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Keep your eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith he would say don’t look at your situation you can’t ignore it cuz it hurts because if you’ll keep your eyes on me even if you got the limp you can land right and you’re gonna be able to hold your ground the shield of faith we’re friends we’re back again and we’re discussing what it means like to use the armor of God so you can have victory in the battles you face today we’re going to talk about the shield of faith this protective piece of equipment that’s designed to keep the enemy at bay from setting your life on fire and I’ll explain exactly what that means and today’s message so let’s get to God’s Word right now let’s find out what the shield of faith is all about and why it is critical for the victory you need to take place in your life God has provided armament for us to wear as we deal with spiritual battles in life you say well how do I access all of this did you tell me I have if I’m a Christian the MOE sumption is that you’re a Christian if you’re not a Christian you have nothing to access but if you are a Christian if you have responded to Jesus Christ how do I access this victorious living in the midst of the spiritual battle that I’m experiencing in my physical world how do I access it he answers that in verse 16 he says in addition to all I’ve been taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the evil one he introduces us to the next piece of armor called the shield of faith or let’s put it another way the shield which is faith the shield is actually faith itself I want you today clarify faith for you because many of us have misunderstood faith misused faith misunderstand faith and yet faith is critical because he says leading off verse 16 in addition to all in other words and I know I’ve told you a lot so far but if you grab this one you got it all that this one he says is key faith in addition to all take up the shield of now notice the verb take up the first three pieces of armour he didn’t use the word take he uses the word to be in the text it says having in verse 14 and 15 having the belt of truth having the breastplate of righteousness having the shoes of the gospel but now he switches verbs the first three are something you wear all the time you keep truth with you you keep righteousness with you you keep the peace of God with you you keep those with you but now when he comes to this next piece the shield of faith he says that when you pick up you take the first three you keep with you all the time the last three you pick up on an as-needed of faith please notice you got to take it up God won’t take it up for you this is your responsibility so the reason why this particular armament is so in critical is that it covers all of you if you’re behind it properly he says in addition to all take up the shield of faith when do you need to take it up when he told us earlier on the evil day the evil day is the day all hell breaks loose in your life so the question is now what is faith faith is acting on the truth now if you don’t know the truth or if you don’t act on the truth the word faith is a meaningless phrase is talk faith is acting on the truth so in order to have faith you got to find the truth if you and the truth is God’s view of a matter so if you don’t if you’re not interested in discovering God’s view on the matter forget having a discussion about faith because faith is only faith when it’s tethered to truth because when it’s tether the truth it knows the right decision to make confirmed by the shoes of peace because you exit sighs the real meaning of faith faith is merely acting like God is telling the truth a lot of people talk about faith who are not connected to the truth and wonder why faith isn’t working so guess what they do they go around looking for more faith thinking if I can get a little bit more faith maybe I can get a little bit more help but you cannot have faith and get help if your faith is not tied to truth and truth is what God says about a matter let me tell you what truth is not or necessarily not faith is not necessarily feelings you can feel full of faith and have no faith you can feel faith less and be full of faith faith is not based on how you feel now how you feel may be consistent with faith in a given moment but at another moment how you feel may have absolutely no correlation to faith whatsoever because feelings are circumstantially driven you feel based on how things are going if things are going well I feel good dun dun dun dun dun if things are not going well I feel bad because circumstances dictate feelings and you can’t always control that you can always control that I am glad my faith is not tied to my feelings because then my faith would be as up and down as my feelings are and we all up and down to various degrees on the feeling side so I want to get feeling out of the definition of faith although sometimes it is consistent with faith faith is on the truth whether I feel the truth or not whether I like the truth or not whether I agree with the truth or not faith is acting on it so you can feel faith ish and be faithless when we allow faith to be defined by feelings we will always be confused so let’s put faith in the objective place where it belongs I love this I love this story in Luke 5 Jesus asked Peter Peter have you caught anything yet Peter said no we haven’t caught anything yet Jesus says Peter why don’t you cast your net on the other side Peter says Jesus Jesus let me help you here you stick with preaching I’ve been fishing all my life this is the Zebedee cooperation and we know fish you know sermons he seeks them to instruct Jesus on how fishing works Jesus point number one we have been fishing all night ok so let’s get this straight for 12 hours we have been out there fishing they are not biting so for you to ask us to throw the net end doesn’t make sense problem number two we’re in shallow water now we’re about to come in we are not in the place where fish mate so we’ve given the time we’ve given the expertise we’ve studied in school the location we’ve got history in this company we got all this stuff going for us so Jesus stick to preaching we know fish Jesus says well you just cast the net on the other side Peter doesn’t feel like it makes sense his history says it doesn’t make sense his perspective his company none of this makes sense but then he says but that’s your word just because you said it even though I don’t kind of think you know what you’re talking about but because you said it I’m going to act on what you said even though my perspective doesn’t agree with what you said I’m going to act and he threw the net on the other side when he threw the net on the other side he got the biggest catch of his fisherman life and said he got so much catch of fish that it drugs the boat down and the boat was about to sink he could now build a condo on the Galilee River he caught so much fish he discovered on that day a principle of faith that if you and I would ever discover it it would be transforming in my life in spite of what I learned in spite of what my history is in spite of what my background says in spite of my education in spite of all the stuff I have accumulated in spite of my own perception of my own natural brilliance if I would simply do what he says I would discover there is a lot more to this than I ever knew because I would discover my finiteness and I would discover his infan night nests faith is acting or the truth which means I want to know the truth so I can act on it which exhibits faith so that I can see God move let me explain something now faith does not make God move let’s get this straight because if you believe faith makes up God move then you’re going to be looking more faith you don’t need more faith you have all if you’re Christian you have all the faith you’re ever going to need for anything you God’s going to do with you so let let me let me help you now Oh God’s trying to increase my faith no he’s not he’s trying to increase your knowledge but you’ve got plenty of faith because jesus said if you have faith the grain of a mustard seed you can move mountains in other words a little dab will do you you don’t need more faith you need more truth because if you put a little bit of faith in a whole bunch of truth that’s all you need faith does not get God to move all faith does is access what God has already done faith is the point of access not the point of power the power is in what God has already done in grace when he deposited the divine life within you in seed form as the knowledge of God enters into that seed that seed expands and all you’re doing with faith is withdrawing what grace has already put on deposit so stop looking for more faith you don’t leave our faith the moment you act on what God says that’s all things you need you got plenty of faith so you got all the things you need whatever growth your faith needs it will get from the action you take not by trying to conjure up more faith not by trying to not let y’all whip it up just jump whip up well really all you doing is whipping up emotion yeah whipping up faith will return for more of today’s message right after this special announcement from dr.

Evans one of my all-time favorite movies involves a man who had to make a choice he had to choose between the physical visible realm that he knew and this invisible realm that he did not know the choice came about when he understood that this invisible realm was actually controlling what was happening in the visible realm that he lived in and was so accustomed to this movie The Matrix challenged Thomas Anderson to make a decision because he understood what the real world was there are two worlds the physical world we live in and this world behind the world the spiritual realm and the principle is simply this everything visible and physical is controlled by something invisible and spiritual and therefore if you want to change the realm that you know then you must draw from the individual spiritual realm that you do not see because everything visible and physical is controlled by the invisible experience he had to make a choice and so do you we’re in a battle a spiritual war but unless you know how to access your spiritual resources in this case the armor of God that he has given us to equip us to fight in this world from that world you cannot know spiritual victory and God has called you to victory he’s called you to be like Thomas Anderson he’s called you to be the one the one through whom he demonstrates the power from up there and executed down here shows that up there is greater than whatever you’re facing right here guess what you are the one we now return to today’s message he says I want you to have the shield of faith faith is your access point Romans chapter 5 verses 1 & 2 he says faith gives you access to grace and grace is where God is deposited everything he’s going to do for you everything God is ever going to do for you he’s already done he can’t he can’t do anything more so even when you say God bless me it’s kind of a I mean we all understand what each other means but all the blessing is ever going to give you he’s already given you there’s nothing new he can do for you your problem my problem is withdrawing it not getting it it’s already given faith withdraws it so here it is grace puts on deposit all of God’s goodness on your behalf faith accesses the deposit work proves your exhibiting faith work proves your exhibiting faith faith access grace grace has on deposit what you’re looking for works don’t get grace because once you attach works to grace it’s no longer grace romi the says once is the works it’s no longer of grace so works don’t give you grace works just access faith and faith accesses grace that’s how it flows so he says put on the Sheol discovering called faith faith is a law romans 327 says it’s a rule whereby you operate he says you’re not only supposed to get saved by faith he says in Romans 1 you’re supposed to live by faith faith if you want it to be real watches them cannot be limited to your 5 senses if you limit faith to your five senses it won’t be real faith it won’t be real faith because we’re talking about accessing the invisible realm not the visible realm so we’re not talking about access in the stuff you can see and touch and taste Hebrews faith is the substance of things hoped for it is the evidence of things not seen if you can see it it’s not faith if it’s tangible and if it’s moving in the physical realm it’s not the faith God is talking about that’s just human faith anybody could have anybody gonna believe something that they looking at I believe you sitting there how come cuz I see you that’s not what he’s talking about he’s not talking about that he’s saying it’s the evident it’s the substance so it’s real even though it’s in the spiritual realm it’s real and it has evidence it’s provable but it’s not yet seen the whole point of faith is to grab something out of the unseen realm and bring it down to the visible realm so you never start with what you see to determine whether you have faith that’s called sight there’s a whole other word because we don’t live by faith in other words because that’s not how we roll that’s not our flow we don’t see much grace he says in addition to all above all things take on the shield of faith why do I need the shield of faith faith faith faith acting like God is telling the truth acting like it is so even when it’s not so in order that it might be so simply because God said so why do you do this so that you will be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the evil one says the reason you do this the reason why faith that’s shield that you ought to crouch behind because it can handle anything thrown your way all the fiery darts of the devil notice not all the darts or arrows the word art means arrows fiery dots are meant to dismantle you so that now you become open for everything else he wants to shoot your way he says the shield of faith is so strong that not only can i arrows get your arrow that’s been put on fire can’t even burn you down he says the shield of faith is staggering why because faith enters into the realm of grace and access is God at a whole nother level it accesses God that’s why first John says we are overcomers by faith in order to be overcoming there’s got to be something to overcome maybe you’re trying to overcome joblessness or finances or emotional fire of the mind or emotional depression or maybe inter-relational fires that you’re going through or maybe it’s sin and temptation that is set you aflame whatever the fire happens to be he says faith can put it out faith can put out the fire but you’ve got to define faith God’s way not your way on the cross Jesus Christ handled the sins of the whole world the whole world for all people for all time all sin was pinned on Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago on the cross all the sins of all mankind for all world was put on Jesus Christ on that day so if he could handle all the sins and all the circumstances of all men for all time what did you tell me your problem was what did you tell me your situation was what did you tell me your need was and you employ the gob you can handle it for the whole world on the cross yours is a little bit too heavy know what’s missing is faith in it not power for it what he is suggesting to us is that if we will take faith seriously as God defines it you will experience victory as you’ve never had it before I will never forget it I will never forget it this is lodged in my mind the 1996 Olympics her name was carries drugs she was a gymnast little tiny girl the United States gymnast team was in second place Kerri Strug was the last gymnast to go and she had to make a certain score to overcome the first place team I don’t remember whether Romania or Sri Union but whoever it was they she had to do a discerning to overcome so that the United States would win the gold medal so all the pressure is on low Carrie Carrie stands and Carrie looks down because she have to vault just the goal propel herself flip over the horse and come back down standing up to get high enough score ok takes off and she’s running she hits the spring she hits the horse she flips over and she comes down but she comes down wrong and she horrific Lea twists her ankle so that she cannot even walk she falls down she cannot even walk low score you could hear the hush over the crowd particularly of the Americans oh no you see our team winced and Kari began to weep because this whole thing is riding on her she has one more jump one more jump but she can’t walk and to do this you got to be able to run jump hit put pressure down and jump flip and you got a ran standing up to get a high enough score to win she’s got one more job so she’s there weeping and trying to trying to stand not bad I can stand up on the one leg can’t put any pressure on the second leg Oh in the corner was a coach Bela Karolyi the famous gymnast coach he looked at Carrie crying because they couldn’t go meat he says Carrie look at me don’t take your eyes off of me you look at me I know you’re hurting I know you’re in pain but you keep your attention focused on me you you look at me right now I know you’re hurting I know you’re in pain I know you can’t walk but girl you look at me cuz I want to tell you you can do it I know you don’t think you can I know you’re hurting you can barely well I don’t but no don’t look at your foot look at me don’t look at your circumstance I know cuz if you look down there all you see is more defeat I want you to keep your eyes on me now you go back there girl and you do this thing one more time but when you go back there your full attention is to be on me little Carrie goes around lips to the starting place and you can see her cast your eyes over to her old coach to look at him cuz she’s got a piggyback off of his faith cuz her circumstances don’t get rid of power piggyback off of hers but in her pain and her anguish she now looks down half running at half hobbling she makes her way down some of you saw it she leaps up she flips over the horse she comes down whap boom she go what bow immediately lifts up his hand after both feet have landed she lifts up this foot she stands there wiggling but stands in place the place goes absolutely crazy because she landed on two even though she could only stand on one and the United States gymnastics team won first place you know why they won cuz there was somebody in the Kona who said don’t look at your situation don’t look at your circumstance I know your feeling I know it’s real but keep your eyes on me I think if the author of Hebrews here would say keep your eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith he would say don’t look at your situation you can’t ignore it cuz it hurts because if you keep your eyes on me even if you got the lip you’re gonna land right and you’re gonna be able to hold your ground the shield of faith running on the truth give you the ability to overcome the attacks well I don’t know about you but I’m excited I’m excited about the Word of God I’m excited about this piece of armor the shield of faith I’m excited about this series that gives you the practical understanding and use of the armor of God for the warfare you’re in and the victory God wants you to have and to help you and walk with you in your victory we have our resource prayers for victory and spiritual warfare over 30 different topics with prayers that will walk you through the youth of each armor related to each topic with an explanation and summary of how these prayers work to give you victory and whatever area you needing it whether it’s victory in your your personal life or your personal struggles or your fears or your worries or your addictions or your relationships I mean there are prayers to cover 30 different areas so you don’t have to pray alone in fact I get to pray with you because we’ve given you a template for prayers related to whatever the struggle is you can get your copy of the book prayers for victory spiritual warfare for a gift of any amount to the Ministry of the urban/alternative be as generous as you can because we need your help to do what we do but we also want to minister to you through this great resource contact us 1-800 813 to log on to tony evans org and you can get this resource sent to you immediately thank you for your generosity god bless you see you next time..

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No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

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