The Greatest Evidence that we are Living in the Last Days

We’re over here right after the rapture that’s when the first seal opens up a man on a white horse crown on his head bow in his hand no arrows us depicting a personality who’s going to come to power he has 27 days over in Chapter 7 verse 8 of the Book of Daniel he’s called the little horn chapter 9 verse 26 he’s called the Prince of shout come chapter 11 verse 36 the willful king Matthew chapter 24 Jesus Christ referred to him as the false messiah over in the book of second thessalonians chapter 2 the Apostle Paul called him the wicked one the son of perdition the man of sin in chapter 13 verse 1 of the book of Revelation he’s the Beast out of the sea in chapter 2 of first John the name you know him best spy and tie Christ I believe the Antichrist is alive and well on planet Earth today in the next session dr.

Lutzer is going to go in depth with a powerful message you do not want to miss it you need to stay right where you are when he comes to teach let me just touch the surface the Antichrist according to the text in Daniel chapter 7 Revelation chapter 13 in revelation 6 1 and 2 comes out of a revival of the old Roman Empire the ten horns of Daniel that is talking about the Roman Empire and it’s next extension Daniel chapter 7 verses 23 and 24 says that this Empire will come to power and control the world remember the Roman Empire only controlled the Mediterranean region but these ten units of some kind will come to power what’s amazing to me as Hillary Clinton was in Brussels Belgium the other day meeting with Catherine Ashton who was the chief of foreign policy for the European Union and Hillary Clinton said the most historic event in my lifetime took place in November of 2009 and then she referred to the ratification of a Lisbon Treaty which jailed the European Union into a political economic governmental powerful unit the European Union I believe is the infrastructure I don’t have time to develop it I believe it’s the infrastructure of the revived Roman Empire when you study chapter 13 you study chapter 17 it’s talking about it all coming to power I have the Lisbon Treaty posted on my website prophecy today calm and they call they have a committee of regions which will take the 27 member states plus the 17 Mediterranean Union states all Islamic except one Israel and when they put that all together 44 states they will have a same geographical location of the old revived Roman Empire they’re doing that this year but they’re going to divide it into ten regions according to the treaty they’ve already started doing it you know what happened on Tuesday of this last week a group of foreign ministers from the 27 member states of the European Union got together you know what they called for we need a super president I almost raptured at that point I couldn’t believe they were making a statement super president they want to elect him you know who the number one can it is let me tell you his background just converted to Catholicism four years ago relationship with the Pope ah he has a foundation called the foundation of faith by which he says he’ll use religion to bring resolution to world conflict he’s the peace envoy for the quartet the United States European Union United Nations in Russia and last Friday in Washington DC with the quartet tried to bring a resolution to the israeli-palestinian conflict he I believe is the best candidate by the way this is not a prophecy newsletter this is The Wall Street Journal Tony Blair notice the headline Tony Blair takes on the world best candidate I know what you’re thinking right now hey Doc you think Tony Blair’s the Antichrist watch my lips I do not know I think I am god I don’t know who the Antichrist is I said he’s the best candidate he’s a perfect prototype he’s evidence tangible evidence that there is someone capable of moving into that position the Antichrist Antichrist that’s the first thing we need to be looking for our believe he’s alive and well go back to chapter 6 3 & 4 chapter 6 looks at 3 & 4 and he had and when he had opened the second seal I heard the second beast say come and see and there went out another horse that was red and power was given unto him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth that they should kill one another and there was given unto him a great sword you take peace from the earth what do you have war well hello do you know I was down to Georgia speaking on this subject and I said hey folks there are 57 conflicts going on in the world I was in Columbus Georgia military town the colonel walked up afterwards the doctor the young would have to correct you said I said what did I say wrong he said he said there were 57 conflicts said I just graduated from the War College in Carlisle Pennsylvania that’s where all line officers go they told us a hundred and fifty-three conflicts going on in the world wars unbelievable the Arab Spring it started in Tunisia jump the border went into Egypt took down Hosni Mubarak 32 years as the president of Egypt a moderate Arab leader you may think he was a dictator he was a bad man I’m not promoting Hosni Mubarak but he was taken down and during that 32 years there was no Middle Eastern war what’s replaced him the Muslim Brotherhood they have 77 percent control of the Parliament of Egypt they’re running a presidential candidate who’s most likely going to be a elected and they will become an Islamic Republic like Iran and they want to negate the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt by the way the Muslim Brotherhood you know who some of their graduates are Yasser Arafat she kissing the blind Sheikh who started a mosque in the Gaza Strip dr.

Al Zawahri he’s the one that led the team that killed and watch Sadat after he signed that peace treaty oh by the way maybe you’ve heard of him lately after Osama bin Laden was taken out dr. al Zawahri became the leader of al Qaeda that’s the Muslim Brotherhood Oh go to my website tomorrow you’ll see the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that Israel as backing President Assad and they want to bring the slide down now if you like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt you’ll just love him over there in Syria I want to tell you something basher Assad is a terrible leader killed over 10,000 these people already but what are they going to replace him with the Moslem Brotherhood a radical Islamic element jot this down we’ll look it up later Daniel chapter 11 verses 40 to 43 it talks about the beginning of an alignment of Nations nations in the Middle East I could name them all they’re found in Ezekiel 38 Psalm 83 and Daniel chapter 11 and here are the first three they’re going to attack Israel listen these are the first three Syria Egypt Libya hello are they on the radar screen are they ready to attack every one of those countries becoming radical Islamic organizations go to chapter 12 I mean excuse me chapter 11 go to chapter 11 the alignment of the nations the Antichrist look at here the arrangements for the temple and it was given me a reed like unto a rod and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God in the altar and them that worship therein but the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles and the Holy City shall they tread under foot for 42 months three and a half years put a temple up there has to be a temple because at the midway point of the tribulation Kabir this seven-year period at the midway point Antichrist 2nd Thessalonians walks into the temple commits the abomination of desolation claims to be God what about the abomination of the desolation Daniel talked about it Daniel in the midst of the seven-year period I’ll cause the sacrifice to see an abomination will take place Jesus confirmed it Matthew when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of the pride by the prophet Daniel flee 2nd Thessalonians Paul said that’s when it happens in Revelation and to put the temple up but there’s no temple in Jerusalem Jimmy I know that I live there remember but maybe you don’t understand for the last 25 years I’ve been documenting everything 25 years ago I walked into your Shiva place of learning for Jewish young men the rabbi was at his computer I said what are you using on that computer for he said I’m using it because I have a database of every Jew qualified to be a priest I know you need 28,000 you get 28 thousand names on there he said I do I said why he said because we’re bringing him to Israel has study their priestly duties I said why he said because we’re gonna put up a temple I said what about the implements what about the things you need like the Miz Rock that’s a picture shaped item that’s what you put the blood the sacrificial blood in you need 4,000 of them so what about that he said we got him in storage what about the table of showbread it’s already been made it’s replicated what about the altar of incense it’s ready what about the menorah they didn’t have it then I could take you to Jerusalem right now take you to the Western Wall the seven-branched candelabrum made out of a hundred pounds not 100 ounces hundred pounds of pure goals there as I what about the harps King David McKean Shoshanna Harrari were commissioned to make four thousand harps the first one they made 20 years ago was the first heart made in two thousand years an old rabbi who showed up at their heart place looked at and said Wow as he started to cry he said the Talmud extra-biblical Jewish writing when a 10 string heart shows up time for the coming of the Messiah I’ve documented everything I’ve just said this documentary is two months old the latest they not anybody in the world has this I go to the place where the Ark of the Covenant is just behind a wall I talked to three men who went to the Ark of the Covenant I talked to the rabbi who’s going to be the high priest he’s the first one to have his priestly garment made for him he said it’s in my closet waiting for me to put it on a report to the Temple Mount for duty I said rabbi do you think it a temple to be built in your time he said I believe it will so whatever God’s going to do he’s going to do it quickly but we’re talking about a tribulation temple arrangements for the temple one more thing before I conclude go to chapter 18 chapter 18 and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven heaven great power and the earth was lightened with his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen Babylon you know where Babylon is us modern-day Iraq 58 miles out of downtown Baghdad on the shores of the freight East River is where Babylon biblical Babylon is it’s never been destroyed never no Prime Minister Maliki’s from Babylon all of it’s right there it has to come to power the Antichrist will rule and reign from it why do you think the US military has been there for the last nine years to keep Saddam Hussein from doing what he was doing to set it up so it can be the International political economic headquarters the mark of the beast on the hand or the forehead that’s when they will put this in place the merchant’s wax riche chapter 18 the last thing that Christ does before he steps down on the earth is destroyed babylon babylon whew what i just said before evidence is I’ve given you we’re living in the last days the authority in Babylon it’s being rebuilt as I speak the arrangements for the temple the alignment of the nations and the appearance of Antichrist there’s only one thing before babbling comes to power before the temple is put up the Antichrist appears and the nations align themselves only one thing that must happen before Wow and we’re out of here to see Jesus vote I’m sorry I know I scared it looked like half the auditorium was trying to get a head start in the rapture I’m sorry didn’t mean to scare you like that I did that for two reasons listen I did it for two reasons number one to show you how quickly the rapture could happen number two to show you how close and how surprised some of you may be.

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