The Last Sign Before Jesus Comes and The World Ends – by Perry Stone

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one lives was really getting with it out in the back and she says can’t you see it can’t you see it the Chicano glory is here it’s kind of hard to break it to him when you get up until him as a fog machine you know what I mean kind of kills your spirit a little bit you can be seated I want to briefly say that we have considered a joy and honor to be back here in Jacksonville with you and I appreciate pastor the family the the team the worship team and everyone who was involved with this we Pam and I know where I know she’s been homeschooled for years but we know that the place to go in January and February is south well I got an invitation to go somewhere I hadn’t been in 25 years right and my wife and I I’m taking I’m give me just a minute i’ma preach I’m gonna preach my wife and I never had a real honeymoon when we were married because when we got married my schedule was booked already I had to stop a revival that was going how many weeks eight weeks to get to another revival that went three weeks to get married to her on a Friday and drive to a revival on Saturday that went three weeks and I swear that’s where I met Jenson Franklin he has just started in the ministry about men now we never had a honeymoon and I used to think that was so spiritual and then I hit about 40 and realized that was so stupid everybody should have a honeymoon so I always told her I said one of these days I’m gonna take you where do you want to go she said well there’s two or three places I wouldn’t mind going to but she said you know I like water I like the ocean and I said go to floor I’ve been to Florida so many times you know where you want to go she said well I want to go to Hawaii lo and behold God musta answered her prayer to great churches in Hawaii one is on Maui one is in Honolulu has asked me to come for a whole week Sunday through Wednesday and then a Friday Saturday and Sunday and so my wife’s prayers have been answered which lets me know after 38 years of marriage she must be a real woman of God so in February we’re gonna go out there we’re really looking forward to it we normally do in big meetings we do morning and night services and the pastor said no you’re just gonna do the night services you gonna preach the minister to us so we’re looking forward to that honestly but I want to tell you that I believe that we’re really in exciting times some of the times are very negative we see a lot happening but everything we’re seeing is a fulfillment of of what we know was coming we knew it we’ve told people how Lindsay who knows – how Lindsay is raise your hands how Lindsay and I were together and house says you know it’s the most amazing thing to live long enough to see what you wrote about and I said how do you think the prophets feel if they could come back and say I told you that I told you so tonight we’re going to do a very great I think word from God that deals with prophetic things and we’re going to have an altar service for the baptism Holy Spirit 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overload you walk out of there by Sunday going you know you really do it’s Jonathan Cahn and all these other great guys coming are with us so thank you for that and against down men thank you we’re going to go ahead and get started right now for the next few moments I want to give you a thought that has come to me through research of the Word of God on the subject of the last sign the last sign before the tribulation will begin and most of you understand when I say the word signed what I’m alluding to it’s the word the disciples asked Christ what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the world now the end of the world there is kind of a misnomer the way it’s translated in English because in the Bible and then in the Greek there are three words for world I don’t know if you know this one is the population of the earth one is the planet itself and one is the civilized world and in the setting of the word world there it actually means the end of the age what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the eighth not the end of the planet that’s a misnomer the end of the age the the age of man’s government that transfers to the government of the Messiah now we know that that for signs to be fulfilled you must come into a season of prophetic acceleration and prophetic signs in other words biblical things that have been predicted that began to happen that you absolutely know without a doubt or a part of what we call last days in days time of the end that lead to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ now in line with let me just say something to you that’s very very important that I believe that there are prophetic milestones and I believe there are prophetic stepping stones some things are not a direct fulfillment of prophecy they are a part of the a fulfillment I’ll give an example the flu in China they now say at least a hundred thousand people probably have it they’re still spreading it would be considered pestilence in different places Matthew 24 verse 7 when you study the Greek word press pestilence which means a plague that can end in death now is that fulfilled Matthew 24 yes and no because he says pestilences meaning one is not the fulfillment many happening becomes the fulfillment here’s another example earthquakes in diverse places there’s always been earthquakes but the question is this is it one big one no it’s plural it means a series a succession of them that happen at certain times then they begin to accelerate closer together and the magnitude of them becomes larger it’s not a three five it’s a six seven it’s a seven four it’s an eight one and this is how the signs of the time in Matthew chapter 24 work and one of the interesting verses in Luke and I’ve got to show you this and in Luke’s Gospel chapter 17 there’s a few verses but chapter 21 is very significant because Luke 21 and Mark 13 and Matthew 24 all sort of deal with the same predictions that Jesus is giving to his disciples of what to look for before he actually returns and when you start looking you say to yourself I’ve had critics say this to me Oh preacher come on always been earthquakes always been famines there’s always been pestilence has always been warm dear God world war one look how many people died in world war two came along so you’re telling me that we’re in the time of end based on what this verse Luke says when all of the things begin to come to pass did you just hear what it said it’s all of the things now here’s the key to knowing the time of end the key to knowing it is when you see a major famine coupled with plagues breaking out combined with the earthquake that happened that afternoon come on talk to me now then the war and then a rumor of war man I mean they just broke on the news I don’t know if it did damage I don’t know if anybody was killed that somebody shot a missile into the dining room at the US Embassy in Baghdad Oh somebody’s in trouble if you heard me preach the other night you understand why I’m saying that so the point is that it’s when everything starts happening at once that verse that verse that verse that verse that verse then it starts happening at once then it starts happening very close together near the same time this is how we know we are coming toward the time of the end but that’s not the key to the message that I want to give you tonight wouldn’t you know it because what I want to talk about is something that triggered me in my research and study and I would say to myself I would say Perry there’s got to be something that triggers everything else there’s got to be something that happens and I said look God how do we know there is a time of the end I’m going to save the big one for just a minute but I’m going to give you something that’s very significant and I want you to track with me because I feel the Spirit of God talking to my mind and spirit to lay something out before you right now that’s very I think very very significant when we talk about the return of Christ and we talk about the signs of his coming there’s something that’s very very significant whoa put your hands up and just pray with me because I could go five different ways say lord help him say help him stay on track whoa hallelujah there are several different things that we could look at and here’s one that I want to give you I’m going give you something that triggered me the other day the gospel has to be preached in all the world and then the income Matthew 24:14 I want to keep up on what causes the end to come for a moment this is still not the message by the way this is a nugget you’re getting for free if the gospel must be preached in all nations as a testimony and then the end would come then then how does the income with the preaching of the gospel the assumption has always been that when the gospel goes into all nations in fact that word in all the world is the Greek word for civilized world it’s actually a Greek word that would mean in in Jesus day it would mean spread throughout the whole Roman Empire that’s what it would mean so we would assume that the incomes when the satellites are over all the nations right when the internet availability – the gospel is there and it is missionaries are all over the country and they are so it’s ok now once the gospel is in the nations Jesus said the inward company I’m gonna give you the real trigger I’m going to tell you when you know it’s over and this is what spooks me about America because in Romans 11 the Bible tells us that the Apostle Paul said that Israel had the covenants the Oracles of God and God’s chosen people but they went into blindness and the Bible said that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in I looked at that verse from all of the old translations from the 1600s 1517 unders and the commentaries by Barnes than Adam Clarke and every other person and it seems that that statement blindness in has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles and they all translated until the full number of Gentiles that are supposed to be in the kingdom come into the kingdom till the fill full number of Gentiles from the nations hear the gospel and receive Christ every scholar from the 1800’s back seems to feel that when Paul talked about in Romans 11 Israel not being able to see who their Messiah was and the Gentiles being grafted it is somehow connected to blindness coming to Israel until God has preset and preordained the number of Gentile souls in the last day to be a part of the kingdom and when he reaches that number it is called in your Bible fullness of times and that’s when the rapture happens and this is what these men talked about and wrote about and we’ve studied this but you hear me very well with what I’m about to say in America to me is becoming hardened people have gone beyond taking sides they have gone beyond their political and spiritual opinions and now you see people who are completely totally hardened a lady that was here that was a partner showed me a text she says I went to text my ex-husband this was his old number and I was gonna tell him that I’m in church and I get it back that you’ve got the wrong number and there’s a satanic pentagram on her screen and whoever this was says I’m a Satan worshiper and I don’t want to have anything to do with your lying Jesus this is how hardened people are becoming they’re turning to witchcraft that’s the most popular religion right now in America popular they’re turning to the occult they’re turning to the New Age they’re turning to Satanism now stay with me until their hearts are becoming hard watch blindness happens to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles in and then ladies and gentlemen if you’d like to know where you want to know what happens after that watch this what happens after that is Israel’s eyes are opened and the Gentiles eyes go blind read it in Romans chapter 11 it’s stunning that’s what Paul talks about now here’s how I know we’re still not on the message we will get there in a minute but I’ve got to give you this nugget this is how we know ready that we have reached the actual time of the end and it’s all about to be over it’s in Revelation it’s found three times and it says this one verse says and when the judgments came and the Sun began to scorch men men did blaspheme God and his tabernacle in heaven then it says three times here’s the sins they repented not of their fornication nor their sorceries and that word is pharmakeia which actually would mean drug addictions their idolatry for sins in the tribulation that are listed in the book of Revelation three times you hear me it says and men repented not when a plague can hit where people are dropping dead in hospitals on the road and men are not repenting we’ve just about reached the end when an earthquake comes to a city and takes it down and people are blaming God for it and cursing God’s name if this has happened recently and they won’t repent we’re coming to the time of the end here’s my point there is no necessity for the preaching of the gospel when men have become so hard they’re no longer repenting and that my friend is what introduces the tribulation so the more you see in America people mocking Christianity mocking the Bible mocking preachers demanding people to bake a cake for homosexuals when the purse there’s a Christian locking them up in prison hey a guy the other day he shouldn’t have done this this was wrong but he took a gay lesbian front front flag and burned it and he got fine for a month and put in jail 16 years but yet they stand and burn an American flag that men have died for in Washington DC and nobody gets arrested this is the hardness of people’s heart this is what we’re talking about when nothing is making sense and no one wants to hear the preaching of the word of God are you still here shout yes now I’ve looked into the word and I said okay I want the Lord to quicken to me or to show me the trigger and he showed me that one that one I wasn’t even going to preach on tonight but that’s definitely one let me ask you something can anybody see it there was a day when you have a gospel meeting and people would show up and their hearts were tender back in the days of Billy Graham all of New York stood on the street let’s Angeles what do you have like an 11 week revival and famous people coming to know Jesus it does not happen now Minutemen are becoming hardened that’s a sign but it’s not the main one somebody give the Lord a praise while we get ready to go into there’s somebody give him a praise there are signs that when you see him they point to the big event when Christ was about to come to the earth it said behold the Lord will give you a sign Isaiah 7:14 a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall call his name Immanuel and then in luke’s gospel the angel Gabriel comes to a virgin by the name of Mary in the city of Nazareth and begins to inform her that she will conceive a son and call his name Jesus and he will save the people from their sin so when a virgin conceived of the Holy Spirit the seed son of God it started as we would say the ball rolling for the Messiah to come one sign just one sign when you see and hear that a virgin has conceived then you’ll know this is the sign god I feel the Holy Ghost myself I don’t know what you feel but I began to feel something in this place then Jesus says now when you see Jerusalem compact compassed with armies know that the desolation thereof is nigh and get out of the city and don’t look back and if you’re on the rooftop don’t come into the house to take anything out now he was telling them something he was saying there’s going to be an invasion the city’s going to be destroyed and I’m going to give you the sign to look for when it happens and I’ve studied the works of Josephus on the destruction of Jerusalem I’ve studied three of the early church fathers Eusebius was one of them Origen was another one and here’s what’s amazing are you ready in 66 to 70 AD 66 67 68 69 70 for four years Vespasian had the city of Jerusalem surrounded he was elected Emperor he pulled out he got his son Titus to come in with the army in the break between the time Vespasian left and the time that Titus came in there was a small opening window according to early church fathers an angel of the Lord came to the elders in Jerusalem and said to them the destruction is coming soon get out and go to a place called Pella the angel told him where to go Philip SCAF history of the Christian Church records the event that Christians began to pull up and uproot what did they do let me tell you what they did you can read this in the book of Acts why did Barnabas sell property in the city of Jerusalem why did Ananias and Sapphira sell property in the city of Jerusalem why do you not read in the book of Acts there the Christians were selling proper in Antioch they were not selling property in Ephesus they were not selling property in anywhere of the seven churches why is it history records that Christians started selling all their stuff in the city of Jerusalem years before I’m going to tell you why because if you had a prophetic word that a tsunami was about to hit Jacksonville and in a year you had a year to get out you sell everything you could if you knew it was a word from God you’d go somewhere else and people that believed the word of Christ believed the destruction was coming they start selling theirs they didn’t do it anywhere else but they did it in the city of Jerusalem and God is so God is so amazing because years before they moved from Jerusalem to Paylor between 66 to 69 80 years before a bunch of apostles went down to Pele Pele is a city that was located across the Jordan River in the country of Jordan not far from the Sea of Galilee in fact it’s not what I say not far just so you know the area down into Jordan you know what they did they had a revival you know what happened in the revival they had miracles you know what happened and the revival demons came out of people you know what happened in the revival healings start taking place and that whole city turned toward the Christian faith watch this so years later when the Christians left Jerusalem they were welcomed with open arms because the revival had already hit God had the place set up for the people to escape that he warned them when you see Jerusalem compassed with army flee to the mountains hallelujah he had it all figured out now the sign was when you see a trench dug it says in Luke when you see a trench dug Josephus said they started digging trenches when you see a trench dug and you see the cities surrounded get out any way you can get out so watch this the sign of the destruction in 70 AD which occurred were by the 10th Legion who killed 6,000 Jews on the temple platform and in the city of Jerusalem who burnt the temple to the ground and when the when the fires coold top of the stones of the temple to peel the gold off that was melted before it happened there was one or two signs and jesus said when you see it you got to move are you still tracking with me say yes a ma’am I’m gonna give you one or two more wouldn’t well imma give you maybe one more here mmm now in Acts chapter 2 Peters preaching on the day of Pentecost I want to read this verse to you from the King James translation of the Bible the Holy Spirit has been poured out 120 are recorded they may have been less there may have been more at that moment because that was a recording of those in the upper room we assume they all stayed for this event the speaking of tongues the fire of God has fallen the city of Jerusalem to the temple is all in topsy-turvy trying to say what meaneth this what is going on and Peter said it should come to pass in the last days say of God that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams and upon my servants and my handmaidens I will pour out my spirit of those days and they shall prophesy I was shall wandering the heavens above and science in the earth beneath blood fire and vapor smoke the Sun will be turned to darkness and the moon into blood before the Great and notable day of the Lord comes Peter did not make that verse up if you’re not familiar with this Peter has quoted almost verbatim the prophecy given by the Prophet Joel and when you go to the Prophet Joel he’s three chapters the first chapter he talks about complete ruin the locust has eaten the palmer worm has eaten the caterpillar has eaten Northern armies coming to destroy the place then the second chapter he talks about restoration I’m going to restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten and the cankerworm earth eaten in the Palmer worm and then the third when he talks about the revival so you’ve got ruined restoration and then you have revival but I you know and I’m a King James guy quoted I’ve been quoting the King James since I was about 15 years of age if I go and read another translation my mind kicks to King James you understand I’m saying I’m I’m the VM that therefore of the shout and that’s just how many like that version raise your hand good that’s what my Bibles in so that’s why they get it you know cuz 1611 that’s the version we use now I want to show you something though and I have done the word study from the Greek New Testament and from the Hebrew and can prove to you what I’m saying is correct when Joel is talking about the restoration of Israel the Babylonians had come in and messed up everything burnt the temple down took the Jews captive and God is telling him it’s not gonna end this way I’m about to restore some things but it’s one word look at your neighbors say he said one word he said one word one word changes all of the meaning from Peter’s statement to Joel’s statement y’all want to go there with me put your hand up wave it this way we’ll go there just making sure there we go alright Peter said this it shall come to pass in the last days I’ll pour out my spirit five times that word last days is used in the New Testament and it means the final days the final days before something great it can mean the final days before Christ returns it can mean the final days before something yes but final days in acts 2 1 through 4 mmm he said it’s gonna be poured out on men and women servants and handmaids do you understand that it was rare for a female to have the anointing on them anywhere in the Old Testament it was predominantly a man thing hello your men were Kings your men except for Deborah were judges your men were prophets except for hula and a one or two more who were prophet assist it was a man but God said I’m an equal-opportunity employer so before so long before in the 1960s the the you know the sexual revolution came in the 1980s the women femme the feminine revolution came long before everybody said let’s make women equal with men God comes along and says well they are different I created them different but just so you’ll know we get to the last days I’m gonna pour out my spirit on both of them because I need both of them to do what needs to be done in my kingdom all right now there’s gonna be signs before the notable day of the Lord now watch this the word notable here in Greek is Epiphanius which is or the Epiphany which is the word for the appearing of God it actually translates God met affair manifest Antiochus Epiphanes you probably have heard the name Antiochus Epiphanes who offered a pig on the altar stop the Jews from worshipping on the Sabbath stop Jewish circumcision his name means Antiochus God manifests he was the ruler parallel to what the Antichrist will do won’t have time to get into that you’ve ever heard the name that’s where they come from so here’s a Greek word in the Greek Bible not talking about that man but means God manifests so all of this will happen before God manifests or what before the rapture because that word epiphany a’ is used in the Greek New Testament for the return of the Lord a greek words are used for the return of the lord the lord coming back and that hat that happens to be one of the greek words where he is made visible where he manifests where people are finally able to see him as he is so is everybody still tracking it’s gets a little bit bright here we don’t wanna lose you yeah all right for all you said come on here we go I will now go to Joel chapter 2 and read what Peter quoted and you tell me if you find a different word here that it changes the context and timing of everything for it shall come to pass afterwards that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy old men will dream dreams your young men will see visions and also upon the servants and upon my handmaids in those days I will part of my spirit that’s a you know if you’re not careful you’ll think it’s exact word for word it’s not I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth blood and fire pillars of smoke the Sun of return to darkness the moon to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes now it sounds like it’s the same prophecy but there’s one word Peter changed that was not the word Joel used and you’ve got to hear me and get this explained in your spirit Peter said the outpouring will come in the last days Joel said it’ll come afterwards and that’s two different words that are not even close to each other in the original meaning of the words so to explain this here’s what we have to go back to many nominal people believe that speaking with other tongues passed away a long time ago either with the death of the Apostle John the last apostle or with the completion of the 27 books of the New Testament Canon by the fourth century and it’s called the doctrine of cessationism meaning that the miraculous gives to the spirit including tongues and interpretation and prophecy have ceased somewhere by the fifth century and there are churches in Jacksonville Florida where a pastor will stand behind a pulpit really all over the United States not just Jacksonville and will tell their people tongues have ceased tongues no longer exist these people who say they speak with tongues are foolish they are deceived it is a bunch of jibber jabber jibber jabber some will go as far and this is close to blasphemy and say it’s of the devil or it’s satanic so they’re gonna give you all these reasons why and here’s what they say it is Peter can you mind if I change my voice and act like one them preachers ladies and gentlemen it is the Apostle Peter that made this statement that the spirit got a sentence thought that the Holy Spirit would be poured out in the last days and we know it was poor not on Pentecost therefore that was the fulfillment of it it was it was about the Holy Spirit coming in the Apostolic day and has nothing to do with us today and people will sit there hallelujah amen praise the Lord no they probably won’t do anything because they run him out of the church if I did that now I want you to listen to me because Peter then writes in his epistle about the last days so here’s what you’ve got to understand when Peter stood up he’s in Jerusalem he already has been told by Jesus that Jerusalem is going to be destroyed in a generation the general Jesus told him Matthew 23 all of this will come on this generation a generation in Psalms of wickedness is always 40 years God Jesus said I was or the God said in Psalms I was grieved with Israel even this whole generation for 40 years in the wilderness Jesus is prophesying Jerusalem’s destruction in 32 ad it happened in 70 AD how many years is that come on mathematicians help me that’s 38 years that’s a little less than a generation now here’s what Peter is saying if you will read the rest of Acts 2 he is warning Israel Jerusalem and the Jews we are now in the last days not the last days leading to the rapture or the return of Jesus the last days for all of you so in these days before Jerusalem is ruined before you’re left desolate God is going to mercifully pour out his spirit upon all flesh Shh and the sons and daughters which was the younger generation they received it and the servants and The Handmaid’s hey Mary was in the upper room all the Catholic folks like that when they hear it seriously Mary the mother of Christ is in the upper room and acts 1 when the Holy Spirit falls so in other words servants and ladies received sons and daughters were saved and you can even go to Jewish history there was all kinds of warnings of visions and dreams that were happening and in less than 40 years the Sun was darkened the moon was balking at cosmic signs all these different things pillars of smoke was coming off the temple now there’s people that will take what I just said who are called preterist and they were trying to say to you everything was fulfilled in 70 AD and there’s not gonna be an antichrist that’s not gonna be a ratchet that’ll be anything because all of it happened in 70 AD that’s nonsense and I can prove it to you and don’t have time to prove it to you don’t get me started and anybody got time for that all right but stay with me now to understand a prophetic statement you have to go to the context of which is it’s written in let’s go to Joe if you go to Joe what he talks about before he makes this prediction is clean your ears out the restoration of the nation of Israel at the time of the end go back and read it how a restore to you the years the locusts have eaten and they can’t get worm and the Palmer worm and the VAT shall be full of new wine and oil the land will be blessed now watch he’s telling his the piece telling the Jews there will come a time when everything will be restored back that was lost this is the thing Peter later said in Acts chapter 3 I think it’s verse 21 when Peter talked about whom the heaven speaking of Jesus whom the heavens will receive until the times of the restitution of all things he was predicting in chapter 2 the last days were upon him but he wants to remind people in chapter 3 what Joel mentioned that a total complete restitution is coming the Greek word there for restitution is so I don’t even it’s one of the few words I don’t even try to pronounce in Greek it’s like three parts to one word and that word means to restore an estate to its original owner to restore land back to the original people to restore a bone that has been broken to restore a pothole in a road I’m telling you that that one statement in acts tells you that the heavens will keep crop up I share he taught us that the heavens will keep Christ in it he will remain where he is until the restitution of what number one the restitution of Israel as a nation 1948 number two the restitution of Jerusalem is the capital when did that happen 1967 number three the Jews returning from Russia in the north country where would that start happening in 1989 number four the restitution of the latter rains when did God start happening in 1992 number five the desert blossoming like a rose Isaiah 27 Israel will blossom and fill the world with fruit when did that start happening in the year 2000 when they started putting all the farms in the Negev desert and down in the out of all finding underground water so in other words ladies and gentlemen there has been a restitution of everything the prophets have talked about up till this point I I’m gonna tell you something in the Holy Ghost stuff I’m gonna tell you something you didn’t hear I’ve studied this book every day of my life and I’m here to tell you there is not one thing left except the war of Gog and Magog and it could happen in the tribulation it could happen at the beginning it could happen somewhere before the rapture or right after the rapture we don’t know but I’m telling you that’s the only thing left that specifically has to take place where there is a restoration the Bible said there had to be a great army and I Ezekiel they are a great army the Bible said they got a dwelling on log cities they are in on wall cities the Bible said it happens when Israel is restored they’ve been restored so here’s what I’m trying to say if the heavens hold up Jesus until the time of the restitution of all things it simply means it can’t be much longer than the heavens let him go and the heavens release him to the earth and we are caught up to meet the Lord in the air and the dead in Christ are going to rise help me praise Him now somebody in this house now watch this this is where it gets interesting not now remember I told you heavens have to receive Christ until this restitution that’s connected to Israel by the way what what did the disciples say to Jesus right before he went up will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel it was all about Israel what did they what did Jesus say back it’s not for you to know the times or the seasons that the fathers put in his own power Jesus is saying to them there will come a restitution in God’s time from Adam to Abraham I’ve got this in books and you’ve got to add the number two years after the flood in the book of Genesis you take 130 years this child’s born a hundred years this child’s will you take all those numbers in Genesis go all the way to when Abraham Abraham is born and add the two years in Genesis after the flood our facts said it says two years after the flood use all the numbers I can show it to you it’s exactly from Adam to Abraham the man of the Covenant 1948 years when Jesus was born Jesus born second man Adam to the restoration of Israel as a nation who is the seed of Abraham it happened in 1948 1948 years later hello same parallel thank you all ten of you that are excited about that if you’ve never seen that that’ll make you hoop and Hollister wool that’s deep that’s deep now let’s look at it again if Joel is talking about the spirit being poured out he tells you he gives you the key when it’s going to happen two keys here we go this is the message two keys it shall come to pass afterwards I’ll pour out my spirit what is the afterwards here we go after the restoration of Israel starts I’m a student of the healing revival in 1948 on May 14 David ben-gurion it was actually between the it was made official the 15th but on the 14th of May he got up in Tel Aviv and announced a new nation had been born in a day and it would be called Israel did you know in June of that 30 days later 30 days later in the month of June a revival struck the United States headed by William Branham Jack Co hey Alan TL Osborn TL Lowery more Sorella all roberts and i can’t name the rest of them because there’s 20 more men who all started their ministry in june 1948 same year 1948 and all this became known by gordon lindsay voice of healing as the restoration revival and why did God send this crazy revival and that could my dad saw the miracles I’ve heard people tell me how that all Roberts prayed for a kid that didn’t have a bone and a bone was created right there and the kid ran all over the tent in the Ohio Valley and everybody starts shouting Oral Roberts couldn’t get the service back co Jones prayed for a board that had no eyeballs in his head two white sockets no retina no pupil no nothing in and outside of Northcote in North Carolina and my pastor friend Monroe Horne is on the platform five feet away and said that boy got blue eyes in five minutes and saw for the first time and was born blind I’m telling you miracles start happening via Jones went to the Alabama Church of God camp meeting in the 1940s and he went to pray for a Catholic priest that had a cancer they brought a Catholic priest on a cot in an old ambulance they had a cancer up in his neck and with theá– pride and rebuked the cancer it fell out by the roots that deep on the platform and that Catholic priest got up screaming and running to the shock of all those old-time Church of God people sitting there at the Church of God camp-meeting in Birmingham Alabama here’s what I’m trying to say to you I’m trying to say that 1948 was the beginning of the nation of Israel born as an infant reborn as an infant born again out of the womb of time and all of a sudden the same year this revival hits for exactly seven years where big tents go at fifteen twenty thousand people attending TL Lowery came out of that meeting and healings and miracles happening like crazy and it was called the restoration of Iowa and I’ve studied at my friend for 44 years it’s the first thing I study when I was called to preach at age 16 I know about everything about it I’ve been blessed I had been blessed that I have in my possession all Roberts’s alligator alligator briefcase that he preached in in the tents in the 1950s and carried his sermons in his daughter sent me every book that he wrote books I’ve never seen or oral signed the last five first edition books I had in my library of him sent him to me personally with a handwritten note before he died and all Roberts daughter sent me a stack of sermons that he preached in the tent in the 1950s that I have in my possession and I’m telling you I know about the healing revival it’s been my my I guess you’d say side hobby to study at my whole life now watch this but the second thing that happens in restoration because Joe said afterward afterward I’ll pour out my spirit a here we go the nation of Israel gets restored and after it is restored what happens a seven-year healing revival but then Jerusalem gets united as the capitalism it was divided between East and West Jordan and Israel and it gets it gets the six-day war breaks out and by the seventh day of the six-day war Jerusalem is the capital is it’s now the United capital of Israel there was a thing called no-man’s land the Jordanians and Israelis put a big concrete wall about as high as this balcony right there with Bob wire on top and Israel’s start tearing that thing down and they United the city of Jerusalem in June of 1967 but did you know what also start happening in June of 1967 are you all ready for this I don’t know if you’re ready for this the charismatic movement same year charismatic library said it started in 1967 right on the parallel of Jerusalem being united as the capital of Israel and what did the charismatic revival do just like there was west and east in Jerusalem the Jordan is had one side the Israelis had another side and there was a division between those two the Jordanians stayed in their camp the Israeli stayed in their camp but when 1967 came they tore the wall down and East and West met together the Arabs and the Jews met together has been a controversy I know that but they met together in 1967 and it became one big city can I tell you what the charismatic renewal did the Baptist’s were in their camp the Presbyterians were in their camp the Catholics were in their camps the Pentecost was in their and everybody had their little wall up hiding under their little bushels and in 1967 thanks to a glow thanks to the Full Gospel businessman international thanks to all these units all those barriers and walls came down just like they did in Jerusalem and the people got together for the first time and received the baptism in the Holy Ghost that was the time of Kathryn Kuhlman that was the time of the Word of Faith Movement all of these big movements that we now talk about started in 1967 now I can take you and I don’t have time to do it because I’m gonna focus on this final thing but I could take you through history our history our time show you an 88 89 90 to 93 95 98 mm how what begins to happen in Israel being restored starts having a reflection in the church and in the body of Christ so watch this it’ll come to pass afterwards I’ll pour out my spirit on office so we got that down right we know what the afterwards is it’s after the restoration here is your big key of the coming of the Lord here’s the trigger it’s right at the end of this verse and I’m gonna read it to you don’t you don’t have to go they’ll read it to you he talks about watch the cosmic signs in the heavens you all know about the four blood moons that happened a few years ago and Passover and Tabernacles that was a huge sign people don’t people still haven’t quite got that but it was the Sun will be turned to darkness and the moon into blood and actually in rabbinical it doesn’t mean the moon’s gonna have blood all over people gonna kill each other on the moon it’s a lunar eclipse which Israel’s Israel’s emblem is based on moon cycles and not sun cycles because God didn’t want them worshipping the Sun the festivals occur when you see the sliver of the moon or when the moon is full there’s two festivals that come on full moons Passover and Tabernacles so the moon has always been an emblem for Israel remember when Joseph had to dream the Sun Moon and stars bowed before him and what is this what does this dad say well I your mother and your eleven brothers bow the eleven brothers are represented by the eleven major constellations in heaven if you count Joseph that’s 12 constellations the Sun represented the daddy and the moon represented the mother there’s a one in the Bible the Sun is under her feet the moon’s above her head twelve stars on her head Revelation chapter 12 it goes back to the story of Joseph it’s the nation of Israel am i overloading you the Sun shall be turned to darkness the moon to blood watch before the Great and notable day of the Lord before the Great this is how Joel says it and terrible day of the Lord you know what do you know what the great and terrible day of the Lord is it’s the day of vengeance it’s the day of wrath it is known in the New Testament as the Great Tribulation so he says the restoration will come before the tribulation the cosmic signs will occur before the tribulation and I’ll pour out my spirit on your sons and daughters before the tribulation the last god I thank you the last great sign and I want everybody to hear this because I am thankful to God I get to be a little part of this the last great sign before Jesus comes back is the great outpouring on the sons and daughters of the servants and the handmaidens and in case you didn’t know who that is that happens to be your kids your teenagers your children your grandbabies come on they go be some five-year-old speaking in tongues Haegele I believe it I believe it’ll be some five years old just laying out getting the baptism of the Holy Ghost you better praise God for your children hey they go be in on this thing they’re going to be in on this but though a couple stories in here and then we’re gonna pray for some folks let me just tell you this huh some of you’ve heard me tell this and Pam my wife is sitting over there we had to live through this but my boy one night took Pam that the doctor nurse told us it was about 70 pills my board took 70 pills he wasn’t trying to kill herself he was trying to psyche his self up for some kind of music and lights that he liked and when he came downstairs I knew he was messed up and I took his pulse I held his pulse and his heart was gone I said son your heart’s beating so fast I can’t even count the pulse beats and we got scared and he starts seeing flashes of lights like he was going out and we took him to the emergency room I didn’t even let him put his pants on he had his underwears what he called me boxers on his t-shirt I saw if you ain’t getting dressed you’re getting because I’m thinking they’re gonna have to pump his stomach and the lady said no it’s already in the system we can’t pump him now and then he went into a room and momma over here and my little daughter are sitting in the outside of the room and I’m with the doctor who tells my son where he tells me privately he’s from my church in North North Cleveland Church he said pastor he said brother Perry pastor he said 18 kids have died doing the same thing he did he said I’m not trying to scare him he said your boys in trouble when they hooked him up his heart beat was 200 beats a minute and that doctor said his heart could explode in his chest he’s not an athlete and nobody nobody’s heart should be beating that fast and I didn’t tell Jonathan that he went to 180 190 and then he gets scared and the more he got scared I guess it was an adrenaline rushing he’d go higher I’m trying to calm him down and he looked at me that night huh and he said doctor left and gave him this little button to push if his heart quit and he told him he said I can’t I can’t promise I can bring you back if your heart quits and my son when that doctor left looked at me and he was terrified and he said daddy I’m not trying to kill myself he said but you got to pray for me that I won’t die tonight because I don’t want to die young you have a you you talked about feeling helpless and about that big when your son is looking to you telling you you better be able to have a prayer life close enough to God to keep me from dying and I had to I had to fight it pastor with promises God told me God knows this I finally told my boy while back I said when you were born the Lord told me that you were gonna have a battle he told I’m telling you years ago he said you’re said remember this baby he’s gonna have a battle and God spoke to me and said but in the end he’s gonna be okay and I held on to that you know when God gives you a word that enemy tries to steal it so the enemy said to me yeah the end is he’s going down that’s the end that’s how it’s going to end he’s going down oh he’ll be say be old ah I said nothing if that’s not what God said and I kept saying God didn’t give me a boy for him to die God didn’t give me this son he’s the only boy I got he’s the only thing then carry on my name and I’m not having it and I’m telling you I understand against a devil of death for five hours while my boy was hooked up to monitors and I said that moment I said devil I’m gonna make you pay I said no you’re gonna pay I said you know you just touched the wrong kid’s dad and I said I don’t know what I’m gonna do and I may have cussed him out a little bit if you don’t you wanted me to be very honest with you come on there’s a time to cuss and not to cuss how many know what I’m talking about we’re my black folks in this house I need some black folks to have better help me out these white folks don’t even know what I’m talking about come on you got an army and a grandma when you tick her off he’s your buddy you better watch out I’m gonna take a baseball bat after you know you you let your board dine you know it’s the devil you’ll take a different it ain’t no little oh Jesus we just ask you Satan get your hands off of him now you gonna happen to you you’ll find out just how you get stirred up I may have shot him a bird while I was talking I don’t know I probably didn’t do that y’all bear with me I’m getting carried away I’m getting carried away you go you don’t think I’m the unsanctified pet preacher I’m gonna tell you deal with a bunch of Devils you’ll get unsanctified real quick I wish somebody would help me in this house I feel like I just lost this hopefully I wish somebody would help me when you’re finding the devil there comes a time to tell him shut up do you understand when Jesus said hold your peace I looked it up in Greek he didn’t say hold your peace he said dead shut up shut almighty shut up devil shut up shut up shut up boy came and asked mama for prayer one time me and mama pray my wife is quiet but I heard her walk up the steps to the room and say devil I want you to know I’m the mama of this house that’s my boy you’re messing with and you’re not gonna see I remember her I just sat down in the theater and rivers said go ahead go ahead go ahead it’s 3:30 in the morning I’m tired I’ll just go to bed mama why you pray because when you get at Mama’s turn and the devil trying to take out your kids and you know you got some faith left in you there’s something that’ll rise up on the inside shut your mouth devil you get out of stay you I’m not having a you ain’t taking my baby’s been there you looked at me I’ve been there 5 or 5:30 in the morning they wheeled him to a room and the nurses in there and I’m gonna stay with him I’m not leaving and they said we’re gonna have counselor come in sometime tomorrow said that’s fine but I said ma’am I ain’t sitting in that chair sleeping I’m laying right beside my boy in that bed she said the preacher when I supposed to let you do that but we know you and you’re paying the bills so help yourself and I told my boss let’s slide over he said dad what you doing I said I’m laying beside you till you go to sleep and this thing is over and I laid there said let’s say no one should know something you just you you got me provoked and I I’m not on some emotional trip right now I’m coming after kids I’m gonna help somebody else’s kid to prevent this from happening devil I’m gonna help somebody skip I want you to know and I didn’t know what I meant and let me just tell you the bottom line I built an 18 million dollar building that holds up to five thousand young people without chairs and started something called warrior fest every year right now right now in the month of January and this has never happened warrior fest one has four thousand four hundred kids registered warrior Festa two has six thousand eight hundred kids registered and their field they will fill that hall up on a Friday night Saturday morning Saturday afternoon Saturday night and then we lay hands on every one of them in the building on Sunday and what’s called a fire tunnel and let me tell you something every time a Hondo show up at a higher every time that we have a altar call every time a guest speaker speaks every time I watch kids fall out it’s not coming out of their nose and their eyes red with tears and they get up drunk in the spirit I look back at a soundboard to a boy that’s thirty years old who happens to be my son who ran the Sam who ran the lights who ran the screen and I say that said devil you’re paying again you’re paying again then every war your fest you’re paying again glory to God hallelujah oh so petty that one tastes them that’s not the end of it somebody somewhere gonna give me millions of dollars to get a youth camp built you hear me oh oh come back and tell you one day you don’t believe it I’ve had to pray in 40 million dollars for my ministry I’ve had you pray it in and I’m gonna pray to some millionaire can’t sleep at night that’s got money and God gonna give him a vision of my face yes sir cuz I’m not I’m finished yet I’m not finished paying the enemy out I’m not finished with God has i’m not finished with the holy ghost wants to do we’re on the verge of something big don’t ask you one question but done let me ask you one question why is the battle so big on this generation have you noticed it I mean it’s drugs it’s alcohol it’s pornography its homosexuality its transvestite you got these things that they’re battling they’re struggling with they don’t think they’re struggling with our identity they’re struggling with their sexuality there’s just like this really huge and I never saw I look I never saw this lot come of growing up like this have you if you’re if you’re 50 or 60 you have to say II never saw this growing up and instead of me focus on how do we get there I asked the Lord I said you tell me Father and he spoke to me he said because son now you listen to this there was two generations that had a promise the generation that existed when I was born he fulfilled 39 major prophecies just Jesus in his ministry and suffering and over 300 if you add John the Baptist and all the other problem Jesus had a generation with 300 prophecies fulfilled when he came crucifixion death burial resurrection born of a virgin born in Bethlehem sold for 30 pieces of silver it’s all in the Bible laid in a rich man’s grave Isaiah 53 his stripes were healed 300 and he said to me there’s only one other generation that has a great promise and it’s this one because I said after the restoration I’ll pour out my spirit but before the tribulation I’ll be done with it and he said the enemy is trying to preempt an outpouring I had two men that took cocaine I’ve never taken that my life thank God I’m gonna tell you something if I wasn’t saved I’d be dead by now no no I didn’t know you when I said if that was not saved I’d be dead and I’d be wild cuz I’m wild in the Holy Ghost and I know if I wasn’t safe I’d be really wild the other way how do you know that I just know you look I’d be done I’d be the guy to bar where I’d be moving and grooving look look at this shirt somewhere where it is that all a 60-year old preacher does that not tell you something but here’s what I want to say the battle is on because God is about to do something big I want to give I’m gonna give you one word and I think when I was here last year I may have told this but I want to add something to it I’m gonna add something to it I get a call one day from a man I’m not gonna tell who was it’s a very close friend and he was in the city of Jerusalem and he’d gotten back from Jerusalem he said I got to tell you what happened to me he said I’ve never had nothing happening like this in my life and this is a very very good everybody here would know him godly man and he said we were in Jerusalem and my wife and I were sleeping and a rain storm hit and it hit so hard that it felt like it was gonna Pelt the hotel hotel down just it’s just the rain and he said i slayed there and tried to go back to sleep and I got into a zone where I heard the voice of God in the rain an actual voice not in my mind and God began to speak and he said I started crying so convulsively my wife stuff what’s wrong he said don’t say nothing turn a light on go over there to the to the desk get a piece of paper and write everything I tell you and the Lord spoke to him in the dream and I’m going to say this publicly because this is what God told this minister he said and I’m gonna have to paraphrase it he said God said I’m about to do something big I’m coming down to do it I’m coming to the earth myself to accomplish it and he said to many churches are denying my spirit they’re trying to make the people so happy that they’re not even allowing my power to work and listen to this and God said when I do what I’m about to do I am going to bypass every one of those churches everyone they will not encounter what I’m about to do but now pastor you’re one of these men but for every man or woman of God that has never denied my power never denied the gifts of the Spirit and has allowed me to work I’m about to visit them in my power and spirit in a way they’ve never experienced before this is the voice coming from the rain he then said to me and this is where I cannot go he said please don’t say this publicly what you know and he names someone that would die and when this person dies it is the sign this is about to happen and the person is still living by the way has not passed away you probably haven’t heard the name you may know who I’m talking about but that’s insignificant because I won’t say by the way it wasn’t me again can certainly tell beste – am I gonna die oh god you calling me you come to me to tell me something God told you and I could feel the Holy Spirit while he’s telling me this and here’s the party God – now remember he tells me this over a year ago he says God said stadiums will be filled with young people singing in worshiping and all of a sudden the Holy Ghost is just gonna fall on them and it’s going to come to the point and I and I’m thinking overseas this is what I’m thinking overseas he’s that’s gonna come to the point that they’re gonna fill the place up to experience the power because the power is gonna be released and they’re gonna be speaking in tongues and fine and he said I’m talking about major meetings and I said man that’s so great you know the Lord told me one dad go overseas he said I ain’t talking about overseas now the United Pentecostal church went to st.

Louis for 54,000 people a lot of them young people and start witnessing in the restaurants and people started getting saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in the restaurants a friend of mine Chris Estrada is going to Los Angeles and has already booked out him in a group have booked out the the the stadium where the Rose was played and they’re gonna have a hit and I say that spiritual hit on the entire city of Los Angeles in July but here’s the one that was crazy and he got a lot of criticism at first because I didn’t think he was real but he’s he’s more real and you think Kanye West Kanye West is filling up any stadium he wants to fill up he’s going to Arizona and in one hour had 30,000 people wanting to go in one hour and you know what he’s as strict as they give he didn’t used to be and I had somebody say I you know that’s house had him Hollywood people do they get up and act get up on that nothing he’s turned a lot of people against him because he’s preaching Jesus now like is and you know when you’re still preaching Jesus when they turn on you you know you got a hold us up stadiums are now being filled and the sign hadn’t even happened yet now I don’t know about you but hear me one more time I refuse I refuse to be left out is there anybody in the house that refuses to be left out lift your hands and let’s begin to praise God out loud how they Louie let’s lift our hands glory to God father of God you’re in them you’re in the place you’re in the place keep your presence strong right now God keep your anointing flowing in the name of the Lord Jesus keep the power of the Holy Ghost flowing in the name of the Lord Jesus God as we get ready to pray for men and women for the Baptism and the Holy Ghost we get ready to pray for them to receive the anointing of the Spirit I pray God that there will be a breakthrough on the young people I pray that God that there’ll be a breakthrough upon the men and the women in the name of Jesus hallelujah look this way look this way if you have never if you’re saved this is this is a gift that only people who are in covenant with God can receive but if you’re born again and saved you’ve asked Christ into your heart and life then you need to be baptized in the authority and the power of the Holy Spirit someone says well what is it well this is this is a gift and what happens is the power of the Holy Spirit comes and fills you the Greek word is Dunamis it’s miraculous anointing and power fills you with God’s anointing and what happens is when you get full you begin to you get a prayer language God allows you to have a language to speak in and the Bible calls it speaking with tongues or an unknown tongue because it’s unknown to you it’s not a language you’ve studied and you just begin to pray man I see some of the greatest things reason I’ve seen these little kids start praying they sound like the prayers Chinese and I’ve known people that didn’t know word of Spanish and they break out in Spanish and all the Hispanic people are bouncing up and down all over the place and understanding what they were saying I’ve I’ve had God give me recently the Aramaic language the Arabic language and I have a friend who’s an ex Muslim for 50 years and every time I pray on the Holy Ghost now I wonder what I pray and I pick up the phone call him he said just start praying and I’ll start praying and he will translate everything I said in the Holy Ghost some of the most beautiful things some of the most beautiful things that the Spirit says that just the way he says it when he speaks it is incredible but God gives you this language to build your faith in according to the book of Jude II gives you this language to pray and when you don’t know what to pray for as you should Romans chapter 8 you will speak mysteries your spirit is praying that’s why you’re speaking in tongues it’s your spirit praying but it’s coming out of your voice so that you will know he’s there you will know he feels you that’s why you speak in tongues so you know and the people around you will know it in Acts chapter 2 Acts chapter 10 in Acts chapter 19 they knew they were baptized when when they spoke with other tongues they said well they’ve received the spirit the same way we have and I want to ask you something if you’re hungry three steps ask be sensitive to God and at some point tonight right up here the Spirit of God is going to touch you and you’ll begin to pray in the spirit I remember when I was 11 a youth camp altar I prayed now is Jesus filming I started crying Jesus filled me and I just I felt the presence of God for the first time and then about an hour into it that’s how long it took me I wasn’t stubborn I just didn’t know how to give in to him but an hour I started hearing myself speaking words I didn’t know but it was like I did I thought was coming out of my head but after I got called to preach I found that it was coming out of my spirit because there’s your spirit praise and my spirit man had already been baptized in the Holy Ghost my spirit was already speaking in tongues but my flesh wouldnt and I said to the Lord I’m at the altar I said Lord I’m hearing something if this is your most speaking if it’s not shutting yet and it was three or four words foreign words that I didn’t know and I spoke those four words and bam the power of God hit me and I fell out and I have I say this to the glory God I’m not embellishing I’m not exaggerating Robbie James has been with me for 30 years and can verify this God has given me approximately 16 languages to pray and then the Holy Ghost and some of them Latin Greek a little bit of Hebrew although a study he brought don’t have it conversational Aramaic Arabic I mean on and on it goes Chinese and why am I saying that to you because once you’re filled with the spirit you have an unlimited measure of God you’re the only one that puts the limit on it you can go as far as you want to go with him everybody that wants to be baptized in the Holy Spirit I know everybody is standing up and some of you’re gonna have to say excuse me I got to get out but you do it right now on the count of three come up here and let’s get ready to pray 1 get ready if you’ve never spoke with tongues if you believe in the Holy Spirit you believe in the power of God but you’ve never received 2 3 come right now line up across the front we want to begin me to pray for you mister ramadasu Arantes embrace allah Moschino coat on any cattle ABBA rap attack a song so surely Casey Ciara Nina Hatala horrible Pakeha Rattata just come on and just stand anywhere across the front is phat all a lot of people Wow Wow Wow Wow now as they’re coming all the folks here at the church that are elders deacons Deaconess prayer teen youth leaders pastors I’m going to need you to come down here and just kind of walk behind the people lay your hands on them the place is going to be full praise God now this is important watch watch me right here when I was the kid I thought okay lord thank you lord I want to receive the Holy Ghost and I waited thinking God was gonna hit me on the head you know oh there it is it just doesn’t happen that way our God was going to take my mouth you know it doesn’t happen that way the Bible said they spoke it’s your voice it’s your will it’s your choice as the Spirit gave them the words the words are going to come from the Holy Spirit but you’ve got to say it you’ll hear it sometimes suddenly you’ll feel the Lord touch you and the moment you begin to pray on the Holy Ghost don’t go back to pray in English because you need to hear yours you need your mind and heart needs to hear your spirit pray and it builds your faith when you hear yourself praying the Holy Ghost and it’s so I think you understand what I’m saying so the Bible says it this way with stammering lips and another tongue God will speak to this people sometimes when when the Spirit of God first comes your lips began to quiver and you’re not doing it so don’t stop that my point is if something begins to happen it feels a little odd out of the ordinary or strange don’t think it odd or strange because he feels people differently it’s the same gift it’s the same Holy Spirit but two different people react differently to them everybody’s standing your feet right now get ready get ready get ready now here’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna pray a prayer I’m going to pray a prayer with you you pray it out loud with me and then at the end of that prayer I will say receive the Holy Spirit and get ready and just listen cuz some of you God will be touching you before you get through prayer praying Oh hallelujah Oh free Basilica DB tokoha takashima Tala Hana me Toto Oh a field alone in mirror endo respira catalase Otaka by Allah ho Oh Shelly Mandela ha ha ha oh there’s something happening [Music] now get ready raise your hands and say this out loud father in the name of Jesus I’m very hungry for you your presence and your Holy Spirit today take out of me any hindrance that’s in my heart or my mind or spirits make me clear and clean by the blood of Jesus god I want to receive the Holy Spirit the free gift of your spirit tonight so right now fill me come in baptize me empower me give me your gift Holy Spirit now I receive the Holy Spirit here [Music] okay lift up your boys that’s right that brother out there the Holy Ghost is coming on you you’re speaking in tongues right there look at that brother power God just took him out hallelujah everybody for the next seven minutes close your eyes don’t look around and obey God and let the Holy Spirit begin to pray through you in other tongues the gift of the Holy Spirit receive in the name of Jesus everybody there close your eyes for seven minutes to begin to pray [Music] you folks in the church would you raise your hands up in the balcony would you raise your hands on the main floor and for the Lord just close your eyes [Music] [Music] sister pray to the Holy Ghost it goes Philip telephone it goes come on don’t quit don’t quit lift up your voice I need seven minutes of people praying in the Holy Ghost loud [Music] muga fundament lay hands on a boo-boo fundament lay hands on of the power of God is here she does she’s praying in the Holy Ghost she just got baptized right there they’re receiving church they’re receiving let’s keep praying hallelujah [Music] [Applause] [Music] snake holy ghost big holiday go speak ho they go speak pulled up a baby bee because she had to this tail right now receive stir it up listen to the words of the Holy Ghost listen to the words speak about [Music] [Music] [Music] man what a powerful work we’re so thankful that you joined us today during service listen for those of you that gave your heart to Christ what a phenomenal decision there’s no better decision that you can make but we care about your next steps want to lay that out for you right now in the comments below we’re dropping what those next steps look like whether it’s for salvation or maybe you’re wanting to get a little bit more connected with this online community we believe that there is power in numbers and there’s power what you bring to the table for this community so follow that link below in fact if you serve some prayer needs you can continue as our prayer team is still there drop those down there and they will continue to pray with you I believe with you we believe in next steps here at Evangel temple and we want you to take those next steps so please hit that link below and we’re excited to see all that God has for you tune in next week as we believe forgot to do even greater things.

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No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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