The Mystery of Chastisement & Judgment | Perry Stone

okay Jonathan we ready let me know testing 1 2 3 [Music] praise the Lord hallelujah all right my son Jonathan the back said that we are live and yes we are I am looking into a dark room that holds 3,000 people and we have pastor Robbie’s with us Dustin our securities with us we have two of our secretaries are going to monitor the internet so when you send your messages in of what God has done or something of that nature that they will be able to receive that as you know I want to first greet any of our OCI family that is online and tell you you are just so missed you helped make the atmosphere in this facility and I could start naming all of you and name the families there’s about 700 fellowship members that are a part of us and we just can’t wait for the day when we can get together again I’ve heard I don’t know if we I don’t even know if we can do this but I have heard that pastors or having parking lot services where you come in your car you have a space and you come in a car and have a space and then you the he came he sets up there through an FM radio or something that you’re able to minister so I don’t know if that’s possible and I’m not even going to talk about that right now because we couldn’t come on the internet if we did it that way but there’s there’s everybody’s getting creative right now that’s the thing they’re getting creative on how to reach people in a little bit I want you to enjoy the praise and worship we have a great praise and worship team now of course this is the very reduced miniature version only a handful that are here but we want to bring them in to minister to you you know I see I see some governors and I’m not gonna rebuke anybody here but they almost act like that it’s not important for people to worship or even even do anything on the internet and they just don’t understand that – about half of the American people that faith in God and their particular faith in our case Christian faith is very important to them it’s as important as life itself and so I’m thankful to President Trump who is given their permission to the churches to come over in their services and he’s even encouraged people to support their local churches and through the internet and watch them and watch the various ministers and try to be encouraged and tonight I’m going to delve into an area that I would prefer not to even talk about I really would but there has been so much controversy on people’s opinions as to what is and what is not the judgment of God how far does the judgment of God go in relationship to something global like a pandemic is God involved is it all Satan all God whatever and so I’m gonna give a message today that if you will pay attention to it and you will follow me very carefully I’m gonna prime one I’m going to preach slow I have four pages of notes but I’m gonna really take my time because every word has to be weighed that I’m about to say but I’m going to show you a revelation that the Lord gave me four days ago that I’ve never read studied or taught I’ve never taught it before that helped me to understand a questions I was receiving from so many of you about if we look at this from a global perspective what is God I mean he knows it’s happening he knows what’s taking place but what is he trying to say in it because there’s a huge misconception even among Christian people as to what is a chastisement what is a judgement and we’re going to get into that in just about 20 minutes or so don’t don’t don’t go anywhere because you might lose your spot if the internet gets full and we don’t want you to do that come on doctor Braden hasty and just lets go crazy and let’s just worship the Lord everybody at home just Rob where you are singing the songs you might want to stand up turn that volume up as loud as it’ll go on your Smart TV or your computer or your phone all right hey man come on right where we are go ahead and just make some room for Jesus tonight [Music] [Music] moving on every ha by your and freedom here we stand lifted hands [Music] giving thanks everything to the one deserve would ever seen don’t sing us out easy the [Music] [Music] let all creation [Music] – the ones either be [Music] ever see [Music] [Music] [Music] all creation see come on right in your home just go ahead and put your hands together tonight [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] it fills the sky to see your you rang [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] you are amazing God the everlasting one you are the reason keen and home you have a sovereign God you reign victorious you are the reason key that all creations [Music] where we see the other night Jesus or [Music] worthy of all the time [Music] were they of every breath free could ever break we live [Music] Jesus [Music] Jesus the only one [Music] never [Music] Oh [Music] you [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] my [Music] for [Music] put my trust in you and [Music] but I hope and I trust in you and I come on right we’re out what you just lift your hands towards heaven interesting just tell the Lord thank you just tell him thank you for your faith in this father thank you for your goodness thank you that we can trust you a God of peace whereas Jesus [Music] there is no one line there is nothing design open up my eyes and [Music] who you are and feel with your heart and lean to us we thank you Jesus [Music] [Music] [Music] Lord bless you and keep you make his face shine on and be gracious to you the Lord turn his face for you [Music] the Lord bless you and keep you make his face shine upon and be gracious to you the Lord turn his face toward you come on sing yourself [Music] Oh [Music] and keep you make his face shine upon and be gracious to you [Music] tsunami [Music] man [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] bless you [Music] and your children their children [Music] generations your children [Music] children may his favor be a party in your face can you change [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] well glory master can you do I’m putting you on the spot cuz half the band’s not here but I just feel like just doing that song I’ll give you glory glory that’s just that’s been in my spirit all day and maybe I just need to hear it maybe so and also Ashley this kept I gotta y’all come up here me show you something funny because I’m gonna sit here and preach and the reason I do is if I stand I’m walking back and forth and I’m I’m thinking and looking at the wall and I should be looking at you because there’s nobody in the car but I’m gonna show you this Cup watch this cup is off-balance and so this is what’ll happen with me because I’m real OCD with everything’s got to be right if I hit this and watch this Cup I’ll be totally distracted so this probably I don’t know where it was made I’m not gonna say I don’t make a joke out of that but let me let me get a flat hook up and we’re in that time of the year right now everybody is of the pollen you see how much pollens on your car that yellow stuff and so that always every year kind of gets my sinuses going so I’m gonna do the best I can all right he’s gonna sing this let’s worship a little bit and I’m gonna get I’m gonna get right into the word here in just about 10 minutes so y’all need to let folks know we’re about to go with this way yeah [Music] how are you lord it was your did was short [Applause] [Music] are you Shawn [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] are you sure and in short [Music] come on the planet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Hey you rescued me just one moment it set me free all of you same you’re the rescue to me just one moment [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I think I think I need to do something next Tuesday night charlie is here somewhere we need to pull out that footage of Braden singing just for a clip when he was 8 years old because how long have you been singing our meetings really what year do you remember the year it was 90s about 99 and you were about 8 enter 10 have you lost your voice think they’ll come back but thank you for that now give me your attention for about 5 minutes this is our normal Tuesday night service at Omega center international we do not have a Sunday church and one of the reasons we don’t is because I’ve preached in Cleveland Tennessee and some of the great churches Mount Olive Church of God churches in the surrounding area North Cleveland Church of God in revivals ever since I was 21 years of age I’m 60 years of age now and so we never wanted to start a Sunday church because there’s 380 churches this is what I’ve been told I hope I’m right with this number and the mayor could correct me if I’m wrong because I’m sure I’ve always I think previous of the mayor said he thought with all the smaller churches and in the entire county there’s 380 Church facilities some of them are small some of them are large 1,500 2,000 members and so we did not want to interfere with the wonderful pastors and churches here that have allowed us to minister over the years so we started a Tuesday night service years ago with a friend a young man named mark Casto who had the extreme and then we started having services on Tuesday when we built this facility and we outgrew the small hall moved into the big hall and so every Tuesday night we have a gathering of people of course they’re not here tonight they’re watching online so this is our normal once a week Tuesday night offering now in a minute I’m going to Minister the word so what we normally do and I’m going to do this right now is to take an opportunity to share with all of you watching anywhere around the world how you can give first of all if you’re on the OCI history’s website Jonathan can you put that up there because I want to say it right and make sure that I say this exactly right but to give and we’ll put text to give here in a minute because people can do that on their phones as well from OCI but anyone who wants to give an offering to help us to continue to do this if you like us coming to you on the web you know it cost us to do it and so we want to keep bringing the word to you and so on and of course you need to know this and I want to tell all the people this my travel schedule and I dreamed this 15 years ago that it was going to happen I just didn’t know how it would happen we are not traveling anywhere we’re having no meetings and what that means is there’s no offerings from churches coming into our ministry and we’re have we have ISO OCI and VOD three world through ministries affecting the world we have no product sales coming in no CD or DVD sales coming in from on the road and when we do that it cuts our income down substantially and of course we have no way of receiving an offering here to even keep this coming to you someone said to me the other day they texted me they have my number and actually called me and they said Perry you’re the you’re the one minister that in all the years we have known you you’ve never said anything about giving you don’t send out letters asking for money on your mailing list you don’t send out letters to your partners asking for money you’re one of the few ministries in 44 years that does not do that well I got a word from the Lord here recently about accelerate everything I’m doing just just speed it up and this is before this virus actually hit and he said he said I want you to I’m gonna release you to begin to ask people for help because what you’re going to do that I have for you to do is gonna be very large and you’re going to need a lot of people helping you to do it now I know what part of that is and some of it I still don’t see clearly you know Paul says we see through a glass darkly so what we’re going to do if you’ll go to OCI ministries dot org right slash give you can give an offering it and you know even if it’s five ten dollars if you just don’t know when it comes together it’s a help to us taking care of 50 staff members plus all their children and family members at this time and we want to continue to do that with the help of God and so if you have some of you from OC I know that you can do a text to give and if you can do that from your phone I guess can they do that from anywhere I guess they can do a text to give OCR family members and some of you have been dropping your giving by you ring the doorbell outside and they see in the camera who you are and they can come out and receive that thank you guys you just don’t know what it means to see faithful people who have been taught the word for years and now they’re putting the word into operation so take a moment right there if you would and if you’d like to write it down and give later that’ll be fine as well but we do want you to know that this is one way that you can say to me Perry keep preaching even though that some of the things we have said and I want to mention this because we have gotten a lot of criticism in the secular media for a report that was written on me and that report actually misquoted things it said I was a self acclaimed prophet that’s a total lie because I will publicly tell you and I said it for years I do have God show me things but I am NOT a prophet and I say I have I don’t I don’t claim to be one I never have claim to be one so you know they really embellished that statement to say the least but we’ve taken a big hit from a lot of negative people a hateful people calling cussing us out and especially messages like this people don’t like to hear but you need to hear all of it because it will help you understand something so we we still keep standing firm and standing strong and keep preaching despite the fact that I feel like sometimes we’re just preaching to a very small remnant of people who understand things who understand prophetic things but at the same time pastors are calling me and telling me how outright sinners some of these are billionaires millionaires businesspeople from different cities are calling them asking them please tell me what is going on we’ve heard that something like this could happen we’ve heard some of this stuff could be even in the Bible but we don’t even know the Bible see that’s why then we have to be here on social media to be able to help people who don’t know our ministry and have no effect the the press reports although they’ve tried to make it negative on me hundreds and thousands of people have looked us up and and something become partners of the ministry they said we didn’t know you were out there till we we looked you up and I will assure you that if you look me up there’s people who call me a false prophet there’s people who call me a heretic because I believe in the rapture and some Christian people get mad at that say it’s heresy we’ll see we’ll find out okay whether that’s real or not we’ll find out one day and so you can find the good the bad and the ugly and you can find people who have been saved blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit through our ministry and I’m just going to tell you this where it comes with the territory anyone it’s like one guy said if said if you throw a rock and a pack of dogs the one that gets hit is the one that’s that yelps and nobody ever tries to you know when I was a kid we had a pawpaw tree some of you don’t even know what that is they don’t exist hardly anymore and we used to go and take rocks and sticks and try to knock that fruit off that tree so when you see somebody beating a tree or throwing rocks at somebody it’s usually because they got fruit on it and remember the brightest light attracts the most flies so my metaphors there are that we’re trying to keep the word in front of you we’re trying to keep the word bright for you we’re trying to present the Word of God and the truth of God’s Word and so we need the people that’s that very tiny it’s like it’s very small in the United States a very small remnant who loves preaching and teaching and believes in the prophetic scriptures to just be a part of this ministry most of the prophecy preachers that I start preaching with in 1991 I can start naming them junior church jack van impe I mean I don’t want to go down the list but 15 of them have now gone to be with the Lord and I counted the other day six men that are still living only only six that we know of nationally internationally that are still living that are still trying to present to people the prophetic word of understanding the times that’s a shortage to be quite honest with you but we’ve been true to what God’s called us to do and I thank you and I appreciate you and I see our family let me say again how much I love you so write that down you can do that now now the secretary said meet Mandy and Ashley first of all they this they wrote this stencil can I read the top line what it says Perry stone you are the best boss ever Eevee a ever so that’s these two over here okay okay we want we want you to try to subscribe to our YouTube channel so when I do something special you’ll know it’s there without having to search it up so if you’re watching us on YouTube right now look directly under the video on the right hand side and subscribe and click subscribe button and step two you’re subscribed and what that simply means is that when we’re doing something you’ll you you’ll be notified about that and then you can find us a lot easier once you subscribe to our YouTube channel and by the way we only have one official one and anybody else that’s posing it as us or trying to take our material and put it up under theirs its pulled down because we want to control what we say over our channel and so if anyone tries to do that don’t even try it because you’re gonna be pulled down and we’re they work with us real well on that of which we’re very very appreciative alright alright well Braden my voice is a little raspy like yours because that pollen I pulled my G pin and that yellow real thick yella is all over there and every year I get that little sign of strange so I do not have corona I do not have any signs I simply have yellow pollen around my that’s some pretty outside so I’m gonna try to preach this message and get it all through with the help of the Lord and pastor Robby and I may have to call on you to come and preach for five minutes okay if I have to take a break I’ll do that so let’s get started in Jonathan if you can put the title up let me walk up here to the screen when Jonathan puts the title up because I want to explain to you a little bit about why I’m doing what I’m doing here and I appreciate first of all Jonathan and Mike and the and the three guys in the back that are helping us tonight to get this around the world okay I’ll call this message tonight the mystery of chastisement and judgment and I want you to pay careful attention to two words here that we’re going to show you in Scripture and explain them hopefully very effectively I hope tonight the difference between what is a chastisement and what is a judgment and what role does God play in both of these all right and so what we’re going to do we’re going to take you on a journey my outline is four pages they give me about an hour to teach it and I say they that’s the time that we like to take we don’t like to go over that and I got you know y’all excuse me I have to get everything adjusted just right make sure that’s right okay I know that’s funny sometimes people look at me and they laugh at me want to do this kind of thing and this has to be in the right place there and I always take my phone just keep it with me because anyway that’s my access in the building everything is on there all right ready to go here we go first Peter chapter 4 verses 17 and 18 now I’m gonna read this I’m a King James 1611 King James person you that have my Study Bible know that I did my commentary off from a 1611 old a New Testament but every now and then I’ll look at a translation that expands what you’re saying to make it very clear and I think that Joyce Meyer who is a friend of ours this is probably her favorite translation the amplified 1st Peter 4 17 and 18 says this for the time has arrived for judgment to begin with the household of God and if it begins with us if it begins with us what will be the end of those who do not respect or believe or obey the good news of the gospel of God now watch this statement if the righteous scarcely are barely saved I think the King James says or scarcely say but if the righteous are barely saved what will become of the godless and the wicked so God says this I allow things to happen to realign my church because if the church is barely going to make it into the kingdom where does that leave the people who know nothing about the Lord and nothing about the Covenant so we become responsible for the world to hear the gospel and so we have to have any example in our life that they can look at to say those people are real Christians those people love people those people try to help the poor the needy and that’s what Jesus said that people will look at you and see the love you have toward feeding the poor clothing the naked taking care of the widows to see if you really know me and have a relationship with me now I want you to track with me right here because I was in my office about three days ago and I saw this and I really feel like that the Spirit of God gave me this there are basically three groups of people on the planet group number one are people who believe in the true God there’s only one God existing as three persons in the Father Son and Holy Spirit and they believe in that God the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob and so I know you have Orthodox Jewish people who believe in the true God you have Messi I need Jewish people who believe in the true God you have Christians that believe in the true God and there are monotheistic religions that believe there is one God and it is the God revealed in Scripture there’s a second group that believe in a false God they follow a man and we’re not talking about Jesus Christ here but they follow a man-made religion and a belief system that allows the worshipping of idols and if there’s one thing that the true God does not permit it’s the worshipping of something made of stone and wood that men look to and give worth-ship worthiness and worship toward that object that was carved by human hands and there are billions of people who have temples built to idols so we have one group that believes in the absolute true God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the creator of heaven and earth we have a second group that believes in God’s or an idol then we have a third group and this is this is what you have in the world the third group don’t believe in anything they fall under the category of an eighth and an atheist is one who believes God does not exist he does not exist he never created that heaven and earth evolution did it all that’s an atheist the second group are called agnostics now an agnostic is basically someone that says well God might be out there somewhere but he has nothing to do with man’s affairs you don’t know anything about him and who knows what he’s thinking what he’s doing he doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time because the world wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in if there was really a god out there somewhere that cared that’s an agnostic I’m giving you just basics here and the third group are unbelievers an unbeliever is opposite of a believer a believer is one who has faith in God an unbeliever is one with no faith or no beliefs and the world is filled with unbelievers now I want to say to you from Psalms 14 and 1 for all the Atheist watching The Fool has said in his heart there is no God and I challenge you to do this if you don’t believe God exists study the mystery of the human eye it could never have evolved from nothing it never could evolve just from atoms just study the human eye that’s all I’m asking you to do that’s it just the human eye all right having said that what the Lord began to speak to my spirit as I was studying for this message it’s what I’m about to share with you in the next 6 minutes is very very important when I go to the Holy Scriptures this is how I discover what God is like I look into my Bible beginning in Genesis and I go all the way through the Bible and I can I could make a list of 20 things God is or 20 characteristics of God or the 16 Hebraic compound names of God Jehovah Rapha or Yahweh Rafa Yahweh’s Shalom Rafi Yahweh Roy I could go go through all that we’re not gonna do that tonight I’m gonna show you this the first thing that God appears as in the book of Genesis is God the Creator who created the heavens and the earth by him all things consist of says and that’s in Genesis chapters 1 in chapter 2 God appears and very first as creator when you start coming later in the book of Genesis Genesis is the book of the beginnings and it’s got those 50 chapters there in the book of Genesis when you begin to go into the book of Genesis and you begin to study very very carefully you’ll discover the following ready Genesis chapter 6 God reveals himself as a covenant maker he makes a covenant with Noah I will not destroy the earth with water again and as a sign in the heavens I’m going to let let a rainbow appear and you know when a rainbow appears only when it’s raining and the Sun is shining at the same time if the sun is shining you don’t see a rainbow if it’s raining you don’t see a rainbow but if it’s rain and sunshine is that an amazing then the rainbow appears and part of the rainbow actually a rainbow is a complete circle you only see part of it but the other part is a rainbow that looks like an emerald around the throne of God in heaven and john saw that in the book of Revelation ok let’s let’s stay on this because I’ll sidetrack so much because when I teach I start getting on these rabbit trails let me stick with this so God reveals himself as a covenant maker Genesis 15 and 1 to Abraham God says to Abraham I am your shield and your reward God then reveals himself to Abraham of a man that if you’re obedient to me Abraham if you do what I say I will reward you we do the same thing with our children make straight A’s I’m going to give you something make straight A’s I’m going to take you on a special vacation do this finish your yardwork it’s the reward system every human being is motivated by a reward system and you have chemicals in your brain that if you know you’re going to get a reward that a release that makes you feel good if the boss came and said I’m thinking about giving you a pay raise those those chemicals are released it’s just a natural thing that happens all right God is a savior second Samuel 23 3 then God reveals himself to the children of Israel in the wilderness as a healer Jehovah or Yahweh Rafa I’ll say it’s I won’t get any letters on you know Jehovah is not his name I don’t how people are the Hebraic messianic people like for me to use that and I’m going to do that X is 15 26 I am the Lord behemoth II and then Exodus twelve God as a deliverer they’ll follow me again this is this let’s look at Old Testament in the Old Testament 39 books Genesis to Malachi four thousand years here’s God creator Kevin it maker rewarder Savior healer deliverer now we could go into more names of God he brings peace when I tell me what he brings we’re talking about what he does what does he do he saves he delivers he heals and that’s all through the Old Testament now we come into the New Testament and we see God still continues to do that he does not change he is still making a covenant he made the New Covenant through Jesus Christ he’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him Paul said that in the book of Hebrews he is a savior he is a healer by His stripes were healed 2nd Peter 2:4 he is also a deliverer so God continues those characteristics now you stay with me because I’m going to show you something heavy say when you going to talk about this we’re going to talk about this with the next statement I’m about to make next to ready in the Old Covenant God starts revealing himself as a father to a son and in Exodus he said Israel my son if you want to go before Exodus she can go to the Garden of Eden with Adam the first man ever created and Luke says Adam was called the son of God so if Adam was God’s Son that made God Adam’s father because God created him so God starts showing up as a father figure and in the position of a father with sons and daughters all the way back with Adam and Eve now when they sinned in the garden when Adam and Eve said to the garden it separated that father relationship and God had to become watch this a judge and he stepped out of the position of father to judge and present a verdict to them that says you can no longer stay in the garden because you might need of a tree of life to live forever so he takes them out of the garden because God’s position has changed due to the action of Adam and Eve of totally disobeying totally yielding to the voice of Satan and sinning sin originated in the Garden of Eden on earth we don’t go into how it originated in heaven with the fall of Satan that’s another story so watch this carefully so God presents himself in the beginning as a father that wants a family but the kids he creates that he calls his sons and daughters whether they do they go out and do something stupid they disobey his word it brings scent into the earth and what by one man sin entered into the world watch this and death by sin death got its entrance into mankind because of sin God already told him if you eat of this tree and your eyes are open to good and evil you will die he told him they were going to die they didn’t know what death was nobody had ever died no animal that ever died there’s there’s two of them in the garden no he didn’t know what death was and then Satan says you’re not going to die you’ll just be like a god knowing good from evil you know the story there in the Garden of Eden so god then becomes judge and his verdict is you’re going to be expelled from the garden that’s the verdict not from the father it’s a verdict from the father who now has to look at his children and judge them because they have acted totally contrary and messed up his entire plan now the reason I’m sharing that with you is when you come into the New Testament Jesus made it very clear that God is not some great big cosmic person in the sky that’s wanting to kill everybody beat everybody up and send everybody to hell he said God is a spirit that’s in John’s Gospel he said God is love now in saying that we understand that that love has to be received and he’s so much this God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life listen to this first it is not God’s will than any perish but that all come to him through repentance so here’s what God does he provides an avenue through Jesus Christ death burial and resurrection to become a father to the sinners in the world he becomes the heavenly father our Father who art in heaven when you pray pray this way our Father who art in heaven the problem we deal with is the same problem that God had for 4000 years in the Old Testament it’s the same problem Jesus had in the New Testament it’s the same problem we have today here it is God has a plan he’s laid it out and all he says is if you will follow this I will become your father you’ll become my children and one day I will take you to the heavenly City and then I will bring you back to rule on earth for a thousand years of my kingdom and then we will renovate everything and make it all new and the holy city New Jerusalem will come down and we will be together forever he said don’t you want that plan you know what that sounds like a good that’s a good retirement plan to me okay but here’s the problem that we have Satan is in the earth he’s a fallen angel demonic powers principalities powers rulers of the darkness of this world wicked spirits in heavenly places are attempting to thwart God’s plan of giving men eternal life on the earth every sinner unbeliever an atheist that’s watching me right now can God be – an atheist who doesn’t even believe in him what can God be – an agnostic who mocks the he even exists what-what-what-what position of any of these good positions these good names these good things God can do what can he be – a totally completely unbeliever ready listen carefully there’s only one thing God can be to those three people judge that’s it he can’t be Father because they have not accepted him his father he can’t be a covenant maker because they haven’t accepted him in the Covenant he can’t be a healer they don’t even believe he can exist to heal him he can’t be a rewarder how can he reward them when they don’t even believe that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him so therefore that is and gentlemen listen to me carefully the only position that God can be sitting on that eternal throne in heaven that Daniel saw in the Book of Daniel that John saw in the apocalypse that Isaiah saw him high and lifted up there I saw him when the angels were standing on either side preparing for the death of King Ahab the only thing God can be to the majority of this world is judge because that’s the only position left throughout Scripture it’s the only position left when they do not believe in him and when they mock him and reject him and criticize him and spit on him in GD this and GD I get so sick of Hollywood honestly I get so tired of it because they can’t make a movie without putting GD God’s name and the gods last name is not damn I just want to let you know that right now and yet we mock him and make fun of him and then we say to ourselves well if if God exists I don’t know why God is letting everything happen I’d like to begin to explain that to you if I may God is judge God as a judge all from Scripture now not my opinion everybody’s got their opinions on the internet this is word in Genesis chapter 15 14 he comes in his judge and says I’m going to judge the nation he doesn’t name it there but we know what it was of Egypt that after 400 years the children of Israel are coming out because the iniquity of the amur rights is not fobel when it gets full they’re coming out to judge the amur rights by taking over their land Genesis chapter 15 he is a judge of the wicked cities of sodom gomorrah admah and zeboiim that’s in Genesis chapter 18 25 and he says the cry the the cry of the perversions of sodom and gomorrah have come up before my ear and i’m coming to check it out and if i see by the confirmation of two angels because god obeys his own law and the mouth of two or three witnesses every words established so God says I’ve heard it now we’re going to send these angels to confirm that the angels within the city and confirm the perversion that was there and when they got lot his wife and two daughters out fire a volcanic eruption many geologists believe destroyed the four cities at the southern part of the Dead Sea in Genesis 31 in the first 53 Jacob asks God to between me and Laban made God judge between us so here is an example of God looking at a family to make a verdict judge judgment make a verdict on the two families David said the Lord judge between me and Saul Saul was chasing David around tired tried to kill him 21 times in the wilderness and finally saw submitted to David realizing David could have killed him a long time ago and didn’t do it and God says Davis said make God judge between me and you and that’s in 1st Samuel 24 15 therefore when we say God is a judge he judges all sorts of different things and that’s the first thing I want to point out God is a judge in different areas in different places in different situations it can be the judge of a city the judge of a town the judge of a nation he can be the judge in a family situation all right now having said that he shall judge the world in righteousness he shall minister judgment to the people in righteousness Psalms chapter 9 and verse 8 so basically now keep tracking with me because I got I have to build a very strong foundation before I start doing these word studies I told you about in line with God being a father and God being a judge there’s two groups of people those who were in covenant with God who are his sons and daughters spiritually who know him as father and an unbelieving world who doesn’t know him at all but he has to be judge why is he a judge because he created it it belongs to him if you’re at home that’s your home you built it you paid for it all your possessions inside you paid for it and somebody comes knocking on your door comes in with the gun and says they’re gonna shoot your whole family kill everybody there you have to make a determination am I just gonna let this happen or I’m I won’t am I going to protect my family you made a verdict in your mind if you’re a good hug than good man you made a verdict to protect your family now I know that may be a weak metaphor to use here but I want to try to get you to understand where I’m going here there are two groups those are in covenant those who are not in covenant those whose names are in the book of life those whose names are not in the Lamb’s Book of Life a believer can claim all of the blessings and manifestations that God has called promises every good promise in the Bible and there are many of them a believer who’s in covenant with God can open up that book I wish somebody would give me a Bible I forgot my Bible than that I just like to have my Bible up here somewhere if I could get it it don’t matter somebody’s got one or not that’s fine but I just I just need to feel something I need to get come on up here bring it up here brother chant junior huh okay everything this is an entire Bible there are promises and blessings so when I’m in covenant with God he says follow what I tell you it’s the best for your life I will this is what the Bible says he does not withhold one good thing from them that walk uprightly every perfect gift and every good gift comes down from the father of us so if I’m in covenant with him I can claim that I can lay hold of that the Bible says lay hold cease grab ahold of those things now it’s a different situation however when I am an atheist and unbeliever and agnostic because I don’t even believe he exists so how can I talk to someone how can I negotiate with someone how can I lay hold of something this person has said when I don’t even believe this book should exist on the planet when I think we should just put it in a fire somewhere how can I negotiate with the person who made the law when I don’t believe the law how can I negotiate with the law the word the promise if you please what I don’t even believe what it says I’ll tell you where that doesn’t hold up go to court go 120 miles an hour crash your car make the telephone pole fall over run over somebody’s dog and then go to court for going 120 miles an hour and tell the judge I don’t agree with your speed limit tell him I would agree with your speed limit telephone pole was in the wrong place and that dog should have been on a leash and somebody’s house can’t help but killed it so I’m walking out here try it and see what happens in a court you were speeding speed limit was 45 and you were going 120 miles an hour on a straight road endangering people’s lives and killing the person’s dog I’ll tell you some people you kill their dog you might as well gotta they don’t come after you’ve taken that doll you understand what I’m saying you’re not the judge you’re not the jury you’re not the court you are not the attorney and you are not the prosecutor all of those things I just said happen in heaven God is the judge Jesus is the Advocate the twenty-four elders are the jury making up the Old Testament and the New Testament the angels are the eyewitnesses Satan is the prosecutor and Jesus is the Advocate making intercession for you it all is there in the Bible in the court of heaven and in the courtroom of heaven now let me talk about this for a moment because this is very important Jonathan I want you to bring up okay good you bring up that whole title you got it all right I’m gonna show you something here now you stay with me because I want to show you something I want to I want to just look at this and make sure I’m staying intact with what I want to say now what happens let’s leave the sinner unbeliever agnostic atheist and total idol-worshipping bunch out of this for now and let’s talk about believers what happens when someone who is in covenant with God who is part of the family of God begins to turn and willfully sin and do something contrary to the law of God ancient Israel did it all the time so we can go there and we can study that and give you the example Moses goes on a mountain for 40 days to get the commandments of God he’s in the presence of God the mountain is shaking lightening is on the mountain the force of God’s God’s voice is being heard and Thunder and Israelites are down there building the gold cow from there earrings gold jewelry building a gold cow and then they get naked and start dancing in front of and Moses comes down breaks the commandment said what are you idiots doing and you know what Aaron says the kill the cow just jumped out of the fire man it just jumped out of the fire no it didn’t you you were pressured by the people to go into idolatry to form a cow why they form a cow because in Egypt there was a god named APIs ap is APIs of APIs and this was the god of prosperity and he was a gold deity and so the Israelites had just come out of Egypt and they came out of Egypt but they still had Egypt in him because now they’re building a cow to remind them of the prosperity God in Egypt and what does God do God now this is he says Israel my son he caused them his son but now the son has done something that will corrupt everybody that will cause their names to be blotted out of the book of life in heaven and God says can’t have it and God becomes angry and says to Moses you know what I’m going to do I gave them 10 miracles in I gave him 10 miracles the counts of Egypt died none of their style there was darkness in Egypt there was light in Goshen where all the children of Israel were the frogs multiplied here didn’t multiply there he’s not protected there from a Death Angel every firstborn son of the Egyptians died and not one of their children dies and 40 days I get them in the wilderness and they’re dense and naked to a stupid gold kal that they built by melting down their earrings that they had now what’s God supposed to do well you know they just need to chill out there I know they’re getting naked but lay them dance they’ve been they have pent up frustration pent up being in Egypt all these years I understand no God knows if he lets them get by with that then they’re going to build another Idol to the Egyptian god here and the next thing you know there’s not one person worshiping in there all worshipping idols the entire 12 tribes are going to become corrupt and the bottom line is that seiyya that’s gonna come and save the entire world including the Gentile world and die for the sins of the world that we may have eternal life they’re gonna blow the entire plan because he has to have a certain bloodline and DNA come through those people so what does God do God says take the 3,000 and get rid of them and tells Moses on the mountain I’m about to get rid of the whole bunch and started another nation with you and Moses said if you kill them kill me and God knew at that point and got nobody left if take Moses out and he said remember you watch this remember your covenant with Abraham Isaac and Jacob and Moses made them they crushed that cow but he made them drink that cow they put it in water and said now drink your God see what you think about that that’s pretty hard right there he goes back up on the mountain comes back with more Commandments now the point I make is this when you start reading and people do this and they read the Old Testament they read these stories they think God has just mad at everybody trying to kill everybody he does read it there’s judgment all over the place in the Old Testament and so people don’t they turn against God because they say well he must not be that good because every time I open up the Bible you know he’s smiting this one and this one’s getting him the Philistines got hemorrhoids for still in the Ark of the Covenant it’s what in rods by the ways hemorrhoids in case you didn’t know that’s in your Bible look it up don’t take my word for it look it up listen to me before I was saved the only way I would have had a position with God was him to be my judge and if I don’t died lost an atheist and agnostic and unbeliever and died lost I would have stood the great white throne judgment where he would have judged judged me for eternity to separate me from him however when I served him Jesus I’m a sinner I repent of my sins lord I thank you you gave me the revelation that Jesus died to forgive me of sins and give me eternal life in your presence forever when that happened the judgment stops think about this the judgment stops and God steps in as the father and says you’re forgiven because you humbled yourself you’re forgiven now let’s go let’s go into this because this is very important because the world is lost and because there’s so many people especially United States I would say the majority of the people in the United States that are over 50 have enough knowledge of the Bible they’ve seen a little bit of preaching they’ve heard a little bit of teaching that they realized something big is happening there’s only been two times in world history now you clean your ears out and hear this there’s only the two times in world history that the whole world shut down ready I’m looking at the audience over here I got I got a preach to an audience for a minute number one Noah’s Flood the whole world shut down the whole world and only Noah who was inside a house moat survived the flood I’m sure some of the governors would like for that teaching to get down right now stay in your house you know really all right now the only other time anything like that’s happened is right now do you all understand I want you to listen to me I almost think worse this has happened so quick that we’re in shock but we don’t know we’re in shock because the news is happening every hour and every day so fast that we’ve not had time for it to sink in look at me the world has shut down guys they’re closing borders they’re shutting down planes they’re setting up roadblocks at state borders they’re telling people don’t come out 1 1 now I think it was in DC told if you come out of your house you’re gonna get you’re gonna get fine and put in prison for 60 days that’s crazy we’re emptying the prisoners of all the criminals and we’re putting these people’s walking on the street inside the jail I guess that’s why they cleared it out I have no idea but that’s happening two times that the world is shut down Noah’s Flood and the corona virus and whether you believe in a conspiracy theory or not or you believe the government or they didn’t or it’s a natural thing or it’s not I want to make some statements and here’s where the teaching goes are you ready glad you stayed with me for 30 minutes because now we get into the teaching every bad event is not the judgment of God that’s point one every bad event is not the judgment of God every flood is not the judgment of God every hurricane every tornado every earthquake every famine can be a natural phenomena when cold wind and hot air gets together what happens and it turns a certain way it creates a storm God’s not up there breathing on that trying to create a storm to take out a town because he doesn’t like the town the way it looks because most of the towns that get destroyed in a hurricane are really good common rule people that mind their business and a lot of churches get destroyed too so everything you see happening and you got to be careful I want to say this you have to be careful of every time something big that was just the judgment of God me the old timers used to believe anything bad was the judgment of God and I’m gonna tell you where that came from I think it came from the insurance companies because we had some storms that hit my dad’s Church in Northern Virginia and the insurance company didn’t want to pay because they call it an act of God tree fell on a fence well that was an act of God preacher we couldn’t help that and I’m a kid and I’m thinking of myself so God just reached down there with his head and picked up that tree and threw it on our fence at the church and broke it I guess that’s what they’re saying but that was the insurance clause and maybe they still have it in policies I haven’t read one in a long time but it was a thing to say well we shouldn’t be responsible because it was an act of nature therefore if its nature must be an act of God be careful because I want to tell you that the majority of natural disasters happening since the flood of Noah are natural disasters people blame it on different things some say it’s global warming some say it’s global cooling there’s different things people blame it on but not every bad event is a judgment of God that’s point one point two Satan has limited access to nature and I can prove that to you from the book of Job when when God lifted the hedge on Jobe Satan Satan it’s in your Bible chapter one and chapter two sent a whirlwind that took the house down killed ten kids motivated the Chaldeans and the Sabine’s to come still all of his animals then in Chapter two God lifted his hand off of Jobe enough and Satan put boils that’s a sickness boils a virus if you please all over the men’s body and yet God didn’t do it it says Satan did it so there has to be and I want to say this and we’re gonna keep going here there has to be a careful discernment me or anyone else making a public statement of exactly who’s behind all of this now I preached last week go get last week’s message off of my youtube channel where I preached last week to explain did man do it it’s Satan do it did God do it and I’ll go through all four of those things I’m not gonna rehash that because we want to stick to one thing right now okay now remember this when it comes to Satan we don’t want to make him more powerful than he is but he’s called the god of this world in Corinthians he’s called 2nd Corinthians 4:4 he’s called the Prince of the power of the air in Ephesians 2 and 2 according to Luke 4 5 through 7 he can put limit people in government’s at times across the world according to that statement he’s also called the Prince of this world in John chapter 4 and 30 now in Revelation 12 in the future this has not happened yet but in the twelfth chapter of Revelation which occurs somewhere in the middle of the Tribulation Period Satan comes down with great wrath why I love this this is the phrase 11 because he knows his time is short so he knows he’s running out of town and that’s the good news you and I are eternal beings that we in that sense we know Christ so we’re not running out of time we might run out of earthly time but we step out of this body and our soul and spirit and we live on forever that’s why I wrote that book recently on secrets of the third heaven to tell people what happens to you as a believer when your spirit comes out of your body it’s an amazing thing at times again based on the book of Job Satan has a limited ability to control certain weather patterns then on the Sea of Galilee suddenly storms would have come that almost took the bow down and he would have to rebuke the storm that wasn’t coming from God if it was a natural storm he rebuked it and caused it to cease but at the same time we can see there were storms on Galilee that seemed to be very abnormal that almost took the boat in but it didn’t took the boat down in Revelation 12 it says the dragon who is the imagery of Satan becomes angry at the manchild and the woman and that’s hiding in the wilderness and spews water like a flood out of its mouth to drown the woman and that’s I don’t think that’s metaphorical I think that’s literally something that happened they’re going to be hiding at a place called Petra in the future and Petra can have flash floods that are incredibly dangerous so that can be literal but that’s revelation 12 my point is when going into different parts of the scripture that when it comes to weather phenomena that brings destruction there are times that God allows things to happen and it seizes people’s attention there’s other times it’s a natural disaster it’s just nature and there’s other times it can be satanic inspired and this is where we have to be careful when we determine or we’re saying publicly well that is a result of that here’s why because the same tornado that took out the panagra feast or took out a church a mile down the road so if God did it why didn’t God let the church be destroyed now if the church is restored will say Satan did it but then if Satan did it why didn’t he say the pornography story see this is the kind of debates disagreements and can I say confusion that people get into when they try to tag what is the source behind the event now wrong I’m going somewhere don’t some of you are already saying well you know Perry you’re compromising on this and you’re saying it’s not that no no you got to hear the message church folks you can be the worst folks that trying to predetermine where the man’s going before he gets there so listen to it all children listen to it all another reason for floods hurricanes tornadoes earthquakes and even famines can be the earth or creation is in travail that’s in Romans chapter eight twenty two basically this whole earth has soaked up the blood of people of martyrs of innocent children and it goes into a shaking and a travail at the time of the end so there’s different reasons now my point is there’s different reasons why natural disasters happen now let’s go back to the corona virus if it was created in China there’s different reasons as people saying it’s the cell towers now there’s people saying it’s conspiracy by a billionaire in the United States I’m not going to get into any of the conspiracy theories I’m going to stick only with what the Bible says how do we look at judgment I’ll ask you two questions was the flood of Noah a natural calamity or was it a judgment flood of Noah can anybody answer that can I tell you why it wasn’t natural because it was too big to be natural there is no way it could rain for that amount of time and watch the windows of heaven open that’s how we get our rain now watch this and the to home in Hebrew The Fountains of the deep bursted that means every cavern under the earth where there was water and underground water opened up and that water came this way and that water came that way and it rained till it was 15 feet atop the highest mountain on the planet and God said in Genesis my spirit will not always strive with me and yet I will give him a time to repent they did not repent the judgment came that’s judgment here’s my second question was Sodom and Gomorrah a natural disaster like a volcanic eruption which it could have been or was it a judgment that’s now think about it for you answer ANSWER Answer is found in Genesis 18 God says to Locke to Abraham I will go destroy the city because the sin has come up before me and the cry of the inhabitants I mean they were raping people in beds on the streets according to the book of Jasher men were laying men in beds you can study that in some of the sacred writings they were abusing the poor they were taking what a little bit of food and money poor people had and taking it from and beating them that’s in that’s in history as well so God says the cry of the people around it they’re so grieved by what they’re hearing we’re gonna go check it out and God said I will destroy it and it was a judgment now to show you how supernatural the judgment was there were five cities sodom gomorrah admah Zebulon Manzella or in the book of genesis and so r was up in the mountain and it was not destroyed because lot said he was going to live there and the angel said we will not destroy that we we will not destroy that city because you’re living there so four went down one was spared because a righteous man his presence restrained destruction my god I felt the Holy Ghost right there his presence restrained destruction in that little city from it being destroyed now we now we can accept that as judgments we can read the Bible if we study the Bible correctly and interpret it correctly and we can go to Jude that warns that Sodom is a picture of things that will happen in the future if people do the same thing we can go to second Peter where it says that Sodom is a warning to those in future generations that would do the same thing but yet when I tell you that it’s possible that the same sins and there were six seven by the way not just one there were six that’s in the Book of Ezekiel the same sins of Sodom are being totally repeated in a and have been for years so therefore if God allowed the judgment of Sodom he could allow a judgment on America then I get everybody hating me and cutting me down calling me false prophet and false teacher all because I stuck with the Bible can I tell you something I’m not gonna answer to you I’m gonna answer to God and I will stick with the book because he’ll look at me and say Perry you stuck with the scripture because two men in the New Testament warned us the same things going to happen to future generations if they do the same patterns and guess what according to the Book of Ezekiel the six sins that the city of Sodom committed all six we’re doing today and we’ve already been warned it can be repeated in history history can repeat itself all right I haven’t said that I want I’m gonna give you that I’ve got to go through this quickly I’m on the run out of time I’m gonna give you the use of the word judgment in the New Testament the judgment Hall John 1828 used four times it’s where the governors courtroom was Pilate was the governor he brought Jesus before the judgment all judgment seat is the second reference Matthew 27 and 19 used eight times and it was where a judge sat on a platform for a public tribunal to occur trial we would say today the third reference the judgment seat of Christ Romans 14 and 10 it’s used two times in the New Testament the Greek word is Bhima and its meaning where Christ sits when he judges you individually one day in heaven and either gives you the reward or you lose your reward that’s all in the Bible judgment of the great white throne revelation 20 and verse 1 the great white throne is in heaven and it’s where all men will one day appear before God if you die lost that’s your judgment and and here’s here’s the reason God has to do that people who died lost end up in a place called hell I didn’t write the book I’m just I’m just the messenger that’s just what it says and I’m sure there’s people there asking why am I here so God brings them all out at a great white throne judgment and judges all of them and shows them why they spend eternity without him and that’s what the great white throne judgment is then we have a judgement of the Great Tribulation that’s what a lot of people are talking about right now Revelation chapters 6 through 18 and by the way the the tribulation is not mentioned with the word tribulation it’s called the day of the Lord in the Old Testament and it’s mentioned all over the Old Testament so that is mentioned many places now the other two judgments that we find are number one judgments which occur on cities Sodom and the total of four cities that were in the plain were a part of a judgment in Genesis 19 Jerusalem two times fell once by the Babylonians and once by the Romans and in the Babylonians God gives you the reason why he allowed the Babylonians to come in the Old Testament the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD based on Matthew 24 was the shedding of the innocent blood of killing the prophets and killing the righteous men and killing innocent people and Jesus said in Matthew 23 the city will be desolate because you’ve shed innocent blood so Jesus gives you the reason for the destruction of the temple by the Roman 10th Legion which did occur historically in 70 AD there were also Capernaum korazim b’seder these were three cities that Jesus preached in and they were filled with unbelief he’s performing great miracles signs and wonders and he says woe to you korazim woe unto you but stadia won’t ooo you and he curses the three cities because he said if the miracles being done in you had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah they would have repented in sackcloth and ashes now that makes my hair stand up just just thinking about Jesus making that statement he despaired those those people I mean these are some pretty perverse people in the Genesis 19 story but they would have fell down and repented if they would have seen the miracles Jesus was doing in those three cities and you know what’s weird about those three cities I’ve been to the Holy Land over 35 times korazim is still in ruins best Ceyda is still in ruins Capernaum is still in ruins and all it is is a tourist site and it’s the ruined cities never been rebuilt never been rebuilt never been rebuilt in that area at all because the Lord said woe to you because because of your unbelief unbelief it’s let me tell my unbelief is bad I hope the head of one of the Atheist organizations is watching me right now really and I’m saying this sincerely I’m not saying this to be derogatory if you if you’re right and there is no God and I’m wrong I’ve had a great life I have had so much up here worshiping somebody that don’t exist I’ve had so much fun praying with people and I feel something every time I pray so I’ll die at least happy you look at me but if I’m right and you’re wrong you’re in very serious trouble and I won’t explain why the Bible teaches and maybe this is why I’m so firm in my preaching at times the Bible teaches that if I have a word of warning and I do not give it to the people do you know what it says the blood I will stand in front of God with the blood of people on my hands and he will say why did you not give them what I told you I made you responsible for a nation I made you a sponsor for a generation of people but you were so worried about being popular and pleasing them you would not preach what I told you to preach but I refused to do that I refused to stand there I will I will at least be able to say God I preach what I felt like you told me I hope I preached it right I hope I told them the truth I interpreted it the best I can but here’s why unbelief is so bad because mr.

Atheist you’re trying to convince people to be atheist you know how many people you’re gonna take to hell with you I know it doesn’t bother you I know I know that you mark the existence of a place why don’t you go on the internet some time and look at all these people who have died and come back from the dead who revived and see what they’ve got to say about some saw heaven and some saw hell because you know what’s bad and I feel I really feel you know you can laugh at me and I know you’ll do a blog tomorrow and make fun of me you do that all the time but let me tell you something here’s what’s really bad all this people you’re leading to hell you’ll go to hell with them and there’s gonna be weeping and gnashing your teeth and they’re gonna be looking eath for eternity in a separated compartment underneath this planet and saying you got me here you convinced me of this you lied to me and that those voices will echo in your ear for eternity that’s very sad to me I’m not happy about that honestly it breaks my heart here’s the problem with the unbeliever in your unbelief I hope I’m talking to somebody here in your unbelief you convince others to be an unbeliever and in their unbelief they convince others to be an unbeliever and all you’re doing is populating the underworld that’s why God hates unbelief it’s a cancer that spreads to people and if you go to the book of Hebrews chapter 4 and you know you can start reading about it in chapter 3 in chapter 4 if you’ll go and just read it if you’ll do this how well she would do this it warns people are falling into unbelief and falling short of their Sabbath rest Shabbat rest is used eleven times in Hebrews in those passages there and one time is the eternal rest it means eternity with God in heaven falling short because of unbelief folks do not let people convince you that God does not exist oh please don’t let him do that and I want to challenge you I want to challenge all of you that say you’re atheist cuz a lot of you watch me and you might well you watch me to make fun and blog about me I understand that I have no problem with that because blessed are you when you’re persecuted for righteousness sake it’s what the Bible says so I don’t want a problem with you doing that no go study the human eye and tell me how it got here rot me write me and tell me how it would how it evolved it couldn’t have it’s impossible I don’t know who I’m dealing with but now here’s what you have to understand when God begins to deal with the world or a nation or a city that’s predominantly unbelievers let’s just stick with unbelievers he always gives them a season to repent in Noah’s generation I think about this there was 100 years given to repent in Jerusalem before its destruction Jesus gave the warning it was given 38 years to repent Nebuchadnezzar had a dream daniel said you’re gonna have a nervous breakdown and live like a wild man if you don’t repent God gave him exactly one year and one year to the day when he had the dream his mind snapped and Nebuchadnezzar lived like a wild man for seven years until his mind was later restored Nineveh was given 40 days to repent and I’m telling when they heard the preaching of Jonah they totally repented immediately now let me just say this and I’m gonna and I’m gonna talk about some misconceptions about the judgment of God but let me just mention this this is very important God gives mercy before ever sending judgment God gives seasons to repent I can prove this from Revelation chapter 2 of 2021 Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess has been seducing the men in the church telling them to eat things sacrificed to idols and I gave her a space to repent and she repented not now what does that mean that means there’s a set time that God gives a nation a city or a people to turn back to him in that time could be well looking in if it was 40 days it was one year for Nebuchadnezzar it was 38 years for Jerusalem and it was a hundred years in the timing they had a hundred years to say you know what we’re crazy nose out there telling us God made us we’d start paying more attention to this guy’s preaching no nothing did they that’s all these crazy building the boat in the middle of nowhere so here’s my point David Wilkerson in nineteen in the 1970s wrote a book called set the trumpet to your mouth and David Wilkerson’s teachings and I think it’s his ministry that’s doing this they’re pulling out his old teachings when he taught years ago and gave warnings and every warning that man gave we’re seeing it right now every morning every morning any point he looked at his church in Times Square said listen to me I’ve seen the visions I’ve heard the voice of God I’ve seen the angel of God tell me this and his church believed him but everybody else thought he was crazy what about that Wilkerson he’s a little R Danny what about that Wilkerson no I never thought he was on I thought he was a real prophet of God it’s proven out to be my point is don’t say God did not warn God warned people just didn’t listen don’t say God doesn’t love us because he’s letting this happen uh-uh he visits in mercy now watch watch what I’m about to say watching about to say I’m gonna stand up so you guys better stay with me I want somebody to blog me and tell me how much longer I can go cuz I’ve only got 10 minutes left I’m left to cut this short so if you want to hear the rest of it you better let me know cuz I need to know chastisement and judgment are two different things now there’s a scripture that says judgment must begin in the house of God that’s the verse I read earlier the Bible says if we judge ourselves then we will not need to be judged so in other words judgment in the house of God is where we look at ourselves and see where are we standing with God where is our heart always are we really serving him or is it a show do we just shut the church we want to turn one we want to give when we want to so so at times let’s go blow some of your minds at times a city judgment or national judgment is it possible it’s the fault of the body of Christ for not being the example to the world when the when the church ends up looking like acting like and talking like the world what have we done we’ve lost our salt and Jesus said if the salt loses its savor it’s good for nothing trip to be trampled down and we’ve lost our light and when the light is hid under a bushel and you lose the salt you have nothing left you have nothing left but a social club a bunch of people coming together but I do want to show you this there is an order of God dealing with his people and it’s called chastisement we’ve all been through it we’ve all been through it at some time in our life and and let me just explain it to you right here I’m gonna stand up for just a minute here I’m gonna talk to the believers first of all when God begins to deal with a believer about situations in their life now look we always think the sins are getting drunk and taking drugs and committing fornication and that’s the big sins and then we got people who have total unforgiveness in their heart and Jesus said more about that than he did the other sins so watch this there are sins that you can see people do and their sins of their spirit baubles that cleanse yourself of filthiness of the flesh and spirit so in other words there are sins of the flesh that’s in the book of Galatians right but their sins in your spirit so bitterness strife jealousy and unforgiveness is not something I necessarily see here but it summits in your heart so you got to deal with your heart and whatever else is going on now here’s the order first thing God will do it I’m talking to believers first first of all gotta bring conviction and conviction isn’t is can I table conviction is ready I’m gonna I’m gonna preach to the people here has anybody ever got convicted just you just did something you said something you add to it now conviction is you just got arrested by the Holy Spirit you know you and I’m gonna say what conviction is conviction is a feeling of misery base on what you did you’re just miserable you just said oh god why’d I do that why’d I say that that was so stupid why do I act like that now when you come into conviction you either you you do you do the following you go and repent and make it right with a person and Jesus taught this and then you go and make it right with God and if your heart is to sear the person will know it and they’ll forgive you and you can move on and God sees if you’re sincere and he forgives you now you may you may if it’s if it’s a weakness that you have you may fall into something time and time again but you’ve got to keep a repentant spirit till you get victory over it because what God will do he’ll conviction now if you for if you just ignore conviction and you say I’m gonna do what I don’t do I don’t kill anybody it says the second thing is you’re gonna have correction somehow God’s gonna correct you I mean I don’t want to go with the stories personal stories of other stores because it would take too long but there’s there’s some real funny stories I could tell about correction okay my dad when I did anything wrong would have a dream I was doing something wrong that was my correction I would rather God to know at least I didn’t have to face God face to face when God knew I’m under the forgotten no one giving me yes Lord yes no because but that I had a dream last night Barry I mean he’d tell me this whole dream and be everything I was doing I’m thinking oh that was misery so I’ve been convicted and I’ve been corrected now the third level is chastisement now I’m going to give you the meaning of chastisement in Hebrews chapter 12 and verse 6 it tells us that as many as God love he chases and that just means a severe correction a severe correction and it can be a number of things I’m not going to start naming things I’m not going to go into the Bible that’s a whole nother subject that would that we we don’t want to get too sidetracked on because you want to deal pretty much with judgment now very quickly there are misconceptions that people have about the judgment of God and I want to correct it in the church first that God hates everyone and is behind all bad things happening on the earth why is it when bad things happen people say why would God do that well I’d go do that well I’d gone do that how do you know God did it well that’s bad to come from God that’s some somebody’s old traditional theological way of thinking let me give you four points number one bad things happen because there is a curse on the planet this planet is under a curse and at times go through some goes through very severe weather patterns because of a curse that will not be lifted until Jesus comes back in the millennial reign and all the curses whether it’s the animal kingdom whether it’s on people whether it’s on the planet they all get lifted for a thousand years so bad things happen sometimes because it’s a curse planet number two bad things happen because Satan has access to steal kill and destroy all you have to do is read job 1 and 2 and you’ll see that number 3 bad things happen because there are demonic spirits controlling people when someone goes crazy on a ramp and starts shooting everybody don’t say well why didn’t God stop it God would have stopped it if the person would have listened to God tell them don’t do that because God didn’t want that person killing people but they didn’t listen just like Adam and Eve Adam and Eve don’t do that what do they do they go do it then the consequence follows so we cannot go into just something bad happening and then people all of a sudden want to blame God of why didn’t God stop it why didn’t God prevent it because people’s hearts let me say it this way this is number 4 because bad things happen because evil people have evil hearts they’re not listening to God they’re not obeying God they’re not following any warning they’re doing things controlled by their own spirit and by their own demonic powers let’s see bottom line is it’s not God’s out there doing all the bad stuff it’s that there’s four reasons there’s a cursed earth Satan has limited access there are demonic spirits working through people and there’s evil people with evil hearts Bob I’m gonna tell you about I’m gonna tell you what the Lord will he thinks about the earth for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son whoever believes in it would not perish but have everlasting life okay number two this is a misconception that God is on standby waiting to bust you or make you suffer for all of your wrong let me tell you something if God was into busting people they nobody be alive right now I mean there’d be nobody on the planet alive right now here’s the thing God visits in see before he ever permits judgment he sent Jonah to warn Nineveh and then of a repented and the city of Nineveh existed for another hundred and about another hundred and thirty years all because they repented when they heard the warning was coming the judgment was coming and army was going to come and wipe him out and the whole city turned to God and God spared that city for another 130 years so in other words he wanted to visit them in mercy the second thing in 1st Peter chapter 3 and verse 20 when know prepared the ark the Bible says he was long-suffering waiting it was a hundred years that Noah prepared the art for that flood and God was long-suffering during that entire time then we find out that number three and I’m gonna have to reduce this for time I apologize folks and we’ll have to take some notes out God we think that God takes some kind of sadistic pleasure in people suffering we see atheist and agnostic groups that will show P children in Africa suffering and they’ll say oh is this God if he’s so good why doesn’t he feed people guess what he does and he does it through people like Franklin Graham Samaritan’s Purse guess who shows hey hey for all the unbelievers and markers out there guess who shows up to feed the poor in Africa I have yet to see an atheist group show up I cannot please please correct me if I’m wrong I’ve yet to see an atheist group build an orphanage I’ve yet to see an atheist group build a feeding center for the poor in India in an odd in an odd that the people that don’t believe in God don’t hardly believe in taking care of humanity either who takes care of the people go study it the Catholic Church has been a master for centuries of taking care of sending Mother Teresa in the middle of India and feeding people and the Protestant churches and the Baptist churches and the Orthodox churches in the Holy Land some of the greatest organizations in the Holy Land are in Bethlehem where the Orthodox churches and the churches that have fed people we just went to help them the other day to support the Bethlehem project to help feed people who does it guess believers they do it because they love God I mean you love God you’re gonna love people and when you love God and you’ll have people you’re gonna do what the Lord says and he said see the poor and help the people isn’t that wonderful so God’s not trying to kill people God’s trying to save people but he has to save them through our hands and through our preaching and through our good works and our good deeds God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked ezekiel chapter 33 and 11 says precious in the side of the Lord is the death of his Saints I’m sorry Psalms 1:16 15 he takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked Ezekiel 33 verse 11 that’s where that’s found and I want you to understand something hell was never prepared for a man hell was prepared for the devil and his angels in Matthew 25 and 41 and I want you to know that second Peter 3 and 9 said it’s not God’s will any perish if you perish after hearing preaching and teaching on just simply turning and repenting if you refuse to follow it you’ve made your choice God always said to Israel choose this day what you will believe in whom you will serve so let’s talk for just a few moments about judgment and what it really is in the Old Testament the Hebrew word is Mishka and it means to make a verdict either favorably or unfavorably and it is a sentence passed on by divine law in the New Testament Greek the word judgment is Croesus and it means a decision for or against something made by a tribunal or a trial by a judge now I’m going to give an example of how God judges I’m going to show you two things here the Babylonians had invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the temple they took the Temple treasures back to Babylon and one night they took the sacred vessels out and they were drinking wine with him they had the menorah the candlestick up against the wall and one night God came and began to write on the plaster of the wall and this is what God said to the king you are weighed in the balance and found wanting another translation says that says it this way you’re a weight in the balance scale and you’ve come up short a third translation says it this way you have been weighed on my scales and the balance leans toward judgment now that night they were overthrown by the Medes and Persians and there’s a real historical narrative I won’t get into there that’s very interesting of how that happened so they abused the sacred vessels that were in the temple in Jerusalem and that was it that was enough that was the end of it 70 years of captivity was ending for the Jews to come back to the Holy Land and so what God did watch now he said I have weighed you now I’m going to tell you first what God does before something can be called a judgement from God he weighs it he weighs it so there’s two things a weight and a cup in the weight such as we see here here’s the iniquities here’s the weight well the iniquities are small so we’re here but the iniquities get greater greater greater greater pam and when that weight reaches its full point where it can go it can drop no further then God says now you’re weighed in the balance and now I judge I pronounce a verdict on you the second thing that we find about the judgment of God is deals with a cup and this will be found in Genesis and also in Revelation that there’s something called the cup of iniquity also Daniel when this when this cup becomes full full full full it can only be emptied by repentance and I’m not going to pour this out on stage but when a person repents then of the iniquities are removed from the cup and the cup is empty but let’s say the person goes back and they do it again and again or they you know they go back into sin cup gets full but then they repent then it’s poured out again now only when watch carefully and this is all the if you’ll read the story of Mystery Babylon and the woman has a cup full of the blood of martyrs and it becomes full and that’s when God destroys Babel and when the cup gets full and God said to Abraham I’m gonna send you back to the promised land after 400 years because the iniquity the amorite is not full so so America I want you to watch me so America has been and I’m not going to start naming things you can read your Bible and we’ve basically taken God out of school God out of this legalized shedding of innocent blood pass laws of abomination we’ve done all these things and so that cup gets nobody’s repenting the church is I mean there are people in the church that’s been praying for the nation and I think I think the prayers of many saints for years have withheld anything bad from happening in the United States I really do I think there’s crazy stuff that would have happened a long time ago but prayer restraint it but watch so the cup got full and when the cup gets full your Bible says it spills over it’s poured out the cup of God’s indignation is poured out when the cup of iniquity is full and so what I see is that and what we have to ask ourselves is if if God has put a verdict on the world sex trafficking pornography prostitution drugs I mean we could go on and on and on I mean all that all the terrible things that are done in this world to harm hurt kill still and destroy people and God has passed a verdict if God has passed this verdict and looked folks if it’s like the flood of Noah and the whole world is shut down God’s not sitting up there say well what happened there’s something behind it that’s higher than man and here’s what has to happen I’ve got I’ve got a page and a half I can’t preach it I just I’m getting so stirred in my spirit to just get you to this point right here there must be a true call in the church first of repentance how we have we treated each other how we treated our pastors have we treated our leadership how have we talked negative about people who truly are people of God have you gone on blogs and just called somebody’s name and you just mouthed off and you touch God’s anointed thousands of you’ve done that thousands of you have given your opinion among preachers and teachers I think this and I think that and you have no clue what you’re talking about but yet you’ll open your mouth and spew it and have no idea what you’re talking about you just read it in a news report so you can repeat it and most of the time news reports will quote people out of context happens to me all the time hope you listening the church has to do two things not just oh god I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry humble yourself humble yourself before God get on your face before God if you can’t kneel down sit in that chair and cry out to God God we repent for in action we repent for not helping poor people we repent and just go down the list god we want to turn and don’t just repent and say you’re sorry repent means to turn then say to God I want to correct what I’ve done wrong you know we’re getting emails from people that said we apologize for calling Perry a false prophet we just followed all the negative blogs on him till we heard him preach well thank you for hearing me preach finally you know thanks for finally listening to what I’m saying they took him out of context they quoted him out of context and people have taken such Liberty on the internet because they don’t have to look at a first listen some of that stuff you’re talking about people you’d never say it to him face to face but you hide behind your name on the blog and say it cause you never have to confront him oh I walked up to a pastor one time and I said are you still talking bad about me he turned red in the face no what to say and I’ve actually I’ve actually went to people before it confronted them and said it’s my understanding someone just sent me this that you had said this about me someone I wanna I want I want to find out what you said oh god Perry oh they don’t think they don’t expect you to confront them but we’ve done so much stuff in the body of Christ that we need to be sorry for we really do I have noticed in history of the Bible that a crisis a chastisement or even a judgment is always used to bring people back to God and whatever it is we will either be preserved in it and God will help us through it we will have to endure it or pass through it sometimes sometimes you can void the fiery furnace and sometimes you have to go through the fiery furnace so the body of Christ has to get together and begin to see God I had a dream last night I hope I felt I felt like my message has been way don’t like to preach that way I like to have a good flow but there’s just this this you can’t do this in just an hour you just can’t you can’t cover your details of what you want to say early this morning for some reason a lot of the dreams I have that I believe her spiritual dreams happen way early in the morning between about 4:00 to 6:00 in the morning when I wake up I’ve been waking up really at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning some of you know that because I go on Facebook and start posting at 3:00 in the morning some of you guys must never sleep – because I start getting answers to people at 3:00 in the morning you know I was I was I was in a church going into a church to minister and I came in the back like a green room and my wife was here and I was here and there were several noted speakers here I’m not going to name one of them’s very well known he’s a daily ministry he’s a friend of mine and he was sitting here he’s a strong faith man and as I was sitting there listening to conversations my ears were stuffy you know like when you get a cold in your ears and they just kind of gets dull and I’m trying to hear but I can’t really hear everything is muffled and so help me I did this I start pulling my ear and sand and everybody pay attention sand white sand started coming out of my ears I’m thinking how did that get in there and I just kept doing it and finally that ear open and Pam looked at me and she said you need it you need to you need to do the other ear and I did that ear and I mean this one had more in it than that one did and it just poured out and I had two piles of whites in there well you know that that’s not a normal dream and you could look at it and say well that’s just a weird one but it wasn’t because the man down from me I noticed that he said well let me check mine and he tilted his and there what nothing in one ear and there wasn’t nothing in the other and he just kind of laughed he said well I’ve been keeping mine clean Wow okay well I knew how he teaches he’s he’s really heavy into faith no fear faith okay what are you telling me Lord and Lord spoke to me he says here’s what’s happening in the time of this crisis all the people of God are wanting answers and they are but a lot of them are spending all of their time on the internet listening to what ABC CBS and he didn’t tell me this I’m explaining my explanation to you you know all the all the networks are saying and then they’ll go on the internet to see what the news is saying and they’ll go back over to your video then here’s another video and somebody’s got it and they’re just flooding their hearing with sand because in the Bible you build your house either on sand or on rock and the rock is the kingdom of God and the sand is earthly and he said they’re listening to all the earthly voices and not listening to me and they filled their ears with so much sand that I can’t even speak to him and I want to encourage you to take a break from just news and news and people sending you all kinds of stuff to look at take a break take it and tired just take a break if you need edification turn on gospel preaching and gospel music and go to the Book of Psalms and start reading from about Psalms 91 and go all the way to Psalms 150 and say it out loud and walk around if you have a deck get a house sitting on the sit on the deck sit somewhere if the sun is shining we get a bit of Sun vitamin D and let your ears be clean where you can hear the voice of God now a second word that the Lord gave me and I’m going to preach it next tuesday’s from the book of Hebrews and I’m going to explain something in there that’s been a mystery to me for years where he says everything that can be shaken will be shaken everything and we’re gonna talk about the purpose for the last shaking but listen to me I’ve got to tell you something I got taste some I probably should not get into this now but I want to tell you what we’re about to do and please listen to me very carefully we regret so much that we are going to have to postpone the best meeting we have all year in Cleveland Tennessee the best meeting this building is packed with thousands of adults the prophetic summit people have booked this a year ago and we had thousands and thousands and thousands people who begged me not to cancel this they said we will come we don’t care what anybody says well I do I have to live in this town and because of the restrictions and someone says well they could lift them later well we can’t take that risk because of the restrictions of limited numbers in buildings we’re going to postpone the International summit with our speakers and we’re going to actually bring in some some other new speakers that we didn’t have planned for April in October but here’s what we’re gonna do and those of you who follow me on Perry stone ministries Perry stone ministries Facebook I will make the announcement and tell you how to do it by Friday or Monday of next week we’re going to the VOE studio we’re building the set a huge prophecy set it’s going to be fabulous bill cloud and I have messages that we plan to preach at the prophetic summit I have four and I mean they’re deep and they’re PowerPoint and pictures and scriptures and they’re I think they’re very I think they’re extremely interesting bill has three bill clown and I are going to do four messages and three messages on Thursday and Friday into the month and I’m just giving you basics now on Saturday there’s a four-hour roundtable discussion and it’s going to be the prophecy summit on demand there is a cost for it and there’s a cost for it because I have to pay people to do it and pay the expenses of it for one thing and then I have seven outreaches I’ve got to keep going so there’ll be a cost but you will get a number a password for your computer one computer in each house so if you have a computer you get that computer and you can log on to that conference and the bonus is you also get the four hours of the questions and answers and commentary that bill and I have every person that will do it must sign on your computer there’ll be a I agree a agreement it’s a legal agreement that we are making every person sign to protect the intellectual property of that summit so if you are registered to attend you will be getting an email probably tomorrow or the next day from our office with details if you’re a partner of our ministry the partners will get the second email at the end of this week or next week and then if we have any of what we call slots available you have to have a slot for this because it’s going to be only on the internet nope nobody is able to attend then we think that we’ll be able to handle as many people as can but we’re gonna see the numbers of partners and those that were registered first they get first priority because they had to cancel their hotel rooms and everything so we’re gonna we’re gonna have them do this first then in about eight days seven days five days I don’t know I’m gonna let them deal with that we will go on social media and you will have a 48 hour window to register and for the summit on-demand again it’s Bill cloud and I seven messages plus the four hour round table so it’s Thursday for four hours Friday for four hours seven to eleven seven to eleven then Saturday bill has a Shabbat meeting and then at six six seven eight nine ten we’re gonna be taking questions only from the people who are part of the summit now I want to say again very clearly why I do not put this someone says well do like you did warrior fest I can’t do it I’m gonna explain to you why can I put this on Facebook live and I couldn’t I cannot put this on YouTube it will only be through Perry stone ministries website and here’s why we often share information that is not for the world wide web because when you say world wide its Israel it’s Russia its Indonesia and we may be we may be sharing something that we want people to understand but we don’t want the whole world wide web to hear that’s why I’m manifest I edit the prophetic summit when I preach the big one I edited I take that out take that out why it’s not for the world wide web and most people they get angry they don’t understand it they act like they deserve it but we will control the substance and we will control what we want out and where we want it to go and if you had to deal with 5,000 people who hate you just just coming on websites and we have to take him down and pull it for people I had to just spend the whole day pulling down absolute ignorant comments that people were making the other day I’m not gonna put my people that I will not put my people through it not going to happen and I hope you understand that I think most of you who love our ministry who know us you understand that I hope that something I said today is it’s gonna as been a help to you I hope that you received in the spirit of which I have said it these are very strange times our OCI family I cannot tell you how bad I’m just telling you something I’m feel like a man in jail waiting to get out you know when it comes to my family I’m waiting for my family to come and pick me up there’s no way for me to express how much I never knew I’d miss you this much I travel some on the road but I’m back there will be a day when we will have a restriction lifted and you’ll be the first to know it and it may even be a limited number at first and then eventually you’ll be the first to know it and I want you to pray with me that it’ll be sooner than later because I’ll be honest I do not like preaching to empty seats I’ll give me a bunch of my little AI machines out there when I preach I hit a button hey man how are you praise God let’s do something here you know get some noise is going off so thank you Oh see I family and I love you and appreciate you I want you to know that and the other thing I want to mention to all of you who keep up with our ministry we’re getting a lot of amazing comments on our brand new book secrets of the third heaven and even from people that don’t normally read books or people that haven’t read much religious material I really do appreciate that I thank you for that and once again OCI ministries org /give if you’d go right now and give whatever you can you know five dollars may not seem like a lot but if it’s if it’s an offering from the Lord that you give from your heart it means a lot it means a lot to me in to and to you as well so whatever you can give thank you and because what you’re helping us to do is we have a team I’ve got people back here we’ve got sound guys here we’ve got secretaries over time we’re working over outside their time frame right here keeping up with you Bobby’s got his phone out keeping up with the blogs making sure we need to answer whatever we need to do security folks who here not folks one but anyway so we don’t have the big crowd we have the limit that the president said we could have and we just hope we can continue to do this we hope that this will not be taken away from us for some reason but I want you to tune in next week and here’s the big one here’s the big one everybody to look at me here’s the big one and Jonathan can you hear me in the back this coming Thursday I want you to put me a 30 minute countdown clock from 5:30 to 6:00 o’clock for the live prayer y’all hearing this can y’all hear me and I want that clock to hit and I want everybody on line because I don’t want you to come on at 6:10 6:15 we’re gonna take a look camera from the hallway Jonathan can we do this can we take a camera from the hallway and I’m gonna open those doors and walk in there and show you the world’s most beautiful prayer set and then we’re going to have pastor Robby say some statements Brian stasis to say some statements and then we’re going to pray and we’re going to just pray general prayers now we’re going to show you how we will be receiving your quests but our our normal prayer team can’t come and we we could come but I’m not going to defile rules I follow the rules and so we would love to have you on my prayer team I got people waiting for this for the whole year and my prayer team is chomping at the bit but I want you to tune in with me and we’re gonna show you around and this is where you are going to be praying in the days ahead people have asked me when do I think this will end I told you that I’m not saying the Lord told me this I did have a dream many years ago a five gray pearls I hope it’s not five years that’s what I said but I had five great pearls that were mined putting him back together in front of a church and there was a business that was completely wrecked and shutting down two businesses were now open and people are on the street getting food and water and I knew I knew something bad had happened and I always told Pam that I felt it was five months now that don’t mean that we won’t be gathering for five months that just means I won’t be traveling that was what I know in the dream I wouldn’t be traveling heavy for probably five months and so we’re judging meetings in the future and someone says when did the five months start I wish I knew I mean she’s talking like in November and that we’d be out of it but if it’s if the dream was from the Lord and I’m trying to interpret that dream but if it started smart April May June July or April May June July August that’s what I’m hoping that we’ll get this we’ll get through this and then things will return to some normality but we need to seek God folks and Steve months he told me he said you know that there’s a paso for Angel that’s released every Passover heap and he’s got the teaching on this and Steve said we need to believe God that that Passover angel will just sweep through and just destroy this thing and and and give us a reprieve and folks if God should be merciful to us and somehow supernaturally do that you need to everybody needs to get on your face and start thanking God and praising the Lord we’re going to praise Him anyway we’re gonna praise Him in the midst of the crisis we’re not going to quit worshiping him because life is short here anyway and eternity is forever and all of this is about getting so saved thank you for joining me stay in touch through Perry stone ministries Facebook page sometimes I’ll have dreams that are spiritual I’ll share those with you sometimes sometimes it’s real early in the morning and I have to tell it if I go back to sleep I’ll forget parts of it so if I if I if I get on Facebook real early you forgive me for that I’m not trying to wake everybody up and then click on go to my youtube channel the Perry stone YouTube channel everybody do this and click on what was that again subscribe and your own and that way you will know when I’m doing specials the vault I’ve got a vault being built my vault is on this bill built we’re gonna have some fun things coming out of that and it’s not a real vault by the way but we made it look like one because it’s a prop but Bruce did a great job on that so we will be doing some things there and staying in touch with you but most most of all so those of you about the summit we’re not having it but we are having the summit on demand with Bill cloud and I a big roundtable discussion with me and Bill pastor Robby and Brian Cutshaw I’ll be together for four hours on that Saturday and it’ll be the same timeframe when the summit was so be looking for that those of you that registered to come you’ll get an email on it and then partners will get one following there and then we’ll see how many we have we don’t want to overload the system to be honest with you and so we’ll see how many we have it if we can add more we’ll go on Facebook and give you a timeframe of about 24 hours you need to register and again please don’t call and start saying how do I do it we’ll let you know we’ll be it’ll be days from now this is Tuesday night what is the date March into March right March 31st so give us a couple of days we’ve got to set up the system set up the computers set up the registration and please give us a couple days and when you hear from us then you’ll know how to respond it’ll all be set up Bryden thank you for coming and for all of you thousands that are out there somewhere thank you for joining me let’s pray father I thank you in the name of Jesus for the opportunity of ministering to the men and women who ever was on wherever they were from and sometimes I feel like that I that I shoot from the hip too much I just jump around too much the Lord if I did I apologize for that because I really want to stay in the subject that you’ve given me and I hope I did a decent job to represent more of what I believe your words telling us so help us and bless us and bless the people bless them financially give them wisdom give our nation national leaders wisdom and direction to make it through this you we saw this trial coming we didn’t know what it was but we did see cities that were empty no one on the streets over fifteen years ago and you spoke to me then and told me something would happen I didn’t know would be this but you did let us know and so god I thank you that you can let us know in advance that we prepare a heart and we prepare people hang wood prepare our spirit in Jesus name thank you for your giving god bless you until next time

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