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Hello guys the action here in the quantum of solace which is the boat from the 007 movie and this one is the exclusive material that the boat will bring to you for us we’re doing the opening of this video here and you’re going to show it here where the 007 film was made here on this super yacht here this is the stern square the huge absurdity of the stern a large circulation the bus for you this is a super yacht you just really know what a big boat is this is a content that the boat is bringing to you exclusively here in the area of holidays here so let’s go here let’s meet him let’s go inside of the quantum of solace salon and you will be jaw-dropping with this boat here look the things that we don’t even have to comment on well decorated today is the last day of the Miami heat shows here on super island yacht ok I’m here with customers visiting the boats we will have a lot of people here visiting and we’ll get to know a little bit about quantum of solace in and we will now enter the hall here would be an idea here from the hi hall it is full of customers, a boat that draws attention at every moment not grand piano and here on the boat it’s very luxury very luxury very today we are here details on the ceiling i will show you now this show for you now a detail on the ceiling look at this and that’s it guys we are giving here we have is a gap here on the ceiling that gives you see the other deck and look how impressive and then and there and there ah the roof of the boat is leaking here and we are here access to the other deck what’s up and there and there and there and also it will balance high already and we will have here the image improves how much of soldiers here which is the model of the bar for you to see it is and there and there and there and there and the model of the boat and a wonderful grand piano and hi guys, this boat is showing a lot of detail here again the cell that an area here that is we’re getting here and this space here leaked here we see the other talk and good taste and look at the size of the dining room we are wet nilson this is a dining room let’s go one aquarium and look at the detail of the chandelier and the ceiling the ceiling work 1 hi hi it’s all very well thought out very well decorated it’s a focused one and then and there and this is done that gives bluish is the sun between the glasses, right, but here the other environment is very big is a lot of detail right we have a bar here [Music] today and we will now know the cabins and then the bread and is to walk here in this wide corridor we will enter here will enter another hall we have a high here today a toilet to serve the guests ok i’m going down here it’s more each big stairs g1 it’s just a whole floor is going down they haven’t reached where and in a gym the gym a balcony looks wonderful a balcony on the gym with the duo xd massage plus a living room I was very cool, very chic the system in a notion an idea and here we have more equipment for the gym and it’s a gym with and then and there’s one more already there the complete gym in and then so g1 hi salma dry and wet the todinha with a floor and there it is very beautiful with good taste very well decorated here we have a dry sauna and then we have a massage room the well reserved environment here to make a relaxation that wonderful what’s up and then oh and now let’s see the balcony overboard and and for what you imagined in the morning did your gym ran relaxed a little and is and you come here and have it alone and on the balcony and this beautiful view armada ac and then the oil from the boat that’s it we are at the water line practically wonderful that’s it you will find inside the superyacht like this one this one here for everybody knows one everything runs away it’s an overview of everything we’re seeing here are a few square meters and then leisure is good people, now we will meet the booth area here and then look at that immense corridor hello guys all this place that we are going to visit now is just here is just for so you’re going to be amazed by the size of the booths of guests meet me here the first cabin we have to burn room the bathroom and there and there the inbox and then hi Joel dressing table alone this is it in an anteroom so in the booth I’m going to enter the booth ok I’m in Monte Sala, we entered the cabin good so let’s see here the partition here the guest cabin if you already realized I just invited this from here and it’s not a vip mastery booth nothing i just invited i just give a take a look at it and look at the size of the space and actually here the cabin over there the Marsala and I got confused I curled up a little bit here and we have here the bathroom of this switch and with a wash a box good and the other is the sanitary one that is here this is you need to open the door to show it but you don’t know it is but it was sanitary whatever you want a look has a sense of size we have that little office desk and the single bed is another single bed hi and a space like this is wonderful is details of the ceiling the boat very beautiful very well done the exquisite and all the details and are many details are not few the actor who was a boat chosen right for a 007 movie and that was the first booth we entered we go to another booth [Music] we have a VIP booth here is a little smaller than those two we saw now with a bed couple and we have a desk there in the details here on the ceiling [Music] what is more a VIP cabin and bathroom bathroom in the same style as the other boxing and toilet we are here many details as I told you TV parador small what do we go to another booth if those are the guest booths imagine how good the master should be, let’s now know the third cabin which is another vip booth oh ok it’s more a vip cabin with a double bed a decoration totally different but wonderful and look how beautiful the details on the glass once again will show the details of the ceiling for you the is one more I write on it hi tv plus a very nice sideboard also very detailed with stone marble to the floor design is wonderful and on the side I didn’t tell you about the sanitary and the box is it is very beautiful and we go to another cabin would like you to notice if the detail of the marble floor we spend here a average only marble carpet inn good and we’re coming me and two more cabins and a detail they are integrated and it has a door they can join [Music] but here a small table with a dressing table alone a chair the closet and here we have a door that integrates is another and then and the other cabin the same configuration with table and dressing table with closet oe bathroom and there and just look at the marble detail in the finishes and let’s go a bath the toilet let’s see the other bathroom must be the same [Music] and you just follow her like I’m walking in here lets I must fit right [Music] and there and this is a combined cabin, right? the bathroom next door we had a bathtub this one is just the box a marble all is but is that sanitary I invited that I had said popular if you want to get this many beauty here in the buckets all marble wall in the owner’s cabin was here an office it’s a super office and then hi and this is the owner’s cabin and take a look that makes company for him we will fall the pet puppy’s bed it’s a huge room reminding you that this cabin the size of it is ok the mouth of the whole boat is here is the size of that cabin a big sofa in l living room TV and we have here is a very large double bed oh ok guys that if we noticed a detail we have a grass here now I understood the sense of the grass must be for his puppy and we have here one more table and whatever you look at the size of this I tell is beautiful just to remember guys this boat was manufactured in 2012 oh ok so the boat practically looks like it left the shipyard 1 and then the assembly a very cool clock interesting the grandfather clock digital and let’s see the closet here 1 it is very beautiful very well decorated and if closet 1 ae now we will know the bathroom good if you guys think that i finished it is not great and everything is great here you will not believe my bathroom and take a look at the size of that bathroom I’m listening right back here for you to have an idea we have a bathtub with two sinks [Music] the bathroom stall the toilet box is a holly dressing table and people give a closet look that’s right a closet inside the bathroom looks at the size of the closet and there a and this is it this one here is the owner’s cabin is the I just got the bar’s head a big size slump it is shut the door and we will know here more the other environment and this wonderful boat what’s up it’s just to leave here another record and how to get to know the environment more, which is another salon, this one would be reserved room private room right for the owner for the guests there it is probably have some entertainment area it’s a beautiful sculpture looks at the ceiling chandelier and it looks like the sun and it looks beautiful and we have here another sculpture the time I can’t get enough of highlighting a very well decorated boat what’s up is that space that gap that I had just when when we entered it gives straight here to the room so I wanted to observe myself well look how cool when we arrived we looked at that gap we’re seeing the hall and then we will turn from here and passing this other reserved room which is a another environment and not knowing another environment here in top helped quantum of solace we left this room and we will have access here loving external is very big is another deck and as the outdoor dining table here several tables chairs is for several environments for you and your guests and look at a dining table for 10 people we are here two supports here for you the guests with refrigerator sink it’s another counter and here we will have access to another deck and how to know and there and here I am arion is a mega solar is not from here several is on several sofas twice only gives one look at this one, it’s another meal table, but this one here are for 12 people and the ferries hello guys and for those who like a look at this space here, look, and the cover here is never boxes of sound ok there is one is a small bar an area that there is an area for the dj to stay according to the people here because this place here is the dj playing a and stay mom can be another bar, you know, it barely works here we have a shower you cool bathroom and then hello guys look here too in the pool it is not enough you are at the sea, right, because it must be far, right, because she goes down to go in the sea right we have a pool here and look how much guy is in two theses one on each side and has a swimming pool it’s just for you to understand even the greatness of this boat and then and imagined the hi there, just taking a pool, a shower, a dj there in the afternoon and this one is the bow and helipad and oh ok let’s meet the personal bow and a boat of this size has to have people here to take care right this is the area of the crew so all of this here we have here chef the kitchen goes to meet the whole boat is a kitchen is very professional even the chef this here is the kitchen that serves the whole boat and this is the backstage that nobody shows but here is where things happen think you work all day all the time and all the time going up now to the bridge and let’s unravel and there and it will burn a small room that the command well captain [Music] hi and the command post on a couch and two command chairs and electronics and I’ve never seen a post with this big and there and here and there and there and there and there and there and there there are already four very large screens in everyone, everything has redundancy everything everything everything everything you can imagine no small ship hello guys he is now here at finally here is the bow the pain surprise i what look here we have here the two boats already support ie ii and the helipad and that’s right folks he point here and is that the helicopter descends hello guys this is another boat review there but it was the edge of the point loudspeaker the engine almost here in Miami super yachts ok i hope you have liked this video thanks thanks and continue with us my miami found on super yakishow 2021

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