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Amidst all the battles that have taken place in human history none comes close to comparing to the spiritual battle all Christians are engaged in spiritual warfare is this cosmic conflict in the invisible realm that is the basis for all conflict in the visible physical realm until we address properly the battle in the unseen realm we cannot dress successfully for victory in the visible realm that’s what this is all about no matter what you are facing in your life your ability to deal with the unseen will determine your victory in what you do see the good news is that you’re not fighting this battle for victory you’re fighting it from victory what Jesus Christ has achieved has already guaranteed the end result you simply have to use the equipment that God has provided every believer these six pieces of armor the first three you wear all the time the last three you pick up as needed but when you use all six victory is guaranteed because victory has already been achieved this series is designed to equip you to take advantage of the victory God has already given you in the invisible so that you can see it worked out in the visible a lot of us have been duped in the thinkin that the devil is women we’ve been duped in the thinking that he and not us get to make the final move we’ve been duped into thinking he’s running the show calling the shots and we are puppets on his string we’ve been duped into thinking that he is the final decision-maker about our joy our happiness our well-being our spirituality and all the other elements that make life work because he seems to be running the show well I came to you with some good news today wipe the sweat off your forehead dry your weeping eyes and take those jittering fingers out of your clashing teeth because you not he gets to make the final move now to understand that you have to understand the history of the conflict that we call spiritual warfare you say God made the first move when he created angels Lucifer reacted negatively to that move and rebelled against God took one-third of the angels with him God countered that move by creating man in his own image a little lower than the Angels Satan rebelled against that move by getting Adam and Eve to turn the earth over to his control but God countered that move by provided a redemptive covering for Adam and Eve so that they could return back to fellowship with God of course Satan tried to counter that move by getting Cain to kill Abel in order to cut off the godly line well that’s when God counted that move through the birth of Seth so that men began to call on the name of the Lord again of course that’s when Satan tried to counter that move through the birth of Nimrod who built the civilizations of Babylon into Syria they gathered at the Tower of Babel to build a religion in defiance of God because that’s when God counted that move by going to the heir of the counties finding a man named Abraham and saying I’m going to create my own nation that will obey because that’s when Satan countered that move by getting them trapped in the Egypt so that Pharaoh would not let them go but then God countered that move by going to Moses and Midian and telling him to go tell Pharaoh I said let my people go and the whole Old Testament has moved counter move move counter move move move move counter move and we’re not sure who win in this game you come to the end of the Old Testament there 400 silent years between the end of the Old Testament at the beginning of the New Testament both sides are just staring at the board but when the New Testament opens up so and so begat so and so begat so and so begat so and so begat so it so tell you get to Matthew chapter 1 verse 16 who begot Joseph who was married to Mary by whom was born Jesus Christ up until this time God would find a man and use a man who the New Testament opens up God says I’m tired of dismissal let me come on down here and take his mother myself so God became a man and the person of Jesus Christ Satan tried to counter that move by tempting him in the wilderness Jesus overcame that through the use of the Word of God then he made his final move by getting Jesus Christ nailed to a cross to forever get rid of this agent of God but that’s when God made the final move because early on Easter Sunday morning a little while before a day the grave was open Jesus Christ arose and the final move was made the move he didn’t Bank on and that move is your move no matter what’s going on in your world that move that move the the accomplishment of the cross and the resurrection was God’s final move that is your move for victory now I don’t know what’s going on in your world your life your struggles your mind no matter what it is I’m gonna share with you today and throughout this series how you use the final move in the passage that we are introducing this with today finally brethren chapter 6 verse 10 be strong in the Lord and the strength of his might put on the here’s our series the full armor of God so that you may be will stand firm against the schemes of the devil here it is for our struggle it’s not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and world Force’s of this darkness against spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places people are not your problem now I know you think they’re your problem because they’re what you see feel touch taste in here but according to verse 12 whatever is going wrong in your world people are merely the conduit for the roof they’re the fruit he says we wrestle not against flesh and blood the battles we have in life what air they may be are not fundamentally physical in nature but flesh and blood he says our battle is against principalities and powers and world Force’s of this darkness located in heavenly places the word heavenly places means the spiritual realm whatever is going on in your world your life has going on it’s going on or will go on go on is rooted first in the spiritual realm heavenly places if you don’t know how to navigate that realm you can’t fix this realm spiritual warfare can simply be defined as the conflict in the invisible realm that affects what you’re going through in the visible realm it is the battle in the unseen that is responsible for the battles in the scene whatever is happening in the world of your five senses flesh and blood it has been created in a world you can’t see but if you can’t navigate that world you can’t fix this world most of our attempts to fix this world is through using this world but this world flesh and blood is not where the battle emanates from our battle is in an unseen realm called heavenly places he uses this phrase uniquely in Ephesians to describe all of the Christians activities in Ephesians chapter 1 verse 3 he says your blessings are located in heavenly places everything God is ever going to do for you is located in the unseen realm everything God is ever gonna promised fulfill everything that you will ever need that will ever come your way has already been deposited in your account in the unseen realm the heavenly places he goes on in later in chapter 1 and he goes on and he says about Jesus Christ he says in chapter 1 verse 20 which he brought about in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in heavenly places he says your blessings are in heavenly places and the one who’s in charge Jesus is seated having risen from the dead in heavenly places so if you got it if you want to get to Jesus you got to get the way he is and where he is is in the spiritual realm heavenly places chapter 2 verse 6 he says and we were raised with him and seated and seated us with him in heavenly places in Christ Jesus he says your blessings are in heavenly places Jesus is seated in heavenly places so where you’re physically seated is not the only place you’re located you are equally located in another realm he says that is how many places or the spiritual realm chapter 3 verse 10 he says so that the manifold wisdom of God might be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in heavenly places he says that the angels are in heavenly places now you need to understand you need your angels every Christian in here has at least one angel that has been assigned to you if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ the Bible says in Hebrews that angels are assigned to believers as ministering spirits in the spiritual realm you have somebody who knows that realm better than you whose job it is to operate in that realm on behalf of you so your blessings are in heavenly places Jesus is seated in heavenly places you are seated with him in heavenly places your angelic assistance is located in heavenly places and then in chapter 6 verse 12 the principalities and the powers of darkness are located in heavenly places so every Christian in here has a demon assigned to you the demon is assigned to you and his job is to make hell break loose in your life his job is to make sure that Satan has his way with you there is a demon assigned to you by the devil whose job it is to watch your tape see in football what they do is they watch tape to find the weaknesses in the other team they constantly look at tape because they want to exploit the weaknesses so the demonic realm knows your weak spots he knows what happened when you were a child that messed up your thinking that lowered your self-esteem he knows about patterns that have developed over your life which invite demonic presence in them they know about the issues the abuses to you or from you that are operating within your world and they have a job one job and that is to exploit your game film they look at your game film identify the weaknesses and they are principalities and powers that are located in the spiritual realm okay let’s review your blessings avail Christ is there you are there the angels are there the demons are there it seemed like to me what’s happening is they’re okay what’s happening is that the problem is it gets manifested here all the physical world does is manifest what’s happening in the spiritual world if you are unaware of that world and you are unaware of how that world works then all you are left is with the physical but the problem is the physical can’t fix the physical if the problem is started from is in the spiritual so we spent all of our time money effort strength mindsets relationships to help us do better in the physical when that’s that where the problem it eliminated from it emanated from a location called heavenly places so if you want to fix what started in the spiritual that’s messing you up in the physical you got to go back to the spiritual which is the location of its origin now what the demonic world doesn’t want you to know is they don’t want you to know that they want you to live in the world of the five senses the Bible calls that the natural man he wants you to live in the world of the seeing and the touching and the tasting and the hearing and the smelling he wants you to function by five senses he wants you to fix you using the five senses or talk to other people with five senses like you who can help fix you only to discover all we doing is picking fruit and not adjusting root we’re not getting to the origin of the problem and because we’re not getting see if all you see is what you see then you do not see all there is to be seen if all you see is what you see then you do not see all there is to be seen it is the invisible that affects the visible so if you want to fix the visible and physical you must address the invisible and spiritual failure to address the invisible spiritual cause has led to most much and in many cases all of the inability to have physical physical visible cure because we haven’t gotten to the cause we can’t come up with the cure he says that we’re in a wrestle we’re in a battle this battle is not against flesh and blood but it’s against principalities and powers that want to rob us of all that God has stored up for us in the spiritual realm he says he wants you to stand firm against the schemes of the devil watch as men watch this the strategy of the devil let me tell you what devils and demons don’t want you to know I am they don’t want you to know their methodology schemes because if you ever figure him out you got him so they don’t want you to figure them out the devil wants you to think of him with horns of pitchfork in a red jumpsuit cuz if he got you thinking that way about him and you never see any horns pitchfork and a red jumpsuit he does not want you to figure him out the word schemes means deceptive strategies deceptive strategies Satan’s one overarching he doesn’t many ways but his one overarching principle is to deceive trick bamboozle he operates but he is the ultimate magician he operates by sleight of hand the Bible says that when Adam and Eve were in the garden he came into a serpent a snake why did he come into a snake it says because the snake was the most crafty and craftiness of animals in this case reptile that God had created so guess what he found the appropriate vehicle in order to slither into the garden in order to deceive Adam and Eve now let me tell you why he did that in order for the devil to be a good devil and in order for demons to be good demons they need a body through which to work think your problem is not the invisible spiritual realm your problem is the vehicle it uses to get to you including you it needs a vehicle Satan had to have a vehicle you know a physical vehicle the serpent in order to get to Adam and Eve the Bible talks about the angel working through people as angels of light looking like the real deal but trickery and deception and let me explain this this is the principle that I don’t want you to miss his scheme it’s to trick trick trick you he doesn’t want you to see him for what he really is so he comes looking like something else in order to get you to move away watch this from the protective covering of God now i’ma get to that in a moment he knows as long as you are undercover as long as you’re under the protective covering of God he can’t get you so he’s got to get you to relocate so what he does is he tricks you into a relocation if he can get you to relocate he’s got you cuz you’re no longer under protective covering okay so he tricks you to remove you like he removed Adam and Eve from the protective covering of God so that he could get them to move and to turn over their world to him so he is the ultimate trap he is the ultimate deceiver he is his schemes are designed to trick you and trap you into seeing things from his perspective but here’s the secret that he doesn’t want you to know but I’m gonna tell you because God wants you to know it and I’m validated in just a second but let me give you a heads up the only power that Satan and demons have is the power you give them okay you’re gonna discover in just a second they have already been defeated they’ve already lost so they are losers they have already been defeated that’s not just a song nor just a saying it is what God declares but the problem is what if they’re defeated how come I’m not with it anything they can do they do cuz you told him it was okay you see you have that’s why they need a body they need something to load themselves to them that they can work to and through to express themselves through them the only power that they have is power that people grant them the only reason Satan could took over to take over planet Earth is cuz Adam and Eve gave him permission to do it they need permission from us to bring hell to us so if hell is going on in your life you gave him okay you told him through sin and circumstance through yields exam it’s okay for you to rule my mind it’s okay for you to rule my world it’s okay for you to rule my emotions it’s okay for you to rule my will I give you permission to tell me I’m not really a man although I was born a male I give you permission to tell me I’m not really a woman although I was born a female I give you permission to tell me I need drugs one drugs can’t get rid of drugs can’t shake drugs because drugs are what keeps me going I give you permission to tell me I need that drink gotta have that drink can’t live without that drink I give you permission to tell me I should wake up the press stated press go to bed depressed wake up the next day to press Satan demons I give you permission to tell me for the next ten years of my life I gotta live in misery and depression my only point here is until you address the spiritual you really don’t know whether it’s just physical see we assume it’s just physical cuz it’s physical but if it started in the spiritual and you’re only addressing the physical you’ll never get rid of the problem because you’ve given demons permission to stay at home and once they’re given permission like roaches they are not going anywhere because we have decided to let them live there through their world view through the schemes the deceptive programs of the devil the devil operates by consent and by cooperation some people say well well some people are just too demon conscious the problem is most of us are too demon unconscious he says we wrestle against an unseen world of evil that Satan and demons and you have been assigned one some of us got a whole platoon and their job is to keep you from experiencing the will of God for your life that’s their job that’s their full-time occupation and they are good at it you’re not their first assignment and neither am i so so now we can’t really go further unless you buy that everything else I say coming up is gonna be wasted information if you don’t buy that that we wrestle not against flesh and blood if you don’t say if you think people are your problem versus the fruit of your problem then all you are address our people if we gave the spirit world as much a piece of our mind that we give people because you know with your people a piece of our mind in a minute but if we gave the spiritual world a piece of our mind as much as we give the physical world a piece of our mind we still have our minds but we didn’t lost our minds cuz we’re given the wrong thing a piece of it and when you give so many pieces of it around you don’t have mine left to give he says I the people are real the flesh and blood is real it’s just not the root and so he wants our consent he needs our consent cuz his power is based on our consent that’s why he says in verse 10 be strong in the Lord and the strength of his mate translation not your strength or your might not your strength why can’t I get him off my back because you’ve been using your strength and your human strength doesn’t work in that realm that that realm your strength can’t work in that realm can’t use your strength you aren’t strong enough for that realm now watch this please notice what he says over and over in verse 11 stand firm the end of verse 13 stand firm the beginning of verse 14 stand firm okay somebody say stand firm stand firm in don’t go nowhere hold what you got stay where you are stand firm means stay in the area that has already brought victory stand firm don’t don’t don’t don’t go over here over here lean into your own understanding okay don’t don’t don’t go over there stay in this spot where victory has already been achieved don’t go to your own victory cuz you’re gonna leave the spot if you’re under an umbrella and it’s raining it’s raining all around you but you’re not getting wet you got a good sized umbrella you’re not getting wet not because rain isn’t happening around you you just undercover because you’re undercover you stay under the umbrella because you don’t want to get wet you stand firm under the umbrella which doesn’t stop it from raining it just stops it from raining on you all right you’re standing firm doesn’t change the fact that evil is all around you it just keeps evil from raining on you cuz you are under cover but the scheme of the yapple is to get you to step right or step left with the umbrella over here so you’re no longer undercover and once you are no longer undercover they can rain on you because you’re not undercover in western days a father was out trying to outrun a prairie fire with his son in a wagon and they going real fast but the prairie fire was going too fast and they were gonna be consumed in a moment the father to the confusion of the son turned the horse around and went to a spot that had already been burned he said jump out quickly they jumped out and he says now you stay here and don’t move he said but Dad the fire is coming all around us it’s coming in all directions he said wah stay here don’t you budge he said but Dad I don’t understand that’s far all around us he said son I said stay here but then why are we gonna stay here he says cuz this spot has already been burnt and since this spot has already been burnt there is nothing left to burn so if you’ll just stay here the fire may get in the vicinity but it can’t touch us cuz it’s nothing for it to grab hold of you see what Saint wants you to do is he wants you to step away from where the fire has already been burned Jesus has already been burned Jesus has already been crucified the resurrection has already occurred he says stay in that spot stand firm in that location don’t leave the cross because that has already been set on fire and if you don’t leave there that place can’t be burned twice that’s called double jeopardy..

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