The MECLABS Conversion Heuristic Applied

Welcome yet again to another episode we have just a few moments to look at a page this page is new to me but we’re going to look at it through the lens of the customer we do that with something we call the conversion index most of you are familiar with it C equals 4 M + 3 V + 2 I minus F minus 2 a seems like a lot of complicated science or math but it is not so simple heuristic to help us think clearer C stands for the probability of conversion in stands for the motivation of the user V stands for the clarity the value proposition i stands for incentive f stands for friction and a stands for anxiety now thinking fast about those key elements let’s work sort of backwards starting on the negative side of that equation of anxiety and friction friction comes in the form of lengths and difficulty let’s look at the page and see if there might be some link friction as I scroll down remember I’m trying to absorb the page so that I can understand the page what’s happening is the page is composed of boxes and images with various lines like these brands across it and then continues to unfold left right and on and on this is already demonstrating friction because I start to feel a sort of psychological resistance inside that resistance comes from wondering what I’m missing I don’t quite understand how to make sense of the page or the offering when that occurs I’m stuck to make meaning if I get too uncomfortable I sort that out by clicking on a little arrow at the top of the page and I leave so you don’t want me to do that you need to make this page easy for me to understand you might use language like there are three ways to shop here at XYZ that sort of thinking helps lay a track in my mind for the content that comes next now I like the fact that you have a headline in the sub header that helps to sort of ease me into what’s going to happen but it’s the wrong headline I don’t understand how a pocket and Shine connect front pocket wall I don’t know what that is but I can guess and it’s intriguing front pockets wallets that let you shine how in the world can a pocket or a wallet or a wallet in my pocket let me shine it’s that sort of glib statement that is so so frequently used in agency world and I’m not anti agency I’m just anti cliche hype or any other sort of clever gimmick that doesn’t actually make meaning and use my time in a respectful way I do like a lot more they sub-header enjoy the rich leather from the renowned little districts of Tuscany Italy with a passionately handmade minimis wealth of access I don’t know where access is or if access is a brand and if I did it’s got a bad name because it’s going to be very hard for me to find that remember to type it into a search engine nevertheless that’s the name you have so you you must go by that I understand but I’d be careful about how I use it in this particular sentence and then I CC our wallets what I haven’t seen is a reason why I should only shop here what I haven’t seen is what’s unique about you I haven’t seen any reason that would distinguish you from all the other options I have for purchasing your wallet I know your the money-back guarantee that’s nice but I’m not even interested in buying yet I see that you have fast and secure shipping but that only matters again when I’m interested in buying best price assurance you’re starting to get somewhere with that but the problem with that is it just doesn’t actually give me enough information to trust it when I roll over with my mouse maybe you could give me information about that better yet you could turn these into three bullet points up at the top underneath your sub header that gives me a reason to stop and shop and then you could show me with a simple headline a clear and easy way to make sense of the site if this is a home page and I think it is then you have a double job here it’s like the front door of a house your job is to get me into the house and show me which room is the room that’s best for me where should I go that way you utilize your nav and clarity to help me get the sense of comfort one form of friction one form of friction that we so often miss is confusion and there’s a lot of confusion associated with the light design and layout of the site and so we’ve talked about friction enough friction and you may actually trigger anxiety but friction and anxiety or different anxiety is a sort of psychological concern and that only occurs when I start to feel threatened by something and I don’t know right now my anxiety builds just from the fact I’m not sure what to do or how much there is so I’m going to go back up and I’m going to try to find that see all wallets and see if nav pops up it’s easier for me to understand the first thing that comes is I see handmade in Tuscany leather and there’s some value there but I certainly don’t see our wallets in fact I have known a Viet it just says featured or view as and so I’m still wondering what is it I’m missing how do I make sense of the site maybe I just look at these pages and just keep mapping through them until I see a wallet that I like I’m not sure but I will tell you that there’s too much friction there’s the potential anxiety and at this point there’s no incentive which leads us to be in that heuristic the clarity of the value proposition I won’t touch motivation because I don’t have data access I don’t know the metrics but I can tell you that I don’t understand the value proposition here I start to see something you know full-grain Tuscany vegetable tanned leather but you know something there’s other places I can get nice leather and I don’t know the differences between Tuscany leather and leather I might get somewhere else it’s a nice name and everyone loves Italy or in Tuscany particular but that’s not enough if I am the ideal customer why should I purchase from you rather than any of your competitors it’s not clear and certainly telling me about myself somehow shining doesn’t answer the question and I don’t mean this in a harsh way but I mean it in the way the busy customer doesn’t have time and won’t give you time they’re inundated with 77 new messages a day and if you don’t make meaning on this page for them they’re not going to stop most of them won’t be motivated enough to stop and make meaning on their own so friction friction comes from the length of page friction comes from the layout of the page friction comes because there is no eye path anxiety we don’t know yet probably we’re going to trigger that later in the purchase process there is no incentive that I can see and you don’t always have to have incentive but it is a way to tilt value in the fulcrum on the side of you know more rather than less however most of all the number one problem this page the value proposition is not clear

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