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[Music] [Applause] how’s it look [Applause] she’s a classic beauty isn’t she all right guys we didn’t plan this very well dead of winter in a convertible it’s freezing it’s currently long degrees okay here we go all right okay we’re gonna get up some speed ready watch out watch out it’s going more than five kilometres an hour something you don’t usually get to see on my channel listen it up I just love how future receive all these awesome this steering wheel is freezing personally you have to feel my hand off in a moment oh my god so this is the mercedes maybach vision six Cabriolet it is like the pinnacle of luxury the Maybach line from Mercedes and we are sitting in one of their incredible concept cars this is a drivers may buff obviously as you can see it’s not something that you meant to sit in the back of and be chauffeured you drive this and you feel the wind in your hair alright let me explain the car a little bit to you so why is it called the vision 6c look six here because this car is actually six metres long that is a really really long car Cabriolet here on the back its convertible you see the back here it kind of looks like a yacht they wanted that kind of feeling like this kind of very relaxed stately feel gentlemen ask instead of like aggressive and like sporty and performance-based you get what I mean you’ve got the classic me back up front grille here with the pinstripe scissors meant to remind you of like a pinstripe suit and then you’ve got these beautiful like cat eyes here I’m trying to think of the animals that this reminds me of it’s almost like a cat like shark if you could combine a cat in a shark but like the teeth out look we open the door here that comes out and then in the interior here for all of these role rose gold accents and look at how you’ve got these little Mercedes badges here on the season they all light up it’s a to see that it’s meant to be driven it’s not the kind of me bar that you get chauffeured in they’ve got a lot of different mailbox coming out on the market recently they launched their first SUV Maeva the idea behind this design you guys is that this car could be considered beautiful in any decade like if you saw this car around a hundred years ago it would have been beautiful today it’s beautiful in a hundred years time you can imagine this would still be a stunning looking car it’s very classic and its design there’s nothing like super outrageous that would just go out of trend just very classic and simple that can kind of last through the decades as we move on into the future inside is like quite high-tech with all of the lights here running through the center console it’s like pumping the energy through the center of the car here all the way back and then this is all going to be a screen all the way along here all the way through to the front showing you what’s happening out in front of you you know you can also interact with the car as well it has a virtual concierge fictional SATs they’re looking at four electric motors providing about 750 horsepower 0 to 100 in under four seconds and the range would be just over 200 miles the other thing that they’re really working on and they want to see this being integrated in a lot of their electric cars in the years to come is how quickly you can charge them right because none of us really want to be waiting around to charge the car what they’ve said this car can do is give you an extra 60 mile range in a matter of five minutes of charge so that’s right that I mean daily you wouldn’t do more than that anyway would you working back five minutes plug it in pull it out off you go so that’s alright alright I think that’s it you guys there’s not much more to talk about on these carts pure concepts just wanted to show you how beautiful the design was yeah we’ve flown into Germany just to film with this car and another crazy crazy crazy car this one I just wanted to show you quickly around and show you what they’re looking to do with them mark brand in future give the video a quick thumbs up subscribe to the supercar blondie family at this point I can’t even get the words out properly I’m freezing make sure you click that bill so that you know when my videos are out you’re one of the first to watch it all right love you guys we’re out we’re up [Music] [Music]

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