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All right so let’s have a look at this performance by Lady gaga from the other night of the Grammy Awards how this pertains to the agenda that they wish to deceive the world with and the deeper meaning of that now the interesting thing about this is the commercials they released beforehand they released a couple of commercials Intel and Gaga it all runs in a sequence of events it seems leading up to that Grammys performance where first off she pet plays this female version of Lucifer and then it culminates in this male masculine version so it was indeed playing Lucifer she just played in the commercials the female side and then on the night it was like the collide of the two pillars male and female she played this masculine side and as I said it all runs in a sequence of events to show us the birthing of the Antichrist so let me briefly take you through that sequence of events starting in this first Intel commercial as I exposed before with this female mother goddess the female version of Lucifer to simplify it or the female version of bothame to simplify even further and it started on this temple temple of Saturn so this is all linked to Saturn and this this coming from Saturn and so we started on this temple and we’ll go from there imagine the unimaginable see the unthinkable see be unseen with the arsenal of the world’s leading technology at my fingertips I now have the ability to invent the uninventive or pertaining to cracking through time and space her coming up through this portal the mother goddess from the womb cracking open the cornerstone at the capstone of the pyramid highest our partnership will culminate in a performance so what they would call the Immaculate Conception this blasphemy with this Antichrist spirit the seed of innovation cracking through the veil and cracking open the matrix enter and then we go straight through to this next commercial from that birthing shop we go into this birth canal with this same feminine figure masquerading as light cracking open the projector there with the blinding light in mind behind the machine I want to make something new something unimaginable reach out and touch the world in ways I never could before on a journey to new possibilities and it all starts here on music’s biggest stage with Intel’s technology at my fingertips everything will change the devil masquerading is lie in this shaft in this birth now and again you can see that light at the end of the tunnel so this is all a sequence of events wizard behind the curtain the blinding light now going to a cosmic birth canal remember all relating to Saturn child and touch the world in ways I never could before reach out and touch the world in ways I never could before so again it’s talking about this harnessing this technology in order to rule over this world this the net of the Antichrist basically the web the World Wide Web and it all starts here a music’s biggest stage I mean this is literally the devil talking here to the public through these commercials effectively that’s that’s what it is this is a cult propaganda for the Luciferian New Age and he says it’s all a cosmic thing because she’s in the stars you see like the fractal nature of this the geometry playing God basically and how she’s coming shown coming through the veil and this again this is a sex magic ritual as we see the next shot this rocket appears which represents the male phallic so again we’ve got that allusion to a sex magic ritual to birth this upon the earth the cosmic birth of the Antichrist with the male phallic got this whole thing culminates in her going into that black cube as this false light of Lucifer and the fertilization ritual and you mean you can see this is all like in the spirit world because it’s like this underwater zero-gravity now what’s in the box and this is where the Grammys come in so we’ve got this black cube coming from outer space and we essentially would go into this Saturn cube because we start off here in the dark and she’s got her eyes closed in the matrix here and being born out of this projected matrix as per usual so here we have the collide of the pillars because now she’s playing that masculine bow II figure the Fox series Lucifer for example they actually admitted that the character Lucifer was based on David Bowie so here’s just got that male aspect being formed out of the matrix so the seed of the Antichrist spirit coming from from the beginning through the birthing canal cracking open the projector the cosmic birth of the Antichrist well going into the cube the fertilization this masculine figure is revealed in that black cube of Saturn in the matrix and it’s almost like here you’ve got this well I did your guess as good as mine is that a seed is that like a part of the uterus I don’t know it’s pretty grotesque if you ask me she’s here it has her eyes shut throughout the whole thing so she’s playing this masculine side in the matrix in the womb and this coming down obviously covering her right eye like the book of Zechariah says the one-eyed Shepherd the right eye will be completely darkened so what happens after this comes down we get the lightning bolt of Satan like a blinding lightning bolt over her right eye I mean her right eyes full of cobwebs you get this spider cracking out of her right eye remember this is all to do with the web of the Antichrist the net of the Antichrist like a black widow spider that eats its own mate the mark of the beast and this is all using that matrix technology projected technology like the digital resurrection of Michael Jackson a counterfeit sign and Wonder a counterfeit resurrection from the dead a projected hologram and in a similar way this is like doing it’s David Bowie just after he passes away so let’s go a bit further into what this is representing here so you can see that this is a nonhuman entity so it ties into the whole alien agenda and as we saw the black cube coming down out of space what she’s singing here is ground control to Major Tom which is the David Bowie song about the astronaut that goes up while she’s playing David Bowie’s other character Ziggy Stardust which is about the Messianic type figure falls Messiah type figure that comes down so we’ve got both the rocket going up a ground control to Major Tom and the character she’s playing is a character that came down so you see that that again is about this about the key to the matrix is about as above so below it’s about male/female it’s about the collide of the pillars so even in the song she’s singing and the character she’s playing it’s representing that same thing and as we know that is not a Jewish sign that’s the sign of the synagogue of Satan that is an occult symbol and that is essentially who is behind this this Zionist Antichrist free Masonic Luciferian Jesuit synagogue of Satan plot to bring about this dawning of the new age of Lucifer these rituals are schemed I mean there’s no denying it really is there and as I said this this ziggy stardust figure that David Bowie created is about this Masonic type figure that comes down so this is all ties into the alien agenda so continuing on with this in this really creepy performance of this matrix deception coming upon the earth it’s a lose/lose ori reality that they’re bringing upon the earth so then this spider crawls through this the as you know I beheld Satan Fuller’s lightning over a right eye and it’s almost like it is referencing blood in some way and they certainly believe that with their their false messiah this whole eat me drink me thing it’s a complete blasphemy and inversion of the true christ and and in some way they believe that if they eat and drink this messiah that they manifest into our reality you got this black spider you see how it smudges this paint like it’s some is like it’s blood or something like that and this spider starts off black like the lead into gold like the alchemy so it’s led into gold and it goes right up to a third eye and begins to spin like the sun wheel like the swastika see there you see how this is a swastika so as we saw before it who is actually behind these things when when we’re getting temples of saturn we’re getting saturn cubes we’ll get in zionist symbology and then we’re getting this spider which goes from led into gold smudging this blood are actually climbing up the lightning bolt if you notice there so in some way some sort of electrical tethering or something i don’t know but this is this is showing now the opening of the third eye the the sun wheel is like a key like a swastika opening up the matrix again cracking open the matrix this false light this mark of the beast’ this mark on your forehead this you shall be like god that the same thing again just like it was in the garden where Satan lied and said you will be like God if you buy of this fruit and this is what this is showing this unlocking of cracking open of the third eye cracking open this projected reality through the third eye and this is the danger of opening a third eye and it seems to be what will be certainly seems to be something to do with what will be required in this new age of Antichrist so there we go it starts spinning like a wormhole in in our forehead turning into the moon so this is the the Sun wheel six the Sun and the moon nine black Sun 69 so again it’s that whole key I hate chess 369 if you knew the the the 369 you’d have a key to the universe as Tesla said and that is exactly what they’re they’re showing here the key to the universe cracking open by Lucifer in this projected reality and then almost like I’m not entirely sure here but this looks like a representation of the earth and some allusion to the atom and so it could could certainly I’m not 100% on that but it could certainly be to do with like the CERN agendas and cracking open the atom to bring about this new age so we’ve gone through that whole sequence with her here in this black cube or him as she’s representing a male here we’ve had the collider the pillars a male female and drogyny with their false false beliefs on enlightenment if you if you have that balance between masculine and feminine and that’s what they’re trying to do in our society they’re trying to make women like men they try to make men like women in order to have this androgynous hermaphrodite race and but that that belief is totally flawed because it’s like you know a balance of good and evil as long as you help an old lady across the work road then you can go and mug another one later I mean how how is that any make any sense whatsoever so cracking open this this whole deception and then after that look what happens she manifests onto the stage two loads of cheers as Lucifer as this male female version of Lucifer in this cape black and red the Nazism again we had this the swastika Sun wheel and then we have a come out in the Nazi colors the black and red and also ironically the first Horsemen of the Apocalypse black and red horse and white so you see that this is the embodiment of this great deception that’s coming upon the earth I mean this is absolutely is this not obvious to people yet is this not obvious I mean she’s coming out with like a red head devil Wow I mean it’s so they’re purposely doing something to her face here she does not look the same anymore she does not even look like Lady gaga anymore she looks like an alien male female Lucifer coming to the earth and then being unveiled on the stage in front of screaming crowd which is exactly what the Bible says that you know this will be well received when it comes that people will be deceived because they’ll be given over to this great delusion so they remove her cape and and she’s like a rockstar to loads of cheers you know everyone’s really happy and yeah this is what it is this is what it shows and you see all through this performance from then on she’s now on stage remember she was all a projector from here all the way through she’s part of the this projected world and now she’s manifested on to the stage in front of the world and looks so you see that how this is shown all the cracking open of the matrix and this fractal reality that’s coming to earth through this I mean it’s like a manicured reality as I’ve heard one song’s lyrics put it lying signs and wonders and you see here even at the end how it’s all like all University it’s like the devil taking over and being worshipped as God so stay vigilant because this Saturn Matrix agenda is coming to earth very fast this technology that’s rolling out in order to make possible these counterfeit lying signs and wonders of the enemy and then culminating in the mark of the beast which is the same lie that you shall be as God if you follow this agenda so it’s all coming true as per the Bible the prophecy was always right don’t follow this agenda because it will lead you to hell if the Bible’s been right about everything else so far do you not think that that that’s right also the only way to heaven is to believe in the death and resurrection salvation of your sin by Jesus Christ the Messiah the true Messiah this is the masquerader this is a projection it’s being projected out of Saturn like a projectile and a word for other YouTube channels exposing this out there you know enough just enough of just saying that this is Freemasonry I think nearly everyone is aware that this is going on in regards to Freemasonry what people need to know is the implications of this on our lives on our future and the fact that they need Jesus Christ to be their Redeemer and Messiah there’s no point going down the rabbit hole for the sake of going down the rabbit hole we have to show people where all of this leads and that is the biblical truth of the Lord Jesus Christ

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