The Time When A Single Computer Ran An Entire Country

Picture this at the center of project cybersyn for cybernetics energy was the operations room making sound decisions about the economy they used up and down arrows real-time feed a factory data from around the country the National telecom fed information end to the central source keeps an eye on every operation the country was Chile and it was being managed by Stafford beer a prominent UK cyber Natisha now the story that I want to tell you began in 1971 and then I suddenly got a letter which very much changed my life it was from the technical general manager of the State Planning Board of Chile president IND was in office he had studied all my works he had collected a team of scientists together and would I please come and take it over and then I went into the business of controlling the state both society and the economy because after all the government is about controlling society but Chile at that time was very much about the control of the economy absolutely accurate data on man-hours cost hours product rejection everything it was a hexagonal space 33 feet in diameter accommodating seven white fiberglass swivel chairs with orange cushions and on the walls futuristic screens there is straight out of the bridge in Star Trek must be comes as a month one armrest had an arm tray and a drink hole the other feature Rosa buttons for navigating the screens in addition to a data feed there’s a live simulation of the projected future state of the economy under various condition quotas prices production and an entire wall for project cyber for an extension of the cybernetics in an ambitious effort to track the real-time happiness of the entire Chilean nation every living room would have a built-in device and a voltmeter like dial where they could indicate their moods ranging from extreme unhappiness to complete bliss these devices would connect to a network writing on the existing TV networks and estimate the total national happiness at any moment in time it was called the algae donek meter based around the Greek words for pain and pleasure all society would need to be placated would to be blissful it was straight out of Aldous Huxley’s brave new world and then to close the loop you see that with algae tonic meters I don’t think that I had time in the last program to tell you about algae Daleks epigenomics means pleasure and pain and really the intention of that loop and he had to get a response from the people to everything we were doing and we made some very profound plans to achieve that in reality Chile had little money for computers and they used old telex machines to fax information to the 3000 mile chain of the country of Chile for cybernetics inside the capital Stafford beers cybernetics control room would be put to the test when a trucking and shipment strike threatened to shut down the distribution of goods within Chile putting his vast network of telex machines to work across the country beer successfully negotiated alternative means of distribution and circumvented destroyed and so I said to him let us suppose that these elements of the state are the big two parts of state like the Foreign Affairs the economy and a system 3 and a system for and I got that far and then I got to system five and I said I was going to say this company arrow Presidente is you he suddenly smiled very broadly and he said ah system five at last the people that was a pretty powerful thing to happen it has very big influence on me Stafford beers intentions in running cybernetics fry and a were sincere enough now I have been very much blamed for doing this I’ve been told that I think rised power fold up to the any day and I was in it the blame I’ve had very much there was also a double game afoot Stafford beers cyber sign network was run on the back of the phone company lines owned by the American IT and tea company coming to a telephone switchboard on a daily basis all this information going here to the cybernetic network center which can handle these data using of course a computer telephone company was majority owned by the US cob ITT it’s very headed attendants just thought my end day becoming president closely affiliated with the CIA and the coup to destabilize I am according to society that’s viable systems in 1973 it was the CIA who had persuaded the grimmy o–‘s to strike and thus bring to a standstill the vast majority of the transportation system across Chile for Stafford beer the CIA instigated truck strike was a wargame opportunity tests his capabilities the response to the grêmio strike demonstrated the power of the cyber sign experiment and essentially validated what beer was doing up until that point in secret important thing to realize about systems is how they are controlled and we must get rid of any notion straightaway that control is something imposed on the system from outside it has to be built into it the headlines were true a computer was now running Chile this vast social experiment had proved a success for cybernetics and shown how even a single computer to manipulate the strings of the entire system they link to one computer because we only had one computer if you were successful enough if they refine this in the future it’s supposed to tend to everyone’s needs and even keep them in a mostly blissful fairly happy state but that same state that they’ve shown in Logan’s Run and brave new world it’s pretty clear that something has been sucked out of us we’ve been dumbed down and they’ve gone after our souls and for every bit of pleasure or economic status or tending to our bare needs administered through a computer our lives become less human and we become part of a board system a big hive mind managed by a computer what kind of future is that in telling us such thing is the unknown only things temporarily hidden temporarily not other stuff this capable understanding although it sounds good at first this kind of collectivist socialism pretty much ends up in people being little more than serfs and a neo feudal system and that’s what carroll quigley talked about in tragedy and hope in the 20th century the expert will replace the industrial tycoons run the economic system replaced the democratic voter and the mainframe work the operational forces and the technology itself even politicians couldn’t truly sway much policy on their own the little guy wrote his freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that he will be numbered from birth and followed as a number through his educational training his tax contributions his health and final retirement and death benefits life as a number managed by a computer I hope you remember all about the cybernetic model of the viable system.

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