The insane supercar 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 by Doug DeMuro

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this is the 2020 Chevy Corvette and it is quite simply the hottest car of the year I have never gotten so many requests to review any car ever as the new Corvette and today I’m going to do just that I’m gonna start with a little background the Corvette first came out in the 1950s and it’s been a constant in the American story ever since right up there with baseball and barbecue the last few Corvette models have been great but they’ve generally been an evolution around a fairly similar theme with a fairly similar look that changes now the 2020 Chevy Corvette is the 8th generation model hence the name c8 and it has a totally different everything starting with the fact that the engine is in the back or more accurately in the middle behind the seats the Corvette has had 70 years of engine in the front but that’s done now the manual transmission is also done the only way you can get the new 8th generation Corvette is with a dual clutch automatic transmission not that you’ll be complaining because the numbers are amazing the new Corvette comes standard with a v8 that makes 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque and that dual clutch automatic sends it from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds that’s a big deal but here’s an even bigger one it starts under $60,000 never before in the history of the automobile could you get a sports car with this level of performance and this level of power for this money and today you get to find out what else you get because today I’m going to take you on a thorough tour of the new Corvette and show you all of the quirks and features of the most hotly anticipated car of the year or frankly of any year since I started doing this then I’m gonna get the new Corvette out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to give it a dug skull alright I’m gonna start the crooks and features of this c8 with the key which is actually a fairly standard on the back you have a core of that logo and then you have another Corvette logo sort of on the side this one is just gray and cool-looking and then you flip it over and that’s where all of your buttons are you have six in total but the most interesting is the one in the middle the circle that would be the remote starter button you lock the car press that twice and it turns on ready to begin your Corvette experience a.m.

Next up let’s talk about what happens when you unlock the car some interesting things the most notable is in the back press the unlock button and you can see the turn signals sort of sequentially flashed to let you know that the car has acknowledged your unlock upfront you also have a similar thing happen press the unlock button to turn signal slash and then the running light sort of gradually light up again to let you know that the car is acknowledging your presence but before I get in the c8 I want to start by getting in the back there are a few ways to do this one you press this little button on the key fob twice as you can see and then the back pops open and you can open it up or you can come around to the rear of the car above the license plate you have a little rear popper you press that and the back pops open and you can get in there’s also a button in the interior but anything I’m gonna open it up and then you access the rear compartment now as you can see there are a few interesting items with the rear compartment starting of course with the engine which is back here probably the biggest news about the new Corvette the engine has been moved to the middle for better weight distribution and basically a better sports car driving experience but anyway like i mentioned the engine is a v8 6.2 liters and it comes standard with 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque or you can upgrade to the z51 package which this car has it’s a performance package that cost five thousand dollars and adds a few items one of which is a performance exhaust that gives you five additional horsepower and five more pound-feet bringing your totals up to 495 horses and 470 pound-feet of torque and the improvements with the z51 package go beyond just the performance exhaust and a little bit more power you also get better brakes or better stopping power you get better suspension for sporty or handling you get better tires summer performance tires on the z51 cars like this one as opposed to all season tires on other Corvette models you also get an improved cooling system which will be helpful on the racetrack we’re doing lots of hot race laps you get an electronic limited slip differential which again will help their steering and handling and you have a couple of appearance upgrades the z51 cars get this front splitter which gives them a more aggressive look up front and the c8 with the z51 gets this rear spoiler which also enhances that more aggressive look of this car now next up another interesting item worth noting in this engine bay this car has the engine appearance package which gives you two interesting items one is these LED lights above the engine so may illuminate your engine and you can look at it and admire it the engine appearance package also gets you this carbon fiber trim around the engine which just makes the whole thing look a little bit nicer a little bit sporty er a little bit better now the other item worth noting back here is that in addition to the engine compartment this area is also a trunk as you can see you open up this rear hatch and you have both contained in one area of course the trunk very separate from the engine to prevent heat problems but you can get a pretty fair amount of stuff in this trunk it’s surprisingly large relatively practical and it’s designed to carry the roof all of the corvette coupe models actually have a removable target top and it’s designed to fit back here in the trunk no problem let me show you what I need to start the roof removal process you first have to unlatch it I’m going to start by unlatching the front latches you can see very easy to do just kind of pull them back and then you move on to the rear latch it’s a little bit more tricky but it’s still very simple very easy process to unlatch the top and from there once you’ve unlatched the roof from the inside it’s pretty easy to take it out just kind of lift it out of the pins in the back and it’s surprisingly light you can just lift it up and walk away and suddenly your Targa roof is off and from here you’re holding the roof you want to put it in the trunk you just bring it around back here again it’s pretty light and it goes into some guides along the bottom from there you just push it down and it latches into place and then you’re good to go you can close your trunk you’re ruthless with you and you can driver found in your open top configuration pretty easy I am next up I want to show you the other interesting items with this rear compartment one is how you close it there’s a little handle built into the underside of the rear compartment so you can stick your hand in there you do so and then you can just easily pull it closed the other cool thing is that you don’t have to slam the rear compartment to close it because it has a soft closed feature basically what that means is you can just bring the rear compartment down gently to a position where it seems like it’s almost closed and then the car will electronically do the rest take another look at that it just automatically latches itself so you don’t have to slam it down like you might think you would that is a pretty cool feature a.m.

Next up we move on to the other trunk because this car has two there’s one in back like I just showed you and there’s one up front because moving the engine out of here gives you more space and you can use this as a cargo compartment now getting into the front trunk has an interesting quirk there’s a couple of normal ways to do it there’s a button in the interior that’ll pop it open or you can tap this button on the key fob twice and that will pop it open too pretty standard but my favorite way to enter the front trunk is through the hidden trunk popper in the front end of the car it’s just below the headlight on the driver side you reach around under here and you can feel the little rubber trunk popper you press it and as long as the car is unlocked the trunk will pop right open and then you can get inside take another look it’s right under here and it pops the trunk right open now when you’re in the trunk or rather I should say the front trunk since there are two there are a few interesting quirks worth noting one is the size this is a fairly reasonable size and a good complement to the rear trunk it’s more cargo space than you typically get in a mid-engine sports car like this another interesting item in the front trunk is the emergency inside trunk release required by the government in case someone tries to kidnap you with their c8 you press this button so you can get out and I just love the diagram on this button it shows this scared person with his arms flailing jumping out of the front trunk of the c8 at least it very clearly illustrates its purpose but maybe my favorite thing with the c8 trunk is the way that the trunk lid is designed in the front you have this sort of jagged edge and almost looks like a puzzle piece how it fits into the bodywork I love this look they could’ve just made it smooth and simple but instead it almost looks like it has aggressive angry teeth even though this is just the trunk lid edge design it’s pretty cool and since we’re on the outside of this car and talking about the look let’s just do it let’s discuss the styling of the new Corvette I love it I do think there’s one major drawback which is that the front end design appears a little to visually high compared to the rear and compared to the look of this car almost like the front end is just a little too ungainly and not quite perfect but otherwise I love the look of this car it stands out it looks far more exotic far more expensive than it is and I think they did a really great job I don’t consider it to be really beautiful but it is a standout it makes a statement and it’s really cool probably my favorite Corvette design since the c2 in the 1960s which is truly one of the most beautiful cars ever made and to me it’s a big welcome improvement over the c5 the c6 and the c7 which frankly always just kind of looked like evolutions on the same basic design we were ready for a big change for a Corvette and we got one a.m.

Next up let’s talk about a few design Easter eggs on the outside of this car one is on this rear window you have this kind of fading black piece around the edge of the window but if you look closely you can see that the items that are kind of fading are actually the little Corvette logos they’re all going down the window I showed you this on the c7 Corvette as well but the c8 keeps it it it’s a nice little thing most people won’t notice but some well especially if they’ve seen this video I am next up if you’re like me you’re probably wondering where exactly what a front license plate go because most of North America and all of the rest of the world requires a front license plate apparently you just pop off this little compartment that says Corvette in the front pull that off and then there’s a bracket that you can mount on here to put the license plate on but obviously this car is gonna look a lot better with no front license plate it’s really gonna screw up kind of the visual front styling and design of this car where everything comes to a point but obviously in some places you have to do it so that’s how you would and next up here’s another interest quark you can sort of see from your angle the posts for the mirrors are different lengths on the driver’s side you can see the mirror post okay fine you go to the passenger side and the mirror post is actually longer this is a visibility issue apparently if the posts were the same size then over on the passenger side the mirror would be too close to the car and the a-pillar could block the drivers line of sight to the mirror so they stick it out a little bit further and that’s how you get to unequal length mirror post something you don’t really notice unless you look very closely I am next up another interesting exterior item with this car is the lighting especially in back there’s a couple of interesting items one is the turn signal this car has a progressive turn signal which has become popular in modern vehicles you can see it turns on and then it gets progressively smaller which is the opposite of most cars where the signal starts small and gets progressively larger which is how it is on the Ford Mustang probably the most common car to use this feature one other interesting rear lighting item is the brake lights when I press the brake lights you can see it’s not the whole taillight assembly back here that lights up but instead just these little lights on the edges and you notice that was also the turn signal you put on the turn signal and one of the brake lights goes away to become the turn signal this is still allowed under us taillight regulations the interesting thing here is you have all this brake light tail light to work with that could light up for the brake lights but it doesn’t instead its confined to that little area and it shares the lighting with the turn signal something I didn’t realize until I started playing around with this car and finally our last interesting item on the outside of the Corvette is the cameras in the front you have a couple of cameras to give you a front camera view which is becoming more and more common in more and more new cars and in back you have a camera you can see mounted above the license plate to give you the rear camera view which is now mandated here in the United States the interesting camera though is on the top you can see in the middle right next to the rear window there’s a camera back there so what exactly is that for I’m gonna show you in a second to do that we move inside the new Corvette where it’s dry and warm and I turn your attention to the rear view mirror because it isn’t a mirror at all well actually now it’s a mirror but if you flip this switch it becomes a cam display and of course the camera that feeds to that display is the one that’s mounted on the rear of the car and that’s why it’s placed there and the benefit of this mirror camera is obvious instead of having a mirror where you’re just looking behind you and you can see seats and bodywork and it obstructs your vision the camera your vision isn’t obstructed at all it’s a really cool feature and one of the coolest things about the mirror camera is its adjustability for one thing you can change the brightness in case you want it to be a little bit brighter a little bit dimmer whatever you decide you can also zoom in case you just want to see more or closer or less you can pick exactly where the camera is displaying and you can tilt it just like a mirror you can move it up or down depending on your seating position where you are in the seat exactly what you want to see it’s a pretty nifty little trick and next up we move on to probably this cars most controversial interior item and that would be the center control stack you can see there’s like a giant line of buttons and switches going down the middle I counted 20 different adjustments here between all of the buttons and the switches and they’re all just kind of arranged in this one single line in the center rather than in your usual center control stack arrangement basically every other car so let me walk you through this line of buttons at the very top you have the controls for the driver side of things so this switch on the top adjusts the climate control temperature on the driver’s side you also have a heated seat and a cooled seat there and a few other controls on the bottom you have the controls for the passenger side of things so you can see at the very bottom again there’s another switch there for the passenger side climate control temperature and once again you have heated seat cooled seat that’s for the passenger side now there’s not arrows pointing to these sides you kind of just have to figure out that one side is the passenger side and one side is the driver side but you get there pretty quickly now all of the other buttons in the center are sort of more general climate control buttons so you have the buttons on the top that direct the air flow the switch in the middle controls the fan speed you can turn on the climate control system turn on the AC recirculating air your front defogger your rear defroster all your typical climate control buttons are in the middle so that’s what all of those buttons are in the center it’s pretty much your climate control system integrated into one line of buttons and switches in the middle of this interior and next up another very notable item with the new Corvette is its steering wheel specifically the fact that it’s not a wheel at all you can see it’s way more squared off than that the top and bottom are basically squares and the side is only a little bit more really like you would expect this is how a lot of race cars are they have these kind of square looking steering wheels and they’ve adopted that in the new Corvette as well and next up another interesting item in the new Corvette is the gear selector there’s no lever there’s no dial you turn instead you have this little pod in the center with all the controls for Reverse you actually have to lift up this switch and that puts the car in Reverse same deal with Drive behind that you lift up the D switch and that puts the car and drive it’s a little bit different for Park and neutral because those are just buttons you can press you can see p4 park you just push it and in for neutral same deal just push it and it goes into neutral but I guess they want you to put a little bit more effort into going in reverse and drive because those are the gears where the car can actually move now at the base of this pod you also have one more button with an M on it that of course puts the car in manual mode and then you can use the shift paddles from there to go through the gears yourself AM next up some more interesting items in this area I’m going to start with these three little buttons next to the gear selector over on the right you have a button with a camera marked front you push that and it pulls up the front camera display on the center infotainment screen and look at this display this is so perfect for a low sports car it shows exactly where your front end is basically from the top down so it shows precisely where you are on parking curbs or other obstacles that you might run into it’s a brilliant feature I wish I had it in my sports car I love it and I love how easily accessible it is you get into it with the push of a button rather than a whole system of menus and I also feel that way about the next button in this group you can see the button in the middle here has the front of the car with an arrow that’s the axial lifting system check this out you push that and the front end lifts up almost two inches in just three seconds this is the best axial lifting system in the car Nasseri in a McClair and you have to go into various different menus and press things and then you have to wait like 30 seconds for the front end to lift up it’s ridiculous this car you’re pulling into a driveway with kind of a steep angle all you do reach over tap the button three seconds later the front end is lifted up so you can clear it brilliant feature and maybe an even cooler feature than the button is the fact that the car can remember locations where it has to raise the axle so you’re going into a gas station you often visit where there’s a steep driveway you can set that in the memory and then every time you approach that location the car will raise the axle automatically because it remembers that that’s a spot where it has to do that and the car can store up to a thousand of these locations so every problematic driveway in town you can program into the infotainment system the car will remember and the axle lifter will automatically go up when you approach them pretty cool and next up near those buttons you have this little stitched piece with the Corvette logo on it that is a hand rest you’re intended to put your hand there while you’re using the infotainment system so you have something to rest on you don’t just have to hold it in the air or if you’re used to driving a manual transmission car something with a gear lever and resting your hand on well now you have a place to do that now you can see on this hand wrist you have the word mode printed which gives you a clue as to where you change your drive modes you don’t just press the mode button instead it’s underneath the hand wrist there’s a little dial you can twist it and that will adjust your different drive modes I have a few different options you have the regular mode which Chevy calls tour or you have sport mode which is of course a little bit sporty ER or you have track mode which is sporty or still or you have a configurable mode called my mode where you can configure a few different items like your steering your suspension that sort of thing normally I wouldn’t mention a configurable drive mode is anything interesting because a lot of cars that have different drive modes have that but the cool thing here is it remembers if you have it in my mode even after you turn off the car so if you have the car in your configurable drive mode and then you’ve turn it off when you go to turn it back on it remembers that it was in your drive mode and it stays in it so you don’t have to switch over to your drive mode every time you get in and turn it on pretty good and next up another interesting item about the c8 interior is packaging this is a fairly small interior with a fairly kind of sculpted driver facing design and the roof comes off so you can’t put anything up there and that means they had to move some stuff around in interesting ways one example of that is the hazard lights which are actually mounted on the ceiling next to the rear-view mirror you press that that’s how you get the hazard lights in the new c8 another good example the dome lights are reading lights you can’t mount them on the ceiling because it comes off so instead they’ve put them kind of on either side of the mirror sort of jammed in there and hidden but they’re there and they work in place just kind of squeezed in like some other stuff in here and next up here’s another good example of some interesting packaging in this car this cigarette lighter there’s no room in the center control stack area for the cigarette lighter which is where you’d find it in basically every other car instead they’ve stuck it underneath the dashboard on the passenger side in the footwell kind of behind the glovebox so if you need to use the cigarette lighter it’s there but it’s just hard to find again some kind of trick packaging but despite all that kind of clever places Chevy had to stick stuff to get it all in this car it’s worth noting the center console does still have two cupholders you press this little lid it opens up and reveals two cupholders in here and you also have a center console storage area behind those cupholders so even though they had to move a lot of stuff around and kind of crammed it in place they were able to get cup holders and storage into the center which is precisely where you’d expect them and speaking of that center area it’s worth discussing what is between the seats in this car a couple of interesting things one that’s where your wireless charger is you stick your phone in that little spot and it’ll charge for you it’s in between the seats kind of behind you now above the wireless charger you have a speaker looks fairly normal except that if you look at it from a kind of very severe angle you can see the Corvette logo is integrated into the speaker can barely see it you have to be at the exact right angle but it’s there a little interesting easter egg of the interior and next up another notable item in this interior is the climate control vents which are thin and I mean really thin General Motors told me the thinnest climate vents they’ve ever put in any vehicle but more interesting than how thin they are is how you adjust them you’ve had these little switches that you can kind of move around when you move it all the way to one side the vent is closed or you can use the switch to direct airflow so very thin vents with very minimal controls now in between the climate vents over on the passenger side you can see there’s like a little button there you push that and that opens up your glovebox so if you’re curious how to get in that’s where you have to push now once you’re in the glovebox you can see it’s fairly standard just a glove box nothing weird here except over on the side there’s an SD card slot so what exactly is that for well it turns out you use that SD card slot in conjunction with the performance data recorder which you access through the infotainment system you go in there and you can turn on a feature that will actually record your laps on a racetrack using a built in camera inside the car so you can watch later and see like maybe where you missed an apex where you could improve accelerate better brake harder whatever now a lot of modern performance cars have these performance data recorders but there are a couple of interesting items worth noting in this one for one thing you can choose your overlays so basically the graphics that will appear on your screen while you’re recording or while you’re watching it later you can see your overlay options are none sport track and timing but the cool thing here is you can preview them so if you have it on none here’s what your playback will look like when you watch your laps later but you go over to sport and then press preview and you can see this is what your recordings will look like later there’s some actual data on the screen which it pulls from your steering wheel movements or your acceleration or whatever and you can do the same with track or timing gears timing and you can see it shows you like exactly what you might want to know if you’re a serious track driver and you want to watch your laps back to see precisely where you hit each corner at what time on the track all that stuff it is a pretty cool feature to have built into the car and another cool feature about the performance data recorder you don’t have to just use it for performance you can also configure it to be a dash cam that comes on automatically every single time the car is started it will record this is a brilliant idea all cars should come standard with dash cams it helps figure out what happened if there’s an accident or an incident on the road and it’s a great thing to see that Chevy allows the performance data recorder – also double as a dashcam in this car and next up a few other notable items with the infotainment system for one over to the left of the screen you have a little knob that’s the volume control for this car you can see it’s kind of out of the way pretty far for the passenger to reach to get it but it’s worth noting the driver also has a separate volume control on the steering wheel so the driver has easy access to adjust the volume but that’s the only other volume control in this interior you can see right next to the volume control there’s a physical button with a house on it that is the home button for the infotainment system so if you’re deep into some menu you’re lost trying to figure your way back out just press the home button and you can get there now it’s worth noting that those are the only two physical buttons for the infotainment system everything else is done on the screen but you always have a group of icons along the bottom that can immediately take you to the usual stuff like your climate control your media your navigation screen or right to home those are always there so that also makes it pretty easy if you want to navigate around this system now I recently reviewed this infotainment system and the new heavy-duty GMC Sierra and it’s a pretty similar system to that so I’m not going to go through everything again but I will say that this is a very responsive system the moment you tap it touch it whatever it does exactly what you’d expect just like you’d expect a smart phone to and it’s all very intuitive very well laid out very simple and next up I want to talk about something interesting called Z mode you see this little button on the steering wheel to the left of the horn it says Z on it you press that the Z lights up which is a really cool look and then you’re in Z mode so you may be wondering what exactly is Z mode well it’s a special driving mode on the cars equipped with the z51 performance package like this one and you can configure it in the infotainment system you go into settings and you can configure how various different parts of the car respond when they’re in Z mode your steering your acceleration your suspension that sort of thing now one other interesting thing you can configure in z mode is the brake response you can configure how grabbing your brakes are on a screen in the infotainment system it’s just crazy to mean but you can do it tour sport or track depending on how much brake you want you might be wondering what’s the difference between Z mode and my mode your customizable drive mode why would you want one and not the other the thinking is my mode is something you’re kind of always in whenever you’re driving the car you have that set for when you’re commuting or driving around whatever Z mode is something you just tap the button on the steering wheel go into immediately when you find yourself on a fun Canyon Road or your favorite twisty spot it’s not something you would want to be in all the time so maybe Z mode is reserved for a little bit more performance and next up speaking of the gauge cluster you can see it’s just one big screen no more analog gauges here and it has some interesting quirks to it one is how it changes when you go between drive modes all right right now you’re in normal mode or as they call it tour and you can see it looks fairly standard you even have a fuel economy display over on the side you switch into sport mode and things instantly get sporty-er just more aggressive more red and it just looks a little angrier and the fuel economy is replaced by AG meter but my favorite you switch into track mode and look at it now it’s completely reconfigured for the stuff that matters the most on the racetrack you can see over on the side you have all these different performance metrics you might want to see at a moment’s notice that is pretty cool and it’s one of the neat things that a gauge cluster screen allows you to do just totally reconfigure things depending on what mode you’re in and by the way one other interesting thing that happens when you change the drive modes your heads-up display changes to this car like a lot of new cars has a heads-up display which is projected onto the windshield and gives you vital information you can see it right now in normal mode pretty standard go into sport mode and you can see it’s just gotten a little sporty ER now it’s giving you some more performance information go into track mode and again sporty you’re still for more pertinent heads-up display information it’s cool that it’s not just the gauge cluster that changes but also the heads-up display that’s a neat touch and by the way one other interesting item worth noting in the gauge cluster if you simply find it to be too much too much information too much technology and you want it to go away you can just go over to simplify and then the screen will simplify itself and then you don’t have all this kind of stuff staring you in the face at all times that could be a feature that maybe would appeal to the Corvette more traditional demographic let’s just say who don’t understand all this new fangled technology and next up another interesting item with the Corvette is getting in and out with the doors because they have electronic releases this is very unusual in the car world although older Corvette models also had this to get in on the outside you kind of reach your hand underneath this little curve and there’s a little door popper you push that and it electronically opens right up now the interesting thing here is this means you can’t get in the car if the battery is dead because then the electronic door popper won’t work except Chevy thought of that and there is a manual release check this out you go into this little vent area by the door you look up and you can see there is a keyhole in there you can then easily detach your key from your key fob and you have to kind of try to finagle it to fit it in there but you can do it twist it and then the door will open manually sort of a hidden secondary release for the doors now once you’re inside the car same kind of situation you don’t have a traditional door handle to get out instead you push this button and that electronically releases the door and you open it up from there but once again if the battery dies when you’re inside the car somehow you need a manual release to get out and you have it in the footwell on both sides you have this little lever you can pull in order to manually release the doors in case the battery is dead and your little door popper isn’t working and finally with this car I want to talk pricing it has been well covered that this car starts around $60,000 which really is an amazing bargain for the money but most cars won’t cost $60,000 this particular one has a sticker price of around $85,000 because it has a lot of options I’m going to go over a few of those now if you upgrade from the base Corvette to the 2lt model it cost about seven grand and it adds a lot of features you’re probably gonna want you get the heads-up display you get the wireless phone charger heated and cooled seats satellite radio your programmable garage door system on your Sun Visor you also don’t get navigation on the base model only if you upgrade to the 2lt now if you want to go further this car has the three LT trim level which adds another $5,000 with that you get these cool seats they call them the gt2 seats and are a little grippier and nicer than your regular seats and you also just get nicer trim the 3lt is more aesthetic stuff you get a better interior stitching suede everything just looks and feels a little bit nicer now adding to LTE and 3 LT takes you up to about $72,000 but like I mentioned this one has an $85,000 sticker price one reason for that is that this one has the z51 Performance Package which like I mentioned is about five grand and then there’s some other stuff too this car has the magnetic ride control suspension about $1,900 the front axle lifter is extra that’s about $1,500 you take on a lot of this stuff and that’s how you get to 85 grand for a new Corvette but when you look at the numbers on paper still a pretty good deal and so those are the quick sand features of the new 2020 Chevy Corvette the c8 now it’s time to get it out on the road and see how it drives all right driving the c8 I’ve wanted to do this ever since they announced it as everyone has and I’m thrilled that I have the chance now alright first impression of the car as soon as you get inside it’s actually pretty roomy I Drive a lot of these mid-engine exotic cars and more and more they’d all tend to be pretty roomy it’s a lot of tall people buying these cars automakers know that but this one I would say is unusually so it’s got a lot of space I’m sitting fairly comfortably I can actually move my seat back several more inches and I’m six foot three six and four so if you’re a tall person you can really feel like you’re able to drive this car now the first thing you notice when you start driving is there’s really good frontal response immediacy even if you don’t have to downshift even if you’re just the throttle you want to get a little bit more speed just incident there’s good torque but more importantly it’s just it’s just a quick response and I think a lot of consumers even if a car is fast on paper if they don’t feel that when they first tap the throttle they’re gonna be disappointed with how it feels in this car to worry about that it certainly starts to go one thing you notice right away as you start really driving is the transmission is just so smooth everybody’s going to these dual clutch transmissions now but this is clearly one of the smoother ones I’m in sport mode and you really don’t feel your changes all that much it doesn’t hurt there’s no real smash of the transmission donor to the next year it’s all just really smooth and easy of course the car obviously really really really quick to accelerate but to me I mean all cars are quick to accelerate now 0-60 in 2.8 2.9 that’s insane that’s an amazing number but everything in this world is kind of in the low 3s or whatever the amazing thing out to me the transmission is just so smooth and so quick and it’s really amazing especially because this is the new Corvette we’re not in a hurricane we’re not in for a date this is a Corvette it’s Chevy and it’s only 60 grand 70 even this one at 80 plus not to me there are pros and cons of the interior in terms of quality I really liked it I was not one of the people who thought that the c7 had that great of an entry when it came out everybody was like this is such an improvement I always thought it was kind of okay but this car I think really is a lot better there’s virtually no plastic or cheap plastic in here at all it’s partially because this is the 3 LT model so we have stitching everywhere we have leather everywhere nice finishers etc but generally speaking this really is a nice interior to me this is the first Corvette with like a really interior that really matches the price point in the kind of the world that they’re trying to go after I love the square steering wheel I’m super into that I think that looks really cool I love that any car that does it does not take any getting used to you just drive it like a normal steering wheel but it looks cooler and has kind of racing lineage to it steering and handling I try to evaluate most of the cars I film on the street which is where 99% of people are going to drive them so it’s a little bit harder to kind of really get a feel of how hardcore it is you want to get into some hilly driving some racetracks maybe I’ll do that in the future with one of these but generally speaking it feels like it steers pretty well I generally prefer mid-engine cars I think that that is the layout that God intended for sports cars to be in if you think about it from a weight distribution perspective it makes the most sense I’ve owned a lot of front engine sports cars but the ones that have really stuck out to me are mid-engine cars it’s just better generally speaking it’s hard not to be impressed with this car I mean zero to 16 two points something this was 85 grand but to me it’s still a bargain at that number especially when you compare it against rivals which are basically all exotic sports cars that cost five times more now obviously there’s a lot of reasons to get those cars Ferrari will always have a stronger brand name than Corvette same at Lambo whatever and and frankly to me those cars do have more striking appearances and interiors but it’s car cost a quarter of what does say it’s an unbelievable deal and so that’s the 2020 Chevy Corvette this is the most hotly anticipated car of the year and it lives up to the hype it’s not perfect but you can’t argue with the sheer insanity this is a mid-engine sports car that does 0-60 in under three seconds like a McLaren or a Ferrari or a Lamborghini except this starts at 16 grand this is huge and now it’s time to give the new Corvette a dug score and the dug score is here and the figure is truly unbelievable a 68 out of 100 which places it higher than basically anything in its price point and within close reach of the McLaren 720s Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan the big news here though is that the c8 actually ranks higher than the new Porsche 911 and why wouldn’t it the c8 is faster cheaper and right now much cooler the launch of the new 992 was laughably small potatoes compared to the unreal interest in the new Corvette admittedly the 911 wins in the daily categories because it has extra seats and higher quality but the c8 has a higher weekend score and the c8 also gets a 9 out of 10 in value which it deserves I love German cars and in my world Corvettes don’t beat 911s well that’s changed one word of caution though the c8 gets an 8 out of 10 for cool factor but that number will probably lower as these become far more common in the coming months [Music]

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