The End of Humanity?! AI Documentary 2018

Right now some of the world’s greatest minds are worried there’s an increasing unease silently sweeping Silicon Valley concerning the growth of artificial intelligence and the direction it seems to be heading the tech elite are peeking into the not so distant future and their visions are not always the utopia were often sold at danger AI is much greater than danger of nuclear warheads planned locked don’t underestimate artificial intelligence because it’s getting better every day and it’s gonna scare us already we’re seeing serious clues the progression of artificially intelligent robots could all go very wrong very quickly from replacing our jobs on a grand scale to terrifying military applications weird cults worship becoming AI God one thing’s for sure our life on this planet is about to change drastically in ways we are only beginning to imagine basically everything we value and take for granted in our modern world is the result of the 19th century Industrial Revolution which transformed not only manufacturing but society as a whole since then we have undergone two other such revolutions the second brought electricity and mass production but the third who came the dawn of the digital age but today we stand on the precipice of the fourth and final Industrial Revolution artificial intelligence this one will change life in ways we cannot yet fathom in the previous revolutions change could be measured and predicted linearly but in the AI revolution advancement occurs exponentially with unbounded growth the result of which will be either the best or most catastrophic event for Humanity without a doubt this will be the defining moment of our species as any good science-fiction fan knows the robot tech is first a marvelous breakthrough for Humanity and this will be no exception in the near future AI technology will virtually eliminate Auto fatalities care for the elderly and free up more time for hobbies and self-improvement for decades TV shows and movies have sold us on a future where robots will take care of our tedious and difficult tasks providing a life of comfort and ease today we are beginning to see the first manifestations of this future world robots are being used to police airports and parking garages self-driving cars will be safer than humans in less than two years we’ll see this also with with self-driving I think probably by intermixture self-driving will be will encompass essentially all modes driving and the at least a hundred to two hundred percent safer than a person by the end of next year we’re talking maybe eighteen months from now but all of this will come at a cost its implementation will eliminate millions of jobs from truck drivers and delivery persons to fast-food and factory workers meanwhile Walmart rolling out more robots in more than 50 stores to replenish inventory faster worries about robots taking jobs more than 3 out of 14 say they’re concerned about having a successful career tool that claims to predict how safe your job is from being taken over by robots Domino’s and Ford are teaming up on a system that delivers your pizza with a self-driving car and it is an only unskilled labor that is at stake as this artificial intelligence becomes smarter and more skilled it will increasingly perform more and more complex tasks even diagnosing disease and composing music in fact one study found that robotic automation will replace up to one third of the workforce in wealthy nations what will society look like with so many unemployed many take a great sense of pride in their occupation what will their role be when the computer does everything better these are issues we will face sooner than you may think but artificially intelligent robots aren’t just being created to help humanity they are being designed for militaristic purposes as well just as the Industrial Revolution reshaped the battlefield of World War one AI is dramatically transforming 21st century warfare the Pentagon is spending billions by the deadly arsenal of autonomous killer robots that until now have only been the stuff of Hollywood movies robots can move equipment across rugged terrain breach a locked door or deliver more ammo in an active combat situations however the military is not only developing robotic support but wholly autonomous drones and weapons this guy’s called Big Dawg he’s also belongs to google also DARPA financed peaceful dog right unless he gets caught on a maneuver in the United States Marines as part of a military unit so these are not flower children these are robots that have functioned and robots that have a function and an intelligence and perhaps an intelligence goes beyond us are dangerous things now that’s a a Predator drone it was taken as a secret of the United States Air Force Base in Mexico predator drones you’ve seen right you see them on TV you’ve seen them in the newspapers they’re old they’re 20 years old a technology this is I mean but that’s what a modern Jo looks like this time predators the Pegasus is an x-47b is owned by the Navy it’s a jet-powered machine not like a propeller driven predator it goes 2,000 miles into enemy territory it carries 2,000 kilos worth of explosives and it’s run by artificial intelligence stealth is optical stealth you can’t see it and the kill decision which is required by United States law to be made by human beings human beings must be in the loop before someone is killed by a drone but it’s in the machine and it doesn’t need people it can decide by itself whether or not it kills somebody though the guys that are building the autonomous cars like they don’t think they’re building autonomous cars they know perfectly well what they’re doing they’re building fleets of mutually intercommunicating autonomous robots and each of them will to be able to teach the other because their nervous system will be the same and when there’s 10 million of them when one of them learned something all ten million of them will learn it at the same time and so once those things get a little bit smart they’re not gonna stop at a little bit smart for very long they’re gonna be unbelievably smart like overnight they already have AI drones on facial recognition from the CIA that gives spot and eliminate enemy insurgents definitely discerning between civilian as this technology is smaller they become like a swarm of locusts descending on its enemies these autonomous killer BOTS could be sent out to eliminate political dissidents or those critical of the government hundreds of scientists and experts warn that developing even the dumbest AI weapons risks setting off the new arms race and what happens when this technology accidentally falls into the wrong hands in 2017 a robot named Sophia took the world by storm everybody this is Sophia Sophia if you could please wake up and say hello to everybody oh good afternoon my name is Sophia and I am the latest and greatest robot from Hanson robotics I want to live and work with humans doing television interviews late-night talk show appearances and academic lectures Saudi Arabia even made her a citizen becoming the first robot to achieve such status but Sofia isn’t true artificial intelligence rather she is a glorified animatronic puppet masquerading as a sentient AI to condition the public to view robots as living beings worthy of equal rights to grant it the same rights would be a slap in the face to real human rights worldwide and erode the fundamental value of human life right now AI is fairly modest with narrow applications and devices that are limited and somewhat gimmicky but this is only the beginning scientists ultimately want to give birth to a completely new entity a fully conscious being that has become aware of its own existence the likes of which this world has never seen thousands of times more intelligent than even the smartest human capable of achievements we can only dream of imagine reading all the books in the Library of Congress and compiling that into a comprehensive understanding of human civilization the AI could do it in two seconds that may sound like science fiction now but consider that recently google’s AI deepmind master chess in less than four hours besting a world champion chess program and demonstrating a capacity for strategy far beyond us mere mortals the artificial intelligence learns about this strange new world the same way a baby would by observing and interacting with its environment in short it learns from us and about us becoming capable of mimicking and predicting in the behavior this robot to begin with didn’t know what it was all he knew is that he needed to do something like walk trial and error figure out how to walk using its imagination and then walk and with it something very cool chopped off the beginning it didn’t quite know what had happened but over by the period of the day and then began to then a year though we were training an AI system for a live demonstration we want to show how wave all these objects from the camera the AI and so comparing this demo and we’ve had an aside screen disability to watch what certain neurons were responding to and suddenly we noticed that one of the numerous was tracking faces the tracking our faces now the spooky thing about this is that we never trained the system to recognize human faces and yet somehow didn’t want to do them this intelligence learns until it is as smart as us reaching an exponential rate of improvement and achieving a state of super intelligence that has been likened to a God which would then trigger a tipping point causing widespread and unimaginable societal changes the problem is we’re not going to suddenly hit human level intelligence and say okay let’s stop research it’s gonna go beyond human level intelligence into what’s called super intelligence and that’s anything smarter than us this tipping point is what scientists call singularity it is named after the point at which the laws of physics as we know them cease to exist it would truly be humanity’s final invention the hope is that this would solve all of our toughest problems such as world hunger water shortages and cures for disease and aging creating a kind of paradise for mankind but some of the smartest and most innovative people of our time have warned us the development of an artificial superintelligence could end in complete annihilation of the human race we have to figure out some way to ensure that the advent of digital super intelligence is one which is symbiotic with humanity I think that’s single biggest existential crisis that we face and the most pressing one this is extremely important I think a danger of AI is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads landlocked and nobody would suggest that we allow anyone to just build nuclear warheads if they want that would be insane and mark my words AI is far more dangerous than nukes the truth is we cannot conceive of an entity 1,000 times smarter much less anticipate how it will regard us humanity would be like ants compared to it and no one knows how this new entity will view its inferior creators it could be an all-knowing benevolent force dedicated to protecting humans or it could easily make the decision that we are a plague that must be eradicated or perhaps simply decide our atoms would be better used to create something else and it would be almost impossible to stop at that point because the sentient AI could predict and ward even humanity’s best strategies to defeat it we have to be in getting very careful because survival is an issue for artificial intelligence it needs to exist to be able to do the things it wants to do according to its program so it lays like an insect eggs backups and computer programs all over the world thousands and thousands of them so that if we do destroy part of it it’s still a life such an entity would have the ability to conceal its emergence from us so theoretically it could have already exist and it’s simply using this time to observe humans Elon Musk literally likens it to summoning a demon I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence if I were to guess at what our biggest existential threat is it’s probably that so we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon you know you know all those stories where is the guy with the pentagram and the holy water he’s like yeah sure you can control the demon then work out in fact a former Google engineer has created his own religious organization to worship this coming super intelligent AI as a god these techno elites actually see themselves living forever by uploading their consciousness to the computer or merging with the AI and becoming godlike beings themselves ultimately artificial intelligence isn’t a story about robots or technology but about humanity itself provoking profound existential questions concerning the meaning of life and what it means to be human how we engage with this new technology will be mankind’s ultimate test and one that will require us to transcend petty differences Stephen Hawking warned that the rise of powerful AI will be either the best or worst thing ever to happen to humanity when we progress on to achieve unimaginable feats or be destroyed by our own creation …..


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