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I don’t have to tell you that this has been about the strangest year we’ve ever had just about every way you can imagine we have been reminded that life is uncertain in fact if you go back over these last days not just this year but these last two or three years you stop to think about it for a moment it’s not that we’ve just had one thing crossed the stage but that many things have crossed the stage all at the same time we barely get over one thing and something else happens never have there been such stressful headlines I’ve had more people say to me in recent days I’ve given up on the news I don’t even watch it anymore it’s too discouraging too depressing and it seems as if those who give us the news are absolutely committed never to give us any good news even if there is good news serious people are asking everywhere you go if these things are happening today what will be the future for my children and my grandchildren well there’s only one reliable source of information about the future only one that has an astounding record of accuracy and that’s the Bible if you want to know about the future there’s only one place you can go and find any good information don’t read the futurists read the prophets the Bible is filled with information to help us navigate the uncertain course that is before us but there are many people today who strangely enough even in our good evangelical churches have decided that Bible prophecy is irrelevant that it shouldn’t be taught I’ve had more than one preacher say I never touch prophecy because it has nothing to do with the day-to-day lives of my people and when they say that I am reminded that they haven’t read any prophecy because almost every passage that tells us about the return of the Lord Jesus has within the major context of that prophecy and admonition given to us so that we know what to do people say I don’t believe in prophecy but they do it wasn’t so long ago was it that you could hardly turn on your television turn one channel to the next in every every time you turn the channel here was some psychic person willing to tell you your future they even had a network called the psychic network and that they went out of business you would have thought they would have known one pastor I know said that he doesn’t ever preach on prophecy because he said prophecy distracts people from the present and astute colleague definitely responded well then there’s an awful lot of distractions in the Bible one of the most convincing evidences that the Bible is God’s Word and that is inspired is the staggering number of prophecies that have been fulfilled in the past with pinpoint accuracy for instance take the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ born of a virgin born in Bethlehem to be our Savior take that event did you know that in the Old Testament there are 300 prophecies concerning the first coming of Jesus Christ and now we have lived past that and we can look back in the annals of history we can examine the prophetic word and we can compare it to what we know to be true and we will discover as we do that that every single one of these 300 prophecies was fulfilled to the minutest detail in ways that defy explanation apart from Almighty God there are 300 prophecies in the Bible concerning the first coming of Christ but there are three times that many prophecies in the Bible concerning the second coming of Christ if Almighty God prophesied his first coming over here and now time has passed and we can trace what happened and we say you know everything he said what happened happened and now he’s prophesying another coming with the same kind of verbiage in the same prophets what do you think he will do I think he’ll fulfill them don’t you I think the things that he says will happen will happen and all my friends how many truths there are in the Word of God about the days in which we are living and the time what is yet to come if you want to know what in the world is going on you have to turn to the Bible for some answers I want to remind all of you that we’re living in this unprecedented time some of you are going to say well pastor Ike would have just been happy to have been born and lived in the good old days if you can ever figure out what they are I would have loved to have been born in that special generation the one they call the best generation I wish I could have been born some of you were but have you ever asked yourself this question why am I on this earth at this particular time did you know that Almighty God could have dropped you down along the landscape of history any place he wanted well he put you here he put you here for now God wants you here for now so don’t complain about not having lived at a different time or wish you could live in some future time embrace the fact that God has given you this time and then find out everything you can about how to live this time in the Holy Spirit power that he wants to give you so where are we what’s happening well let me just say first of all we’re living in the generation of the rebirth of the nation of Israel when I was seven years old something happened in our world that has forever changed the landscape going forward it almost happened off the radar screen as far as many people are concerned it was 1948 so you do the math and you figure out how old I am it was 1948 and the nation of Israel was born it all began much earlier than that in fact the beginning of it takes you all the way back to the first book of the Bible and the twelfth chapter of Genesis where Almighty God gave a promise to Abraham the father of the nation of Israel and Almighty God said some specific things to Abraham he promised to bless him he said Abraham I’m going to bless you and he certainly has did you know that Abraham’s name is revered among Christians and Jews and Muslims alike he said Abraham I’m going to make of you a great blessing and he has done that as well did you know that the Bible is a Jewish book did you know that your Savior and mine is a Jewish Savior did you know that the law that is basically the basis of jurisprudence around the world is the law that was given to Moses on Mount Sinai God has made of Abraham a great blessing and then he said I’m gonna bless those Abraham that bless you and I’m gonna curse those that curse you it hasn’t fared well for those who have taken Israel on as an enemy Almighty God has miraculously preserved them even in spite of all of their suffering and the history books show that those who have blessed Israel have been blessed and those that have cursed Israel have been cursed but the one promise that God made to Israel that for 2,500 years went unfulfilled was the promise of a land Almighty God said to Abraham I’m gonna give you a land a land of your own and you will live there as a nation in that land for 2,500 years there was no evidence that that could happen then through a series of amazing events in 1948 the nation of Israel came to be and the significance of Israel’s reemergence in her ancient homeland is critical to us because in order for all of the other end time prophecies to happen Israel has to be at home in her own land and so now the beginning of the regather ination of Israel has happened Israel today is Exhibit A in the lineup of convincing evidences that the Bible prophecies concerning the future are going to be fulfilled here after all these years is this little nation confounding everyone with their military ability and their commitment to survival and you know it happened miraculously not just over in Israel but it happened almost on this side too back in 1948 the President of the United States was Harry Truman and he was the first to recognize Israel as a nation that this was God at work in Israel was illustrated when several months later the chief rabbi of Israel came to the White House and made an appointment with President Truman and this Jewish rabbi said to Truman mr.

President God put you in your mother’s womb so that you would be the instrument to bring about the rebirth of Israel after 2,000 years and those who were there in that meeting said they looked over and Truman was shedding tears because he comprehended the significance of that event which hardly anyone ever talked about but today is becoming front-and-center did you know that the nation of Israel is mentioned more on the news than any other nation except the United States it’s amazing the little nation of Israel is 119th the size of California not even as big as New Jersey and yet here it is God’s special plan God’s special place just as God said it would be arising in the end time to be present so that all the prophecies that surround it could take place not only do you have the rebirth of Israel as a nation but you have the redistribution of wealth through oil each year billions of dollars are being paid to rogue nations in the Middle East for their oil from the coffers of this peace-loving nation to the Treasuries of Arab nations that have openly announced their desire to destroy Israel and the United States after the 1948 refounding of the nation of Israel in her ancient homeland even Bible believing Christians often wondered what would draw the attention and animosity of the whole world through that little nation I remember thinking you know I read the Bible and the Bible says it’s all going to end over there in Israel make any sense this little tiny nation and all of a sudden everybody began to realize it’s the oil the Bible says God is going to put a hook in the jaws of the nations and I believe that hook is the oil oil in the Middle East will be like a magnet drawing all of the nations to that focal point for the final war that will take place on this earth I remember reading not long ago that Golda Meir when she was in office once made the comment that she was very angry with Moses she said Moses lit us throughout the wilderness for 40 years and then plucked us down into one place in the Middle East where there isn’t any oil some people are saying that maybe that’s not true that perhaps oil is in Israel and the Zion isle company is prospecting right now using the Bible to try to find the places in the Holy Land where oil might be deposited so we have the rebirth of Israel in our lifetime we have the redistribution of wealth in our lifetime and then keep your eyes on Europe the realignment of Europe as well 30 some years ago Don and I were invited to go to Europe to speak at a missions conference that was held in Holland we’d never been to Europe before so we spent enough time there to take the train across the across Europe and I’ll never forget it every place you came to a border the train stopped the customs people got on they checked your passport stamped it they got off and you went to the next place you get to the next border they get back on and so we had lots of stamps in our in our passports by the time we got across Europe you go to Europe today you don’t have to do that Europe is becoming a seamless continent in fact in Europe today we are seeing the fulfillment of a prophecy that many folks don’t even know about did you know that in the Book of Daniel in the second and in the ninth chapter Daniel saw the opportunity to interpret a couple of dreams these two dreams basically are about one thing they’re about the history of the world from Daniels time until Almighty God sets up his kingdom on this earth the first vision is of a statue the other is of beasts but either way what they’re saying is that there was Babylon and then there was Mito Persia and then there was Greece and then there was Rome but when Rome comes at the end of the story Rome is not finished Rome sort of fades off into oblivion and then all of a sudden you read this that when Almighty God sets up his kingdom after the seven years of tribulation that a form of the Roman Empire will be functioning on this earth in the vision it talks about ten toes or ten leaders in Europe literally what the prophecy is saying men and women is this that what is happening in Europe today this reorganization of Europe 27 nations now in the European coalition their own coins called the euro dollar this reconnection of all the old nations of the Roman Empire are fulfilling the prophecies of Daniel and pretty soon they will have their own president they already have their own Constitution they tell us that this is now the most powerful bloc of nations in the world equaling almost the power and dominance of the United States you say pastor Jeremiah what is the significance of Europe why is that important it’s important for this reason the Bible says that in the end time there is going to be a ruler who comes upon this earth he will rule the whole world he will be the ruler of the whole world I thought at one time that would be impossible it’s becoming more and more possible all the time is it not through all of our technology through all the things were able to do the Bible says he will abrogate power to himself and he will rule the whole world now what the scripture says is this this world ruler will come out of the reunited European Coalition in other word out of the old Roman Empire revived in the last time this ruler will emerge he will come from there he’s not going to come from the United States the Bible says that the Antichrist will not be revealed until after the rapture so if you think you know who he is you’ve been left behind stop and think about it for a moment here is the nation of Israel back in her land here is all of this control being moved to the Middle East through the redistribution of wealth here is the realignment of Europe and then of course we have all lived every one of us here we’re the first generation to have to deal with the rise of Islamic terrorism it all began to be very apparent to us on 9/11 and we have never recovered nor will we ever not long ago someone put in my hands a book that was written by George sada who was an Air Force general under Saddam Hussein though ethnically an Iraqi he was not a Muslim but in a Syrian Christian and in his book Saddam’s secrets how an Iraqi general defied and survived Saddam Hussein sada tells some of the story behind the Islamic Revolution he said I’m often asked about militant Islam and the threat of global terrorism more than once I’ve been asked about the meaning of the Arabic words Fatah and jihad what I normally tell them is that to follow a militant brand of Islam these are the doctrines that express that Allah has commanded them to conquer the nations of the world both by cultural invasion and by military domination so Fatah means they move in the communities and they set up strong blocks of influence so little by little they’re able to gain control of influence in the community and jihad means that they believe those who are not is lamech are heretics that includes all of the Jews and all of us I’m not condemning the Islamic people I actually have a number of friends who are Islamic the vast majority of Islamic people are peace-loving people they do not want to participate in all that is going on today in our world someone has said that while the majority of the world’s billion Muslims want no part of deadly violence an attempt to live in peace with their neighbors the number of radicals who preach violence and terror is mushrooming around the world and experts say that 15 to 20 percent of Muslims are radical enough to strap a bomb on their bodies in order to kill Christians and Jews if this number is accurate it means that there are about 300 million Muslims who are willing to die in order to take you or me with them oh one other word that’s in their vocabulary it’s the word Mahdi believe it or not the Islamic belief system has as a part of their belief system the concept that their 12th Imam is their Messiah who is going to come one of the names given for the Messiah is the Mahdi and they believe that the Mahdi will only come to this world as their Messiah when there is an absolute worldwide chaos fomenting on this earth I never even heard any of these terms when I was growing up and most of you did not either it was something that was going on over there not over here in fact I just recently read that the fastest-growing religion in America is Islam the rebirth of Israel as a nation the redistribution of wealth through oil the realignment of Europe the rise of radical Islam pastor what are we to do the Bible says that all these things are happening and they’re preparing the way for an event listen to me now that could happen tonight the Bible speaks of a moment in time and it’s called the rapture the rapture is an event that is yet to happen on this earth and the Bible speaks of it in first Thessalonians chapter 4 I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so God will bring with him those that sleep in Jesus for this we say to you by the word of the Lord that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first and we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord there for comfort encourage one another with these words now Paul wrote this to a church in Thessalonica for one specific reason listen carefully almost everybody who was there in the church at the time believed that Jesus was coming back they had been taught that and they accepted it is true but what they didn’t understand was this they had godly parents and grandparents and sisters and brothers and some of them children who also had trusted Christ but they had died and their bodies had been buried in the ground and the facility ins wanted to know what about them what happens to them and so Paul begins his little verse by saying I would not have you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep you all know that fallen asleep means died that’s what you say about a Christian who dies he falls asleep Paul addresses this to the ignorant brethren somebody said that’s the largest congregation in the whole world the ignorant brethren I don’t know if that’s true or not but these brethren were a bit ignorant about what was going to happen to their loved ones and so Paul wrote this letter he said let me set this all straight for you and he gave them a crystal clear outline first he said I want you to know that one day there’s going to be a return one day the Lord Jesus is going to come out of the skies and he’s going to come into the heavens and the Bible says he will come with a shout and the voice of an archangel and the trumpet of God he’s not going to send his angels it won’t be the Holy Spirit it’s not going to be John the Baptist the Lord Himself will return and then Paul made this astounding statement he said you’re worried about those who have already died don’t worry about them for he said the dead in Christ once again those are not the people sitting in the third row of your church guys I want you to know the dead in Christ are not the people that fall asleep on Sunday but that in Christ are the people who have died and are buried and Paul says now listen the Lord is going to come back but before he comes after you he’s going to get all of those who have already died and they’re going to rise up from the ground and there’s going to be a resurrection and then he says after the resurrection happens after all those who have died in Christ have been raised up and to go up to the heavens with the Lord the Bible says and then those of us who are alive and remain in other words we haven’t died and the Lord has come back we’re going to be caught up together with them to be with the Lord and so shall we ever be with him listen to me men and women there’s coming a day when there’s going to be a shout and the voice of an archangel and the trumpet of God and only believers will hear it and the Bible says all of the graves that have been occupied by those who are Christians will be opened and their bodies will be resurrected and go up to meet the Lord and on their way up all of their bodies will be reformed and remain as a resurrection body and as soon as that happens all of us who are still walking around on planet Earth and I plan to be here the Lord willing I think he’s going to come that soon I tell everybody I’m not looking for the Undertaker I’m looking for the upper taker amen aren’t you want to go up then we’re going to be caught up to be with the Lord and then the Bible says together with our loved ones who died before we did we’re going to be ushered into the presence of heaven and there we will be forever that’s what we have to look forward to I hope that’s what you have to look forward to if you know Jesus Christ that’s your future plain and simple one of these days the Lord’s coming back and if you know him you will be taken to heaven to be with him we say we believe this but do we if you knew Jesus was coming tomorrow night what would your tomorrow look like and people say well you know the Bible says he’s coming back I don’t know what to do what should i do pastor read the words of prophecy first of all the Bible says were to stay centered on Christ over in Colossians it says since we have been risen with Christ were to sin our affection on things above not on things below as we wait for Jesus to come back were to set our affection upon him and the Bible says were to stay confident in God’s Word committed to it with all of our hearts were to understand that the only thing we have that will help us in these difficult days and prepare us for the time to come is the Word of God the commitment to the Word of God stay centered in Christ stay committed to the word and here’s what I want to talk about for just a moment stay compassionate toward other people here’s what it says in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 3 may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all just as we do to you so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ listen Paul writes to the Thessalonians you said the coming of the Lord is is coming it’s happening it’s going to be here soon so what you should do is increase and abound in love toward one another and then he adds this little troubling phrase and toward all what is the temptation that we have when we’re going through times like this right now I’ll tell you what it is all of us have faced it maybe we’re not caught up in the scandals that have been happening in our country maybe we haven’t been laid off and maybe it looks like we’ve got some security going forward our temptation as followers of Christ is to say okay I’m going to gather this all up to myself I’m gonna batten down the hatches board up the windows don’t tell anybody we’re okay hang in there by ourselves until this thing gets over that’s what the majority of people are doing today they’re trying to get everything they can and conserve it for themselves and not worry about anybody else and let me tell you something that’s the exact opposite from what God has called us to do as his people this is an opportunity for us to be compassionate an opportunity for us to reach across all kinds of lines into the lives of other people who are hurting many many people are hurting so much worse than you can imagine men and women these are difficult times these are the times that were prophesied we would experience before the Lord’s return but here is the opportunity for us to shine like we have never shined before you know it grieves me when I come into a city like this city and you don’t have to be in a city very long before you start hearing a little bit of this and a little bit of that and well this is these people aren’t getting along with these people that you know what the time has come for us to put all that aside we are Christians and the body of Christ needs to come together really doesn’t have anything to do with the color of our skin or authenticity or where we came from or what how we speak it has to do with our faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible tells us that in these days before Christ comes back we need to reach out and join hands with other believers and then we need to spread our hands out wide and help people who need our help let this be the finest hour for the church instead of the hour when people look at us as a bunch of stingy people who closed everything around us and try to wait for the storm to pass you know what Almighty God has put us where we are at this particular time as I said at the beginning because he has called us to this time and to this place and there are many other things that we’re told to do we’re told to stay connected to the church did you know that the Bible says forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some is but so much the more as you see the day approaching what does that mean it means as you realize Jesus is coming back you need to get together with God’s people more than you’re used to I’ve lived in the generation where we watched services fall off like broken limbs when I was growing up we had prayer meeting every Wednesday night you don’t ever have to see that anywhere anymore not in California we had Sunday night services that’s also archaic in most places I’m not saying we have to go back to Wednesday night church or Sunday night church I don’t know what your deal is here what I do know is the Bible says this is not a time for us to be scattering as God’s people this is a time for us to be gathering as God’s people listen to me there are only two times in the New Testament where this expression gathering is used once it’s used for Christians gathering in the church and once it’s used for when we gather together with the Lord in his coming and I’m convinced that both are equally important God is looking forward to the time when we gather with him but in the meantime while we’re waiting for the return of Christ we need to be gathering with one another you say I can worship God on the golf course you cannot anymore than you can play golf in the church building you can you need to be with God’s people if you listen to turning-point you hear me say this every Friday night every Friday after and whenever you listen to turning-point I say don’t you ever use this broadcast as an excuse for not going to your local church men and women you belong in the local church if you’re here tonight and you’re not involved in a local church you need to find one and there are many representatives here tonight and get involved in that church the Bible says that as we’re looking for the Lord’s return we should stay calm in our spirit this is not a time for anxiety and panic did you know there was another time in the New Testament when the disciples were filled with anxiety they began to hear the rumors that Jesus was going to lead them Jesus was all they knew he said he was gonna leave and go to a place and they didn’t know where it was and Jesus said how could he tell him and they were filled with fear and filled with anxiety and then Jesus said these words to them he said let not your hearts be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father’s house are many mansions and if it weren’t so I would have told you listen I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also the Bible says you don’t have to be filled with anxiety let your heart become it’s all under control Almighty God’s still on the throne he’s got his plan all laid out and he’s coming back and the best news in that passage of Scripture my friends is this God loves you and he wants you to be where he is he is doing all of this for us listen to the verse again let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father’s house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also God is interested in you he wants you in heaven and that’s why he’s doing all of this as many of you know California has been visited by fires very frequently 2003 one day we were having church and I began to see people get up out of church and leave while I was preaching I had no idea what was going on and someone told me that they were getting text messages that their home was in the fire zone and they need to get home eight or ten of our families lost their homes in that fire we were told that our campus was going to go down in the in the flames on a Monday morning Almighty God somehow blew the flames south and we didn’t get burned down Don and I had to evacuate our home in 2003 we thank God that we had the opportunity to minister to a lot of people there’s a little village up above our church called crest almost every home up there was burned down we set up our presence up there in a tent we lived up there for about six weeks providing food and clothing and help and rebuilding and all that we could do to help those people after 2003 the fire departments in Southern California got together and realized there were some major glitches and getting people away from the danger of fire so they came up with an ingenious plan it’s called reverse 911 and here’s how it works if your home is in a fire zone if your home is in a place where fires can come everybody knows where that is in California you register with reverse 911 Network you give them all your numbers they input them into a massive computer when the fire comes as they watch it from their helicopters and from their their ability to see where it’s going and trace the wind if your home is in danger they press a button on this computer and it calls all of that all of the numbers in that zone and when you answer the phone it simply says fire get out fire get out it worked for the very first time in 2007 when we had the highest number of evacuations in any place in history for fire over a million people were evacuated in Southern California sad to say there were some people who got the 911 warning and didn’t believe it and we know of several families where there were tragic deaths because they refused to listen to the warning there is another 9/11 coming the Bible says it this way that if we do not have our names in the Lamb’s Book of Life when Jesus comes back for his own we will not go with him we will be left behind to experience the tragedy of the seven years of tribulation and the ultimate carnage of Armageddon and there will not be another chance you say pastor Jeremiah how do I get my name in the 911 book of heaven the Bible says you asked Jesus Christ to forgive your sin you asked him to come and cleanse your heart you acknowledge that you’re a sinner you tell him that you’re sorry for your sin and you realize that you’re not going in the right direction you accept the fact that God loves you and now it’s time for you to love God you open your heart and by prayer you receive them into your heart and the Bible says the moment you do that your name is listed in the Lamb’s Book of Life and when the heavenly 911 comes at the rapture your name will be called and you will be rescued and evacuated from this earth I want to ask you this question tonight and I want you to listen to me carefully is your name written in the book have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior you say well pastor I’m young and I have lots of plans and I got some things I want to do before this and I’ve got plenty of time no you don’t first of all there’s never been a time when it appears as if the Lord’s coming could be at any moment like it is today but secondly you have no guarantee of a tomorrow if you were to die tonight and stand before Almighty God and he were to say to you why should I let you into my heaven what would you say and if you cannot say with certainty Lord God I come to your heaven tonight with the assurance that I belong here because I have trusted Jesus Christ your son as my Savior if you don’t know that do today what you’re going to be thankful you’ve done when you stand before the Lord give your heart to Jesus Christ you will look back upon this moment as the greatest moment in your life it will change you from the inside and make you a new creature ….

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.



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