This is the insane supercar Koenigsegg CCX an ultimate insane supercar From 2008 by Doug DeMuro

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this is a Koenigsegg CCX and it was the ultimate supercar from a decade ago yes it’s hard for me to believe it but this came out more than a decade ago actually back in 2006 although this is a 2008 model and it really was the ultimate supercar of its day today I’m going to review it I’ve borrowed this Koenigsegg from CNC motors which is an exotic car dealership here in Southern California that has everything and I mean everything they’ve got everything from Ferraris supercars to Porsche GT cars to Pagani’s – well this which is one of three Koenigseggs they have right now their showroom is truly the most incredible of any dealership probably on the planet and you can check out their inventory by clicking the link in the description below and you can also find a link to their Instagram page and by the way if you want to buy this Koenigsegg it’s going to be available at the RM auction in Fort Lauderdale at the end of this month March 29 through 31 just in case you weren’t try some bidding on a Koenigsegg before I dive into the CCX a brief overview now Koenigsegg first production car was called the cc8 and it came out back in 2002 that was replaced by the CCR in 2004 and then this the CCX in 2006 which is Koenigsegg first real global car now this was sold all the way through 2010 until it was replaced by the Koenigsegg Agera which only recently just went out of production I have filmed a video with the Koenigsegg Agera R ass which I will link in the description below but while the Agera is really amazing the CC X is an interesting look back into Koenigseggs history in part because it was the first Koenigsegg to use Koenigseggs own engine rather than an engine borrowed from someone else it was a 4.7 liter twin supercharged v8 that makes around 800 horsepower and about 680 pound-feet of torque this was also the first Koenigsegg to be sold globally although globally is a bit of a stretch because when these were new they cost over $700,000 and they were sold an incredibly small number these days prices have increased and this one is listed for sale with around a thousand miles for 1.5 million dollars so today I’m going to show you around the CC x which is rear-wheel drive with a manual transmission yes a true manual and I’m going to show you all of the quirks and features of the ultimate Koenigsegg from a decade ago then I’m going to get it out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the CCX click the link below to visit oversteer or I’ve also compiled a list of the most expensive cars currently listed for sale on auto trader all right I’m going to start the quirks and features of the Koenigsegg with a discussion of the key although I used the term key rather loosely because this doesn’t look like any sort of key you’ve ever seen before in any other vehicle instead it’s in the shape of a crest from an old Koenigsegg family coat of arms so you won’t confuse this with a key for a different vehicle you also won’t be able to put it on the same keyring as a key for a different vehicle because it has no little loop for you to do so I guess your Koenigsegg key is not supposed to mingle with your keys for your normal cars now if you look at the front you’ll see there are no buttons you turn it over and there is this little black rubber strip you have lock and unlock buttons contained within that strip and that’s all you get in this key and so now that you’ve unlocked the doors with your key you got to figure out how to get in which can be a challenge because as you look at the door there’s no readily apparent door handle well actually its hidden under here under the door so there’s a little silver button you push it and then the doors do their thing it is a rather unusual motion that is very different from the motion of every other car door Koenigsegg calls it the dihedral synchro helix but basically what it means is the door kind of moves out and tilts forward at the same time allowing you to step inside and you’ll also notice that the window went down that’s because the window has to go down just a little bit in order for the door to clear the windshield frame so it won’t smash the window as the door is open and so that is the dihedral syncro helix in action now with the door open that leads us to our next interesting point of the Koenigsegg namely climbing in which is actually a bit of a challenge the door gives you a very wide opening but the sill is absolutely incredibly wide there’s like a foot and a half of door sill here the largest I’ve ever seen so climbing in is a bit of a challenge what I found works best is sticking one foot in first and then putting yourself in but even that isn’t incredibly easy still at least I got in and now you might be wondering how exactly do you close these doors well there’s a little silver piece mount on the door you put your hand on it you pull and then the door does the rest and you probably notice just now the window went up as the door closed I’m gonna put the window back down and the reason it went up is that’s because the window returns to its up position after the door goes back in place and then it no longer has to worry about breaking on the windshield frame it’s sort of automatically slides back up now you’re sitting in the car your next question is how do you get out actually it’s pretty simple there’s just a door handle like you’d find a door handle on a normal car you pull it and then kind of push forward on the door and then once again it does its thing and then you can climb right out at least in theory you can climb right out and practice it’s a little challenging so anyway next up you figured out the key you figured out the doors you got yourself in now comes the easy part right just start the car up and go not so fast the starting procedure for this car is probably one of the great anti-theft devices of any vehicle in order to start this car it’s quite a process you have to press four distinct buttons in a sequence so the first one is under the dashboard in the driver’s leg area you press that button and it sort of wakes the car up I guess next you go into the center control stack and you see this giant circle of buttons on here you go to the bottom you see the one with the Koenigsegg coat-of-arms crest on it you press that hold it down and press IGN the same time I guess that’s the ignition and you can see in here car systems start to go on then you release those buttons you press the Koenigsegg crest coat-of-arms again and you press the button to the left of that which was the button that actually turns on the engine and then and only then have you actually started up this car not one button it’s actually four different buttons and they have to be pressed in that order now if you were paying attention there you probably noticed you don’t actually put the key anywhere you don’t put it in something you don’t turn it which might make you wonder how can you prevent this car from being stolen well obviously part of it is just the difficulty in the starting procedure but you can see here it says to immobilize fully engage reverse gear and I guess if you turn the car off and put it in reverse the immobilizer comes on and then it can’t be stolen and that’s how Koenigsegg prevents against that not that any thief could figure out that starting procedure anyway now the next big surprise in here will be the fact that this car has a manual transmission yes a real manual transmission with three pedals like an old-school car which is actually a big surprise a vehicle with this much power even in the mid-2000s they were starting to trend toward sequential automatics and even dual clutches in a few cars but this one has a manual in controlling 800 horsepower with a manual transmission is a pretty difficult job but the people who bought this car felt they were up to the task it is impressive to see a three petal manual in a car like this and indeed if you look in the drivers footwell you can see the three petals there they are all the same size and shape and quite close together rather narrow and you could also see that on the pedals is again that toning sig crest from the coat of arms and that is repeated in many places throughout this car in case you weren’t already starting to understand that there are some places where I find it especially interesting for example the little storage pocket in the center console behind the parking brake is shaped like the Koenigsegg coat of arms crest I think that is a really cool little detail and quark another cool sighting of the crest is right above that you can see the master battery cut-off power switch is shaped like the Koenigsegg crest which is cool putting that there is also a pretty good idea because the people who own these cars tend to park them for a long time so you can twist that shut off all power and then the battery in the systems won’t drain as the car is just parked another sighting of the crest in this car is on the climate vents there are four of them mounted in the usual place on the dashboard you can see this little ring around the climate vents has the crest arm and when the crest is fully in the up top position that’s when you know the climate vent is open if you want to close the climate dent you move that little silver ring and then you know that the vent is closed or at least airflow is restricted based on how far you’ve turned the little silver ring with the crest one other place you will find the crest very obviously is on the seats you can see it is full color now speaking of the seats the seats in this car are actually fairly normal so many cars today they’re going for crazy carbon-fiber racing bucket seats and you have to be you need to fit in them in this car most people I think could get in here and fit in these seats no problem they’re not too aggressive too sporty in fact dare I say they’re actually kind of comfortable now next I want to move on to the controls in this car which are all tremendously interesting and unusual I wanna start with the climate controls now a few of the climate control dials are similar to what you’d find in a normal car you have the one that controls where the air is coming out you have the one that controls whether you’re doing outside air or inside and then one that turns on the air-conditioning or just blows air but the other two dials are rather interesting in the bottom left you have temperature and you can see there are no markings on that dial and as you twist it there is no display of what temperature you’re turning it to anywhere in the car you just have to sort of know and so my assumption is when it’s in the bottom left position that would be cold and went all the way in the bottom right position that would be warm and everything in between is sort of corresponding to where that little dial is positioned but again it doesn’t actually say that anywhere you just have to sort of know it’s the same story with the dial on the right to adjust fan speed there’s no on/off button for this climate control you just turn the fan speed dial down as much as possible and then the climate control is in the lowest possible setting and if you want more climate control you just start twisting it to the right and then more air blows out of the fans in whatever temperature you’ve hopefully selected using the temperature dial but obviously the set of controls they’re probably most interested in is in the middle in the center control stack this whole big circle of controls the wheel that controls the Koenigsegg you may be wondering exactly what goes on in this thing it’s this big circle that’s rimmed with ten identical silver buttons and the button at the very top turns on the headlights if you press that obviously the headlights turn on but also all of the interior lights light up and you can see that this big circle of buttons lights up in this cool greens and blues corresponding to what each thing does I find that kind of cool now the buttons to the left and to the right of the headlights also have light related functions on the left you have the parking lights and on the right you have the fog lights and they have little indicator lights inside the inner circle to let you know if you’ve turned them on now when you move further down the koenigsegg circle of life you will find the window controls on either size and a windows have individual buttons there’s one button to roll up the window and then another one of those silvercircle buttons to roll down the window one on the driver side and another set on the passenger side to roll up or down the windows finally at the very bottom you have the three buttons that turn on the car like I showed you you have the big Koenigsegg crest button in the middle and then ignition and the engine start button to the left and to the right now inside the circle there are several other circles the first circle has little indicators to let you know what each of these buttons do the circle inside that has little lights that go on that let you know when various things are happening like for example if you have the headlights on the lights will turn on but also if you have a door open the door light lights up in red and if you have the car in reverse there’s even a light that lights up very small to let you know that the car is in Reverse hopefully you could tell that anyway because you put it there but nonetheless it’s on just as an extra warning now in the very middle of all the circles you have one more circle and that would be the power mirror control so you have all of the center controls in the most expensive craziest car of the 2000s and they all converge in one middle point and what does it do it adjust the mirrors pretty simple actually now next up the buttons below the giant Koenigsegg circle of life you have four individual buttons down here obviously on the left you have the hazard lights then next you have the door locks and as you press it you can see it lights up red or not to let you know whether or not the doors are locked the next button is actually a dial and this allows you to dial in exactly how much traction control you want and there are several different settings that you can choose including all off and when you choose all off this little red light goes on to let you know you have really committed to traction control being off and just reminding you maybe be careful when you see that red light obviously the last button over here is the axial lifting system you press that and the car lifts up a little bit to clear load driveways or curbs now next I want to move over to the steering wheel area where we have a couple of cool items starting with the stocks that come off the steering wheel now I really like the feel and the look of the turn signal stock it looks good to touch it looks good to look at but my favorite part of it is when you put it on take a look at what lights up in the gauge cluster it isn’t just an icon showing the turn signal is on like a portion of the entire left side of the gauge cluster lights up to let you know that the turn signal is on and obviously the same thing happens over on the right side put the right turn signal on and that portion of the gauge cluster lights up to let you know that the right turn signal ugh I’m not sure why they decided to do that with the turn signals but it makes things a little bit more unique than in a regular car and it’s the same story with the high beams if you turn on the headlights and then turn on the high beams they also have a large portion of the gauge cluster that lights up in blue and you can see in the upper right of the gauge cluster there is a check engine light that I guess would also light up if you needed to check the engine now next up this car was built in the days before screenings for basically every function in the interior and that’s very obvious from the sheer number of buttons and dials in this car but there are a couple of screens and one of them is in the gauge cluster although it is a very simple screen that only shows on the left you have your boost in the middle you have the current speed that you’re going printed digitally because this car doesn’t actually have a speedometer in the traditional sense only that digital display so I hope it functions and then on the right you have your odometer and your trip odometer now you may be wondering where is the fuel gauge and the answer is there isn’t one you don’t actually have a fuel gauge instead there’s a little fuel light in it comes on when it’s ready for fuel and I guess you can’t monitor the current state of fuel other than when that light comes on and then you know okay I’d better go put fuel in this thing doesn’t exactly make it a very practical road trip car there’s also another little light to the right of the tachometer in the middle that has the Koenigsegg crest I guess that probably comes on when there’s some warning or issue with the car that needs your attention and of course right in the middle you have the tech honor when the car is off for some reason it’s sitting at 900 rpm and it is not resting on the little peg that it is designed to rest on a crook of the Koenigsegg now next up we move on to the steering wheel which is a very nice piece very thick and bulky like you’d expect in a really nice sports car it also has the Koenigsegg crest in the middle of course but over on the sides you have horn buttons you press them and then the horn honks now next up over to the left of the steering wheel you have an interesting screen over there that’s the tire pressure monitor by the time this car came out I think tire pressure monitors were mandated in some countries so they had to stick that in it looks like kind of an afterthought which I’m sure it was but it monitors to let you know if you have a flat tire in your Koenigsegg other interesting items inside this car there’s no roof as you can tell so the dome lights had to be relocated and in this case they put them between the seats their LEDs you twist this little dial and then they turn on and light up whatever you need lit I also like the Sun visors which are incredibly tiny and they’re angled to go along with sort of the curve of the windshield so when you put them down part of the Sun Visor is further away from you it’s kind of an odd effect not that it’s really useful anyway given just how small this Sun Visor is another interesting item in this car the glovebox exists but it’s open there’s no glovebox door so whatever you put in there expect the passenger to have access to next up another obvious item here we are in an open car it’s completely open to the world but this car has a roof it’s a convertible and so you can take the roof off or put it on and I will discuss that a little bit more in a couple of minutes for now one more important item in this car and that would be the infotainment screen you can see it says Koenigsegg at the bottom so I got really excited to see what a ten-year-old Koenigsegg infotainment system was like until I discovered that this is not a unique Koenigsegg system Koenigsegg farmed out infotainment development to some other company and it’s hard to blame them because that requires so much thought and detail orientation and software engineering and ultimately Koenigsegg is a car company although they do build their own infotainment systems now but back then they didn’t and this unit is just a generic one probably similar to some software that you could buy at a store and just install in other cars one amazing thing about this infotainment system it has a calculator and this calculator has trigonometric functions like sine cosine and tangent so you can drive down the street in your Koenigsegg and calculate sine cosine and tangent of your favorite angles at 200 miles per hour and by the way that Koenigsegg logo on the infotainment system yeah it’s just a decal you can pull it right off if you want and next step we move on to the outside of the Koenigsegg where of course there are many more quirks and features I wanna start with my favourite ones and that would be the windshield wiper which is in its normal resting place directly in the middle of the windshield this is a non placement for a street car although a lot of race cars have it like this I think for drag because if you have the wipers sitting horizontally air hits someone it slows the car down just a little bit but if you have it in this position I guess air kind of goes in that direction naturally and that’s why they’ve done this and next we move on to the wheels in the CC X and you can see if you look closely these are carbon fiber wheels in order to save weight now carbon fiber wheels in the years since this car was built have become a little bit more common although back then this was like rocket science technology carbon fiber wheels in a car it was just crazy another feature of this car has obviously a center lock wheels instead of traditional lug nuts a lot of really high-end super cars sports cars race cars have this and you can see on the centre lock itself there’s a little diagram telling you which way to turn to get the wheel off although as I look closely it looks like the diagram on the side of the centre lock says to twist it one way and the diagram on the front of the centre lock says to twist it in the opposite way so I’m not exactly sure which is which or how this works but someone smarter than me will be taking off these wheels I promise you that now next we move around to the other side of the Koenigsegg I want to talk about the fuel door which is integrated into this rear compartment which I’m going to be opening in a second but opening the fuel door is a lot easier than opening the rear compartment even though it doesn’t really look like it there’s no immediately obvious place to stick your finger it turns out what you do is you push the top of the little fuel door and then the whole thing is hinged and it moves up allowing you to put fuel in your Koenigsegg and of course you can see that the fuel cap has the Koenigsegg coat-of-arms crest on it because why wouldn’t it now next I want to open the rear compartment that contains the engine and to do that it’s actually relatively simple first you have to have the door open and there’s a little latch back here that you pull pull it and it unlatches the rear compartment just like and basically any other car then you simply walk around to the back of it and lift it up it’s a one-person job and it can hold itself up with these big hydraulics then it’s up and that’s it that’s how you get into the engine compartment of a CC X now obviously when you have the engine compartment up you can access the engine and I’ll get to that in a second but first I want to talk about accessing the engine oil you can do that through this little engine oil cap mounted right here that only is revealed with the engine compartment in its up position in order to get in there you basically pull up this little tab twist it and then you can pull off the top of the oil cap and you can see that integrated into that top is a dipstick and that is how you check the oil in your coating sig CCX but anyway with the oil out of the way now we move back here and you can see the giant glorious engine in this car and you can really see it because when you pull up the engine compartment so much comes up that you basically have access to everything about like I said before this engine is Koenigseggs first real fully Koenigsegg engine the Koenigsegg models from before this car they used v8 engines that were based on a Ford modular v8 but this one is all Koenigsegg and yes like I mentioned 800 horsepower 680 pound-feet of torque and it is twin supercharged because why wouldn’t it be this car is just so ridiculous in every way now a few interesting things in the engine compartment obviously you see these bars going across the engine for chassis rigidity a lot of cars there’s bars going across the engine but in this one they meet in the middle where there is of course a Koenigsegg crest this one in full color you also have an interesting label back here there’s a very large label that describes in very detailed language how to find the battery jump points for this car I think Koenigsegg knew that their customers would not be driving them all that much the batteries would die and they didn’t want anybody to screw up anything so they were very clear about where all that stuff is under here but anyway now we have the engine compartment closed and there are a few interesting items worth noting back here one is the fact that that full-color crest on those crossbars in the end can’t be seen with the engine compartment closed in fact it’s right in the middle and it looks very cool and very special planted in there another interesting item you could see there’s a little bit of glass that allows you to look into the engine compartment and mount it on that piece of glass there’s a little ghost now the story with that ghost is apparently when Koenigsegg started building cars in a certain factory the factory had previously belonged to a specific regimen or fighter squadron of the Swedish Air Force and they use that ghost on some of their planes and they asked Koenigsegg kind of casually will you incorporate this somehow into our cars and keep our tradition alive and so they did so a lot of cat Koenigsegg models have this little ghost emblem on them and that is why of course the other important thing back here the giant Center exhaust which is huge massive and of course it sounds wonderful take a listen next up we move on to the front trunk and once again the opening procedure is rather interesting again you have to have the door open and then the latch actually inside where the door hinge is and you pull it and that unlatches the front trunk but when you pull that latch you’ll notice that the window drops down a little bit more take a look that’s because if you try to open the front trunk with the window in the position it was in the front trunk could hit the window and break it and obviously they don’t want that so the moment you unlatch the front trunk the window automatically retreats all the way into the door so it has various different placements based on what is open in the vehicle now to drive that point home that you really want the window to be down when the front trunk is unlatch there’s actually a little warning label down here that you can see when the door is open telling you to avoid operating the front trunk when the battery is dead because then the window may not be able to go down when you open the front trunk you may smash the window but anyway now that the trunk is unlatch in this position we come around here and you can’t pull it up you have to unlatch it the latch is over by the driver’s side headlight you pull it and then you can lift it right up and you are inside the front trunk of the koenigsegg and as you can see the trunk barely clears the door and it may not have cleared had the window state and its earlier position but since it retreated into the door no problem it’s all good now one interesting item you’ll notice when the front trunk is opened is the fact that the headlights go up with it I have told you in many videos that in the United States it is federal regulation that headlights and taillights cannot move with pieces of bodywork but obviously Koenigsegg being such a small automaker they got an exemption to this rule so they didn’t have to re-engineer the entire front into their car just to make the trunk open now before we get into the trunk itself speaking of opening things I do want to mention this card looks very cool when everything is open take a look at this this is this car when it is exploded so much bodywork can open and be removed that it just looks like a totally alien vehicle with everything in the open position and it’s really cool to see it all looks very different from a regular car but anyway now we’re in the front trunk and you can see mounted here is the roof this is what the roof looks like the front trunk is perfectly sized so that it can fit in here if you have the roof off and you want to operate the car as a convertible and you can see that placed here sticking underneath the roof is this rag and that’s because if you put the roof in here without the rag the roof might scratch and obviously you don’t want to scratch the roof in your Koenigsegg so we have a rag you spend a million bucks on a car you have to provide your own rag actually that’s not entirely true in fact there’s a little warning label here in the front trunk that says attention always place the roof in the protective cover before putting it inside the front trunk so I guess there must be some protective cover that’s probably complicated and annoying you have to stick it in that then you can put it in here and then you won’t scratch it or you can just go the easy way and use the rag and so those are the mini crooks and features of the 2008 Koenigsegg CCX now it’s time to get it out on the road and drive it alright driving and the Koenigsegg kind of ease into it the pedal box is real tight a little offset and there is not a huge amount of room for my knees but it’s incredible to drive a car like this that’s a manual I mean this is like driving a manual Veyron like it’s an ultra hyper car with three pedals surprisingly the clutch is actually pretty easy it’s not tremendously heavy the engagement is really good it actually feels pretty good I’m shocked by this the gear lever is also really easy to operate it almost feels like a Porsche and it’s in its simplicity it definitely feels like a sense of occasion in this car nothing is normal the pedal box is definitely than I was expecting there’s a lot of sound a lot a lot of sound having the table open really helps you really get to hear everything it’s quite impressive amazing what an incredible night walk pretty fast and feels dead stable there’s no shaking her craziness from like an early supercar it feels like a really really high quality vehicle it’s surprising the man the worms are very quick and revs fast when you’re red matching for a Down Pressley so cruising it actually feels like a stable and almost rational vehicle the clutch is easy to operate the gear lever is easy to operate and sitting here you a cute I mean it feels stable it feels like like a decent and normal car sitting at a stoplight the car is surprisingly well done it doesn’t feel shaky or ratalie or anything like that considering this is you know an early attempt from Koenigsegg it’s surprisingly well built and it feels really dialed in and well put together I mean it actually feels like a reasonable car you could use the thing that I’m most impressed by though is the collection shift direction it’s just really really surprisingly excellent I will say sitting here at the stop light you can’t see very well the traffic lights because of the windshield line so low yeah man that just feels so incredible going around the corner back there on the highway loop on-ramp obviously I’m not pushing it really hard but you do feel like the steering very stable not light very direct very communicative for the car the car actually feels like if you wanted to you can kind of dork around and zoom and in and out of traffic but you would probably have to have a lot more money than me to feel uncomfortable doing that obviously it’s tremendously a bath there’s just so much wind even with windows up it’s difficult to exist the car actually is surprisingly drivable if you weren’t worried about its incredible cost and the cost of replacing stuff and other people bumping into you and blah blah blah it’s actually a shockingly usable car I feel like it’s pretty easy to drive pretty engaging to drive obviously it’s fast but it feels stable it feels well built it doesn’t feel like the kind of car that you you feel fragile or something driving it except for the fact that you know how much it costs and so that’s the Koenigsegg CCX one of the ultimate super cars of the 2000s one of the most special cars ever made this thing costs over a million dollars it’ll do more than two hundred and forty miles per hour and there’s probably only a few dozen of these on the planet and now you got to see it up close and now it’s time to give the CCX a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling I’ve always liked how this car looks but it’s more functional than beautiful and it gets an 8 out of 10 acceleration to 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds and it gets a 9 out of 10 handling was very precise very well balanced absolutely excellent and it gets a 10 out of 10 fun factor is huge the sound the speed the doors and that amazing manual shift action it gets a 10 out of 10 finally cool factor and this one is easy it’s a total showstopper and it gets a 10 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 47 out of 50 next up are the daily scores and features this car has everything you’d expect but it’s hardly loaded with modern tech and it gets a 4 out of 10 Comfort is good enough the seat is nice the driving position is decent but seat room is tight and it gets a 3 out of 10 quality is good better than I thought though the pixilated display screen has an aged well and servicing is surely a challenge and it gets a 7 out of 10 practicality is obvious with very little cargo room horrid fuel economy in the crowd that will inevitably draw everytime you go anywhere and it gets a 1 out of 10 finally value and it has only gone up it’s also a bargain compared to new Koenigsegg models despite a very similar wow factor in styling and it gets a 7 out of 10 for a total daily score of 22 out of 50 add it up in the dug score is 69 out of 100 and here’s how the CCX compares to some of the top supercars in the world it can’t quite touch the newest stuff but that’s no surprise given that it’s a bit slower and technology isn’t as cutting edge but it beats out the Veyron which was its chief rival at the time the CCX is a shockingly impressive car [Music].

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