The evidence of the great flood in Genesis by AIG Ministries

Thanks for joining us in Legacy Hall to hear from my longtime colleague and friend dr. Andrew Snelling as you’ll be able to tell from his lack of an American accent dr. Snelling comes from Down Under just like me he’s a geologist and research scientist with the PhD in geology from the University of Sydney in Australia he’s worked an exploration and mining industries all across Australia before starting in full-time creation ministry and research dr. Snelling now serves as director for the Answers in Genesis research department he is also a popular speaker and author you can find his resources including his monumental work Earth’s catastrophic past in our bookstore at this time please silence all cell phones and note that emergency exits are located up front to your right and left and along the left side of the room now let’s give our full attention and a warm welcome to my aussie friend dr. Andrews now well good afternoon and thanks for thanks for joining us as Kenton said we’ve known one another for quite a long time I first met Ken 40 years ago we’ve worked together for 35 coming on 35 years now what I want to talk about this afternoon is fossils and rock layers the flood not evolution and millions of years now we get presented in the museums and in textbooks this diagram that you can see on the screen and many people are confused does that represent reality do we find rock layers stacked up like that do we find the fossils in that particular order what about the labels on those rock layers are they for real can we trust what we see in the textbook said in the museum’s what is fact and what is fiction and so I want to answer to begin with these questions is the rock and fossil sequence real or is it simply contrived to make it support evolution and millions of years does it show evolution in the development of life through this so-called geologic column and does it date the rocks as millions of years old according to the geologic time scale many of you will be familiar with turns and those terminology you see these diagrams in museums and textbooks that life is supposedly developed from the first chemicals that produce the first cell that diverged through time over millions of years branching into all different organisms that we see today and you see this diagram and references to the Paleozoic and the Permian and the Carboniferous and all these names that are supposed to represent a geological time scale representing millions of years for the development of life on Earth so these are the issues we want to come face to a face with this afternoon I’m going to shock you by first of all telling you that the rock layers are real if you don’t believe me when you leave the museum pull over on the 275 out here in a road cut and bang your head on the rocks they’re real so there’s no question about that now the other interesting thing is that the local rock sequences so for example you can drive all around Cincinnati and you can see that there’s some variations where you go up and down that there is a sequence of rock layers in this area well they generally follow the local rock sequences generally follow the order that’s depicted in the geologic column and so the layers here in Cincinnati you can compare with layers and other parts of the world exactly the same section of the geologic column it seems to fit in fact the local rock sequences can be connected together across regions and continents in much the same order as the geologic column so for example we can go north east from here up to Caesar Creek State Park and look at the rock layers that are slightly higher in the sequence yeah we can trace those all the ways to Niagara Falls we can go south down the tooth of that and the 75 and we go up the sequence as well and we can trace those layers and I’m going to give you some example shortly and the other interesting thing is the fossils contained in the rock sequences generally follow the order of the fossil record now that might say prize you well it shouldn’t because it’s not fabricated when they do those diagrams but but the caveat is in those diagrams they don’t show you all the fossils that are found in the rock layers they choose the ones that tell the supposed story of evolutionary development if you take into account all the fossils that are found in each and every rock layer they tell a different story that will come to that in a moment first of all its journey out to the southwestern United States to the Grand Canyon area many of you know that we often take tours through the Grand Canyon in fact in three weeks time I’ll be down the Grand Canyon again with a group of Christian leaders that we take through every July to try and show them the evidence that supports God’s Word why do we go to the Grand Canyon why is it such a good place well to put it bluntly the biology doesn’t cover up the geology because it’s a desert so the rock layers are exposed to view and it’s a slice through the rock layers that you don’t find anywhere often the world not only have you got the Grand Canyon but you go northwards from the Grand Canyon up a series of cliffs like a giant staircase in fact it’s called the giant staircase you eventually climb up there’s a Zion Canyon area and you’ve got a little bit higher up to Bryce Canyon you’ve actually climbed from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of Bryce Canyon you climb through 15,000 feet of rock layers containing fossils well here they are this is a view in the western Grand Canyon where you can see the narrows part of the Colorado River right there it’s called granite narrows and down there is a crystalline basement rocks that we believe match what we we would expect from the description in Genesis of what happened during the creation week and then we’ve got a few layers stacked on on top of that that don’t have any fossils in them they’re probably represent pre-flood sedimentary layers because there was erosion and sedimentation in the pre-flood world but then we come to an erosion surface and above that erosion surface which marks the onset of the flood you’ve got all these layers in the walls of the canyon that contain all these fossils all these fossils and so there the flood layers well that’s the western Grand Canyon let’s go to the beginning of the Grand Canyon to where we actually launched on our raft trips we’re right there at River level you can see the rock layer that is normally you’ll find at the top at the top of the Grand Canyon so we’ve actually gone upstream up through the the layers and we’re back now at River level we’re at the at the level you’d normally be at the top of the Grand Canyon and we can look northwards and we start to see these other cliffs that make up the giant staircase we’ve got the chocolate cliffs we’ve got the Vermillion cliffs we go even further we go to Mount Zion at the Zion Canyon and we’ve got the white cliffs and finally you go higher up you get to the pink cliffs so as I said but at Bryce Canyon so what as I said you can actually climb from a bottom of the Grand Canyon through 15,000 feet almost three miles thickness of rock layers containing fossils that are the record of the flood from our perspective well so the layers are real and the sequence is real what about the fossils we find in this sequence well we start in the pre-flood rocks those sedimentary rocks they don’t have any major fossils they have micro fossils and algae and trace fossils the kind of thing that you would expect from life that was crawling around in the pre-flood world there weren’t the conditions in the pre-flood world that would have would have fossilized elephants or dinosaurs because they’re big creatures and you need catastrophic conditions to bury them on on mass it’s only when you get to that line across the bottom of there which is the erosion surface that marks the beginning of the flood we call it the great uncle for money it’s a technical term for an erosion surface where everything just gets eroded off and we’ll see that again in a moment we’ll see it up close in a moment but then we get these layers which have all these fossils in them and so initially we have trilobite s– and and clams and and sponges and echinoderms and gastropods or snails and as we go up through the sequence of the Grand Canyon rock layers we’ve only got marine fossils we only got marine fossils apart from some tracks of vertebrate animals I’ll show you those in a moment too now as we go northwards up the grand staircase what do we find we find sorry wrong weight we find we start to get not only clams but we start to get terrestrial animals their bones and we’re getting a mixture of fresh and water and and marine creatures which you’d expect as the flood came up onto the land and we’ll come back to that in a moment but we increasingly get land falafels our land fossils as the waters cover the land and so that sequence is exactly the same as what we find in that diagram if you look at that diagram the middle column there you’ll see drawings at the bottom of marine life it’s only higher up do you get the animal life and so it does fit the general order what we find in the Grand Canyon Grand Staircase areas does fit the the order that we see depicted in this diagram so how should we respond to this information because after all God doesn’t lie so if the rock sequences and fossils record the fossils rock sequences and fossil record are real how can we explain them now of course we have to start with God’s Word because it’s our authority God was there he created and he’s recorded for us the true history of the earth so we need to start by reminding ourselves what God’s Word tells us about the history of the earth and also the creatures and plants that he created the Bible is God’s history book of the universe in fact the reality is it’s his story what I mean by that it’s all about Jesus Christ it starts with Jesus as the creator and in the middle you’ve got Jesus as the Redeemer and at the end you’ve got Jesus the coming king and it’s all about Jesus that’s why you got the genealogies to show you he’s history he’s family history so he can truly be our kinsman redeemer he was truly born a man but he was sent from from heaven and so what does the Bible record about history earth history well we start with the creation in the beginning God created we don’t have time to go into all the details today but we’ll look at some salient points the earth was created it was initially covered in water and then on day three we read that God made the dry land he put soil on it and he put plants and he was preparing it for animals to live in and live on and making it a suitable home for man on day five we read that God made the flying creatures and the sea creatures he had already made the oceans and the and the atmosphere earlier on now he was filling them and then on day six he filled the land with man and with the land animals and man and of course I don’t need you don’t need to be reminded surely the reason why those were literal days 20 roughly 24 hours as we experienced today is simple go to Exodus chapter 20 verse 11 the reason God said you will work for six days and rest for one is because in six days the Lord made the heaven the earth acetal than in them is and rested on the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy aren’t you glad that the week is only six days long and you get a day of rest you know if if the week was millions of years long you’d never get a day off to rest but it doesn’t say God worked for millions of years and therefore you’ll work for millions of years you know it’s the only basis for our workweek our week there’s no other basis outside Genesis and the Exodus here and God makes it perfectly clear and by the way it’s repeated in Exodus chapter 31 and it tells us that these words were written by God with his finger on tablets of stone where else in the Bible did God actually write for us in six days and Jesus the creator who was there so he knows and we read in mark 13 19 he referred to the creation that God created now Jesus is the way the truth and the life so he always told the truth and so we have to take his words seriously he also said in mark 10:6 and matthew 19:4 from the beginning of creation God made them male and female do you catch that it wasn’t after billions of years of cosmic geologic and biological evolution no from the beginning of creation God made Adam and Eve and that’s exactly what we read in the Bible because you see the secular timescale says no man is only a late arrival the universe began 13.7 billion years ago the earth formed four and a half billion years ago it was a hot molten blob well they’re wrong because God said when he created it was covered in water it was cool it wasn’t hot and the Bible says the earth was created first not the Sun the scientists say the Sun was first in the earth later so who’s right God was there the scientists weren’t and Jesus said from the beginning of the creation well looking back from today 6,000 years ago the earth was created on day one and man on day six five days later that’s back at the beginning see Jesus’s timescale is radically different from the secular timescale who do we trust Jesus was there who never tells a lie who who died on a cross so you and I could have you an eternal relationship with our Heavenly Father and live for eternity with him or do trust the secular scientists who weren’t there you know God saw everything that he’d made and behold it was very good by the way what is the basis for God’s measure of goodness you know when Jesus was taught said was was accosted with the statement good master what must I do to inherit eternal life how did Jesus respond there is none good but God alone so goodness is measured by God’s holy character so if God says something is very good means that is perfect there’s not a blemish in it it is death and disease good no that’s not the way God created it and we know that there was not bloodshed why because just the verse before God said you will eat the plants I’ve given you the plants so the plants don’t die and shed blood they’re different from animals Cain’s sacrifice of plants weren’t acceptable to God but Abel’s was because it was a shedding of blood that was the principle life is in the blood so Adam and Eve could eat plants and not violate God’s very good world but what happened we all know the story oh don’t you want to go to when you get to heaven go out to Adam and punch you in the nose for what he did he brought corruption into the world didn’t he because Adam and Eve chose to disobey God they got puffed up in their own importance Satan trick them into choosing to decide on for themselves rather than obey God don’t we have that problem today people would rather do what that which is right in their own eyes than what God dictates haven’t we got problems because of that and it’s because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion that we know the whole creation groans today and travails in pain but it’s waiting for the glorious Liberty the redemption that will come when the whole of Korea nation is going to be redeemed when Jesus returns again the line will lay down with the lamb little child will lead them they’ll not hurt nor harm on all my holy hill by the way if that’s the way it was is going to be in the future that’s the way it had to be originally before man spoiled everything so what do we find in the fossil record is the fossil record a record of life that’s a record of death you see living things crawling around in the rocks no you see dead things and you see evidence of cannot can every I mean that fossil is out there in the corridor outside the special effects thinner around the corner from the the ice cream and their coffee animals eating enough animals we see evidence of cancer broken teeth fractures that are healed so there was violence we also find fossilized thorns in the fossil record that are claimed to be four hundred million years old no but wait a minute the Bible has a specific statement about thorns when did thorns come into existence did God create thorns initially no thorns came as a result of the curse after Adam and Eve sinned so that means thorns couldn’t precede Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve couldn’t have been walking on a fossil graveyard in the Garden of Eden because that would be a record of death and destruction before they arrived but that’s what the secularists say you see we know they are wrong because thorns are specifically mentioned in Scripture they come after Adam and Eve sins so they can’t be millions and millions of years old you see there’s radically different view of the world the secularists say Hino death and disease and suffering and bloodshed brought you and I into existence nature red in tooth and claw but the Bible says no it was man who’s sinned that brought death so how do we explain the fossils if Adam and Eve weren’t walking on a fossil graveyard in the Garden of Eden because God had created a very good world to begin with so they couldn’t be dead dinosaurs under their feet when does when did the dinosaurs die well there was a catastrophe so that’s the significance of the flood because we’re talking about a catastrophe that consumed the whole world Genesis five six five says the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intention of the thoughts of the heart was only evil continually Wow what an indictment the world had become so filled with violence and wickedness that God said to know I’m going to destroy all land dwelling air-breathing flesh and with the earth you go back to Genesis and you read it carefully he specifically said he was going to also destroy the earth why would he have to build an ark if it was just a local flood he could have just told Noah to pack up and go somewhere else you see you all know what the size of the Ark is because you’ve all been down to the Ark Encounter by now I haven’t you do don’t you no need to remind you 300 cubits long by 50 cubits wide by 30 cubits high I’m it makes sense that was a the Egyptian royal cubit you know what a cubit was a tip of the finger to the elbow they had to standardize it because men are different sizes aren’t they and of course Moses was in the court of Pharaoh so it’s obvious it seems obvious that the Egyptian royal cubit would be one to choose but of course the Hebrew long cubit is roughly the same size anyway and that’s what we used when we built the Ark Encounter 510 feet long by 85 feet wide by 51 feet high what was that needed if it was only going to be a local flood by the way if it was a local flood why did it land on a mountaintop at the end of the ark it was a local flood and the message Damien read that region would have just got swept out into the Persian Gulf as the waters receded in Genesis 7 we read and the waters prevailed so mightily on the earth that all all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered you read the book of Genesis chapter 7 for example all every everywhere these words have emphatically emphasized the water prevailed above the highest pre-flood mountains covering them to a depth of at least 15 cubits was the draught of the art that is the the weight in which the ark sent into the waters by the way does that mean the flood had to cover Mount Everest no noun Everest is made up of flawed fossiliferous rocks laid down by the flood it’s a post flood mountain it wasn’t there before the flood and by the way if it was a local flood how could it have covered all the high mountains if water covers the highest mountain in this region it’s going to spill over into the other valleys which is eventually going to cover those hills so if the flood really occurred what evidence would you and I expect to find it’s a logical question isn’t it when Jesus got asked difficult questions he usually turned the question back on the Enquirer and our stem a question in return now the next time someone asks you assess you there’s no evidence for the flood you want to say to them we’ll wait a minute read to them what it says in Genesis say if that is true what evidence would you look for all flesh died wouldn’t you expect to find billions of dead things barren and rock layers laid them all over the earth and that’s exactly what we find 70% of the earth is covered in the continents is covered in fossil-bearing sedimentary rocks laid down by water but how do you get a fossil fish in the first place look at the beautiful state of preservation of that fish well here’s a fish bout to have his breakfast doesn’t get time to swallow it before the he’s buried and fossilized you get the point you can’t preserve a fossil like that where he’s just about to take a chomp and he’s frozen in an instant in fact here’s another example from him you zoom in Germany that’s the marine reptile six feet long giving birth to a baby one minute mother is about to give birth to a baby split second later she’s buried in tons and tons of mud fossilization had to be catastrophic virtually instant and rapid here’s a fossilized jellyfish jellyfish a soft they melt in the Sun or get ripped apart by the wind and the waves all these crinoids look at the the heads of those crinoids or Ceylonese they’re delicate they have been preserved or the wings of this wasp how do you fossilize a wasps like that if it’s not rapidly and catastrophically buried or flowers these are soft organisms that would not be preserved I mean you get a flower today and leave it out what’s it going to happen to its gonna wither die and fall apart no to preserve these organisms you need rapid catastrophic deposition on them on a mass scale so what do the fossils show they show evidence of death disease and destruction they show evidence of rapid burial in a catastrophe the flood they also show evidence of sudden appearance fully formed and complex without any ancestors of the layers beneath them let me unpack that for you B even a simple sellers complex you ask any microbiologist who looks down a microscope and they will tell you that the cell you could fit on the size of a pinhead pinpoint he’s incredibly compact complex in fact one man one biologist said the cell is as complex as a city the size of New York or London because it’s got a brain a control center or a nucleus it’s got transport networks it’s got factories it’s got power houses it’s got all the ingredients that make up a mega city with this call as complexity so what do we find in the fossil record we go from life to complex life cells fully form fully functioning ready it’s the same no matter what level we look at these flat wounds there’s no hit of any ancestors in the lie below them they appear suddenly in the fossil record fully form fully complex like this trilobite you know most people think what that’s three lobe trial Oh bite three lobes it’s got three sections to its body by the way you see it’s got a head that’s the left hand in see those two knobs that’s the eyes of the trilobite they’re being fossilized our lenses not these things that I have to wear but inside here the lenses in my eyes are made up organic tissue not so the trilobite eyes the lenses are made up of lime the same mineral that’s in limestone calcite and we can actually study the fossilized eye of the trilobite and here it is it’s made up of multiple lenses all all focusing in different directions at the same time incredibly complex so this creature could look in all directions and have everything in focus while he skated across the ocean floor we with our ingenuity have only made similar lens systems in the last 50 years by intelligent input and design which that’s the case today what was it at the time of the trial oh boy do we find any ancestors of trilobite below that could indicate how such a complex I could develop all of its own accord absolutely not you know it’s like this millions of years of wind and water obviously carved out the President’s head you and I can all see the evidence of intelligent planning design and input that’s what amazes me there was there was there was Stephen Hawking using a voice synthesizer to be able to communicate with us use built by intelligent engineers who designed it and you to use that system to tell us we all got here by chance so what does the fossils show evidence of death disease and destruction evidence of rapid burial evidence of sudden appearance evidence of design by an intelligent creator we’ve just dealt with that and the evidence of no evolutionary transitions you know where are the missing links that hypothetically link one type of creature to another like here half a reptile half a bird by the way rich Stephen Jay Gould recognized this problem he was known to us and he was arguably the greatest evolutionist of the 20th century and he made this comment what uses half a wing or half a jaw think about it a reptile that’s on its way to becoming a bird its legs are changing into wings so when they’re halfway there they’re not very good for running and they’re not very good for flying so how does it survive by the way feathers are more than scales they’re totally different a bird is more than feathers a bird has a different length system has a different heart system and circulation system it’s radically different from a reptile and in the fossil record whenever we find skeletons that look like birds they are true birds our optics was once said to be the ancestor of the birds but we know it was a true bird with true feathers yes it had claws on its wings and it had teeth in its bill but we’ve got living birds with claws on their wings and teeth in their bill or this so-called transition from fish to amphibians things changing in the legs while the things are part way fins part way legs it oh it’s cause I’ve got to have the lungs system hasn’t it to breathe on air or on land as well as in the water so it’s got to change at the same time what if it those does it all change at the same time the creature comes to a dead end and dies just like it can’t swim very well or walk very well oh by the way they they touted a missing link between these two they caught at interlac by the way how many bones did they actually find that’s what they found can you see the evidence there of things changing the legs what was missing the artists imagination because you see when you find a whole skeleton you can see the feet or you can see the things you don’t say see anything in between oh and by the way they later face and footprints of vertebrate animals below where they found tittle ACK so they knew that tittle ACK couldn’t be the ancestor of the four-footed animals because they were already four footed animals around and you want you often see these big announcements in the newspapers missing link found and about two months later you’ll find a little footnote where they’ve retracted it they don’t tell you when they retract it they leave you think that they found it well what it’s interesting to see what they actually save the secular scientist here was Charles Darwin in 1859 in his book they are on the Origin of Species this is what he said in his chapter 10 why then is not every geological formation and every strata I’m full of such intermediate links geology assuredly does not reveal any such finally graduate organic chain and this perhaps is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory so he realized there were none none of these missing links what was his explanation the explanation license that I believe in the extreme imperfection of the geologic record well in 1859 they hadn’t explored most of the world so we can excuse Charles Darwin but what about today when geologists and scientists have been in every corner of the globe has the picture changed at all well Stephen Jay Gould agrees with Charles Darwin when he said the absence of fossil evidence for miss intermediary stages between major traditions in inorganic design indeed our inability even in our imagination to construct functional intermediates in many cases has been a persistent and nagging problem for gradualist ik accounts of evolution did you get what he said not only can’t we find them we can’t even imagine what they look like David Ralph at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History at the University of Chicago arguably the greatest plant intelligence of the 20th century with the largest fossil collection in the world in that museum he said this in 1979 well we are now about 120 years after Darwin and then knowledge of the fossil record has been greatly expanded the record of evolution is still surprisingly jerkily ironically we have even fewer examples of evolutionary transition that we had in Darwin’s time wait a minute how many Darwin have none we’ve got even fewer than that now boy that isn’t very convincing is it some of the classic cases of Darwinian change in the fossil record have had to be discarded or modified as a result of more detailed information and you know Colin Patterson at the British Museum of Natural History agrees he wrote a book on evolution and he was asked a question and a letter and this is how he responded I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book if I knew of any fossil all living I would have certainly have included them yeah good and the American Museum people are hard to contradict when they say there are no transitional fossils I will lay down the line there’s not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument Wow and you think that the museums are full of these missing links no even Ernst Mayr in 2001 wrote given the fact of evolution well he believes it’s a fact no it’s only a theory not even a good one because it’s not even it’s easily falsified but they don’t accept that but given evolution one would expect the fossils to document a gradual steady change from ancestral forms to the descendants but this is not what the paleontologist finds instead he or she finds gaps in just about every file edict sequence series gaps between the different sorts of organisms well so what did the fossils show they show evidence of sudden appearance we covered that with no ancestors analyzable evidence of design by the intelligent creator we just seen evidence of no evolutionary transitions instead we see evidence of many varieties of basic kinds reproducing after their kinds why do I use the word kind because that’s the biblical definition of the different units of life the term species is a man-made term it’s not in the Bible and evolutionists have this tree of life which we showed you before where they believe that the first cell replicated and diverged and life went in all different directions there was only one tree of life whereas the Bible says no there was a whole orchard when God created he made this bird to reproduce after it kind the dogs to reproduce after their kind the horses to reproduce after their kind we release it repeated time after time on in the book of Genesis in Genesis chapter 1 and it’s also in Genesis 6 and 7 for the flood the animals would come to Noah not a species after their kinds and so the Bible speaks of many varieties within each created kind and so that’s why in the petting zoo we have here a source and a zonkey because zebras can make with donkeys and horses they’re part of the horse kind the kind is probably at the family level and it’s illustrated in the ark this was probably only about 1400 basic kinds that we’d have to need to go on the art and so that’s not many animals to fit on the ark after all and you know it’s a big boat from because you’ve been down there and you’ve seen how big it is and so when we get to the fossil record what do we find try Allah bytes are always trying bytes that are changing to something else they’re different shapes with different ornamentation different sizes but there are always trial bites or brachiopods or lamp shells they have different ribs that they’ve got the same overall body plan they look different from one another but there’s similarities in all their features it’s just like dogs are always dogs from chew hours – Great Danes they’re all dogs they look different but they’re you know that they’re dogs when you see them and they bark like dogs and brachiopods are always brachiopods so we see evidence of many varieties of basic kinds but reproducing after their kinds in the fossil record we also see that once a creature appears in the fossil record it stays the same it was Stephen Gould who coined the word stasis it means staying the same let me give you some examples you can go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and we see there in the Grand Canyon these huge mound looking things these dome things the technical term is stromatolite what are they well they’re mats fossilized mats of slime that lived on the ocean in the intertidal zone near the beach when the water comes in this the the sand grains go over the mat and the mat grows up on the sand grains and binds the sand grains together and then the next times in more saying grace it keeps up piling up and growing these domes how do we know that because the same slime is doing exactly the same thing in in today in Shark Bay in Western Australia exactly the same is back there in the Grand Canyon of they’re supposed to be a billion years old hasn’t changed stayed the same or look at this brachiopod Moreton Bay Brisbane Australia where Ken and I came from and you can see this clam or brachiopod lamp shell on the shores of Moreton Bay to die today you can go back in the fossil record over 500 million years one of the earliest breaker pods is the same lingula hasn’t changed it’s exactly the same you identify it exactly the same it hasn’t changed and stayed the same why because it reproduced after its kind or you can see this fossil fish in the fossil record call the coelacanth supposed to have died out 65 million years ago until 1938 we found it living off the coast of Madagascar we’ve even videotaped that swimming off Japan and off Indonesia the the ginkgos in the fossil record are identical to the living ones and this wall a my point it’s an interesting story the pine fossil is found about 120 I west of Sydney downtown Sydney Australia on the East Coast the living one was found in 1994 in a remote canyon in a national park in the Blue Mountains about 60 miles from downtown Sydney and 60 miles from the fossil and hasn’t changed exactly the same organism the fossil was supposed to have died out 165 million years ago so how did it survive in the same region for 165 million years and stayed the same it begs the question of the millions of years of course fossil crabs are the same as living ones fossil crayfish is the same as living ones we recognize beetles in the fossil record because they’re identical to the living beetles so we find evidence of death disease destruction we find evidence of rapid burial in a catastrophe we find evidence of death and distinction extinction and we find evidence of rap rapid mass destruction and burial on a global scale in the flood yes we don’t find the fossils as individuals we find them on mass if you don’t believe me go off the 275 into one of those Road cuts and that’s exactly what the lime stones the hard layers that you’ll find with all the road cuts around Cincinnati full of corals clams brachiopods and Kronos all broken up and smashed up bryozoans the fossil the the the lime stones are jam-packed with all the broken remains of these creatures or everywhere you look around this area the museum is built on a fossil graveyard you go to the Grand Canyon one of the lime stones there you can see the mass of broken up remains of crinoids or corals by here’s an Australian example fossil bluffing Tasmania it’s on the north and coast of the island that sits off the southeast corner of Australia there’s an 85-foot 80-foot high cliff and we’ve got a massive broken up clams and and pebbles indicating a mass burial on a turbulent scale and in this fossil deposit we find the remains of a tooth why that lives in the deep ocean and I’m a super your possible that lives on land when do you see whales and possums living together by the way you know we need to we actually extract extract observation from interpretation when we see fossils do we know that’s where they died no do we know whether that’s where they lived know one thing we know is that’s where they died because we sorry where they buried because we observe them bury in the rocks in that location so how do you get a while and possum that didn’t live together to be buried together the ocean covered the land oh here’s a fossil deposit in southern Israel see the boy for scale up there on the top right let’s zoom in what do we see all these coiled ammonite fossils many of you are familiar with the chalk cliffs of the White Cliffs of Dover the English Channel made up of chalk a type of limestone under the microscope you can see trillions literally trillions of microscopic shellfish we’ll come back to the chalk in a moment but this is a mass graveyard of ginormous proportions so we see evidence of rapid mass destruction and burial on a global scale in a catastrophe the flood all around the world every continent is covered with these layers containing all these fossils on mass bury what about the order of the fossils well the order of the fossils in the rock layers therefore must be the burial order of the flood and that makes a lot of good sense why well we go to the Grand Canyon to these stromatolites they’re in the layers below the flood rocks and so we’re not surprised to find that that some of these domes are stacked up in a linear structure that looks like a reef that there might have been a reef system made of these slime mats building these domes that protected a lagoon on the near the coast of the pre-flood continent and when the flood came it buried that roof and it buried the creatures that were in the lagoon before the waters rose up to cover the land why do I say that well where does the where does the Bible say the flood began The Fountains of the great deep broke up and the great deep was the ocean so the flood began in the ocean when the ocean floor got ripped apart and water started coming out with hot hot molten rock you know 70 percent more that comes out of a volcano is water in the form of steam so if the flood began in the oceans which animals would get affected first by the flood the creatures that lived on the ocean floor so jelly fishing and 4th and fossil flatworms for example what I want to show you and this is depicted in the flood geology room in the museum just down this way if you’ve been there if you haven’t go there and look at our Allosaurus fossil and also you’ll see this diagram here the horizontal sequence of rock layers where the fossils in them the order of the fossils in that vertical sequence represents the horizontal progression of the flood as the waters rose over the ocean what do they do they first all affected the creatures on the sea floor on the shallow sea for the trilobite it’s the brachiopods they couldn’t couldn’t easily escape corals are affixed to the ocean floor so they can’t escape by the way most people don’t realize that 95% by volume and number of the fossils are the shallow water marine creatures the shellfish the corals the clams 95% now to put that in perspective less than 5% represents the plants fossil plants and fossil plants a good example of those that are found in the cold sea oal you know that black stuff they dig up to burn in a power station coal that’s fossil plants in the United States alone there is believed to be 7 trillion tons of coal and that’s fossil plants that represent less than 5% of the fossil record it tells you how many orders of magnitude more of these shallow water marine creatures by the way the pre the post-flood world that we live in is a desert compared to the richness of the pre-flood world that God created and when we look at the fossil record what do we find we find marine fossils throughout the record yes some became extinct but many survived all the way through the flood they didn’t have to go on the ark by the way because they could live in the water and survive in the water through the flood it was only the land dwelling air-breathing creatures that had gone onto the ark because all the land was going to be covered by water there’d be nowhere for them to live and there’s evidence that on the pre-flood oceans there was a floating forest it’s depicted in our flood geology room with a with a diorama that is hollow hollow plants hollows trunks with hollow roots that couldn’t live on land in soil because the roots weren’t strong enough to penetrate soil actually form a tangle massive roots in which there was organic debris that were like floating islands of vegetation in the pre-flood world and when they got beached as a result of the flood they formed the coal beds in West Virginia Pennsylvania Eastern Kentucky and Eastern Ohio these are the coal beds and we often find the remains of these trees fossilized and then as the floodwaters conquer the land we find the land animals start to be preserved the vertebrates become increasingly fossilized an interesting that we only find dinosaurs buried with naked seed plants they make a lot about dinosaurs there’s probably only about 50 or 60 varieties of dinosaurs families and we only know that dinosaurs were buried with naked see plants like cycads as we go higher up probably in altitude we actually come to the mammals and angiosperms the flowering plants what am I saying in altitude I’m saying as the waters progressively rose up onto the land think about it if you go to the Grand Canyon today at the rim and a high altitude you’ve got no sir pine and deer at the bottom of the Grand Canyon a mile down you’ve got cacti and bighorn sheep so if you flood the Grand Canyon you get cacti on and and and bighorn sheep fossilized together but you get ponderosa pine and deer up here higher up buried higher up so by the way did you realize that the Bible tells us the Garden of Eden was at a high elevation it does because water flows downhill and the river flowed out of Eden so it didn’t have to be at a high elevation see it was an interesting you’ve got to read the Bible carefully and mammals and flowering plants are only found together in the fossil record which means they primarily live together in a separate community from the dinosaurs the Garden of Eden had fruit trees for Adam Eve to eat fruit the animals that he named were probably mammals so the bear adored the order in the fossil record represents the burial order of the flood just a couple of quick other observations we find trace fossils in the fossil record like these worm burrows where the worm was going down and suddenly realized that the sediment was covering it up so I did a u-turn we call them escape burrows we find all their trails and we even find the trails of trilobite but the interesting thing is the trails of the trolla bites were fossilized that millions of years before the fought trilobites were fossilized does that make sense no it doesn’t but if it was during the flood it would scurry along the ocean floor trying to escape being buried leave behind its prints and then get buried above where it left its prints and we see that pattern in the fossil record we find that the footprints of birds before we find bird fossils we find the footprints of dinosaurs before we find dinosaur fossils here are fossilized amphibian footprints in the Grand Canyon but we only find the animals that made it 50 million years later higher up in the record that doesn’t make any sense at all or dinosaurs like these footprints or what about these so-called egg nests some dinosaurs by the way if anyone’s seen a dinosaur make an ear and nest to lay eggs strange that isn’t it we see the dine of the the site to see a pile of eggs together like this and call it a nest no no no let’s think about it in terms of the flood the waters progressively rose from the ocean basins to cover the land but during the flood the water level continued to fluctuate daily why because there were tides we had a global ocean the tides would have been larger than the tides we experienced today because there was known land to impede the water and then you had earthquakes what are worth quakes generate tsunamis we saw that off the coast of Japan when there was an earthquake what happened this Shalom he came and wiped out the the coastal communities we saw that in March 2011 in real-time on our TV screens so the ocean basins broke up these ssin armies rushed to the land you got the tides the water levels would have fluctuated by hundreds of feet during the flood so animals like dinosaurs will get picked up by a surge and would swim allow around with the water level drop there there’s mum with the exit ready delay she’s got nowhere to lay them she’s swimming around then suddenly the water level drops she can walk on a temporary surface so she leaves her footprints and she dumps her Eagle in a hurry all in one spot the water rises and she swept away the mud covers the footprints and the eggs and then she gets buried finally she runs out of breath and the layers above see how easy it is to explain in terms of the rapid succession of activities during the flood with the water levels fluctuating and surging and the text of Genesis indicates that well lastly what do the rock layers show well they show that the ocean waters flooded over the continents how do I know that because there are marine fossils in rock layers covering the continents that’s right marine fossils what do you expect if they were marine that that creatures lived in the ocean they’d buried in the ocean well why are they buried up on the continents they had to get trance ballin lifted up by the floodwaters and dumped up on the continents and when you and I expect to find widespread rapidly deposited rock layers because the flood was a global and went all around the earth yes we find rock layers that can be traced all the way across continents and even between continents let me give you examples the two peaks sandstone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon it’s the first layer of the flood it sits on that erosion surface that marks the beginning of the flood there we can see it that’s the view from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon that little cliff at the bottom there sitting on top of an erosion surface let’s look at it a little bit more closely we can study its characteristics you know what we can trace that sandstone in outcrop and in drill holes all the way across North America across the Greenland you can go to with Chippewa Falls in Wisconsin you can see exactly the same same thing with exactly the same features sitting on exactly the same erosion surface sitting on the same crystalline basement you can see it on a road cut in Missouri as well in between the same sandstone can be traced right across North Africa right over to southern Israel NIT at Timna you’ve got the same same stone with the same fossils the same features with the same erosion services it’s sitting on the same crystalline basement only occur only global flood would do that the red wall limestone in Grand Canyon what by the way geologists are pretty smart why do you think they call it the red wall limestone because it’s a limestone that forms a red wall and it has unique features you know I was in Ireland nearly three years ago and Kolani castle is built on this rock here and I’m my eyes boggles it’s exactly the same limestone as in the Grand Canyon the same features the same fossils exactly the same level you can trace it across to England in the yorkshire dales and you can by the way it’s the same limestone in up in the Appalachians as well so you’ve got it in between and you find the same limestone in the Himalayas that’s right there’s marine fossils near the top of Mount ever it’s made out of flood deposited fossil rocks by the way this is my last example the chalk cliffs of England remember we looked under the microscope this type of limestone is made up of trillions of microscopic shellfish what I didn’t tell you last time is that you can trace that limestone across the northern island but you can also trace it across Europe to Germany the Netherlands Germany Poland all the way down to Israel Egypt Turkey Kazakhstan by the way at the bottom of that cliff a shepherd boy picked up five smooth stones to slay a giant there’s the same chalk pens as on the English Channel coast and we’ve got the same chalk in the Midwest of the United States from Alabama across the Calif to Colorado from neck Nebraska to Texas the same chalk pens well though the same chalk beds are found in southern Western Australia that’s a that’s a global scale fossil graveyard made of all these trillions of microscopic shellfish well what do the side to say about the formation of this limestone called chalk they say the chalk beds formed over millions of years as lime grain by lime grain and tiny shot by tiny shell fell to the ocean floor they say a fraction of an inch every thousand years about that’s on the ocean floor where do we find the chalk up on the continent what other fossils are buried in the chalk beds well if we go the library chalk in Kansas we find it’s full of crinoids perfectly formed crinoids that that had to be catastrophically buried all this fish didn’t get time to digest its food you see the size of that fish it’s 12 foot long would you bury that 1/4 on each every thousand year a fraction of inch every thousand years the fish would have digested itself and swam away wouldn’t it or in the same chalk bed you’ve got playas or fossils and turtle fossils ten and twelve feet long across you’ve got dinosaur fossils and bird fossils in the same chalk beds how would you gradual grain by grain a fraction of inch every thousand years on the ocean floor over millions of years bury together such large sea land and air dwelling creatures of the continents not on the ocean floor see my point only if the ocean waters rose and swept across the continents catastrophic ly burying these land and sea and air dwelling creatures all together in this global scale fossil graveyard that’s the chalk-pit only the flood makes sense of that kind of evidence well is the rock and fossil sequence real yes we’ve learned that today is it simply contrived to make it support evolution and millions of years no it’s real does it show any evolutionary development of life in the geologic column no no no there’s a fossil state the rocks as millions of years according to the geological timescale no no no the fossils don’t come have labels on them higher on millions of years old they’re just fossils do we find Murray creatures bearing and fossilized on the continents yes yes yes were the creatures buried rapidly and that’s the rock last form rapidly yes yes yes do some rock layers have a global extent yes yes are the rock layers and fossils consistent with a global flood yes indeed so you see when we start with God’s Word as our authority of eyewitness account Earth history the fossil record is consistent with the global cataclysmic Noah’s Flood explains the sudden appearance of fossil creatures their design complexity and their varieties their death and extinction the burial order of pre-flood biological communities or biomes and creatures during the progressive integration of the global flood and the rock layers were the marine fossils covering the continents and Phatak evidence as being the result of the global flood so the rock waves and fossils remind us of the consequences of sin our sin and God’s judgment you imagine that man was so wicked and the earth was so full of violence that God had to go to that extent that extent to start all over again yes the rock layers are a sobering reminder of jawed God’s judgment but they’re fun to study as we explore God’s world in the light of God’s Word well before we go just a quick few announcements here look if you don’t get that answers magazine already shame on you we’ve got a special deal for you while you’re here at the Museum it’s a six-issue fete it comes out every two months and it’s actually a kid’s magazine is it’s packed into it as well and we’re going to give it to you today here for 395 well below the retail cost and what’s more if you subscribe to subscribe today you receive the current issue free Plus you receive their searchable digital subscription free which you can put on as many as devices as you want how’s that for a good deal you know we’ll do anything to twist your arm to get this magazine because we know it’s the perfect antidote in your family just to to inoculate them against the the brainwashing that this culture is giving us and if you want other resources there’s our answers books the most asked questions there the app that’s the our lot version this is the kids version there’s six volumes now for the kids you understand what this why this issue matters then this is the text book the lie Ken’s classic work why this issue matters it matters because the gospel matters and the gospel begins with Jesus as the creator some of my own talks have been other talks have been recorded rock strata fossils in a flood a bit different from today’s talk evidence of rapid fossilization recent formation of coal and oil the age of the earth is a very hot topic you realize the flood wipes out millions of years it all happened in one year not over 500 million years circular reasoning in dating methods like radiocarbon and tree ring dating involved dating and there’s this collection of DVDs on a variety of topics related to the to the flood and the age of the earth and they’re in this you can buy them as a box set and there’s my two volume workers catastrophic past that’s that’s the sequel to the Genesis flood by doctors Whitcomb and Morris and that’s the the textbook on understanding the flood and the age of the earth from the biblical point of view and comes as a two-volume set and finally a website is an incredible resource not only do we have the magazine articles archived there eventually and other web articles we also have our answers research journal with technical papers that are available free of charge that’s right we post them on our website you can download PDF files attached them to emails and send them to anyone anywhere in the world well thank you very much it’s been a pleasure to talk to you this afternoon I’ll hand over to Larry .

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