The Greatest Teaching on Bible Prophecy Ever – Pt. 3

there’s gonna stay on Church if you would this morning’s and and open your Bibles to the first Peter chapter one I know it sounds like a broken record but we’ll be done with this portion today it’s verses 10 11 and 12 and today we’re looking at verse 12 i will read the odd-numbered I’ll tell you what I’ll read the even-numbered verses you read that one odd-numbered verse verse 11 out loud of the New King James Version Bible if you would first Peter chapter 1 I’ll read verse 10 and verse 12 if you would read out loud verse 11 of this salvation the prophets have inquired and searched carefully who prophesied of the grace that would come to you verse 12 to them that is the prophets in the context it was revealed that not to themselves but to us they were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those who have preached the gospel to you and here’s the key by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven things which angels desire to look into Father we pray this morning that by your power that is by your Holy Spirit there there is no power apart from your Holy Spirit God we ask you to visit us this morning in this teaching we ask you Father that you would overlook the fact that we’re assembled in a building the structure as an address it’s called a church but we’re none of that unless the Holy Spirit is here this morning unless your word is open unless Almighty God we are desperate before you to see you move in our lives and Lord I pray that you would sweep across this congregation of saints that love you father in all aspects those that are grieving right now through loss death news I pray for those that are here I think of my dear brother Todd in the front row right now and others around this place who are looking Lord at the operating table tomorrow or this week bring them healing bring them your favor bring them your grace in your comfort we pray for parents that are mourning this morning their children and we pray for children who are mourning their parents we thank you God in all of these things the overriding truth is the salvation that is through Christ Jesus it’s that reason why we’re here and we thank you Father in Jesus name and all God’s people said amen you can be seated this morning and we’re looking at today part three it’s our final look at a message entitled the greatest teaching on Bible prophecy ever I love the bomb Basset II that’s a big word isn’t it bomb Basset is that cool it sounds like something I love the just the noise of that title it sounds almost arrogant to say it but the the confidence is not in the title it’s it’s in the message of that title the greatest teaching on Bible prophecy ever is not in the title of this message it’s not even at the points in which we’re looking at it’s found in the very words and verses that are before us the ones we just read a moment ago because it’s all about as you’ve been learning salvation the greatest prophetic doctrine in the Bible is the doctrine of salvation that God would come and save us from our sins that’s a prophetic utterance by God and we’ve been studying how that encompasses the entire Bible and Peter the wonderful lovable big we know from church history we know from the Bible bumbling Peter the one who always seemed to open his mouth and say something at the wrong time Peter commentators have often said and we laugh and chuckle because we agree not because we find fault with him but that he had foot-and-mouth disease you can read that in many commentators I think one of the most lovable of them all and dearly esteemed as dr.

J Vernon McGee Peter was that kind of a man that we can all relate to because Peter was always caught saying something out loud thinking something then saying it out loud the Bible tells us often that when Peter was speaking it says as he was speaking the Holy Spirit descended and said or as he was speaking God spoke poor Peter he’s always interrupted but he’s passionate he loved Jesus I’m grateful that Peter was the one that denied Christ to show me that God’s grace gives us second and third and fourth and fifth chances Peter having denied Christ three times in the face of Jesus found forgiveness after the resurrection that the salvation of God is greater than any sin that you could have ever committed in life somebody should say amen to that whatever you’ve ever done in life God is willing to forgive if you’re willing to of it God is a forgiving God the God of the Bible and his message to us as salvation and we remember this bear with me if you are bored by this remembrance but as powerful Luke chapter 24 verse 25 to verse 27 is the encapsulation of a great chapter of the Bible it happens as you learned last Sunday it happened on a Sunday evening 2,000 years ago as two disciples made their way back to their homes in any mass it says then he that is Jesus said to them o foolish ones and slow of heart to believe in all the prophets have spoken ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory and beginning at Moses and all of the prophets he that is Jesus expounded to them unpacked to them and all of the Scriptures the things concerning himself that is an awesome statement Jesus used the entire Old Testament to tell two disciples on the day of the resurrection that it was the Bible that spoke about his salvation the revelation of God’s Word is the salvation of Jesus Christ Revelation chapter 19 verse 10 says but I John is the one speaking but I John fell at his feet to worship Him as scholars by the way they don’t know if the one speaking to John to whom he falls at their feet as a fellow Saint in heaven above or is it an angel speaking to him it’s one or the other but that entity be it a redeemed Saint that preceded John or some angel but he said to me see that you do not do that I am your fellow servant and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of what church prophecy and the spirit of Jesus and prophecy is that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father the salvation of the world is Jesus Christ we saw last time that the greatest teaching on Bible prophecy see ever is the fact that it teaches us what God has said about salvation that it’s a forethought remember that it’s a forethought of God in verse 10 we learned that it’s a forethought we learned that God’s salvation thank God is knowable and even better than that it’s an experience salvation is that which is to be experienced between the intercourse of your soul and God in heaven above that God desires to relate to you personally listen Jesus is not a collective salvation yes it’s surely died for the sins of the world yes it’s true that he’s the savior of all mankind but thank God that Jesus Christ is not a collective salvation Jesus Christ is a personal salvation that you must come to Christ personally and trust him by yourself no one goes into heaven on the coattails of their grandparents or their parents or friends you may be here today or you may be watching right now and you’re thinking well I’m gonna go to heaven cuz my wife is saved no you’re not you’re not gonna get to heaven because you’re relying on the salvation of your children or your parents you’ve got to make your own personal decision it’s a forethought of God meaning that’s God’s plan it’s knowable that means from the Bible God has answered us regarding salvation you can study that you can know that by those that you know who’ve accepted Christ and then you can experience it for yourself and then last time we saw that the greatest teaching on Bible prophecy ever teaches us how God would provide salvation we saw that in detail we saw that it’s ordained of God that very timing of it it’s specific that 2000 years ago Christ had to come at that time according to the Bible nobody made that up it just wasn’t a coincidence Christ had to come according to the prophecies 2000 years ago not only that but you saw that Christ had to come at a particular week according to the Jewish or the biblical Old Testament calendar and arrived on a particular Sunday called Palm Sunday and be resurrected from the on a particular Sunday that was resurrection or the feast of firstfruits it’s remarkable ordained of God we saw last time that he inspired the revelation of salvation that the Bible is God’s Word without error in the original language from cover to cover God’s Word stands perfectly true this morning against all attacks against all atheistic mocking and ridiculed and work in fact blessed be those who in their doubt try to find this book to be false because what happens to them most often is that they wind up getting saved because of the veracity of God’s Word the truth of God’s Word stands firm your Bible in your lap is the sword of the Spirit says the Bible the very word of God it’s absolutely awesome and then we saw last time in closing that it’s that which he testified God testify to the origin of the Bible and salvation God said it way back in Genesis so church here we go we dive into the final look at this and before we do that I want to give you this quote we’re in verse 12 I want to give you this quote from dr.

Harry Ironside wonderful man of God now with Jesus he said Jesus Christ is the substitute for all things but nothing can substitute for Jesus Christ when ironsights ed substitute he didn’t mean some replacement just to replace things Jesus Christ is the substitute having gone to the cross for us church the salvation of Jesus Christ for us at the cross and our redemption through him is something that is not only inspired and ordained and scheduled by God in his word it’s the fact that God would grant a salvation based upon that so the question is this today the greatest teaching on Bible prophecy ever is regarding those who God would grant salvation to who are these people how is it that we live in a world right now if you’ve thought about it or not that there’s it’s the saved and the unsaved the world seems to be the great battleground of decisions today in all aspects of life we’re not only coming up on an election where people will have to deciding people are deciding every day about the decisions they’re gonna make in life how they’re gonna spend their money who’s gonna raise your kids but you’re gonna do with your time decisions and that great battlefield see us Lewis talked about you and I as believers having been redeemed out of this world that now we are here warring against the principalities of darkness and of demonic powers an alliance with God we are and I love how CS Lewis puts it that we are invading listen we are invading with the gospel enemy occupied territory Satanists come to this world jesus said to rob and to kill and to destroy but jesus said I have come to give life and so whose team are you on what side do you choose today there are either those in history now who are listen in history there even in heaven or there in hell isn’t it amazing there’s no middle place there’s no purgatory according to the Bible there’s no middle world the Bible says to be absent from the body if you’re a believer is to be present with the Lord the Bible makes it very clear also to be absent from the Lord is to be in hell God doesn’t want anybody there thus we would ask the question to whom God grants salvation look at verse 12 to them the Bible says to them he’s speaking of the prophets it was revealed that not to themselves that is not to the prophets alone but to us they were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those who have preached the gospel to you and this is how they do it if there’s any effect by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven things which angels desire to look into so church write it down number one we look at this that salvation is central to the revelation of God and salvation can you jut that down I know it sounds a little bit theological but it’s good for us it’s good for us to know this I want you to be a church who knows what did he you believe and why you believe it okay say men right you need to know why you believe in will Pistor says to forget about what pastor says what I heard a radio guy forget about the guy in the radio why do you believe what you believe and listen salvation is central to the revelation of salvation itself when it says in verse 12 to them it was revealed this isn’t a tremendous statement to them being the prophets and I might add to us now who are Christians the word is constructed interesting to them that was proclaimed watch to them that was proclaimed what God was going to do you and I in the 21st century we know what God has done so if they were are you listening if they were proclaimed to are destined to say then what was proclaimed – announced in other words what was coming you and I have the privilege of holding our Bibles up and looking back at history and aren’t we not to be louder than the prophets knowing what we know now you listen you know more than what the prophets knew then you’ve got the entire Bible Jeremiah spoke not knowing exactly what he was saying he was inspired by the holy spirit we saw that last time and he spoke through Jeremiah he spoke through Isaiah he spoke through Micah and the great prophets of old he spoke through Moses the salvation of God to them that was revealed tremendous statements the Christian minister today is not called a manufacturer anything Christian take a deep breath and relax we don’t have to invent anything we don’t have to listen oh let me be a little sarcastic with us can I may I it’s for service you guys have been up for hours you can take it it’s wrong for Christianity of today Christian ministers Christians to try to rebrand the gospel oh we’ve got to make it relevant for a day at our age watch out that is a trap and woe unto those who fall into it we’ve got to make God relevant excuse me God eternal were the ones that need to get with God to become relevant we don’t need to make God relevant God is always relevant the Holy Spirit knows what’s happened what’s happening what’s gonna happen God is always on time he’s never early he’s never late that makes God perfectly relevant in every situation no no we don’t need to rebrand the church or rebrand the gospel rebrand the Bible well let’s make the Bible more easier to read you know what we’re really saying now when we use well we have to have a not a Bible not a Bible we have to have a translation of the Bible which makes it not a Bible be careful be very careful I read them all I own them all don’t get me wrong I’m not condemning anybody in this place I read them all sometimes the New Living Translation hello translation it’s a conversation regarding the Bible it’s not technically a Bible you need to know that some of the other versions that are out there they do not do honor to God you need to know that very be very careful and then you’re gonna watch out who the publishers are you can get an NIV nearly inspired version produced by Zondervan and you can get an NIV by Tyndale guess what they’re gonna be different did you know that they’ll be different from one another who did that it’s not God the producers try to make God relevant they try do frankly dumbed down the Bible because the culture has been dumbed down and we try to make God relevant listen be very careful be students of the Word of God Church know what your Bible says you don’t need to make or attempt to make God relevant know the truth of matter is the salvation doctrine that is found in God’s Word is the centrality of God’s announcement to the world we do not need the manufacturer or remanufacture anything we are only to be reproducers we are to be repeaters did you know that hey you can pray for us because you’re your pray for yourself pray for me in this project that you’re working on here’s what you’re working on in various parts of the world not only the United States but you are trying to get these messages that you hear in this church sent from one location over the mountains of where they’re at into another community do you know how to do that do you know you do that in the world we’re by the way we’re doing it we’re trying to bombard certain parts believe it or not I know sounds crazy we’re trying to do that very thing right now in the Hawaiian Islands you think you say Hawaii guess Hawaii is actually the most international city in the United States Hawaii is I hope nobody from Hawaii’s watching what I’m about to say Hawaii is one of the most pagan places on earth worshiping nearly a thousand Polynesian gods did you know that did you know Hawaii’s hard to reach you and I only know Hawaii because we go there for a week or two on vacation we fly there goof off and we leave did you know there’s a culture there lost and it’s personal for me because that’s where my family comes from lost I’m telling you lost in paganism how do you reach them with a repeater you send out a message and that message loses it’s in one electronic power but you you send it into a repeater and it reboosts the message and sin that doesn’t change the message are you with me it repeats the message Christian you and I are to be repeaters of the gospel in Malibu in Laguna in Big Bear in Pomona in Los Angeles in Pasadena where are you from here to be a repeater of the gospel it’s not just to the prophets the prophets passed on the Word of God to us and we have that word of God in us and now wherever you and I go Christian you are to be a repeater of the Word of God you were to make sure that your life’s existence in what you do I’m so happy to drop another note on this issue that what you’re doing as a church I am delighted I can’t tell you how delighted I’m going to be on the day of judgment when you stand before God and God’s gonna say well done Susie well done bill well done because you reach these people down in Australia New Zealand or Tonga Aurora Tonga are the Solomon Islands you’re doing it right now as I speak Tonga listen Tonga to the gospel how’d you do that you’re gonna stand there and say I work and God’s gonna say you did that every nickel you tithe it went to this event called radio or broadcast it landed in the heart of the mind of a child or a teenager God listen were just to be willing God will put the power to us being the ones wanting to repeat his message God’s the power God’s the strength he’ll do it he’s awesome jesus said in john I am the way notice he’s the way he’s not a way no he’s the way the truth oh this drives some of our progressive friends crazy the truth what does that mean definite article before the means he excludes all other truth that is made up meaning all truth that is true belongs to him that’s so absolute I don’t believe in absolutes yes you do because to say that is an absolute statement God is absolute he’s the truth and the Bible says Jesus said it he’s the life and it’s in coming upon every believer to copy the Ministry of the prophets and tell the world that this gospel is central to the revelation of God first Corinthians 15 verse 3 first Corinthians says Paul is speaking for I delivered to you first of all that which I also received look at him he’s a repeater number one that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that number two he was buried and that number three that he rose again the third day according to the what scriptures friends just repeat this dad and your family devotions with your kids you don’t have to be a Billy Graham you don’t have to be a Greg lorry or a Charles Stanley just repeat this was it not last week we had those kids up here and what what are you doing as parents hiding those verses in those children those children child’s your what am I saying you know your kid you’ve been hiding the Bible in your kid’s heart and that your children stood up here last can regurgitate a Bible right out of them to get those Awards they’re repeaters you want to have God’s power your life repeat God’s truth don’t go around trying to make it up God’s truth 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 17 1st Corinthians says for Christ did not send me to baptize said the Apostle Paul but to preach the gospel the good news the second thing we see here is that salvation is for all who receive so who can be saved well you can if you’re willing to receive him I heard somebody say recently very famous person was arguing and I have to tell you I’m I’m a fan of just sharing Jesus I’m not I’m not saying one way or the other but this particular rock star pastor in America was condemning another pastor in America because this rock star pastor this particular view he doesn’t believe in Crusades he says they’re not from God and the other pastor says they are from God I say you’re wasting my time both of you why don’t you be quiet and preach the gospel to every creature under the Sun well how do you do that anyway you can well I don’t think God could use a crusade that’s your problem if somebody were to say well God can only use Crusades that’s your problem God used look it did not God use a donkey in the Bible to get out his word he’s using one right now standing right in front of you and my name is Jack I’ve got a good start on it right there God will use anything preach the gospel get the Word of God ah Jesus died for our sins rose again from the dead are you willing to receive that God wants you to receive his message he says not to themselves but to us they were ministering the things which now have been reported I’m blessed because in you’re blessed because Peters include himself in our camp Peterson who praise the Lord for those faithful prophets of millennia past Wow well we look back and we say thank God for the prophets and thank God for the apostles well how did that happen how did you become a believer in the 21st century because it goes on to say in verse 12 through those who have preached to you the gospel the gospel has been preached deal are you Christian today raise your hand are you born again believer love Jesus how’d that happen in some way shape or form I underline that some way shape or form God reached you God reached you yesterday I met a sweet young man by the name of Alan and he’s a pharmacist works in the area locally I didn’t know that I went there to get some prescriptions full filled and standing there and he said you know pastor Jack the other day I just he said you know pastor Jack the other day when you dropped off the the prescription he said I didn’t have time to tell you but he said I’m a Christian because nine years ago a friend listen nine years ago in fact I’m gonna read it I wrote it down he said nine years ago I was invited by a high school friend of mine to come to your church on the Sunday morning I had never heard the gospel before in my life I was so convicted of my sin I was so troubled after hearing the message I went to UCLA right after that to begin my studies I decided to seek out Christians on the campus I accepted the Lord on the campus of UCLA because of what happened to me nine years ago when I heard the gospel in your church he said he’s been walking with Jesus ever since so nine years ago he came in here heard the gospel but he didn’t get saved but he was convicted and he went away quickly off to college and he said shortly after he was convicted the Holy Spirit reached him at UCLA and he said he’s been walking with Jesus almost nine years ever since that’s awesome how does that happen the gospel listen some decisions are quick and some are slower but by all means decisions are made and Christ redeems are you willing today to be one who receives the message of Jesus Christ you have to be open to that it’s very very encouraging to hear that where were you you know my story but what about your story I mean I would love for you to go mad and I’ll make it public be an evangelist go to my facebook site and put it down there let the world read it that’s kind of fun to do you just say pastor I take you up on that challenge this morning I heard what you said this is how I got saved put it on the fig what the world read it there’s people all over the world that read that that site that Facebook pages be an evangelist tell them I was on my way to the beach to go to a party God had other plans God interrupted my life I know that if you’re a born-again believer today God interrupted you so what he does he’s so good to do that the end of verse 12 we see here that salvation is of God who provides the salvation of God God’s the one who provides it it says in verse 12 by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven things which angels desire to look into – interesting things both if you allow me to both representations to mankind from heaven one is the Holy Spirit the Bible says as we’ve looked he’s a person the Bible says that you can grieve the Holy Spirit the Bible says when we sin as believers or non-believers we upset him we hurt him the Bible tells us that he is silenced by sin not his he has no sin our sins silence that’s debt they defens our ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit we’ll know this is true when we when we commit a sin if we keep doing it we it doesn’t sting as much as it once did earlier the first time you do something that you knows wrong for the first time it’s very very difficult to guilt the shame the conviction strong and then you keep repeating it and then you don’t hear him anymore it’s a dangerous place the Bible says in proverbs chapter I don’t remember verse can’t think of it he who is often rebuked and hardened he who’s often rebuked will harden his heart and he will be taken away and that without remedy this breaks a parent’s heart by the way when it comes to our kids we tell your kids don’t do that and they do it anyway breaks your heart they think it’s funny they think it’s kind of cool and they justify their decision by the way because after all mom and dad are done what do they know they only pay all the bills and put food in my mouth amen right it’s funny though how listen it’s funny how parents get smarter as your kids get older did you get that so you tell your kid don’t do that I told you a thousand times do not put the fork in the toaster and the first time they blow themselves up it kind of gives them a rush they keep doing it again they’re gonna have neurological problems I remember when I was not a Christian did you hear me when I was not a Christian I remember bringing home a girl that I was dating and my mom little tiny thing Portuguese barely spoke English but she was able to get this out she would say to me that girl you brought here last night I don’t think she’s good for you you know I’m talking about my mom is right every single time she would say this I think this and she would say it and I would say okay mom whatever and in my mind in my mind my mom was giving her critique of that young woman and my mind was mom that’s exactly what I’m dating her I told you this was before I was a Christian and then one day and one day only and one person only did I bring a young lady home one day and my mom and my dad which my dad never said anything both of them said that girls different don’t let her get out of your sight and I did I didn’t that was 39 years ago and and I don’t plan on letting her out of my sight oh but you harden your heart to God’s Word and you keep pushing them away and then listen you not only get cold and silent against the burn of sin you begin to justify it that’s when someone’s deep into it when they justify their position I’m this way because or it’s the reason why have you ever heard that before self-justification be careful watch out no salvation is of God he provides it the Holy Spirit it’s remarkable the Holy Spirit when you begin to look at the doctrine of the Holy Spirit as a person Jesus Christ is enthroned in heaven above but the Word of God goes out through all the earth and we’re doing it right now together you and I and the Holy Spirit takes God’s Word from you reading it a message like this a billboard tracts and he picks it up and he drives it into the ears and the eyes of the reader of the hearer and he goes to work Church you and I are involved in a holy awesome lofty work together I’ve got the big mouth shootin off the noise but you make it happen we’re in this together you know me I’m not I’m a Bible teacher I’m not an evangelist but you are together this is what happens is that we reach the world is that we reach down the street does that we reach the pharmacist by Holy Spirit Dwight L Moody said it is our privilege to know that we are saved what a statement it is our privilege to know that we are saved God provides salvation God wants you to know that you’re saved dr.

David Jeremiah don’t you love him you know what I love that guy I’m almost passed out recently for joy he’s uh you don’t on that dr. David Jeremiah Shadow Mountain Church in my hometown San Diego oh my goodness I love that guy if I wasn’t going to church here I’d be going to church there I’m busy on Sundays but if I wasn’t had to go in there and his office called and said pastor Jack dr. David Jeremiah is gonna be out of town will you come and teach on a Sunday morning well he does a Saturday night and a Sunday morning I had to say no and I feel like I sinned but I love that guy I love his teaching you want safe solid teaching turn on that your TV or go online to dr. david jeremiah and this is it I’m not being paid for this advertisement I love them I love Charles Stanley men of God who hold forth the Word of God in an uncompromising way dr.

David Jeremiah said this saving us is the greatest and most concrete demonstration of God’s love it is the infinite display of His grace throughout all time and eternity hallelujah to that God does it God does the saving and that’s the focus of this church and now we come in for a landing I love this next argument from heaven not just the Holy Spirit but angels everybody likes to talk about angels you know that you can go to there have angel conventions you can get t-shirts with angels on them they’ve got kites with angels they’ve got poems you can go to a Hallmark store Enzo bigeye the angel and then then there’s the angels you know that are hanging over your grandma’s toilet on the wall with the little bow and the arrow with the little bubble bum vu MB bum you know the little cherubim with the little chubby bodies and then little stubby wings and they’re going with that you know those are not angels you have the Bible says about angels they’ll terrify you if you see an angel whenever an angel appears in the Bible either a they’re disguised as a human and you can’t tell them from human that ought to freak you out are there any here this morning the Bible says watch out how you treat strangers because in so doing you could be entertaining an angel yikes but the Bible also records that when biblical personalities saw angels they were so terrified that they became sick Daniel was sick for many days when he saw an angel the book of Revelation records them as awesome creatures and there’s orders of angels there’s rings did you know that there’s there’s descriptions and many of them are different their Seraphim recorded in the Bible there’s cherubim cherubim read the Book of Ezekiel cherubim they’ll freak you out they have eyes all around their head they’re recorded as having six wings three sets of wings six wings before the throne of God Isaiah chapter six and when they come into the presence of Almighty God the Bible says that they clothed their body with with two wings they hide their body and the presence of God and Angel has to hide and shield their body in the presence of God and then it says with the other two wings they cover their face and with the two remaining wings they fly in the midst of him normally to what they must fly I don’t know with six wings going but when they come into the presence of God they’ve got to shield themselves from God’s glory an angel the Bible says that in the Old Testament and one hour one night one angel killed 185 thousand Assyrian warriors in one night one angel how do they do that one angel walked through Egypt on the night of the Passover and slew all the first four not covered by the blood what angel oh and what does our Bible say here sorry angels things which angels desire to look into what is it salvation I don’t want to make this a theological theological big deal but the word implies that angels look into the salvation of humans that they do not have it’s something they don’t own angels cannot be redeemed nowhere in the bible does to say angels can be brought back from sin nowhere in the Bible only a human Angels by the way listen carefully angels are not created in the image of God did you know that there’s only one creation and of everything that’s created the image of God and that is a human being that’s why we fight for life that’s why we fight for faith that’s why we fight for freedom that’s why we fight for a family that’s why by the way all life is precious in the sight of God you may be here today and you completely disagree with everything I think saying do you understand something I’m a Christian it’s fine with me God loves you you say oh I’m an atheist and I hate God listen that’s impossible you cannot be an atheist and hate God grow up either you’re an atheist and you don’t hate anybody or you’re there’s something wrong with your logic and you say you don’t believe in God but you hate him every atheist I’ve ever met has got an axe to grind against the God that they claim doesn’t exist so what do they so upset about I love you because God loves you mr.

And mrs. atheist if you’re an agnostic I love you too you’re a little bit harder to figure out but I love you too because God loves you I may not like you but God tells me I’m supposed to love you it’s okay if you don’t agree with me and or the Bible it’s not important to me but what is awesome is that angels desire to look into the salvation you possess reformer John Calvin said since no man is excluded from calling upon God the gate of salvation is open to all there is nothing else that hinders us from entering but one’s own what is it unbelief and the angels must look down from heaven and say God what’s wrong with those people the greatest expense greatest expenditure in all of time and eternity was that the blood of God in human flesh Jesus Christ and men reject the salvation love the love of God heaven above and people rejected in angels angels whilst being shocked right Daniel chapter 4 verse 13 I’m almost done Daniel the Bible calls them watchers that ought to freak you out Watchers where were you last night I don’t know I don’t care but they were watching you oh no no it was in the dark they were they were in the dark the Bible says listen Daniel chapter behold a watcher a holy one came down from heaven and he was in the back seat of the car with you last night he with you on your date Watchers God’s Watchers are everywhere think of that we’re never alone Daniel chapter 4 verse 17 this decision is by the decree of the Watchers and the sentence of the word of the Holy Ones in order that the living may know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men says the Bible the watchers are angels hebrews chapter 1 verse 14 are they that’s Watchers angels not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who will inherit salvation listen every little child based on Hebrews chapter 1 and Matthew’s Gospel Jesus said that before the throne of God every child an angel represents their face before the throne of God did you know that you harm a child and Jesus said it would be better for you to have never been born than in the day of judgment when I get my hands on you jesus said that he said it’s gonna be better you’re gonna be he said you’re gonna have a millstone waist to thousand pounds tied around your neck and thrown into the bottom of the sea that would be better than the day that I’m done with you says Jesus for molesting or harming a child you mess again you touch a kid in the angel the only way that you’re not killed dead on the spot is that God is restraining the vengeance of an angel God will judge in the end and his watchers will give a report he’s holy and think of it there’s one verse in all of the Bible that to me explodes this reality I’ve loved this verse all my Christian life many of you have grown tired of hearing about it every time I see it I see it in a brighter color it’s first Timothy please write it down if you’re going to get a tattoo get this one first Timothy says without controversy I love what Paul is saying to Timothy without debate you can talk about all you want not gonna change my mind this is this transcends everything great is the mystery of godliness what is it Paul God was manifested in the flesh you want to talk about the deity of Jesus Christ that’s it we’re done here do you hear me we’re done here no I think it was a great teacher no we’re done here well I think it’s a very great philosopher nope he was the best prophet no God was revealed in human skin to the world Yeshua Jesus Joshua justified in the spirit are you ready are you sitting down seen by who see the word seen Circle it seen by angels when listen when was God manifested in the flesh nice and loud yes in Jesus but when okay you give me great answers and all of them in a different context would work truly when first Timothy is referring to a moment in which God was revealed to mankind in human flesh say it say again birth I mean this are you guys listening please with all respect listen great is the mystery of godliness for God was manifested revealed in the flesh justified in the spirit seen by angels the word in Greek means to be open in fact it’s where we get the word octo or ophthalmologist or ophthalmologist to see clearly to see brightly angels saw for the first time clear eyed brightly something they had never seen before coming out of Mary a human was God veiled in human skin coming into this world and the angels I mean this with all due respect this verse argues that in the spirit realm while Mary’s giving birth angels gathered about that stable in Bethlehem to fulfill the word seen by angels the word means wide-eyed open we use the word to gawk you know what to gawk at something means it means to be wide-eyed in an open mouth to be shocked I like the word Technicolor it’s a made-up word but it fits angels looked on in Technicolor at what at the fact that the very one coming out of Mary according to the Bible old and new Testament was none other than their creator the son of God the Bible says in Colossians chapter 1 and in Hebrews chapter 1 that God the Christ Jesus is the creator of angels did you know that did you know that they huddled around and I made this I mean this with the reverence there he huddled around and they watched can you imagine a man among angel talk they’re looking and Mary is breathing and Joseph is loving and Mary starts to crown the baby’s crowning and the Angels are looking and they see black curly hair maybe they see maybe a hand that comes out and an angel looks on and they see for the first time their creator veiled in human skin fulfilling the song I believe it’s Psalm 8 I’m having memory loss today I think it’s Psalm 8 where it says that he made him a little lower than the angels and did crowned him with glory and honor becoming a human he made a the fulfillment of that is that he became a little lower than they how does God who made angels become lower than the Angels themselves only one way only by becoming human and he came out into the world and the angels gawked wide-eyed and open with jaw wide open angels I would submit to you this morning’s prayer in press an angel this impressed them do you know this salvation I hope you do you have absolutely not one good argument as to why you would resist him you only have the Scourge and the scars of personal experience may be that you superimposed upon the love of God and it’s shielding it’s blinding you from seeing him instead you’re seeing this person that ripped you off or that person that molested you or that person that robbed you are this person that said they were a Christian but they did that to you and all that stuff is not God will you look upon him like the Angels gawk and amazement things angels desire to look into if angels could only have the salvation that’s available to you this morning they would seize it father we thank you for your word and for your truth mighty God the power of you to save to redeem oh mighty God to forgive Lord of glory the great I am the King of Kings the Lord of lords the Prince of Peace the Alpha and the Omega the way build or the living water our Savior our Redeemer Holy Spirit descend upon all those who are hearing this message now that they would receive the extended hand of the one who came from Mary’s womb ordained of God the eternal son who went to the cross who willingly with joy in his heart allowed himself to be condemned by my sin the sins of all of us who would take upon him the rejection and the scourge in the mocking and the ridicule of the cross knowing that Sunday morning was coming the resurrection was near at hand to die in my place to be that great substitute my dear friend wherever you may be right now if you’re here in this sanctuary or beyond watching or listening pull over stop what you’re doing get on your knees atheist agnostic stop get on your knees and ask him O God if you’re real if this is all true what I’m hearing show yourself to me Oh God he will show himself to you Christian always forever get on your knees right be on your knees though you may be walking or running around this world be on your knees always in your heart praising him glorifying him he alone is our salvation the greatest greatest prophecy message you could ever hear is that for God so loved you that he gave His only begotten Son that of you would believe in him you would not perish but have everlasting life and all God’s people said you.

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