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All right guys we’re going to be creating the animation you’re seeing on your screen right now instead of PowerPoint that’s right inside a hole point and I’m going to show you just how to do that right now so I have a new PowerPoint document open and the first thing I’m going to do is set up all of the text and then I’m going to add the animation it’d be much simpler that way but before I go ahead and do that if you notice in the video I had a background it was a red gradient background and I didn’t produce I didn’t use any preset inside of PowerPoint to get that background instead I created a background inside of Photoshop so to do that I’m going to right-click on a background and go to format background and I’m gonna come down from fill to picture and texture fill click file and I’ll find out in a projects file now I’ve supplied a link in the description to download the project files for this tutorial if you’ve downloaded the file you can go ahead and add it I’m gonna select it and click insert click close and I’ve just added the background so I’m just gonna start typing this video and that’s all I’m gonna put in this one text box I’ll double click to highlight now I’m going to change the font to Meridian pearl light semi extended and I’m going to change the color to white like that now I can go ahead and click here and so I type in in you text box but instead of doing that I’m just going to click on this hole on the control key and you see a little plus sign appears next to the cursor I’m going to click and drag across to copy this text but the reason why I’m going to do that is so I can maintain the font size and the color of the font it’s just Chris less work for me I’m going to double click in the text box again and start typing is awesome I’m gonna highlight this and I’m going to change it from Meridian pro-lite semi extended to Meridian polite now for the align I’m gonna align it’s awesome to the left side and I’m gonna select this video and align this to the right I’m going to select both of them by holding the shift key and moving them a little more into place somewhere around here with you I can use our key on the keyboard to position it properly that’s alright I’m gonna click on this and delete it hit delete I’m gonna hold a ctrl key and drag another copy of is awesome to the bottom and here I’m gonna write so watch it I’m going to highlight the text I change the size from 5 to 4 28 I change Meridian pro-lite to just Meridian Pro also I’ll change a color of the font so I’ll come to the font color come down to more colors come over to custom and I’m gonna put it to red but I’m gonna drag it down to get a deep red somewhere around Anna red sister stay I’ll leave that dear and click OK I highlight this and put a text in the middle and then just tighten up this box and put it right here in the center I can use our key to move it up more into place and I’ll a say I’m gonna add is no so I’m gonna click on a text box click in somewhere in the middle and type in now I’m going to highlight it and for this size I’m going to put it at 128 that’s really big I’m gonna show you front the Meridian and change your color to the red so I can move this into place and the reason why I put so watch it now in red it it so you can group those two together this video is awesome that line is in white so you read the line together so watch it now you read as an online even though is not written as two sentences so I’m going to tighten up this textbox and then I can use the arrow key to move it up somewhere along here square it and now we get to the good part where you put any animation so I’m going to come to the top here and click on the animations ribbon and I’m going to click on this video and I’ll choose a fly in an effects option I’m just going to select from left also I can click on this animation pane and I can click on the play button to see all the animation in this slide the next thing I’m going to do is click on is awesome and click fly in but this time I’m gonna choose from right so if I click play I can see both of this animation as it happens but they’re happening at the same time so for this animation I’m just gonna select that and I’m gonna come up to start and click after previous and I’m gonna do the same thing for the second one it’s awesome click start after previous so if i click play this is what gonna happen they’re gonna play one after the other and that’s exactly what I want I’m going to click on so watch it notice I have a problem when I’m trying to click and still watch it the text is so big from now I’m not getting a chance to click and so watch it so I’m gonna do is right click on a box and go to send to back and send to back and select that and now if I click over so watch it I’m able to select that tax I’m going to come to the animations ribbon and click feed I’ll select so watch it and come up to start and click after previous so if I play this this is what we have so far ah you see how it’s coming together and if you notice over here in the animation pane we have a timeline of what comes after what what comes in order this first time comes first then the second line then this third line and for now I’m just going to select that and click on this drop down and I’m gonna choose bounce but for this one once I have selected I’m going to come up and start and click start with previous so watch it now and now starts at the same time and this is what it looks like and that’s it that’s how you create this little piece of animation inside of PowerPoint in addition to the background I’ve also provided the PowerPoint document in a projects file for you to edit and use in your own designs

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