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skiers descend the slopes of a glacier it’s the off-piste skiing experience many people dream of there’s no ski lift the only way to get there is by helicopter do you wanna have lunch up in the mountains up here oh yeah I mind the six at the end of the day after a dozen runs the group thinks about returning [Music] four minutes of flight later and they’re at their destination this privileged group heads towards the pontoon of a mega yacht equipped with a landing platform [Music] we’re in Greenland avila we set a 14 hour flight from Paris virgin snow incredible almost for all the time they’re here for five days a very exclusive trip there are nine of them and to take care of them a crew of 30 this is their yacht 78 meters long named the legend it’s what’s called an expedition yacht a boat capable of sailing in the most remote seas the latest trend is not to go to the Caribbean but to the polar regions even in the far-flung corners of the world here you can live an extravagant luxury in comfort a huge wood panel dining room a fireplace that pretends to make fire 13 cabins worthy of a five-star hotel a lounge for cigar lovers or for music lovers a grand piano the owner of the legend is Yann Vic Eric he has 3 yachts and is the heir of an important family of Dutch merchants what he loves most is sailing and sharing his passion with friends simply to feel to feel help and when people come on board and I put the shoes out and they’re gonna see this their feet on the couch that means I help and that’s the whole idea friend I think has a perfect holiday and has a perfect time on the bus Yanis own luxury mega yachts for 25 years now boats get bigger but it’s obvious the boats are about four times bigger five times bigger even 120 140 meter so the whole scale is completely different for the last 10 years billionaires have been racing to build the most gigantic yacht between Arab sheiks Russian oligarchs an American businessman the question is who will have the longest boat the most expensive the craziest the most expensive yacht in the world the Azam is 180 meters long it belongs to the Emir of Abu Dhabi it costs five hundred and fifty million euros the mega yacht owners club is ultra private with its rituals in its secrets to design them the owners call upon the world’s greatest designers the a was designed for a Russian billionaire by Frenchman Philip Starck to afford one of these giants of the Seas one mustn’t be afraid to spend a 50-meter boat costs fifty million euros to buy and roughly six to ten million euros to operate per year you also need to bankroll a large staff we have one girl who serves the breakfast wanna go just happen one girl who’s in the laundry isn’t all stop all day it’s a contest to see who will have the most outrageous toys on board like this personal submarine equipped with advanced technology when you leave it several millionaires have granted us special access aboard their boats from Dubai to Miami Greenland to Monaco an investigation into this over-the-top world [Music] huge sales swell in the wind a deck the size of a tennis court 12 crew men run in all directions we’re off the coast of Miami aboard one of the world’s largest sailing yachts the sea Burris this mega yacht is 70 meters long and belongs to this man American billionaire Bill Duke ur the sea is agitated today just how he likes it this Sunday he invited some friends on a spontaneous day trip to enjoy his yacht the staff in uniform pamper the guests a casual selection of sandwiches for lunch even if on board everything costs a small fortune like this when you get finished with China glasses house sheets things like that you know you’ve spent more than a million dollars I have a joke if the rest of the world learns what it’s like to live on a yacht like this they’re gonna bring back the guillotine the owner paid the modest sum of 70 million euros for this yacht after a few hours at sea the boat returns to its port in Miami Florida Bill Duke er lives at the entrance of the harbor in a building nicknamed billionaires Tower he owns a trip flex of over 2,000 square meters the apartment looks like a museum frank stella valdez Dubuffet the great names of contemporary art are omnipresent on the top floor the owner has put in a swimming pool the apartment was valued at 60 million euros the billionaire is proud that he developed such a project you’re at in the best apartment in the best building in Miami you have the most spectacular views of Miami Fisher Island and the ocean on that side of Miami Beach in the ocean on this side I don’t know that anybody else we’ve done this I don’t know that anybody else could have done this I mean I think it’s a unique apartment it is in my view the best apartment in Miami Beach it’s the best apartment I think on the East Coast like many billionaires mildew Kerr is always surrounded by people he has a designer Peter Horry Levitch who only works for him together they designed this apartment and his yacht 2009 I learned that I had melanoma and that the melanoma had spread to my lymph nodes and you know you certainly begin to think that life is short in the day or two after that I called Peter and I said that I wasn’t gonna go forward with this apartment or with the boat and at the end of that week I said to myself I can’t live like that I can’t however long I have I can’t live without a plan and a a reason to do something special and so I called them back and I said forget it we’re going to forward with the boat we’re going forward with the apartment the billionaire is now cured he takes great pleasure in gazing at his yacht from his balcony I used to joke before the boat got here that that would be great to put the boat right here at the end of the dock the main mast which is seventy three meters would come above the space that we’re standing on now that’s first bill duker was a business lawyer after trouble with the American justice system he had to start again from scratch he has since made a fortune in computer software I enjoy what I do from work I enjoy what I do so I enjoy my friends in every respect regular guy even when he’s not sailing the owner visits his toy every day he’s welcomed by the captain like all the crew he earns a yearly salary he makes between 15,000 and 20,000 euros a month this yacht is a living area of nearly 1,000 square meters with a living room a massage area and a gym and the billionaires cabin there are five other cabins like the apartment the boat is full of works of art like this fresco inspired by Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica bill du coeur is also proud of these 13 storage trunks yeah how many alligators actually died for 150 alligators farm-raised oh yeah fireplace very stress Department now in Florida there’s alligators everywhere they eat our dogs so crocodile kill ya know no crocodiles are endangered but alligators are not and you know it really is this beautiful thing today bill du coeur invited some friends to visit his yacht David Boies and his wife Mary boyce is one of the biggest lawyers in the u.s. the couple has their own small yacht it’s a one-of-a-kind I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve been on twenty Perini’s over the years whenever Mary climbs aboard a yacht for the first time she carries out a rather unusual ritual climbing the mast hosted here all the way to the top of mast well she’s done it before I think she’s crazy a little cocktail for courage 66 year old Mary is not faint-hearted when you do this you feel like a bird your weight was very high and you see the world in a very different way the way a bird does it’s a long way up there a ship’s boy is sent up first and then it’s time for her 73 meter ascent [Music] go sweetheart I’ve seen her do this so many times I never get used to the whole adventure lasted less than 15 minutes [Music] [Music] that same evening bill Duker organizes a cocktail party he wants to show how proud he is of his mega yacht for him the boat is above all a visible sign of wealth this is an opportunity for them to see a piece of art and it makes you happy bill du coeur has big plans for his new boat in a few weeks he’s planning to take it to the Mediterranean [Music] to Monaco on the coast of the Mediterranean the small principality is home to the world’s largest concentration of billionaires it’s also the rallying point for mega yachts the Norwegian española know has set up his offices in this yachting capital he’s a highly requested naval architect and speaker of five languages we’re lucky to have our office right here on the harbour with the boats just in front jus south boats as far as the eye can see there is a concentration of yachts here of course but also yachting professionals there are 300 companies here that are related to your team come with me here when the design office where everyone is working on different projects ESPA no way no design ships that often cost several hundred million euros he employs about 20 engineers and designers what started his career was this boat the octopus the first mega yacht in history a 126 metre boat built in 2003 that belongs to the billionaire Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft a ship equipped with three submarines and two helicopter landing pads more recently española now built the dilbar fifteen thousand and five hundred tons or forty Airbus a380s here are some pictures of his construction 90 crew members are needed to navigate it he belongs to a Russian billionaire Espanola no always starts the yard with a draft a few strokes of pencil on paper it’s a bit like old cooter we start with a general plan for the boat which I do by hand and then from that we transpose it into 2d on the computer and then in 3d everything comes together like a puzzle it takes between three to five years to complete a project from the first meeting with the client to delivery of the boat ESPA no way no is a little like the Karl Lagerfeld of yachting a mix of audacity and classicism beloved by the press do you still work to bring in customers no they come on their own we don’t even have a website it’s a small world with a lot of word-of-mouth it’s a pyramid the higher you are in the pyramid the less people there are and the more they know each other in a week the designer has to attend one of the world’s largest yachting shows [Music] not far away in Monaco Sabrina Monty Leone is also preparing for the same show did you prepare the plates leather samples she sells accessories and furniture for luxury yachts her brand is simply called Sabrina Monte Carlo if you take a boat and turn it over then we do everything that would fall everything that moves on a boat from the TSP to the sofa to the curtains and so on after a career in Preta forte she switched to luxury decoration 21 years ago today she knows all the codes it’s the men who choose it’s funny because in the home it’s the women but boats are very masculine and 80% of our clients are men because a boat is very expensive it’s a lot of money they need control over it it’s their baby they’re the ones who decide and it’s so much easier that way it’s so much easier after Dubai on the shores of the Arabian Persian Gulf the New York of the Middle East where we find the Norwegian designer Espen oh no I can’t because I have a client meeting in Cap d’Antibes on Thursday five o’clock I’d love to but unfortunately I can’t I’m flying to London on Thursday nights at 20-something and then I’m flying to Geneva in the afternoon we could have a late lunch in London perhaps on Friday if he’s in London on Friday all right thanks get back to you bye bye sorry that was a broker who wants to organize an appointment with a client it’s always the same it travels things to do he’s there and I’m here when I’m there he’s here he’s here for only 24 hours participating in an unmissable event in the yachting world the emirate of Dubai is the mecca from mega yachts in the Middle East the Boat Show has been held here for 25 years one of the largest boat gatherings in the world it’s no coincidence half the world’s largest yachts belong to the wealthy Arabs of the Persian Gulf each year the Emir of Dubai himself Sheikh Mohammad Al Maktoum honors the event with his presence accompanied by his court and his bodyguards this is the afterdeck ESPA no way no does not have a stand he uses one of his latest creations this boat the silver fast for publicity adopts Khmer see comes when you sit over here like this you can see the surface of the sea nautical shows are opportunities to show our know-how and we’re fortunate today to have one of our boats in the fair it’s not always the case because the bigger the boats are the more private they are with buffs among people don’t really want to show them in a fair because it’s their home after all this boat belongs to a German billionaire who wants to resell it its price 80 million euros with the 7,000 horsepower engine it can go up to 25 knots 50 kilometers an hour it is one of the most powerful in the world one of the most luxurious as well according to the naval architect is designed for a new type of client is the myth of the old potbelly billionaire outdated for 10 years now we’ve been making more contemporary boats that reflect the fact that the ship owners are getting younger people make money earlier and earlier it seems the average age of a ship owner has fallen considerably when I started 30 years ago the owners were all at least 60 years old today we have clients who are 3040 years old hey at sunset the visitors increase you see the boat has a totally different atmosphere now with the lights the music each of these men is a potential customer for s-pen away no the goal is to spark their interest now he’s putting on his show for this rich emirati we’re having any have any cool bird that is launching in April the really cool one you’ll see I was you mid April I will see what’s out about it but good thing is that somebody you know very well yes hello yes [Music] the show is coming alive the music the lights here it’s all about nightlife before leaving again the next morning Espen oh we know has an important appointment hi Edward how are you Misha I brought you some friends Michael Bremen is the sales manager of the world’s most prestigious shipyard a company located in Bremen in northern Germany one out of three mega yachts comes from this yard images filmed inside are rare as with all private yachts secrecy is essential I don’t know how many boats we’ve done together don’t tell everyone more than 20 let’s say I have to talk to you we’re going to talk about serious things so I have to remove my microphone you have a microphone yes why do you have to remove the microphone because we’re going to talk about serious things serious things in this world as soon as one speaks of customers or prices lips are sealed in Dubai on the pontoons you talk about power hull design but these ships also have to be decorated and that’s the job of Sabrina Monteleone II the Moroccan decorator here she’s in her element this man is a Saudi billionaire who owns one of the biggest yachts in the world this gentleman is the owner of the boats lady Morra which is docked in Monaco all year long but now I think it’s in a refit in a German shipyard his ship the lady Maura measures 105 meters one of the first mega yachts in the world it was launched in 1990 the owners Sir Al Rashid is an influential advisor to the Saudi royal family with a fortune estimated it’s several billion euros she’s going to take good care of him so you know we are missing the boat on the bay in Monaco your boat is a part of one of the port there is this time here’s the stamp it was printed in 2013 by the Principality of Monaco this morning Sabrina Monteleone a is expecting an important client my Kuwaiti man is lost the problem is he’s on the other side I don’t understand what happened he’s been circling all around oh but he’ll get here eventually this is a client who regularly comes to Monaco and he saw that I’m here so he absolutely wants to visit the boat and now he’s lost he’s a good customer he’s been trying to find the boat show for an hour and a half so I don’t understand after an hour an assistant finally locates him I have him here with me Oh Michels found him perfect we found him the man wearing the cap made a special trip from Kuwait a two-hour flight to buy furniture from her the young woman has set up her showroom on one of the arts in the show everything uses can’t see there are our items I’m thinking piece on this boat okay so you remember that you have the same at home and we send you something like this in this color for sure we will see here’s what we don’t let his casual look fool you he belongs to her very wealthy Kuwaiti family he comes every season and buys non-stop stop throughout the year I sent him things then he sends me photos and then I send I send I send now he wants to order more I don’t know what yet but he’s a very nice man he got lost but he’s very nice it’ll be all right where is he oh here he is so what do you think yeah CUDA how many of them well you have this color ready yes so maybe we can take the friendly oh it’s matching two colors white with this yes I send you the picture house officially and boats everything that’s why I like to work with this Sabrina and she have top things and it’s good because every year we see each other and it’s a very good buy you buy you come and you know what is nice when you come and say okay one this and this and this and this and this so it’s quite good too it’s quite fun parasol’s sofas armchairs in a few minutes the Sheik has placed in order for more than two hundred thousand euros the decorators time has not been wasted thank you your sympathy he’s a very nice customer it’s great that he’s happy and he’s always happy he always says be photos we’ve bought sup what I always say is that if the client is happy I’m happy alex is 36 years old he’s not a billionaire he doesn’t own a yacht and yet everyone knows him here how are you pretty soon yeah absolutely hey how’s it going good so you’re the guy busy show yes that’s what you’ve been busy oh yeah we go I’m doing good essential requests is they all good I know from Instagram he’s very famous in fact Alex known as the yacht guy is a social media star born in Brooklyn for the last two years he’s been making a living from his passion for boats he has almost a million followers on Instagram and regularly posts pictures that make you dream he also makes videos of yachts he travels the world invited by brands to do promotion he’s what’s called an influencer so I’m here thanks to dibs Dubai International Boat Show who has brought me in all the way from Boston to come and bring exposure to the show I’m selling exposure I’m selling exposure the majority of the people that follow are probably dreamers right and probably young kids but there’s if 1% of 1 million people were potential clients that’s still a huge number actually this is how I earn my living this is exactly how I own my life and it’s not a bad living I mean it’s it’s great yeah I mean how often you get to travel the world you know visit all these amazing places stay spend time on board yachts and and get paid for it this morning he has a meeting with Mahmud the sales manager an Emirates yacht builder well I’ve got to go on board and do my thing which boat do you want me to show on Facebook the hundred the 100 you haven’t done it another hundred right and we are now live what’s up everybody we are live from the Dubai International Boat Show so we are gonna take a tour on the majesty 100 it’s one of their newest lines they just they just launched it and I am here with Mahmoud one of the big guys here he’s gonna give us a tour and walk us to the boat right let’s do it I’ll spin you guys around and we’re gonna follow my mood for a live 15 minute visit on Instagram Alex builds nearly 3000 euros and the miracle of social networks the results are immediate so charge your phone it’s charging you want me to catch back up at you I want to go and do a whole full photo shoot of this boat and then I want to post it on Facebook but then I’ll catch him with you another all right all right perfect so now I get to do it all over again for Facebook so this is the probably the thing so everybody thinks oh you got such a great life you know you’re out there just hanging out I’m not I’ll get on a boat and a half to spend time on the boat right so I have to go through and take photos for one social media thing and then I got to go through and take photos for the next social media thing so this is work Analects will probably never have enough to buy his own mega yacht but no matter what he enjoys as being part of this little world so this is the lifestyle for the 1% not everybody can do this and if you’re blessed enough to be able to do it whether you’re blessed that’s just it at nightfall Dubai is transformed the yacht guy is invited on one of the largest boats in the Emirates well thank you they call me I’m Alex the Yak I supposed to be arriving today with two guests good thank you very much all right so we are here coming onboard check it out stinks pretty crazy supposed to be one of the biggest party boats here in all of the UAE huge will take you around Ilona the owners Russian wife will give him a tour of this huge yacht the lotus specially constructed for parties we’re on board Lotus it’s gotta be the largest barge in all of Dubai right in the world in the middle of City these guys take party bars to another level in Dubai alcohol consumption is prohibited with some exceptions this party boat is a special license so it’s open bar and party on the water every weekend one last selfie in his workday is over Alex leaves the yacht before setting out for a mini cruise in the middle of the skyscrapers captain is it very difficult to move this because big is number one Persian Gulf even when you’ve traveled on all the seas across the world navigation in the heart of Dubai holds some surprises like when this boat goes under a bridge [Music] [Music] for one week the world’s biggest yachts have been docked at the foot of these buildings before returning to their favorite destinations the Caribbean and the Mediterranean back to Monaco in the bay off the Principality we find the sea barrese of the American billionaire bill du coeur he made a special trip from the United States to attend a social event you guys didn’t know I had paparazzi Joe off to the port of Monaco for the occasion he takes out his 900,000 euro dinghy okay when he arrives on the dock he’s welcomed by an old acquaintance the director of the Yacht Club of Monaco Bernard Ellis Andre I’m ready yeah this is the the common door of the Monaco Yacht Club no I’m not to come Adobe Audition Oh secretary-general same thing I do he wants to show the American billionaire a rare item that we got a century-old sailboat it was a wreck when it was purchased by Albert of Monaco himself who completely restored it in precious wood it’s the height of refinement in one of the prides of this very private yacht club but the selection process in the youth club is quite hard it’s quite unique like month years the minimum is two two years well thank you this is a treat you don’t have to own a yacht to be a member of the club on the other hand you need to sponsors in the annual fees according to our sources there are nine thousand euros this gentlemen’s club also includes some women like this Italian lady a lawyer from Milan Paulette refer Oh I’m pleased to welcome Paola today the Yacht Club is giving her a special honor on the occasion of the inauguration of her new yacht here it is it starts right in front of the club it cost a modest sum of 30 million euros it measures 33 meters here it’s a small model bill is the boat’s unofficial Godfather who is the proud owner of this beauty this is old camera and titania as my friend told me man it was quite a nice adventure but also in hard adventure anyway we are here happy and proud the lawyer invited friends from all over the world for the ship’s inauguration and like with the new house a tour of the property is a must let’s go see your galley a lot of space down a key for wines the fridge for the day from sub-zero to continue the celebration bill du coeur had an idea invite some of Paula’s friends to a cocktail party this time on his yacht I’d love the gifts needed to tour but maybe first it’s important to start with the toast for the American billionaire its above all a chance to display the size and grandeur of his boat slightly what I like the softness of you like obviously the alligator trunks get a special mention as does his painting from New York this is a street artist in New York called the run English is the most famous the billionaire can’t resist the pleasure of showing off his fortune mostly I bought an apartment in Rome now I’m resident in Miami Beach but I have a department in New York as well and I have a house upstate New York and then I have a apartment in Rome the cocktail does not last more than an hour the guests leave before nightfall Bill Duke required his boat barely six months ago he’s already put it up for sale for 19 million euros and begun building a bigger one we join up again with the Dutch group who are having a dream vacation in Greenland once in my life so it’s on my bucket list the advantage of the expedition yachts like the legend is that they allow access to unique experiences in hard-to-reach locales around the world the yacht is anchored for the day in a fjord the water temperature is only 2 degrees it won’t deter the Friends of yawn the Dutch owner yeah and I hope you’re coming with us no I’ve done it many times I’ll just watch the swim a dip in the 47 degree jacuzzi and a drink to warm up [Music] this evening the mega yacht is moored off the small port of Italy sat at this latitude during the summer the Sun never sets this stopover is the occasion for a shift change for the crew captain Albert in his beautiful uniform will return to Holland for vacation after spending six months on the yacht he’s turning a wheel over to captain Koster both are paid around 15,000 euros per month all the information you need is in the computer make sure you make a copy every day you will need this in due time so we are doing everything about all the instruments how they work and what the nothing seas are just and overall the operational state of the complete bridge I haven’t been on board for a long time so this is what has happened for the last few months and this is the stages now I’m going to leave you now I forgot to give you this South Africa the Philippines the Ukraine the Netherlands Lithuania the crew includes a half dozen different nationalities as is often the case on these mega yachts [Music] [Music] the small port is not far try to find you out on the radar you have to put [Music] [Applause] when casting off that night one can understand the difficulty in navigating this mega yacht a thick fog has arrived the fishermen hurried to get back to port they must leave immediately to avoid getting stuck in the ice for several days yawn the owner decides to take control of the ship himself the problem is that he’ll need to navigate by sight now to sarah meters to come you can advance 20 meters then you can easily go to port two crewmen were dispatched to the bow of the ship reporting businesses now to the bridge so said the disabilities of its heart now so if you get to the right distances they can make the turn that all looks pretty clear ahead of us so it’s good the ice on the surface isn’t what it appears to be underwater it might have the height of a 15 story building keep turning it’s okay they could rip the hull off the ship therefore it’s necessary to navigate with extreme precision [Music] [Music] yawn the owner is still at the wheel under the captain’s supervision and finally after four hours of zigzagging between icebergs the sailing becomes smooth again and the Sun reappears everyone is relieved I think this is for everybody you like this position now to go is very very interesting to do this very nice jacuzzi yawns latest pride and joy can be found in the hold of the ship it’s become a must-have accessory on these expedition yachts a mini submarine today the son of one of the guests will take the test for a license to navigate this machine Tony Danza say yes it’s okay the owner even brought in an instructor Arthur from the Netherlands so he could take his test it’s completely different than the scuba diving just sitting inside him we’re comfortable this is around two and a half million euros just taking the submarine out of the hold and putting it in the water takes no fewer than six people the machine is operated by four propellers and can descend to 3,000 metres deep [Music] Oh Chuck please now dear do you read me diving can begin however once underwater it’s a bit disappointing we are far from the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean yeah we’re now at five meters visibility is really really poor here [Music] so the plant or I’m just a rocket the instructor checks that the young man can master the vehicle anyway you’re not able to build up any pressure check if your pressure relief is open or not which one are there what policy one above he’s passed the test with flying colors on the surface a surprise awaits a glass of champagne with his parents to celebrate last stop off the tiny village of sissy mute to impress his friends yon has just decided to give them a barbecue lunch it’s Marilyn the head hostess who has to manage the last-minute organization napkins okay a lighter luckily the chef is used to his boss’s whims they have everything they need for a barbecue lunch should start soon but nothing is ready marilyn is running in all directions so con SU corn Marilyn Marilyn is South African she speaks four languages can we have a bread knife I’m coming to fetch it Germans clémence Marilyn [Music] bread nice Clemens Clemens Maryland the 30 members of the crew communicate on the same channel and sometimes it’s a bit chaotic the whole team is on the same Channel right now they’re talking about jet skis ship captain so you have to talk as little as possible anything else that’s not I need to do that too soon everything is ready for the barbecue the guests are in the lounge one problem the owner Yann had a last-minute urge we plan to eat around 6:00 p.m.


But the boss decided to go diving this is what we call standby we wait and as long as he’s not here we won’t start the party it’s the boss and he’s with his friends so the right thing to do is celebrate together after waiting for over 30 minutes Marilyn learns by radio that the boss is on his way back now time to get moving it’s all about communication we’ll be here in two minutes everyone knows what to do if there’s no communication he comes and there’s no towels if we’re doing a barbecue he gets here and there’s nothing ready for him so working as a team is important having patiently waited for the owner guests can finally start eating an ultimate luxury on a yacht in Greenland they can dine on the terrace [Music] for them [Music] we understand that the clients enjoy the cold and eating a barbecue outside when it’s four degrees out there that is absolute luxury this dream vacation is not within reach for everyone when he’s not inviting his friends aboard the owner of the legend rents the boat for eight hundred thousand euros per week all included.

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