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the following program is sponsored by friends of Life outreach international our lowly bodies are going to be changed into the likeness of the body of Jesus Christ so I have a chapter in this book called the extreme makeover you know I read someplace about how many billions of dollars are spent every year on cosmetics and and surgery and everything trying to make our bodies look better on the way up we’re going to be changed dr. David Jeremiah is revealing the mysteries of heaven next on life today [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] have you enjoyed these days – dr. David Jeremiah have you well you have I mean we’re really starting the year getting you ready for forever and revealing the mysteries of heaven doc we’re really glad to have you here and thank you for all you’re doing thank all of your staff thank all the people who are setting the the situation for you to communicate the greatest truth the world will ever hear I think you’re doing is masterfully as anybody I’ve ever seen I’ve been on television in more than 50 years I don’t know how long you’ve been on but I’ve been a long time when I was on it was just when I first went on it was all Roberts wreck some more than me that was the I didn’t have as much competition but the deal is that that where you are right now I see it as a powerful opponent influences I’ve ever seen and the love and the poise and confidence in the word and the way you present it with love and clarity it’s it’s really breathtaking really yes I mean I hardly ever miss hearing you on Sundays and I’m sorry so I’m very regular it listening to you and I’m always come away blessed because we do speak God’s truth in love and confidence and in the wisdom that God is putting it’s my joy it’s what I love to do you told me that one of the questions people asked about is what about the children and heaven and probably people want to know too if they lose a child you know what will they look like in heaven but by the way let’s answer that question will we know each other in heaven absolutely absolutely we’ll know each other I mean what would heaven be if we didn’t know each other you know when Jesus when Jesus met the the people on the Mount of Transfiguration they were known when Jesus came out of the grave in his resurrection body Mary was a little bit stunned but she finally she recognized him by his voice yeah and when the two on the road to Emmaus walked with him after the resurrection they recognized him by the breaking of the bread they saw the scars in his hands we will know each other because we will have memory and what would life be without that we wouldn’t I mean it wouldn’t make any sense we are going to know even as we are known says the scripture we’ll know each other better than we’ve ever known each other on this earth yeah people won’t know what I look a little bit better maybe no okay what about children yeah you know James one of the first things that ever happened to me as a pastor was I was a young associate in Han Heights New Jersey and my pastor went away for two or three days and left me in charge and when he was gone something happened that I didn’t know what ever happened to me and I didn’t know how to deal with it a young couple in our church I remember their name they experienced a crib death for their baby and they called me and asked me to come and I I don’t think there’s anything more overwhelming than that I mean you’ve lost a child but losing a child of any age is tough but that little baby and then we I had the funeral and I can’t imagine how bad that must have been I did not know what I was doing I did the best I could before the Lord but I remember after we had long conversations about where is my child and I saw I did some homework on that I think I came to the answer the scripture gives us and it’s found in a Testament in the Old Testament in a story about David most of you know the story of David and Bathsheba and that there was a child born to them and that that child died because it was punishment for their sin and Nathan communicated that to David and the Bible says when the child was sick and looked like it was going to die David dressed in sackcloth and ashes and he mourned and he wept and he wouldn’t eat and then seven days later the child died and David got up from the ground he anointed himself and put on his clothes and nobody under what you know and they said well while the child was dying and still had hope you you you dressed as if the morning was here and now the child is dead and you stand up and and you come and he said and here was his answer he said while the child lived I mourned if perhaps God would change his mind and let him continue to live but now that the child is dead I cannot bring him back to me but I shall go to the child and in that little phrase is the hope for every young couple who loses a child David said that that baby that was was born and died someday he would see that child again and I’ve actually said this to people who’ve gone through abortions people you know it’s such a sad thing abortion is terrible for the loss of the child but most people don’t realize the pain that brings to the mother and the father when they finally realized what they’ve done and many of them have lifelong crises over that and when I’m said to parents one day if I understand this correctly one day because that child is a person and the child is a person at conception it’s not a person when it’s born it’s a person at conception well when that child goes to heaven as a person one day mom’s you may hold that child in your arms again hmm and it’s it’s such an overwhelming thought to so many mothers who wish they could go back and rewrite their history the Bible tells us that we have a gracious God and the reason people don’t go to heaven is because they don’t believe and they reject Christ and when a child is little they have no possibility of doing that so they are saved under the blood of Jesus Christ and I believe David’s statement in the Old Testament is an exclamation point against I agree don’t you appreciate what you I didn’t see and you know I was a real prospect for abortion because my mother was raped at 40 as a hospice nurse most all of you herded caring for an elderly man the alcoholics forced himself on and she conceived her first child and she went to have an abortion and the doctor refused to do it and I got really scolded by somebody who heard my story and that my mother went home and gave birth to the baby and she was cursing me for you know thinking that that was good that she went home and didn’t kill the baby and the doctor was crazy and they made this woman who was raped had this baby she won’t happen let’s just listen the whole story I mean let’s go and listen to it because I really believe this is key the preciousness and potential of every life every little baby from the moment they’re conceived Todd knows exactly what they’re like he knows them that baby has potential I believe that doctor why would he look at that mother 40 years old no husband no steady job had been forced and not do it he said I was just terrible no maybe he thought possibility potential promise you know what he thought but let me tell you what the woman did okay the woman who’s been raped she said she went home to the place she was working and they had a porch she sat on the porch and she bowed her head and she prayed and this woman in a mess said God said have this baby this baby will bring joy to the world who would have ever thought the two of us could bring so much joy to the world by pointing him to the joy of the world GLC man so you see if people would pray about the potential in the promise in the wound there’d be a whole lot more decisions made like that and that’s what I’m really asking people to do so you you have a message of hope and healing every time you stand up and speak and you know that people ask about what happens to our bodies in heaven what what goes on there is though that matters and it does because it matters to people so if it matters to people then you’ve been trying to find the answer for people believing God’s given us the answer what’s your answer to that well you know the Bible teaches us that when we trust Jesus Christ as our personal Savior one day the Lord Jesus is going to come back and receive us to himself in the rapture and the Bible teaches that when the rapture comes those who have died before Jesus comes back will be raised first and and in their resurrection they will have a new resurrection body like unto the body of the Lord Jesus Christ when he came out of the grave and those of us who are alive and still are on this earth Philippians tells us our our lowly bodies are going to be changed into the likeness of the body of Jesus Christ so I have a chapter in this book called the Extreme Makeover you know I read someplace about how many billions of dollars are spent every year on cosmetics and and the surgery and everything trying to make our bodies look better and course as you get older you know I used to have a I had a friend who was my pastor in Fort Wayne or in San Diego was tim lahaye yeah and he used to say to women who who criticized for her makeup he would say if the barn needs painting paint the barn remember and what he was what we all know is we hunger for that and when we get to heaven we’re gonna have bodies that are supernatural bodies just like the Lord Jesus Christ on the way up we’re going to be changed and we’re going to be made like Christ and that is a wonderful hope if you’re going through stuff right now some people my daughter my oldest daughter has MS there’s no really known cure for that right now but one day she’s going to be made whole and that’s that’s a great hope that we have when we hear that there’s a new heaven and a new earth correct me I’m I’m ready for correction I think the Lord like the earthy mate I think the enemy’s made a mess on this earth we made and we’ve allowed some of it to take place that we didn’t need to we don’t need the enemy to ruin our marriages our families and ruin our subdivisions we can be good overseers and we should do that but you know the point is it is this new heaven and new earth what do you see there well you know I think the best term to use for that is the Lord’s going to renovate the earth Don and I have a little place on the Coronado Island and this last year we totally gutted it and renovated it and I remember walking over there one day James and walk it in and there’s wires hanging from the ceiling and they were and the windows are gone it’s the same place it’s not any different but we renovated that place and it’s totally new one day Almighty God is going to renovate this earth Peter tells us he’s gonna burn up everything about the earth that’s unrighteous and ungodly and he’s going to recreate it and the earth is actually the place where the City of God is going to come and dwell and so some people think that that God is gonna burn the earth up and totally destroy it it’ll be gone that’s not true these are not going to destroy it he’s gonna renovate it yeah and it’s gonna be quite a renovation I was restoration of all things variety of a lot of times when you see restoration and process it looks more like destruction but actually the cycle need to be right there being removed so the more beautiful gonna be put in fabulous you know what the thing about it is when the the Bible talks about spending eternity worshiping God and that at least people ask about that and then another question that’s asked have people been given a glimpse of heaven we’ve actually had people here who tell us they have seen something in heaven and some similans of consistency sometimes makes you wonder can you glimpse it sometimes you think they’ve actually seen something that reference is something you’ve read about in the Bible what do you think about people seeing heaven it’s a really hard question because people tell you what they’ve seen there’s no biblical basis for people seeing heaven before they go to heaven that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen but I’ve never had that happen I don’t have any way to know that whether it’s true or not I’ve read the books a couple of them have sold 30 million copies and they’re very popular and everybody wants to hear the story I think if if we’re smart we can read it and decide for ourselves but I like to focus on what I know I know that one day I’m going to heaven and I know the Bible describes it in such glowing terms that I’d rather take what the Bible says is true that we know is true then perhaps rest upon let me ask you it this way if you have a choice between having God tell you what seventh heaven is like and somebody who says they’ve been there who’s who’s to whose opinion are you going to choose I’m going to choose God’s opinion I’m gonna listen to God and say okay this is what I this is what I’m looking forward to anything other than that anything that comes short of that we’re selling ourselves short let’s take what God tells us about it I don’t have a problem but with somebody saying they saw something they gave him a sense of peace because God Brian is a God of peace which usually did that you know you know we don’t need to shatter somebody’s hopes people tell me that they they I mean you have some very famous people like Charles Wesley and Charles Spurgeon and others who said they heard the voice of God and on their way up they you know I think it was moody who said this isn’t it this is not something to be afraid of this is life this is wonderful I believe that can happen end of life experiences can often be like that I I just I don’t know what to say about the others and and I’m just trying to be as honest as I can be I don’t I don’t know how to say whether they’re true or not I know that the people who say that happened to them they believe it’s true so I’ll let it go with that you know one of our best friends passed away in his almost mid 90s and they were rolling you know an iPhone taping and he hadn’t been able to speak quite as coherently for a while but all of a sudden he just looked up and he said oh don’t you see him and the interesting thing was and it was just a beauty there it really moved his wife and and her daughters but i sat with Johnny Cash he sat before we had this nice studio he said in a very makeshift studio Johnny and I were very good friends and I actually had him tended to me but I had him tell it with his mom and he was in in the movie most of the man in black was not really typical of boys Johnny but he was and the sadly but but anyway at the house the mama cash said when Johnny’s brother passed away cut with a saw through his tournament shop at school and he was going to be a preacher and he’s unable to drink water or anything and they just watched him there in the room and all of a sudden he looked up in the corner of the room and Johnny boy this moves John Johnny started crying the first time he told me this because he told me we were alone he didn’t cry as much when he told me on TV but he said my brother looked at the corner and said mama do you see him do you see him mama and they looked in the car and Johnny looked he said on’t you see him it’s angels mama it’s the angels and that’s where he left I think that that actually is based on a very solid basis when when Lazarus and the rich man died the Bible says that the angels came and carried Lazarus to the bosom of Abraham and then it just says the rich man died he was he was rich in this life and poor in the life to come Lazarus was poor in this life but he was rich in the life to come and the angels and I shared that with many people at funerals then when your parents died did you know that the angels came and conveyed them to heaven and they took them up through the first heaven and the second heaven and now they’re with God that’s opposites we’re very biblical that I just shared weren’t they that’s what you’re saying that’s what I’m saying that that the Bible tells us that one of believer dies the Angels come to carry them to heaven carry their soul and spirit down and you know what that’s what we’re doing here own life today and with you we’re trying to be angelic messages of God to get people to have it the only way to have it is through Jesus no one comes to the Father but by Jesus it’s not religion it’s not a church membership it is a relationship with Jesus who redeems us and connects us forever with the Father do you appreciate this wonderful gift from God [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and I pray every Christian listed us we become the witness Jesus left us here to be until he comes our joy is to go to heaven and take as many people with us as we can a man I mean make a heavenly impact Lord of God I want to show you how you can make one of the most profound impacts by sharing life listen when you become the perfect miracle answer to someone’s need and someone’s heart cry this is it we can actually give people water for life where they never add clean water because of the water of life and I want to promise you this when we drill a water well where there’s never any clean water and we tell them it’s because of the water of life they’re gonna meet the water of life with gratitude for the water for life that you’ve given them in love watch very closely because God is going to move your heart to be somebody’s miracle I’ve just visited the graveside of a nine month old baby boy and I’m standing right beside his killer it was water from this exact whale that this darling boy is now getting his water from it’s a hand-dug well it’s it’s not very deep and the water is filthy mosquitoes lay their eggs in there children get malaria they get diarrhea this little one this nine month old boy died with diarrhea the month took him to the clinic to see if he could get some medicine they gave a medicine but at that point he was so sick he couldn’t even take the medicine he vomited again died in her arms it’s unthinkable I would never ever let a child o mine drink this but there’s no choice James Betty this is your heart it has been your heart for years the need is urgent I’ve never felt such a sense of despair I’ve visited four children’s graves that have been here three days and I’ve asked mothers you know what do you do when you lose a child and every single one that I said we are simply praying we pray to God that he will send help well here we are we are the help you and I are the help so please help us change the world this is their normal they need a new normal where for the first time in their lives they drink clean fresh life-giving water boy Benny when you go from a scene of just seeing the horror of filthy water and that clean well there and we know our viewers drill that well and became a miracle not only for a few children but into our village and we’ve saved millions of lives who do you open pray their viewers will sense in their spirit and do because they really are the only ones and can make it boss you and I commit every time we talk about drilling wells we ask God to let us drill a well he answered that prayer and we do it and it’s been a tremendous blessing what do you want our viewers to hear and consider you know just as Sheila said I would never offer here my child or my loved one water like that would you if that’s all you had if that’s the only choice you have of course you would just to help them live another day maybe but when you see all the disease that can come from that it’s heartbreaking for a mother to watch her child slowly pass away knowing that she can do nothing not offer any hope at all to them well we can be that hope that that mother’s looking for won’t you join with us you’ve done it many times and we don’t apologize for asking because there’s so many needs out there these precious little ones that have no choice but to drink that one disease – water please let’s give them hope this drill the water wells forum thank you for helping you know we talked about dr.

Jeremiah by losing our precious donor and you knew we were in a battle because he was she was battling for her life and you were praying for us and Betty I don’t believe there’s a person watching us right now or in this audience they knew exactly what would have saved our daughter’s life whatever it took they would have gotten to us I know you would I know that you know you would well here is the perfect cure and it’s not wishful thinking it’s clean water you paid for the drilling rigs very expensive hundreds of thousands of dollars for this rig love through you paid for people like you we can drill the well it comes $4,800 to drill a well that could be one of the great joys of your life to give a whole village oh well you could give a part of the well we find many people will give 1,200 and pray for three others to join them or 2,400 and pray for one to join but most of the money comes from people who understand that this this is not an exaggeration if you’re breaking down $48 will get 10 people water the rest of their lives you can multiply that out this is a miracle but it does work it’s not wishful thinking would you go right now online or dial that number and would you go get your bank card and use it like a check by the way that’s the way you should always use a my card I like a check but would you give the gift God puts on your heart knowing that you’re giving someone a miracle a miracle of life really too many changes everything and they see the love of God in the missionaries through you and in the message they share about the water of life we’re going to send you doctor Jeremiah’s buck own heaven revealing the mysteries of it you’re gonna be blessed mightily by thank you for going to the phone thank you for going online god bless you for your gift today a mother living in extreme poverty will do the unthinkable give her children dirty diseased filled water that she knows could kill them with no other choice what’s a mother to do with your help clean water is on the way mission water for life is the answer to a mother’s prayer to save the lives of her children to offer them a bright future free from the fear of death with your gift today you can help drill and establish 350 water wells this year do a gift of $48 will help provide water for 10 people 72 dollars will provide for 15 $144 will help provide life-giving water for 30 people for a lifetime and a gift of $4,800 will help sponsor a complete well serving up to a thousand people with your gift of any amount today we’ll send you revealing the mysteries of heaven in one comprehensive book dr.

David Jeremiah presents scriptures references and insights that will give you a better understanding about heaven and the glorious future God has planned for you you’ll get real answers to questions like what will heaven really be like and will our friends and loved ones know us I have to tell you that dr. jeremiah is one of my spiritual heroes of the faith I love the fact that he works so hard dig so deep into the Word of God if you’ve ever had a question about heaven this book will answer every single one this is the last week to receive dr. Jeremiah’s book please call write or make your gift online we will send you dr. Jeremiah’s book to say thank you for giving somebody a miracle and I promise you one thing they’re gonna see the glory of heaven because of the love you share and they’re gonna be pointed to heaven join us and saying thanks [Applause] [Music] [Music] tomorrow on life today dr. David Jeremiah pulls back the curtain revealing the mysteries of heaven by answering some of the most popular questions life today is made possible by the supporters of Life outreach International your gift will be used exclusively for the exempt purposes of life the ministry features specific outreaches as examples of the programs it supports and conducts gifts are considered to be without restriction as to use unless explicitly stipulated by the donor the ministry is a member of the EC FA you.

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