The “M” Word

It’s probably the most abou subject and Christianity and yet since the fuel project began it’s easily being one of the most prevalent questions dropping into my email inbox what does the Bible say about masturbation it seems that many church leaders don’t particularly want to talk about this subject and yet there are a lot of people out there who do want to hear something about this subject there there seems to be a void of information there that not many are willing to step into and it’s got to be said that the information that does exist is often quite contradictory some people are on one side saying one thing about it there’s on another side and so there’s just a lot of confusion and guilt it seems about this topic I think it’s probably due to embarrassment that this issue isn’t being more widely addressed within the church and I have to say that I don’t regard myself as being any better than others and this just bagged I either in the seven years since this ministry began I can’t ever remember publicly talking about masturbation and embarrassments probably being the problem for me too however I have had a narrative building in my mind for some time about this and due to the number of questions and the confusion I thought you know what let’s just do it well I should get out the way let’s just get into it man indeed I promised everyone that email that I would eventually do something on this so this is a fulfillment of that promise before starting however I did want to get some counsel to make sure that I wasn’t making a mistake so I went to the ministry’s patrons those who financially support the fuel project through patreon and I posted a note asking for their advice should I go ahead with this topic am I breaking any cause of propriety but overwhelmingly they all responded saying that masturbation as well as the closely tied issue of pornography was indeed something that needed to be discussed within the church and so here it is this is the new series it’s called the n-word there are three things I want to say about this series before we get started on it firstly I want to explain the format of this series it’s going to be divided into two main sections and this is because there are indeed two broad approaches to the issue of masturbation there are those who say that masturbation for Christians is a less than ideal but acceptable means of managing the sexual impulse until marriage and then there are those who say that Christians outside of marriage to practice complete abstinence from all sexual release any section of the series and I’m going to give each side the fairest hearing possible the first half is called the case for concession and then the second half is called the argument for abstinence and it’s only at the end at the very end of the series that we’re going to weigh up both sides of the debate to see which one is actually the strongest I’m making this clear at the beginning because it’s not uncommon to receive emails of complaint from people who haven’t read or watched a piece of content all the way to the end so I want to emphasize that when you watch the first half I’m not yet personally back in concession and if you don’t back it either then don’t yet think there were odds with each other your side of the story is on the way it will be heard I promise but in the same fashion when you watch the second half don’t ya think that I’m personally backing abstinence I either you see in both halves I’m merely trying to give each side the fairest hear impossible so at the end of the series we’ll have taken all of the information into consideration to make our final judgement now the second thing I want to say is that the majority of emails I received about the subject have come from men mostly young men therefore I couldn’t help but have them in mind when I was making a series of course being a male myself that also redoubled the likelihood that this series would be made with a distinctly male point of view therefore I can’t promise that this series will do a great job of understanding the female of viewpoint and my apologies if it doesn’t however I do hope that there’s enough that’s common between the sexes for this series to be able to speak to both men and women on some level at least same time and then the third and final thing I want to say is that the book that this series will follow is already released it’s available in Amazon so if you don’t want to wait for these videos you can hand over there right now you can pick up a copy and you can be ahead of the curve I think that’s all the housekeeping done I think I’ve said everything I needed to so with all that being said let’s begin.

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