The Mark of the Beast – Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker

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And welcome I’m robber breaker and let’s get into this today we’ve got a lot to cover we’re gonna be looking at the mark of the beast what does the Bible say about this thing called the mark of the beast I’ve had several people over the years asked me would you do a video just on the mark of the beast I’ve talked about the mark of the beast before several times and other videos that I’ve made but people wanted me to make a video just on this one subject and there are so much information on this if you go to youtube you’ll find a lot of places on YouTube where people have already talked about this and every day something new comes out in the news that it looks like wow that lines up with book of Revelation so we’re going to go to the book of Revelation today chapter 13 we’re gonna look at the mark of the beast and we’ve been studying in times and several weeks ago we looked at Israel and I made a few videos about Israel and prophecy is room the last days the Jubilees we looked at the the Tribulation Period Daniels 70th week and we looked at how a person who misses the rapture will have to come to Jesus in tribulation period by not taking the mark of the beast so we’ll be right up here this is what the Bible teaches and this is where we’ll be looking at today and this is a subject that is not for Christians okay but you need to know what it is so if you are a Christian this is this is not doctrinally to you you don’t need to know if you’re saved and you go into rapture about this subject but if you’re left behind then you need to know about this so here’s what the Bible teaches I’ll lay out the timeline like I do every week up here here we’ve got what’s called the Millennial Kingdom that’s the last thousand years here we have the church age all right the church ends at the rapture after the rapture after the church leaves then comes what’s called the Tribulation Period Tribulation Period will be seven years and it’s divided and 1/2 of three and a half and three and a half and somewhere in there and I’m leaning toward the middle toward the end so after three and a half years they’ll begin to give the mark of the beast’ now I could be wrong they could give the mark of the beast’ immediately after the rapture I don’t know but it from while I read the scriptures and from what I see it looks like the mark of the beast is only in the last three and a half years and not before that but again I won’t be there so I don’t know I mean getting out at the rapture so I won’t be here so what I’m going to be talking about today is what the Bible talks about will happen at this time after the rapture of the church so if you’re watching this and the rapture has not taken place yet this is just something in the future you put in the back of your mind and say yeah that’s going to need for those people if you’re saved and you go at the rapture it’s not for you now if you’re watching this video and the rapture has taken place then this will be something very important to listen to and you need to understand this is what the Bible says about this thing called the mark of the beast and what the Bible says you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to this mark of the beast so let’s begin in the mark of the beast studying what the Bible says about it it’s found several times in the book of Revelation and we’re going to go to chapter 13 this will be the time in which the Antichrist will run rain so the Antichrist will be alive in this time period and he will be the one that tells people they must take the mark it’s his mark the mark of the beast and the Antichrist is a man but he’s also going to be Satan incarnates so he’s going to be Lucifer inhabiting the body of someone at the last three and a half years of the tribulation so you’ve got to understand and know all these things the world the entire world after the rapture we’ll go after this Antichrist and we’ll worship Him and part of the thing that shows that you are worshiping is that you take this mark so this what the Bible says about it and look we’re just gonna look at Scripture I wanted to go in detail and I figure wow that might take several hours so sometimes the best thing to do is just give a simple presentation so I’m just going to give you as simply as I can what the Bible says about this mark of the beast I only have seven points this is my seven-point homiletically outline on the mark of the beach you say oh but I’ll go quickly I’ll go quickly and this is just to be an informative video to inform what the mark of the beast is according to the Scriptures what the Bible says about it so starting here in Revelation chapter 13 we’re gonna read verses 1 through 6 then we’re going to read verses 11 through 18 the Bible says revelation I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the names are the name of blasphemy verse 2 and the Beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and great Authority and I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the Beast and they worshiped the dragon now we know the dragon is Satan or the devil or Lucifer which gave power to the Beast and they worshipped the Beast saying who is likened to the beast who is able to make war with him and it was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months so there’s a deadly wound what this sounds like to me is I read the Bible as that there’s what’s called the the man of sin who’s raining for three and a half years as the Antichrist who dies in the middle of that three and a half years he has a deadly wound but then he comes back to life his deadly wound is healed he comes back to life and this is when the dragon or the Antichrist resurrects and that’s when the devil is inside of him he continues for forty-two months and as we continue reading in this passage it looks like that’s when the mark will be given in the last three and a half years but like I said they might even give it before that I don’t know but this is what it appears this is my thinking before the rapture of what it could possibly be now verse 6 and he opened his mouth and blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven okay so now let’s go to verse 11 and now verse 11 all the way down to verse 18 is where it begins to talk about the mark of the beast so starting now in verse 11 alright still revelation 13 revelation and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth they had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon and he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him and causeth the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed again a deadly wound well that means you were wounded to death that means you died so he died but somehow came back to life could it have been Satan incarnate coming back resurrected inside that’s what many people believe verse 13 and he doeth great wonders so that he maketh Fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast say to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the Beast which had the wound by a sword and did live Bible even tells us how he had that deadly wound it was a sword I remember years ago there was a movie on TV with was a Kirk Douglas or someone like that and it was all about in timed events it was about the Antichrist and they didn’t follow the Bible they had the Antichrist being hit by the blade of a helicopter and that was the deadly wound but the Bible says it’s a sword somehow he’s wounded with a sword and that’s a deadly wound now verse 15 and he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast and the image of the Beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark on their right hand or in their foreheads verse 16 this is the mark of the beast that we’ll be talking about today or 17 that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name verse 18 here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six all right hey a score is twenty so six hundred threescore all right twenty three times would be 60 so 666 so this is what the Bible is talking about what it talks about the mark of the beast and it comes here during this time period now the mark of the beast is three things there’s three things mentioned here there’s three parts to this thing it says he that hath the name or the number or the mark so when the Antichrist takes over he’s gonna force people to take the mark of the beast but he’s also he’s got a number that he uses his number is 666 he’s got a mark now we’re gonna look at that today what is that mark but he also has a name well do we know the name of the Antichrist today I don’t know I’m not sure it’s very hard for me to say exactly who the Antichrist is some people think it’s Barack Hussein Obama and you can go to Carl Gallup’s and look up some of his stuff that he he shows that that man’s name is in the Bible so some people thought that while he was president he’s no longer president but then again he’s wanting to become the head of the United Nations and other things so could it be I don’t know other people think it’s Prince William other people think it’s this guy Erica Don or someone so there’s a lot of candidates for who this Antichrist who this beast could be well we don’t know his name but we do know the number and it says here is wisdom all right if you want wisdom you need to understand what the mark of the beast is it’s all about a number 666 and we’re seeing this number 666 repeating over and over and over again and the devil is using this number this must be the devil’s number and the devil is going to make people get a mark what I want to do today I want to take you through seven different things that I looked at and I found just as I was reading through all this again I just came out with seven different things that I want to show you about this thing so the mark of the beast the first thing I want to say about the mark number one the mark is a physical thing it is a physical thing given to someone in a specific place I have to state this because there are people today when you talk about the mark of the beast that I remember right they call themselves the seventh day denomination these people come along and they tell you that the mark of the beast is this or that or the other thing or it’s a system or it’s they even go so far as said the mark of the beast is going to church on a Sunday but we’re looking at the Bible and look what it says it says here in Revelation 13 16 and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive the mark in their right hand or in their foreheads the mark of the beast isn’t a day of the week how anyone could come up with that I’ve never understood the mark of the beast is a specific thing in a specific place and the Bible says it’s in the right hand or the forehead period there’s no and it’s a day of the week no it’s in a specific place either in the right hand or the forehead that’s what the Bible teaches either believe that or you don’t but the Bible says that is a specific thing in a specific place and it will be taken by those that accept the mark of the beast in their right hand or in their forehead now this is your forehead right in here now thinking about this throughout history is there ever been a time in history when when a religion I guess you could say has ever had someone put something on themselves on the right hand or on their forehead well I was thinking along those lines and I and I remembered you know there’s there’s this thing called Catholicism Catholicism what do they do will in Catholicism there’s one time every year where you go to the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church on Ash Wednesday they command you to put Ash right there and they put a little spot a little dot right there on your forehead and I thought to myself well that’s the Bible warns us about the bark of the beast that’s connected with the Antichrist is connected with the devil who would want to belong to our legend that says I’ll go ahead and put this little mark on your forehead every every year on Ash Wednesday so I thought about that I said well that’s definitely gonna be something that I don’t do I want to be here a man who follows the Bible and you know but that that can’t be the mark of the beast candidate well you look at Catholicism you find something quite interesting as well the Pope has a hat I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Pope’s hat but the Pope of Rome he’s a guy that wears this really funny looking hat maybe you’ve seen his hat it’s got all these little things around it like this and the Pope has a something that’s on his hat so the Pope has a hat and on his hat there’s a there’s a saying here’s your little Pope here you know he’s a high on the Pope the Pope on his hat has these words all right this is what the Pope’s hat says my Carius it’s in Latin vicarious Philly D all right this is actually on the forehead of the Pope when he puts on his papal Pope all papal a hat now if you look at these letters now remember the Pope why they speak Latin over there in Rome so you take all these letters and you look at them in Roman numerals let’s do just that let’s take all these letters here and look at them v I see a revs:1570rpm in numerals okay X is 10 if we take this thing this saying the car is field E which basically means the Vicar of Christ are in place of God the that’s what he claims to be the Pope claims to be here on earth in in the place of God in God’s place that’s what the Pope thinks he is he’s God’s gift to man in the place of God all right he’s here on earth in the place of God he’s supposed to be the head of the church all right you take these these letters and you put a numerous numerical value to them which is nothing more than Roman numerals and you come up with something quite surprising see is 500 V is 5 a that’s nothing ours nothing there’s a 1 there of these number 5 and s is nothing in Roman numerals but you look at all of these in Roman numerals of an L is 50 there’s one one a D is 500 e dy that’s nothing you total all those up and you would be surprised to see what that totals up that is written on the Pope’s head the Pope wears a hat and right across his forehead on that hat says these words macarius Philly D and you total those numbers up if you look at those words as numbers rather than letters and they come out to exactly 666 no pure coincidence right okay I don’t know I know is I don’t want to be a part of something like that huh Bible warns us about the mark of the beast and how it’s something that’s worn on a four-headed warns us about the Antichrist and how he’s somebody that comes along and he he says blasphemies he says things that aren’t true like hey I’m God you know things like that so I look at those things I go I’m gonna kind of steer away from that I’m not a Roman Catholic I am a Bible believing Christian King James Bible believer people say are you Protestant no I’m just a Bible believer sure I would protest some of the things that they teach that don’t line up with the Bible but I don’t go by that I just go by I’m a Bible believer I’m a King James Bible believer I’m blood washed saint of God saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ by grace through faith safe so I look at that I said well there’s Catholicism minutes and you start looking at on their foreheads and on their Hey you start seeing some stuff well then I said well what about any other religion is there any other kind of religion where something like this is is is shown and sure enough I found Islam so Catholicism we see this and also in Islam we see this we go to Islam and the Islamists they they like to wear this thing on their forehead so they take this little bandana looking thing and they tie this around their forehead and so when you look at this you go huh this is kind of odd on their forehead a lot of Muslims a lot of the Isis people they have this thing that they tie around their head but it goes and it has all this riding on it and there’s got all this really weird writing and you know there’s all this writing on there and you know if you don’t speak their language you look at all that writing in your loss that’s where your let me go ahead and put up a picture of that right now for you to see what I’m talking about because I I can’t draw draw out the Arabic but you look at the writing and you look at what they have and you find something quite interesting let me go ahead and spell out 666 and Greek 666 in Greek is this alright 666 in Greek okay this is how you say 600 in Greek this is 60 in Greek and this is 6 in Greek so we know that when John was writing the book of Revelation he was receiving visions from God he was seeing visions from God and he knew Greek he actually wrote the book in Greek and he knew that 666 in Greek would be these three letters that they use letters for numbers just like they did in Latin sometimes letters or numbers so this would be 666 in Greek so we look at this and we find something quite interesting we find that when we look at what Isis and those kind of people wear on their forehead and some of these Muslims are going around with this green bandana with all this Arabic writing within that Arabic riding we kind of find these same letters and we go huh and we say well what what is this I mean because it kind of looks like we’re seeing in that 666 if Jonathan saw vision in his day and he saw people wearing stuff on their four-handed he and he said there’s 666 and he knew Greek and he saw these symbols and they looked like the Greek for 666 well that would explain why you said you know these people have it on their forehead so that’s an interesting thing so that that’s just historical I mean that’s just let’s look historically and is there any religion on earth that has ever put something on someone’s forehead that just kind of has 666 Catholicism and Islam because in Islam they wear a bandana that has these different Arabic letters and they kind of look like 666 and Greek and you got the Pope putting the hat on 666 and Roman numerals you got them put Nash Wednesday the Ashland so you gotta wonder about that if I remember right when they baptize the baby and Catholicism don’t they make a little sign of the Cross on their forehead so you look at this and you kind of go well that just doesn’t sound like that’s Bible that doesn’t sound like somebody who claims to be a Christian should do I even forgot to show you how to say Allah in Arabic and I’m not very good at how to spell Allah but in Arabic the name challah is kind of like this and it kind of I mean that that’s just horrible I’m not good at in Arabic but you look at it and you go that kind of looks like that so even the name Allah Himself Allah kind of looks like 666 sure you go huh well that’s no no nothing to see here right now let’s just let’s move on there’s nothing to see here or is there something to that it’s a good question so we see that the mark is is something real that is really on a hand or forehead could it be something like that now what else the second thing I want to say about this mark and I’m going to get to later the right hand and I was just looking at the forehead just then we’ll look at the right hand later but the second thing I want to say about this mark is it’s connected to finances it has to do with the financial thing this mark is all tied into buying and selling you cannot buy or sell without this mark so it has something to do with the market kind of sounds like the word mark right mark it well that’s interesting but you can’t buy your sell unless you have this mark back to Revelation 13 17 revelation 13 17 says and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name so you cannot buy anything or sell anything without having this mark what an odd thing now that ties this into the market into finances and to money into into selling into economics and that reminded me of studying all these years using years ago I had a job at a grocery store yes I worked at Piggly Wiggly now if you’re not from down south you don’t know what a Piggly Wiggly is Piggly Wiggly is a big grocery store chain now they’re not as many as there used to be a lot of them have closed down as a kid we used to call it hog leave ugly but I used to work as Piggly Wiggly when I was a kid stuck in shelves and even while I was in Bible School I had my own business right mow yards most of the year summer time but wintertime I didn’t have any work I’d go work for three or four months at Piggly Wiggly and I stocked the shelves and on every one of these shelves were all these what they call the UPC code now in the 1970s in America they they started what they called the UPC code and they put a barcode it’s also called a barcode on all products and it looks something like this you’ve probably seen a barcode they still use them today go to any supermarket and look and you’ll see what this is it’s a barcode on every product and each one of these lines sometimes two together make a number and and the numbers come together and I can’t remember how many there are but these these lines are numbers and that’s how you identify the code of the product because all products are numbered but you have three lines that are longer than all the other one line by itself is the number three put two together that’s six every barcode has within it six six six now they invented that in the 1970s and they put that out and Christians have been looking at that and going huh that’s interesting how that ties into the mark of the beast you can’t buy or sell the number 666 every single product they sell at the grocery store has six six six printed right on the side that’s all that’s really weird I remember as a kid and the 80s they introduced these these scanners so you would go over to the grocery store you would pick up one of these products that had a barcode like that on it and you would go to the to the checkout counter and the checkout counter had this thing there that looked like this and it was a hexagon hexagonal shape it was called a hex scanner and inside all these lasers were projecting and you put the the product over this hex scanner and it go beep what does that mean it means the computer throws a laser read the barcode and then it put it in the computer the price of that thing so this here was called a hex scanner well hot what is a hex six so even when you went and I don’t know if they look like this anymore I think now when we go to Walmart we see their little handheld devices with the laser and you just go beep beep or are it something in front of them they just run it by but they’re always looking for that 666 every single product six-six-six 666 666 all the way through and how interesting that it was a hex scanner one two three four five six interesting so we’re definitely in the last days that the devil has been working hard since the 70s getting out his number because remember the mark of a beast has three parts the number a mark and a name well he’s got his number out there he’s the entire financial industry runs on selling products with his number on it that’s pretty incredible that’s pretty scary if you think about it now it’s a financial thing okay so it’s something that you have to have after the rapture they’re gonna make people take some sort of a mark now some people have thought it’ll be a barcode tattooed on your right hand or on your forehead I don’t think they’ll force people to take tattoos because tattoos hurt in putting all those little you know needles and everything injecting that’s kind of that hurts but they have what they call an RFID chip have you ever heard of an RFID radio frequency ID chip ID is identification and they come out with these I was gonna bring a book out and show you that I had but I was reading it earlier I don’t know where I put it called spy chips you get a chance to look up that book spy chips everything is a chip now you get a you get a young credit card and in the credit card they have a little chip and there’s your little chip it’s all about the chip well there’s what they have in this world they have what they call RFID chips now the very chip company came out with these and they called them human implantable RFID chips they are injectable they’re about the size of a grain of rice all right now this one’s bigger so you can see it and they have in on this this copper wiring and their self charging but they need to be in a part of the body in which they can be charged by movement so the people that put out these RFID chips that they want to inject and by the way there are people today taking these chips and injecting them in their hands they’re companies in America and all throughout the world that say you can’t work in our company unless you take a chip people go okay go ahead and inject the chip usually the chip is right there so you take your hand and you kind of closer your thumb close to this finger and you see that little fat right there that kind of pops up I don’t know if you can see that they usually eject right there into that area and they put a chip now I think I have a picture of that I’ll put up here for you to see they’re already doing that as I speak there are companies that are having people now there’s some people that put it on here in the arm some people that have injected it in other places but the company that put this out says we need movement we need movement and most people are right-handed and most people would use the right hand so as they move their hand it recharges the chip but it’s an ID chip and they can put information on that like a bank card or a bank account number and so you can literally inject the chip here that’s your bank and everywhere you go you just go to that scanner and put your hand across Boop and you buy and sell you see everything’s in place for the mark of the beast if it’s going to be that chip and that’s what a lot of people have been thinking lately in the last you know five ten years when this thing came out they’re like we think maybe even 15 years what do you really think this could be the mark of the beast it’s going to be something that is injected into someone now they also nowadays they’ve they’re replacing the barcode with what they call the q1 say it right the QR the quick response so we have this other thing called the QR the quick response and it looks like this no doubt if you’ve got a cell phone you’ve probably seen it and I don’t know if I have a picture of it I’m afraid if I put a picture up that that you will buy something because what they do is they give you these cell phones and you just take the picture of that with your cell phone and that took the place of the barcode and then you say I want this and automatically your smartphone looks it up it says well that’s this project here and what these few hours look like is they look like this they have four boxes on the outside and they have all these little dots inside of it kind of like a leopard and some are thicker than others and and every one is its own little unique picture and each one represents so they did away with the number so they just do images huh did I just say image I guess I did you know the Bible says watch out for the image of the least hmm interesting so now they’re using images and some people think that this might be the mark of the beast that they just put some sort of implantable image inside of you I don’t know I looked up the word mark in Greek and it’s kog’maw it means to scratch or edge a stamp it is a it’s a stamp as a badge of servitude or sculpture a figure a graven mark a statue so when you look at this you said wow this is interesting go to revelation revelation and he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed so there’s some sort of image that goes along with the beast and you must worship that image somehow it might be tied into the mark now if the mark is some sort of injectable microchip or something like that which kind of sounds like it could very well be it says it’s in your right hand or in your forehead a lot of people say well why would somebody want it in their forehead well that that little spot right there keeps warm you know you’re always going where somewhere you’re always doing something blood is always flow into your head so it needs to be kept warm it needs to be in motion so here or here is is the place that they determined would be the best place to put in implantable microchip in order for it to continually recharge if it weird how technology is keeping up with the Bible God said 2,000 years ago now this is what’s gonna be like the last day so you’re ready buckle up and now we’re seeing in our day Wow everything seems to be here the number is already there the mark if that is the mark of the beast that the word of Greek means a scratch you know if you get a scratch it does something it opens your skin usually it’s a scratch it so I think it has to be something that’s implantable smart gonna be something that goes inside so I would say it’s probably this RFID chip and that would be the thing that people but you never know it could be something else it could be just an image or something that’s put on you that stays there but whatever it is it’s gonna cause some problems now I don’t wish anyone to miss the rapture I’m a Bible preacher I believe in the gospel so I want you to get saved today so you go with the rapture I don’t want you to miss the rapture so you have to be in this time period of the Antichrist where you have to take the mark of the beast because the Bible says if you take the mark of the beast whatever it may be an implantable microchip or whatever it is it’s going to make you sick go to Revelation 16 it will give you an infection Revelation chapter 16 verse 1 and to look at what the Bible says about those people that take the mark of the beast again if you miss the rapture and you’re living in this time and they say you have to take the mark of the beast if you take it this is what’s going to happen Revelation chapter 16 verse 1 and 2 and I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels go your ways and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth verse 2 and the first went and poured out his vial upon the earth and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast and a thumb on them which worshipped His image whoever takes the mark of the beast they’re gonna get a grievous sore they’re gonna get sick that mark of a beast there’s something about it that it does not mix with your body and your body says no I don’t want that thing inside of me now the people that invented this years ago who probably 25 30 years ago I was in Bible School I remember hearing the audio tape of this and I’ve not found it ever since but I remember the man I wish I remembered his name he came out and he said I was part of the laboratory that that came about inventing these RFID chips and and how we decided to inject things like this into people’s right hands and he said we use lithium so we use some kind of a lithium and and someone said well if you put that in the human body lithium is not very good for you you know so what what are you thinking to use lithium and what happens if you put one of these chips and somehow it breaks or something well the lithium would would it would get into the body and leach out into the body and make you sick and he said and it would make a black soul oh so just like the Bible says huh yeah you can’t get away from God in the Word of God in the Bible it’s just incredible so I don’t know again I’m not saying the mark of the beast has to be in this chip or whatever I’m just saying that that’s the understanding of many Christians today looking at this from this side we’re not over there and what are thinking man it’s got to be something like that it’s got to be something that they put in your body and God gets so angry with you choosing that place is okay you’re just gonna have an infection you’re just gonna have a sore I’m gonna make sure that you’re sick now we also look at this thing and we ask the question what is the final end of those who take the mark of the beast if a person takes the mark of the beast can they be saved you see we today in the church age were saved by trusting in the blood atonement of Christ when we trust in what Jesus did because he died for us that’s when we’re safe and we go up at the rapture so we’re not going to be here to take the mark of the beast we who are saved in the church age but what if somebody’s left behind and they’re like well you know I want to buy it sell otherwise I can’t eat so all right give me the mark what happens to them well not only do they get sick physically but go to Revelation chapter 19 they go to hell when Jesus comes back at the Battle of Armageddon and when Jesus returns at Armageddon he said he would anybody that has the mark of the beast it’s over for them they’re gonna go directly to hell they’re not gonna pass go they’re not gonna collect 200 there’s no forgiveness by God too anyone who chose the mark of the beast because the mark of the beast is tied in to Lucifer which is Satan so anyone who takes the word mark of the beast they’re worshiping the Beast they’re worshipping Lucifer they’re Satan worshippers and God says I will not give you salvation to come into my Millennial Kingdom if you take that mark we find that in Revelation chapter 19 and verse 20 and the Beast was taken with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshipped His image these both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone those that take of mark of the beast will go with the beast into the lake of fire now go to Revelation 14 9 through 11 again we’re told revelation 14 verses 9 through 11 and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the Beast and His image and receive his mark in his forehead or his right hand verse 10 the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels and in the presence of the Lamb verse 11 and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the Beast and His image and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name they go to the lake of fire they go to flames they go to torment because they took the mark of the beast so folks this isn’t something to take lightly the mark of the beast this is a important to know your immortal soul depends on whether or not you take that mark if you don’t go with the rapture and if you do your soul is damned to hell if you don’t that’s the only way you can be saved in the tribulation period but what happens if you don’t take the mark of the beast if you want to be free of the Beast if you want to be free from this mark if you want to say no I don’t I don’t want the mark of the beast then what should you do well here’s what you should do yeah I got my things messed up up here I’ll go ahead and change that for you real quick sorry about that okay sorry about that I get one so I went ahead and race the the ones that I put down and put it back in the mark of the beast has to do with that image it’s a figure and something to do with some image all right so then I went back and number four would be the infection of the sword number five the final end of the flames now number six the six thing I want to say about the mark of the beast is freedom if you miss the rapture and you say oh man I didn’t know with the rapture I wasn’t saved what should I do and you were in this tribulation period here’s what you should do you need to come to Jesus you need to say Jesus I take you I want you and I don’t want the Antichrist and when the Antichrist comes along and he says now take the mark of the beast you have to say no when you say no the Bible says that you will be beheaded go to Revelation chapter 20 and verse 4 revelation 20 in verse 4 and I saw Thrones and they set upon them and judgment was given to them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God and which had not worshipped the beast nor his image okay they didn’t have the mark of the beast I didn’t take his figurers image or whatever it was they they just said no neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years so where were these people at the altar in heaven and their souls here that were beheaded and they are up in heaven because during the tribulation they said to the Antichrist we will not take your mark now the Antichrist will be a dictator the Antichrist won’t go oh that’s okay he’s gonna say you take my mark or I chop your head off so if you want to be saved and have freedom from the Antichrist and this horrible wicked mark that will not only damn your soul to hell but will give you a horrible infection you have to say no and saying no to the Antichrist means you’ll either have to flee for your life and live without food which would be hard to do but not being able to buy or sell or you’ll have to say look let me just be a witness for Jesus just Antichrist just go ahead and behead me right now just go ahead and kill me because there’s going to be a capital punishment mandate in that time capital punishment for those that don’t take the mark of the beast so that’s the devil he is so horrible he’s so wicked he wants you to worship Him and he hates you so much that he knows that if you do take his month mark that you’re gonna get some sick you’re gonna get so sick and he knows you’ll be damned to hell but he doesn’t care and he’ll be laughing at you the whole time so you got to think about those things if you miss the rapture and you’re in the tribulation is it worth it to have all three four five six seven years possibly of comfort and all eternity in a lake of fire is it worth it who is this Antichrist well we’ve looked at the Antichrist a little bit the the mark of the beast we really we went into the mark more than anything so I talked about the mark we’ll talk about now the beast who is this beast you see we have the number we know what the number is we already see in the financial district the number being used in barcodes we already know what the mark is it’s got something to do with something like this either an image that’s that’s put onto somebody or inject it into him but who is the Antichrist what’s his name what is he all about let’s go and look at Revelation chapter 17 I think it plays into the United Nations and I believe that the United Nations will very much be a part of this that the United Nations will eventually take over the entire world there will be no more borders there will be no more nations there will be one government over the whole world we call that the new world order or the one-world government and that’s the plan of Satan that’s what the devil wants a one-world order but in Revelation chapter 17 verses 8 through 11 we see what the Bible talks about this beast being he’s a king so what is this beast he’s a future leader so he’s a future king so you look at this future leader who’s coming and I don’t know when he’s coming or who he is but whoever he is he looks like he’s going to be head of the United Nations they’re gonna crown him as the king of the world now you go to revelation 17 and talks about this revelation through 11 the Beast that thou sawest was and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition and that will in the earth shall wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world when they behold the Beast that was and is not and yet is and here is the mind which hath wisdom the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth and there are seven kings five are fallen and one is and the other is not yet come and when he cometh he must continue a short space and the Beast which was and is not even he is the eighth that is a of the seven and goeth unto perdition and the ten horns which thou sawest are ten Kings which have received no Kingdom as yet but a few powers kings one hour with the Beast and these have one mind shall give their power and strength unto the Beast so I read and read down verse 13 but the Bible tells us that this beast this coming Antichrist will be the head over the entire world now I’ve thought about this long and hard and there’s a lot of youtube videos on this but I’ve already showed you that the method that the Antichrist uses for killing people who refuse the mark is beheading he’s going to behead people you know in the old days the French they used what they called the guillotine you ever seen a guillotine it’s pretty scary thing and guillotine a guillotine is a thing that you put your head in here it has this huge blade up here on it and a rope and the guys down here holding the rope and he lets go with the Lord rope and that huge blade falls down and shops the guy’s head off and down here is his head in a bucket full of blood that’s one way to heavy people with a guillotine and all the blood pours out the Antichrist he’s going to behead people but there’s also another way to behead people and that’s what they sword and there’s one religion and I hate to even call it a religion because it’s not really a religion it’s more of a political ideal or a presumed political regime there’s only one governmental system in the world that kills people by beheading and who that is Islam so we’re reading here the Bible and Revelation chapter 17 about these seven kings they’re like seven mountains and somebody sent me this and I don’t know how much of this I agree with but I thought I did with this I thought this is kind of interesting to give you an idea could it be that Islam is the one in the end in which the Antichrist comes from and the reason the Bible says those that don’t take the market it’s because they’re beheaded it’s because Islam is in control of the entire world and they’re the ones with the sword beheading people in the Bible we’re given all these different kingdoms and the Bible tells us the names of all these different kingdoms and it’s interesting that there’s all these nations in the world that ever have ever been really big nations and what’s funny is they’re all over in the Middle East you know God never mentions the United States of America or someplace like that God’s dealing with his people the Jews Israel over in that area in that nation so the first people we see in the Bible are Egypt and God calls out of Egypt his people Israel so we see Israel called out of Egypt and if you want to study the body well understand it’s about God’s chosen people Israel so Egypt were called out the next big country to take over was Assyria after a Syria came Babylon these are all and you can go to the Book of Daniel and read the book of Daniel it talks about all these different nations well Israel went into captivity into Babylon because they rebelled against God the next big country to take over was media Persia all right the next one to show up was Greece Grecian Empire and Israel is living and doing their thing and then comes Rome and then comes Rome and what happens Israel goes into captivity again so the Bible is a book written by Jews all about the Jews and how they live throughout time with all these other covering nations well the Jews were in captivity and then up shows Jesus Christ right there and the Jews reject their Messiah and so all the Jews are dispersed throughout the world for almost 2,000 years and what you have is here the Ottoman Empire the Ottoman Empire rules for close to 400 years and again this is all about the Middle East all that over there where God’s people were Israel that’s the place that God is looking at the Bible doesn’t mention in America and places like that it’s all God dealing with his people the Jews throughout history with all these different nations the Ottoman Empire ended in 1917 when the British came in and defeat of the Ottoman Empire and then they made the Balfour Declaration and they told the Jews they Jews guess what you can come back so the Jews are back and in 1947 they moved back in 48 that became a nation so we’re looking at God and prophecy God’s calendar we’re seeing a while look at that we just read that there were seven kings in there like mountains and we look at the seven different main governing bodies over the whole history of the world and there just happens to be seven of them and then the eighth one that’s when the Beast shows up and we look at the Bible we look at the time period we’re like oh gods back to Israel so this must be really close 2018 was celebration of 70 years for Israel and God put them in captivity back you said all that stuff but it looks like to me when you look at these different nations there’s Muslims Islam Islam took over all these nations Islam took over Egypt and Assyria and Babylon and media Persia and Greece that are taking over Italy in the Europe now with the European invasion so you got a look at this and you got to go Wow now Revelation chapter 20 and verse 4 what does it say beheading Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 and I saw Thrones and they didn’t set upon them and judgment was given unto them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus Christ so those that don’t take the mark of the beast are beheaded who does beheadings Islam Islam is the only one in the world that beheads people so this eighth person is the Beast and Islam is the biggest religion in the world today so could it be even Islam is what’s in charge when the mark of the beast comes and that’s why when people don’t take the mark of the beast that’s why there be headed because Islam beheads those that they deem as infidels there’s a huge guy whose name is Erica Donna ergo Don Erica Don he’s trying to revive the Ottoman Empire he calls it his caliphate he’s trying to raise again the Islamic caliphate he might do it I don’t know I’m not saying that her gird on is the Antichrist I’m not saying that at all it is interesting that you go to the letters of his name and you can get the word dragon out of it I find that quite interesting but it is interesting I just throw this out here that we read about the mark of the beast in the Bible it’s a forehead thing well you look at that there’s 666 on their forehead or it’s the right hand thing it’s future we know it’s not before the rapture but those who do not take that mark get their heads cut off well I look at history the only people run around lopping off people’s heads in the name of their religion in the name of their God by the way they’re God’s name is Allah and his name the way it’s spelled kind of looks like this in Greek go to WorldNetDaily and look up allah god of violence 17 BC that’s WorldNetDaily calm in the name of the article you type it into the search engine is all a 1700 bc god of violence and you see who violet who you think allah is it makes sense it makes a lot of sense so i’m throw that out there and i’m saying that what it looks like to me according to bible is that in the future after the rapture islam takes over the world and whoever this future antichrist king beast is and i don’t know some people told me that the name her god on means the beast i’ve looked for that i couldn’t find that that’s something they said but i i couldn’t confirm that on the internet I found that it means falcon or a brave man so i’m not sure about that but there are people out there that saying ergodyne is the beast he’s the Antichrist well it’s possible if he ever in time of history tells somebody you got to take my mark well then you have the name but it could be someone else it could be anybody you know is it in Islam there’s this there’s this prophecy of this out of the east coming some guy that unites everybody and when Obama became president why many Muslims said that’s him that’s him that’s it so who knows I have no idea but I do know this it is quite interesting that the Bible has all the answers tells us you know there’s seven different this and seven that and the eighth one and then he starts to look at it you kind of lay it out and you kind of go hmm and you got to scratch your head and say sure looks like a future Islamic caliphate taking over the entire world chopping off the heads of people who do not take that mark of the beast now I would be a miss to close this without telling you how to be safe today if you are still here before the rapture comes this is how you get saved the Bible says for by grace you saved through faith and that not of yourselves the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast the gospel is 1st Corinthians 15 one through four go read that sometime tells you that you’re saved by believing that Christ died for your sins was buried and rose again how did he do it he shed his blood bubble says you trust the blood Romans it’s about the blood of Jesus Christ Jesus loved us enough he died for our sins he says we’re saved by faith by trusting him going to him you know Lord I accept you I trust what you’ve done I accept your payment for my sins I by faith receive you as my savior then you’ll be saved then you can go at the rapture it’s all about faith but if you’re left behind here in this tribulation period the best thing you can do is get your head chopped off just lay down just say hey I believe in Jesus go ahead and take my head because I will not take that mark I will not get a grievous sore I will not end up in the flames of hell so hope this has been a blessing I hope there’s been a help to you I’m not trying to scare anyone I just want you to see what the Bible says it’s true we’re seeing all this come to pass in our lifetime and if you’re left behind at the rapture you’re gonna see a lot more but be forewarned God says do not take the mark of the beast thank you for watching we’ll see you next time God bless..

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