“The Seven Trumpets” (7 of 13) by Pastor Mike Thompson

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Good morning welcome to Sacramento central 7 day Adventist Church for all congregation present here and also all online members present and tuning in however you tuning in today the first song we’re going to sing hymn number one praise to the Lord please join us the oh my soul he is died where here toy dude Oh Oh Sheila under his wings he sorta see Oh these either Lord praise to the Lord all prospers I work anything surely goodness and mercy here daily what all bye and if with BB’s right the I mean thank you for joining us it is good to praise the Lord if you have a song requests you are welcome to visit our website it’s act central that orgy and you can submit a song request and we’ll be happy to sing that song in the upcoming Sabbath the next song we are going to sing number two just one page over all creatures of our God and King we are going to sing verse 1 3 & 4 please join us and seek praises for God the reaches of our gonna lift up your voice we the said si burning Sun regal and me bit softer clean oh praise him all crazy we are all flowing waters near a clear made new tea for your two Oh and what she means Oh thank you for singing with us and I’m sure heaven is rejoice as we lift up the song for him let us pray dear Heavenly Father thank you Lord for warming up our faith as we are going to plug in our faith and connect it to Jesus in worship and adoration throughout this holy Sabbath day please bless us as we going to study your work who lead it by Pastor Mike Thompson so that we can study and apply beautiful truth in our daily life thank you lord please be with us throughout this Sabbath day in Jesus Holy Name we pray Amy we’re on lesson number seven in the book of our study on Revelation the seven trumpets as we know the number seven is featured prominently throughout the book of Revelation can remember some of those things we got the seven churches the seven seals the seven trumpets which we’re looking at today and the the seven last plagues which are further down the line but today we’re going to be looking at the seven trumpets you can have a free copy of today’s presentation with on a CD or DVD if you contact us here at the church at sac central church its offer number c21 call us at nine one six four five seven six five one one email us at CSH at sects central dot o-r-g there’s a statement here from the seventy Aventis bible commentary and it says this about the seven trumpets the view favored by seventh-day adventists is that the seven trumpets retrace to a large extent the period of the christian church already covered by number the seven churches and also the seven seals and that they emphasize outstanding political and military events during this period in other words the seven churches or seven seals and the seven trumpets they’re kind of cyclical they recycle through the same period of history from the time of John of the revelation to the second coming they go through they recycle through that but each one brings in different elements for us to focus on and this one particularly the trumpets as it says here military political and military events during this period well what’s the significant significance of a trumpet well trumpet can at least make a noise it doesn’t necessarily make music but if somebody blows a trumpet you know that’s a trumpet right but looking back in the Old Testament we saw that trumpets were very significant not necessarily a nice brass silver trumpet but very often they’re in the in the temple the priests that blow ram’s horn not particularly musical but nonetheless it made the noise that did the job so they would blow the horn to call people to worship there would blow the horn actually that number blowing of trumpets was just a few days before the Day of Atonement they would definitely blow the ram’s horns then and also on the day of atonement and also the priests would blow the trumpet as a call for God’s people to go to battle against their enemies it also warned the trumpet call would warn the unfaithful among God’s people that they were probably are possibly going to be punished by their enemies also proclaimed to the ungodly nations that they were about to be punished by God for their cruelty toward God’s people and of course in the largest symbolic sense we see trumpets very symbolic of announcing the coming day of the Lord and the calamity of the ultimate eschatology eschatological there’s a word for day of the law so we get the picture here I assume Tom trumpets always they get people’s attention that they’re meant to do that to announce the impart of impacting events which will have an effect both on God’s people or even upon God’s enemies so with that setting in mind I want us to move into Revelation chapter 8 verse 2 and read John’s introduction to the first of the seven trumpets revelation 8 verse 2 and I saw the seven angels which stood before God and to them were given seven trumpets then he stops right there it just starts but then he stops right there and John holds it right there because his attention is immediately taken by something else we come back to the trumpets but God has interjected this little scene here that takes John’s attention so we need to look at that chapter eight verse three he says this and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden censer and there was given unto Him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne so we were in the sanctuary here first of all and the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the Saints ascended up before God out of the Angels hand now this scene here portrays what can be understood symbolically as the ministration of Christ for his people great high priest there in the heavenly sanctuary where as our intercessor he mingles his merits with the prayers of his Saints making them acceptable to God it’s picture here another aspect of righteousness by faith now Jesus does this all the time since he ascended up on high it’s doing it even now but in the immediate context here of the of this pain we can relate Christ’s intercession as applicable to whose persecuted and downtrodden Saints who we see under the fifth seal in Chapter six we see them crying out to God for justice so this is the immediate application but we take it on the broader picture he hears the cries of all all his people but let’s focus on this immediate context where we’re backtracking to chapter six and we’re going to read verses 9 through 11 this is souls under the altar you’ve probably familiar with this passage their souls under the altar chapter 6 verse 9 and when he had to open the fifth seal not the trumpets we’ve we’ve just backtracked into the seals for a moment here and when he had opened the fifth seal I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held and they cried with a loud voice saying how long O Lord holy and true dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth and white robes were given unto every one of them that they should rest yet for a little season until their fellow servants and their brethren should be killed as they were should be fulfilled so we got martes IAM artists for the word of god and there there under the altar figuratively speaking they crying out for justice so while their cry goes up during this period of the seals under the fifth seal the answer if you will comes a little later in the period of the of the trumpets you follow me so far the real answer comes to their prayers during the period of the blowing of the trumpets which takes us back of course to chapter 8 God’s wrath here under the trumpets is finally poured out on their enemies those who’ve rejected Christ and though who have martyred his faithful people and we see this judgment poured out in this little scenario here between the beginning of the trumpets and when he picks up again on the trumpets so we’re still in 85 still in the heavenly scene and the angel took the censer the angel that’s at the altar and filled it with fire of the altar and cast it into the earth and there were voices and thunderings and lightnings and an earthquake that you loved that language you know I could just see it well that we’re going to see this two heavenly music when Jesus comes voices and thunderings and lightnings and an earthquake and hail we’re not reading we’re not reading Walt Disney here we’re not reading fictitious comics we will see these things fulfilled and when it happens even our even in the times before that in our wildest sanctified imagination it’s going to be far more intense than what we can possibly imagine but here is a little clip a little thumb sketch here when God I know the trumpets would paulie’s wrath out on those who are persecuted its people so in other words we see the trumpets also of God’s reassurance to his persecuted Saints in every age that in spite of the wars the plagues the famines and the death through which they may pass it God has not lost control of this world it’s still his be glad for that this is my father’s world he is still judge and will punish unrighteous men and women so having established the setting here for the trumpets let’s move on having said that I’m going to skim right across the first four trumpets and I’m going to leave you in your own time to go to the Assembly of this Bible Commentary or some other reputable tome volume and you can look at those for yourself it’s the holy part of the of the Christian Church particularly in respect political and military events which impacted God’s church throughout those ages I’m gonna move right up immediately toward going to look at the something in the 5th and the 6th trumpet and then the 7th one I want to move up to the later ones because they take us into the time of the end who’s living in the time of the end right now we are how do you know that what did you say the Bible good answered and it’s the Bible yes thank you if all else fails read the Bible but you’re absolutely right yeah under the 1260 prophetic days literal years ended in 1798 right broad as not to the end of time but the time of the end were living in that time now so I’m moving ahead to these last trumpets because they bring us into this arena here which relate more directly to us relate to the to the rise of what we call Adventism and the message and mission of God’s remnant church so we’re jumping ahead to the sixth trumpet will will backtrack a little bit for a moment to the fifth but we’re jumping in right at the sixth right now so we’re going to Revelation chapter 9 verse 13 says in the sixth angel sounded and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God so he sounds now by the way the period of the sixth trumpet we could take this from the mid 15th century they’re about to about the middle of the of the nineteenth century now I want to mention something that happens under this sixth trumpet which is not touched at all in the lesson and I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on a significant time prophecy that met its fulfillment toward the end of this period toward the end of the sixth trumpet period significant time prophecy that was fulfilled which drew great attention to the belief an expectation that Jesus was going to come back around about 1844 based upon the 2300 year time prophecy of Daniel I mean I’m trying to economise him words here so I hope you get the gist of what I’m talking about if there’s anybody doesn’t understand this see me later and I’ll refer you to some chapters in a book and you can you can read that so we can’t have this is kind of directed a bit too to the initiated this morning so I want to touch on this prophecy that’s not mentioned in the lesson but it was fulfilled during the sixth sixth trumpet toward the end of that time period now there was a man called William Miller who was a key proponent of Jesus coming in 1844 based on that time prophecy of Daniel chapter 8 verse 14 now William Miller struggle against coming out and preaching this he’d been studying it for some years not only him but there are other people as well in in other parts of the globe which were which were drawn to the prophecies of Daniel that prophecies dealing with time and even in the book of Revelation and he came to this conclusion that Jesus was going to come about 1843 and 1844 and he was moved by but didn’t want to do anything finally long story short God gave him a shot and in 1831 William Miller started preaching based on Daniel that Jesus would come in 1844 well there was a you know there was a gathering of people but that was 1831 but only two years later in 1833 something happened that just put this message on overdrive for a lot of people you know what that was the falling of the stars in November 1833 just two years after Miller was out here on the circuit preaching there was in 1833 the great meteor shower that took place in November thousands thousands of people saw it especially up in northern part of North America it was just it was a meteor shower they’ve happened before but this one was such significant some magnitude nobody could miss it I was once when I was a student at new ball College I had a friend from Sweden he was a student and he wanted to do a study on this particular star shower in 1833 so I went to the British Museum in London and he found there in the archives these all scientific journals it tells you that this star shower was so significant that it was even in the early scientific journals very very very very powerful yeah so this really got the attention of many many people they saw in this the fulfillment of what Jesus said in Matthew just prior to his coming he said the stars will fall from heaven so that happened in 1833 then only seven years later after that this other astounding time prophecy which I want to refer to and it’s not in the lesson took place under the 6th trumpet and we go to Dan revelation for this we’re still in chapter 9 he says in the four angels were loosed which were prepared for an hour and a day and a month and a year for to slay the third part of men 1 in Revelation it says a third part it just means a very significant portion of whether it’s the earth whether it’s humanity you know when it says a third it’s nothing small ok now there was another key leader in what became known as the millerite adventist they took the name from William Miller he wasn’t the only one in it by any means but they become became known as the Miller right Adventists and there was one of the millwright Adventist called Josiah Lynch and he was examining here this this prophecy about an hour a day and a month in a year and he took the year day principle and calculated this our day in a month a year to be literally 391 years and 15 days not only that he applied this time prophecy to the state of Turkey now Turkey for a more close to 500 years had established what we might call an Islamic empire it was known as the Ottoman Empire it it was across the Middle East all across North Africa the crusade you’ve heard of the Crusades right it was when it was when the the Turks the Ottoman Turks came into Europe they really shook the Catholic Church up and God I think committed that it gave Martin Luther a bit more breathing space to go forward with the Reformation but that’s another story but nonetheless the Ottoman Turks got as far as the gates of Vienna in Austria and there there were there were actually stop them and turn back by Charles a great but that’s how far they got they were very very powerful so taking Joe silage he looked at this in our day in a month year 391 years and 15 days really relates to Islam that’s what he was looking at and there’s other symbolism there in revelation 9 which makes you realize that it this this this was talking about Islam the invasion of Islam and he thought where can I have a beginning date for this 391 years and 15 days and he took the date of July to 1214 49 that is when the Ottoman Turks have been trying for about 150 years they finally took Constantinople like that the crown jewel of what it being the eastern part of the Roman Empire right there on the Bosphorus so they were really ensconced that they had a good powerful stronghold so he took that date July the 24th jury sorry July 27 14 49 and he went forward into the future 391 years and 15 days and he came up with August the 11th 1840 now he can of hung back a little bit that date was drawing I finally stuck his neck out and he says I wish to say that based upon the Word of God in the book of Revelation there not August the 11th thought it was actually in the year 1840 where he finally took ownership of its declaration on August the 11th this year 1840 a significant event is going to take place which will confirm a news of my own words here that the decline of the Ottoman Empire the Ottoman Empire was around till about 1922 but it was very very weak and it was weakening in at this time as well and so he said this is it and on August the 11th 1840 you know what happened listen politics went on before and just after but on that very day the Ottoman Turks Turkey submitted to receive the protection of Russia France and Great Britain to defend it from the threatenings of Egypt Egypt had formally being part of the Ottoman Empire they’d been under the jurisdiction of the church but the Turks had gotten weaker and the Egyptians had got a little stronger so they started threatening the Turks Turks realized well we used to be tough but we need some help now so they came under the protection of these three foreign powers well when that happened the the message of Miller Jesus coming in 1844 it didn’t just go into overdrive there was strapped on it solid rocket boosters if you will and this drew attention to the fact that Jesus is coming in October 1844 in fact they still hadn’t fully decided when and what time of the year would be but they said first it was 1843 then it was 1844 so he can imagine now we’re in 1840 this amazing prophecy is being fulfilled against the Ottoman Turks and now Millis saying Jesus is coming in 1844 we’ve got four years left so the impetus was just absolutely astounding you know I don’t get off-track here but these things happened a few years ago around right 180 years are there abouts there was a lot of stuff happen in the mid 1800s and if we had lived in that time seeing the dark day seeing the Lisbon earthquake being around at that time the falling of the Stars the Ottoman Turks all of these time prophecies fulfilling we would have been also on overdrive with anticipation of Jesus coming we would be fired up to do evangelism we would be fired up to seek God and have a conversion experience like never before it was time but now we’re about hundred he is down lying and where’s all the excitement gone you know the excitement has faded away because it’s not that God is playing some funny tricks and you got everybody exciting and I said okay just kidding just relax now for another thousand years no God was ready to move Jesus ready to come soon after in the 1800s but we’re still here you know why you are the ten virgins you are the latest in church yeah we look back and we said the falling of the stars 1833 2019 how long though is that so we tend to think we need to wake up can you say amen to that need to wake up don’t we we have not followed and are not following connolly devised fables far from it god we are sitting on a I don’t get too frivolous here but we have received the accumulated light of the ages but we we are we are blessed we are privileged we have so much light and not only that we’re sitting as it were on a powder keg and I’m not ascribing the Holy Spirit to gumpa don’t get me wrong but you know what I mean he straps them but you put somebody on a pound powder keg and light the fuse and put them in the long Ballentine they’re motivated that they’re mobile they’re airborne God is waiting to pour the Holy Spirit upon us so we can understand the light appreciate the like be sanctified by that light and go and have a message to preach and when people look at us and when they listen to us they’re looking our faces and say you know what these people not only say what seems to make sense but I can tell that they mean it people don’t tell when you mean it and you can kid him for a while if you’re phony but it doesn’t last there was a well-known president said that wasn’t that Abraham Lincoln okay so here we go now there we are we’ve got three years to go now until 1844 well as we know we get to 1844 they thought Jesus was coming in the spring but he didn’t come but they didn’t give up they were in a tearing time and then we get to a time in it was July the Exeter camp meeting in New Hampshire all the Adventists got together they thought well we’re in the same we’re in the right year but he hasn’t come yet what what is it what’s what’s going on well there was a man called a last name was snow I forgot his first name that’s afraid would know this man called snow comes riding into the camp and a lady knew snow mr.

Snow and she said to the people this brother has meat in due season so brother snow came up to the podium and they’re all sitting there and he began to expound and he made the point which is very clear that you know artaxerxes decree was given in the fall of 457 so this prophecy will be fulfilled they ate the 2300 days in the fall of 1844 and well not only that they related it to the ancient Jewish reckoning and came up with a date October 22 1844 they were on fire and they went out with a message that was kind of termed that the midnight cry behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him you know Jesus told a parable about that ten virgins five of them now woke up the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him and so there you they they just they give it everything they had I’ll talk about twenty-two came around and they woke up with one expectation if they ever slept the night before probably not the day grew longer don’t come in go into the late afternoon he’s still gonna come this is the day they got together they prayed got into early early early evening not quite sundown still time Sun went down 8 o’clock at night 9 o’clock at night 10 o’clock 11 o’clock an hour to go struck midnight and Jesus he didn’t come so they experienced what was and has since come to be known as the great disappointment and what a disappointment if you really really believed you’re gonna see Jesus you know ready to meet him so their fondest hopes were shattered but all was not lost God was not playing games for all they were disappointed that the faithful Adventists remained they stayed together that they looked at the time prophecy of Daniel and they say you know everything fits what what has gone wrong well God didn’t have them waiting long he allowed like-liked immediately begin shining again the very next day on October 23 not get into the details but they were led to get straight to the point they were led to look again at the cleansing of the sanctuary what that actually meant and they they came to realize that it was it it meant something else and I mention it in a moment but there was a reason why God permitted that disappointment as well because what it did you see it shook out the unfaithful Miller writes Adventists there was a whole bunch who came in because of the truth and the signs and whatever else but they came in for the sake of self-preservation I don’t want to be lost well not wanting to be lost it’s a legitimate concern no it’s a legitimate concern there’s nothing wrong with it as a concern it’s legitimate but it’s not a good motive to want to follow Jesus God can give us a little healthy dose of fear to motivate us but not to get our attention but it’s not a good motive to want to serve him right so God allowed that shaking for that very for that very purpose the event the timing of the event was exact was correct but the nature of the event they’d misunderstood it was not the earth being cleansed by the fires of the last day when Jesus came then shall the sanctuary be cleansed Daniel it meant the time of the beginning of the pre-advent judgment the investigative judgment where Jesus went from the holy place into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary the light came they understood that this great disappointment that they had been through they found as they studied at being forecast it had been predicted right there in the book of Revelation in Daniel asari in Revelation chapter 10 let’s go to revelation 10 we’re moving on here from Revelation chapter 9 revelation 10 verses 1 and 2 John said this and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as were the Sun and his feet as pillars of fire who is this mighty angel with a rainbow around his head do you suppose that John sees yeah and in Revelation 4 3 in Ezekiel 128 it makes it clear that rainbows only adorn members of the date’ deity and rainbows only embellish if you will beautify the throne of deity so right here is a hallmark that this is the Divine Being and in the volume 7 of the commentary comment by Ellen White page 9 7 1 she says this the mighty angel who instructed John was no less a personage than Jesus Christ so Christ is not an angel by the way he’s the Archangel which means he’s the leader but he’s not an easy it’s just the leader he is the commander of the Lord’s host remember when Joshua was about to go into battle there was this warrior and he says I am now come he says I’m the commander of the Lord’s house that was Jesus so let’s move on here in chapter 10 verse 6 here in Revelation we read this well let me read verse 5 and then 6 and the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swear by him that liveth for ever and ever who created heaven and the things that are therein and the earth and the things that are therein and the saying the things that are therein that there should be time no longer time no longer now obviously Jesus is not telling John there should be time nor long is not putting this in the context of the dimension of earthly time the time that we live in otherwise we wouldn’t be here right time would have run out a long time ago so we wouldn’t be here so the context is that of prophetic time and the prophetic time that Jesus in in Revelation 10 is referring to he’s referring to the prophetic time prophecy of Daniel the 2300 days which ended in 1818 44 is speaking of that he says there will be time no longer you see the time prophecy in Daniel 18 814 was the longest and the last prophetic time period given in Scripture there are to be no more future prophecies with fixed times attached to them and what we call the the great second Advent movement that’s getting ready for Jesus coming the Millerites and other groups of people in different places the great second Advent movement that was based upon the 2300 year time prophecy that came to an end and Jesus said time no more no more prophecies based upon fixed time why you will know the day of my coming and I will say neither the time when the latter rain will be poured out neither indeed when probation will close we don’t know these things we never will God has not revealed them to us nonetheless time no longer normal time prophecies then we read in Revelation 10 verse 8 through 11 let’s read this and the voice which I heard from heavens spake unto me again and said go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth and I went under the angel and said unto him give me the little book and he said unto me take it and eat it up and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be sweet in thy mouth as honey and then he says in verse 10 and I took the little book out of the Angels hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I’d eaten it my belly was bitter so sweet but bitter this vision here that he saw in Chapter ten time no longer eat the little book sweet as honey in your mouth better in your belly this vision related to the experience that the Millerites had passed through the great disappointment which they had passed through in October 1844 the little book that the angel was holding what’s a little book we mentioned it several times this morning a little book in the Bible yeah the Book of Daniel at all it’s very clear then I saw this after the fact and I thought that’s it that’s just as exactly right that that’s exactly what happened see prophecies sometimes is not always meant to be understood beforehand sometimes God has given prophecies that are meant to be understood afterwards and you look back in this egg would you believe it but because that happened this is this means that we’re here right now and therefore you draw significance for that it helps you know where you are in the stream of time so God is very wise and they realize this is what we’ve been through so that little book was the Book of Daniel yeah that little book you had that little book and we still have it Daniel that one verse that little book gave birth to this mob mighty movement and sweet as honey in the mouth but bitter in the belly mmm well speaks for itself right that sweet joyful anticipation that the message brought as their as they looked with joy toward Jesus coming on October 22 1844 sweet as honey not just in your mouth but right down to your toes if you will just sweet sweet sweet but then he didn’t come so that same little book with that same message that brought them we also led them down the little path where they had to taste bitterness and disappointment but as I mentioned before God in His great wisdom permitted this to separate the true in heart from so many who joined them just for the sake of self-preservation but he didn’t leave them disappointed as I said before light immediately came and they were led to see that this whole scenario of him if I can call it that was Jesus entering the most holy place to begin the investigative judgment to find out who was true and who is false in readiness so that when he comes back he doesn’t have to gather world before him saying who’s who he already knows he says my reward is with me how is his reward already with him because it’s already determined who the reward is for right does that make sense so hence the faithful remaining Millerites were told that their mission wasn’t over yet they just begun and in Revelation chapter 10 verse 11 and he said unto me you must prophesy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings I’ve got a work figure to do now when he says prophesy again is that the Twinner just go ask a question here does he mean the 2300 day prophecy prophesied that again no because that’s all done right all right see which one is it which prophesy is it the three angels messages yeah that’s there I see here you go you’re going out and you prophesy again before nations kings tongues and people the third angels message that’s us and by the way the first and the second angels messages were actually preached in 1843 1844 against a lot of the churches that turn against the advent movement Ellen White for example on a family they were kicked out of their particular church a lot were disfellowship anyway so I said you have a work to do go out and preach the third angels message so have to get moving here so moving into Revelation chapter 11 and there was given me a reed like unto a rod and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein we’ve got some terminology here right we’ve got some symbolism what are we dealing with here measuring we got the altar yeah if you will he’s talking here about a judgment related to the the temple and to the heavenly sanctuary because he says measure measure measure brought measured those that worship therein remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7 he says as much as you meet it shall be measured to you again so it’s it’s symbolic term metaphorically here but we’re speaking of judgment I haven’t really mentioned what days were in because all this flows together but in in Wednesday’s lesson it says this revelation commentary here this refers to the judgment that takes place prior to the second coming this judgment concerns exclusively God’s people the worshipers in the temple okay close quote now then Jesus speaks again to John and chapter 11 verses 3 through 6 reciting how his word though opposed for centuries during a Christian era would ultimately shine forth to light the way for his second coming and we see here this this beast that comes up from the bottomless pit which wars against God’s God’s message the devil has always tried to blot out the light of truth at the best of times but especially these endtime prophecies the third angel’s message and where this message of the remnant and this coming of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary message and the pre-advent judgment it has its roots in there unless in our understanding of Daniel or the devil is constantly trying to hide that or ridicule it all through high criticism just say oh this is this this this and this throw it out it’s always been doing that he hates God’s Word but Jesus is speaking here now of during this time period from the time of John up until his second coming there’s been this warfare against God’s Word and here Jesus focuses in now on a particular period of time during under the sixth trumpet we’re especially God’s Word was war against and even metaphorically killed let’s look at this Revelation chapter 11 verses three through six he says and I will give power unto my two witnesses what do you suppose the two witnesses are says they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days there’s a 1260 days they’re clothed in sackcloth sackcloth here we get some clues as to what the two witnesses are these are the two olive trees and two candlesticks standing before the god of the earth sanctuary terminology here you got the candlesticks the candlesticks give off what light right and the source of energy that flowed into those candlesticks was olive oil so you got the olive trees and you got the candlesticks and it says in more than one place but in psalm 119 105 it says your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path so we can take the two witnesses to be God’s word the old and the new testament like the woman in revelation 12 shiest and she too clothed with the sun but she’s standing on the moon we got the old and new Testament there symbolically now the Dark Ages were not called the Dark Ages for nothing they were deliberately called that because especially the Word of God was suppressed by the papacy for a large portion of that 1260 years in which the papacy exercised its our now there were little groups the Walden C’s for example in the in the Alps of northern Italy where the light freely Sean they were literally the church in the wilderness they were up in those alpine high high altitude places and if they had to when the papal armies came they go up into the rocky cliffs and it was very hard but they preserved the light of truth it’s shown there but by and large all across papal Europe and I say papal Europe because the papacy had Europe in its back pocket all o’clock across papal Europe the Word of God was left to languish and mourn in sackcloth literally as it says here as it says see I will give power into my witnesses they will prophesy oh yeah clothed in sackcloth so the Word of God and just pretty much languished but it was still alive then in 11 verses 7 through 10 it describes events at the very close of the 1260 witnesses we get this further assault by the beast from the bottomless pit who would overcome and kill them and rejoice over their dead bodies for three and a half days we’ve got a time prophecy they’re three and a half days how many years is that three and a half years yes during toward the end of the 1260 years well I have to say this there was only one European power just before their toward the end of 1798 that metaphorically killed the Word of God as it were and that was in the country of France during its revolution when human reason and atheism was as Galt it above the Word of God and it seemed the dates are not absolutely accurate from what I could find out but it says in the commentary from November 26 1793 to June 17 1797 religion was officially banished in France by decree the Revolutionary Government in France this equals approximately three and a half years now if we had the exact dates I don’t doubt it would be right on the money because God when God does something he always does it right but for those three and a half years the Word of God metaphorically they’re just layed unburied no funeral on the streets of Paris and all over France that reign of terror which resulted in that was just horrendous but it says in verse 11 and after three and a half days the spirit of life from God entered into them and they stood upon their feet and I wanna read this from the lesson Thursday’s lesson last two paragraphs the resurrection of the witness of the two witnesses points to the great revival of interest in the Bible in the aftermath of the French Revolution which resulted in the rise of the second Advent movement which sit with its restoration of Bible truth an establishment of Bible societies and the world wild distribution of the Bible amen you see God’s in control right before the end the oh the world will witness one final global Bible proclamation in references there revelation 18 that fourth angel a mighty angel that comes down and cries with a loud voice calling people out of Babylon this final message will provoke opposition empowered by demonic entities working miracles to deceive the world and draw worshippers of the Beast into a final battle against God’s faithful witnesses and I think I’m going to be able to go to Thursday and finish off the sixth trumpet but we can’t say much about it but we’ll do this so now we come to the seventh trumpet sorry the seventh trumpet in Revelation which covers the time period we are especially living in of course seventh trumpet began at the close of the 2300 days and we’re in it now all this now is going to happen what remains in our day and I can tell you on the authority of God’s Word it is going to be in our day in the day of the seventh trumpet that Jesus is going to come revelation ten seven but in the days of the voice of the seven seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God that is the gospel if even Romans 26 Colossians 228 that’s the mystery it’s a terminology for scripture it says the mystery of God should be finished so the gospel work will be done across this globe the the third angels message empowered by the loud cry will go forth like fire in the stubble just just gonna light this globe up the mystery of God should be finished as he has declared to his servants the prophets so in the meantime between now and when we get there we’re living in a troubled world but let us be faithful because it will surely come revelation and the nations were angry we see that today and I wrath has come and the time of the Dead that they should be judging the judgment that thou heardest finally give reward unto thy servants the prophets and to the Saints and to them that fear thy name small and great and should destroy them that destroy or corrupt the earth so we’re under the trumpets right where God will vindicate his people and pour out his wrath that’s where we came in on those who oppose Christ who persecute his people were on the devil side who think they’ve won but they haven’t they’ve surely lost and one day soon they will surely find out one less verse 11 revelation and the seventh angel sounded and there were great voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and he shall reign forever and ever and can you say Amen amen well we’re glad you could join us today we’ve covered a lot of ground but praise the Lord we got there so I would be remiss again if I didn’t offer you our offering today you can have a free CD or a DVD of today’s presentation if you contact us here at Sacramento Central Church and ask for offer number c21 907 call us at …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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