why eat my flesh and drink my blood. You have no life in you. The cross is the Tree of Life regain everyone who wants to come to him now can the way has been made back to God back to unity was God back to life in God just Like in Luke 15 with the prodigal son Who recognized he’d been far away from his father? There’s a voice of God calling us as the people of God back home to him again My son my daughter get up.

You can come home Bring just come as you are come with your shame come with your trials come with whatever even with murder in your heart Whatever’s going on in your life. Just get up and come home And As you met his father, he found life. He found a covering for his shame today, I want you to know that your shame can be covered no matter what you’ve been doing or how you’ve been behaving if you’re Willing to get up and come back and live God’s Way.

There’s a covering for your shame. There’s a hope for your future There’s life that god offers you The thief comes to steal kill and destroy John but the second half of that verses but I have come that they may have life and That they may have it more abundantly Life life that can only come from God Life that can’t be found anywhere else but in Christ Life that has offered us at the cross where we can go and say god I don’t have the love I need for this generation and there’s a tree there and on that tree a Victory was won Captivity was taken captive and gifts were given unto men and God says no you don’t but partake of me I have all the love you will ever need To love the unlovable and make a difference in your time Ephesians says when he ascended on high he led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men Jesus himself in mark chapter 3 verse 27 He said no one can enter a strong Mans house and plunder his Goods Unless he first binds the strong man and that he will plunder his Goods I want you to know that when he was crucified And when he was buried and when he rose from the dead the scripture says when he ascended on high, he led captivity captive And gave gifts unto men all the death of the triumph of God on that cross all the depth of the mercy of God all the Invitation of God back into his presence again back into the purpose for our lives all this incredible mercy of God That is available to you to me He says if you open the door to your heart your house as it is I’ve already bound the strongman I’ve already Taken captivity captive.

I’ve already stepped on the head of the devil I’ve already destroyed his power and his works He’s defeated It is finished The victory is one for more than conquerors now through Christ who loves us Now is has invite me in and let me plunder your house Let me plunder the things that Disunity from God have planted in your heart The preoccupation with nakedness the envy the murder the deceit the lies the duplicity Is stepping on other people for a personal advantage whatever it is it’s gotten into your heart Lord says, let me come in and let me plunder it Not by might not by power. Not yours. Not your might. Not your wisdom. Not your power but by my spirit Says the Lord. Let me come in and Let the temple become mine and that’s got to be your prayer because it’s mine Oh God You know every corner of this physical temple, you know everything that’s in my mind, you know everything it’s in my heart You know my future, you know the days ahead of me my God my God Plunder this temple of everything of hell everything that was sown in this human body because of Sin, that got into the human race, and we’ve all inherited it by nature So let your captivity be taken captive come back with a desire to walk in unity with God And come back to unity both with God and with each other Pray that your life might make a difference and watch what God will do It’s an amazing thing because you remember when they built the tower and tried to be God in a sense in themselves the end result is that they were confounded and Couldn’t communicate with each other any longer Their speech was confounded they lost the ability to communicate and relate but what happened in Acts chapter 2? when there’s a recognition That Christ is the only way to heaven.

The power of God is the only power that exists to live a victorious saved and abundant life suddenly God comes and fills the whole house and Suddenly verse 2 there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and filled the whole house where they were sitting Then there appeared to them divided tongues as a fire and sat upon each of them they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance and there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews devout men from every nation under heaven and When this sound occurred the multitude came together and were confused because everyone heard them speak in his own language They were all amazed and marvelled saying to one another look are not all these who speak galilaeans How is it that we hear each in our own language in which we were born Oh God I want to tell you something this generation needs you This generation needs a church again enough games enough religion enough goofiness in the name of God in his house We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

We need to do it God’s Way for God’s reasons and for God’s purpose Now you remember what happened when they tried to be God in themselves they lost the ability to communicate now what happens when God fills the temple and There’s a recognition not by might not by power but by my spirit What’s the immediate first evidence fruit they now what was lost at the Tower of Babel is now regained Yes, I hope you see it in the scriptures They now have the ability to communicate again With other people of other cultures of other tongues to see the disunity starts to be broken and unity starts coming back together in God and Suddenly you find yourself with a desire and a divine ability to speak to people that you’ve never able been able to speak to before You’re suddenly communicating you’re communicating by the power of God. You find yourself in foreign fields you find yourself in places neighborhoods that you’re not familiar with and you find yourself speaking you find the people standing and Wonder say How does this person get the power to do what they’re doing? that’s what happened when David Walker’s in a 1958 came in to some of the worst areas of New York City and started as a skinny, Pennsylvania white preacher speaking to black and Latino gangs And he had nothing in common with them and they’re wondering how is it means words this means words of touching my heart the way they are a sudden ability by the Holy Spirit an Enablement by God to go where we’ve not gone before to speak to people we couldn’t speak to before suddenly this inability to communicate because of sin is destroyed and we come back together and there’s a Compassion that’s birthed of God in the heart of every man.

Every woman every child and God gives us the ability to speak Where we haven’t had the ability to do it before We hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God we hear them speaking in words that we can understand We recognize these people are not from our culture. These people are not from our neighborhood. They’re and they’re not from our environment They they don’t share the value systems that we’ve learned to embrace But here they are speaking to us in a way.

We can understand about the wonderful works of God those things that only God can do and They’re doing it in a way that we recognize this is supernatural They were confounded the scripture says and amazed and the same whatever could this mean? You see they were brought out of the natural they were brought into the supernatural the new owner had invaded the temple and the power of God was now Not only upon them but radiating through them and they were beginning to speak to other people of other cultures and nations About the wonderful things of God alone is able to do God sets the boundaries God gives freedom from bondage.

I don’t know what they were speaking It just says in the Greek they were speaking the megadose of God, which means that the marvelous supernatural works of God not only that he was doing but he was going to do Jesus said when the comforters comes He’s going to take what his mind what I bought for you on that cross He’s going to show it to you and he’s going to show you things to come so they’re not only speaking about this moment of divine enablement, but I’m convinced they’re speaking about that which God is going to do in the future and none of their religion had ever given them any of this just a bunch of humdrum and trying to Tangibly find some presence of God suddenly They encounter 3,000 people at least encounter 120 who’ve been touched by the spirit of god they’re back inside the boundaries as It is of God’s Word The captivity is captive Their mouths are open their hearts are large And they’re starting to speak in a way.

They’ve never spoken before You see this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord Peter said turned from your sin Put on Christ Turn from your sin put on Christ Turn from your sin Turn from trying to be gone Turn from trying to be a judge of what is good. And what is evil? turn from the folly and The foolishness of your own reasoning get back in the Word of God Turn and put on Christ put on God’s purpose for your life put on God’s plan for you like put on God’s calling for your life And you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost You will not you might a Few of you might you will You will For the promises to you to your children to all who are afar off that would include New York City and As many as the Lord our God will call and that also includes New York City Then those who gladly received his word were baptized and that they were about three thousand souls added to them I Don’t know about you, but I want my life to make a difference there’s a new darkness It’s going to require more of God and less of me unless of you I want you to pray with me God let my life make a difference Let me not be just a mediocre player in this incredible divine moment in history So what can 120 people do in the natural nothing? But they just got together and said Lord We are in one accord with your word and your purpose for each of our lives and with one another and We’re in one place that place is Lord we can’t go forward until you give us your Holy Spirit but when you do We will step out and without fear begin to speak your neighbor God always takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and the weak things of the world To bring to nothing those things that think they stand in their own strength When I get to heaven I’m going to the video section and I want to see that 120 coming out of that upper room There’s just a few moments in History that I want to see that’s gonna be one of my first after the cross I want to see that moment where they come out of that upper room and To the undiscerning I and they were there there was undiscerning people who said these people are all just drunk we get that But this was the hand of God came out of that room through 120 People who decided to come back to a place of unity with him with each other and even mighty Rome And just a short season bended sneak to Christ 3,000 bent their knee that day And the ideology that threatened to swallow the world at that time bent his knee That’s why I believe That the godless ideologies of this moment in history Can also be brought to a place of bending its knee to Christ.

I believe that with all my heart But it does depend on you and me what we choose to do we have a part in this House praying on this platform this morning. It said God Whatever it costs me. I No longer care. I throw my life in with this prayer if it saves one, baby That it’s worth it, it saves one marriage if it brings one prodigal son or daughter home It’s not about the numbers. It’s about the fact that maybe Just maybe if I throw my full life in with the kingdom of God and whatever that’s going to cost That it will make a difference for somebody The rest is up to God So father I thank you Lord for Speaking to us today, I Believe that most people here have ears to hear we recognize the darkness of this present moment God help us as your people Lord To rise up in the power of your Holy Spirit and make a difference in our generation Take timidity out of our hearts And give us the courage to believe that it’s worth living For the sake of God’s kingdom and the souls of men and women and children Push back this present darkness Lord through our lives Bring us together to pray and to fast and to believe God we need your Holy Spirit more than we’ve ever needed you in our lifetime There can be no victory without you But we do see the president of how you have dealt and visited with other generations who called out to you It’s the Lord we cast ourselves at the foot of Mercy this day we lay hold of the promises of God and We believe Lord That we can as a people push back the darkness of this day God, we thank you in Jesus name

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