The Truth Behind COVID-19/Corona Virus #Share


greetings friends all over the world I want to give you this urgent message on the truth behind the coronavirus The Cove in nineteen I was in prayer spending quite some time praying and fasting and God began to speak to me concerning the true nature of this virus and make no mistake though it was it was influenced by the hand of man it is not man-made what I mean by that is that this virus is demonically empowered and demonically influenced and this is one of the reasons why people have not been able to track the behavior of it it’s unpredictable it’s unstable in its behavior even the top epidemiologists don’t understand it and the reason why they don’t understand it is because this particular virus was manufactured in the depths of the marine kingdom it is a demonic disease that lives and thrives off of fear the more fearful you are the stronger it becomes the more fearful you are the more it spreads it feeds on fear it feeds on fear God showed me this thing is actually empowered by a demonic principality and it’s operating in the earth illegally and what has happened is that the church through through ignorance through negligence has actually given this spirit permission to continue to inflict harm on humanity and until the church stands up and says we will not take it anymore we will not allow this demon to continue to proliferate under our watch and the reason for this is Matthew chapter 16 the Bible says that upon this rock I will build my church and the very gates of Hades will not prevail against it then he says I give you the keys of the kingdom and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on the earth shall be loosed in heaven another way of describing that is ever you deem lawful or whatever you permit in the earth will be permitted or deemed lawful in heaven and because we are the legislative body of the kingdom of heaven in the earth but search decides what can continue and because the church has been afraid because generals have been silent because we’ve been divided on what this really is some saying it come from God others saying it comes from the devil because of the division and because of the fear we’ve not been able to exercise our spiritual authority and take dominion over this spirit and I’m telling you I feel such a strong warning and an urgency in my spirit God says it’s time for the body of Christ to take arms against this demon it’s time for us to lock arms and to say no more you will not pass any further I’m calling on leaders I’m calling on churches I’m calling on individuals all throughout the world to come together and to begin to pray and to begin to take Luke 10:19 seriously and exercise your authority over this vile serpent called corona this is a demon it wears a crown and it is using intimidation and fear in order to spread its infection in the earth and God is saying I’m waiting for intercessors I’m waiting for prophets apostolic leaders I’m waiting for average Christians to stand up and say no more this is an urgent clarion call with we’re having days of fasting and prayer but that’s not enough we need to confront the demonic nature of this disease God says this is the same demon that we saw in the book of X where the woman the damsel was coming and she was taunting says these are the men of God that show the way of God and truth the Bible says she had a spirit of divination a spirit of python and this spirit was was was clairvoyant and this is why this demon call Corona has lived so long this is why has continued to spread because it is predicting the patterns of people it is predicting the patterns there’s a demonic empowerment here and it’s time for us to say no more I need you to share this video you have your marching orders now I’m calling on every major leader in the body of Christ to hold a prayer meeting to gather their leaders and to confront the demanding nature of this spirit so that it will stop once and for all we have a window of opportunity to do it now do it now do it now



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