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Anything it got worse and worse and worse and I saw that pattern happen again and again and again you cannot reason with the enemy and I’m not saying they were but they were influence but you cannot reason with the enemy I mean you can try to reason with people as much as you can but you cannot control what the enemy does what do you do you go on serving God you go on you go on ministering for God you go on bearing fruit for God you don’t live reacting to the enemy or to those use by the enemy or by that which is of the enemy you don’t live reacting to all the negative things you focus on the good and move forward in God and in the good in the end will overwhelm of the evil do not be overcome by evil overcome evil with good and this is such a crucial key to be applied in so many aspects of your life when you’re dealing with that problem when you’re dealing with that situation that person those people the attacks don’t live responding reacting to every bad thing that comes up get on it with it with God get on with a good get back focused on the good don’t dwell on the problem you can be aware of it but don’t be dwelling on that problem dwell on the answer and get moving forward with good and you’ll overcome the junk some believers talking about spiritual warfare and spend most their time focused on the enemy talking to the enemy it’s like the woman a woman who gets an obscene phone call and then rebukes the caller for an hour what are you doing spending so much time talking to the enemy you could have spent that time talking to God you know it said that Billy Graham’s wife Ruth was at a gathering and it was Scotland Yard guy was there and she asks him how do you tell the difference between a counterfeit and a real bill and I mean you must know all about the counterfeit and what they do he said no I don’t I don’t study that I study the real I get so used to the real that when I see something that’s counterfeit I see it right away so with God the key is focused the truth focus on the good and you’ll spot the enemy right away what was it with Adam and Eve that separate that that caused the downfall that caused everything it was beyond everything before everything before their disobedience it was their lack of faith in God they God gave them a word they doubted that word God gave them a blessing they doubted he said no no the enemy said did God really say that’s the first thing he said did God requesting if God said it and then he moves to the next tactic well first he says God made him maybe he didn’t say that but then he goes on well God knows that when you do it you’ll be like him so Olson you cannot trust God he’s not at for you he’s against you the enemy wants to make you lose your faith in God and he’ll do everything he can and that faith in God doesn’t just mean your your theological doctrines but the fact that hey God are you gonna come through are you are you gonna be faithful to me all rise your word are you gonna use your love real to me am i with you is the blood strong enough here to stop making you trust God that one of the powers is no matter what I will trust God I don’t understand what God’s doing I don’t have to I don’t have to like what what’s happening around me but I trust God nevertheless I will trust God it’s a there’s a choice there David said I will trust it’s not just I have faith he said I will I just trust in God no matter what another key about dealing with the enemy or the enemy what he tries to do with you it says he appears as an angel of light no key focus on the word appear the enemy works through appearances he’s not he’s not true so it’s appearances it’s lies that’s all appearances so the thing is that he will work through appearances to make something appear it’s like something else that’s not true beware I set up false appearances you know when we I mentioned what happened at the end of the the mission to India at the beginning what happened is we had bought all that purchased all the tickets for every day of the mission and all the sudden they disappeared every moment there was a false report we’re calling up to get the to get the tickets the phone is disconnected the agent is in Spain took off now turned off it wasn’t what we thought but there was no sign of any tickets or money and it was got so bad it was almost like every day a false report was coming in every day I said just don’t listen to it I’d be in a meeting you know preparing the mission and there’s a false report and I said just don’t listen to it he’ll make even victory look like defeat don’t believe it don’t react hold off react to God I remember that we tried to kind of do something about the tickets and whatever we did made things worse we did something and then also they froze every account it made it worse you cannot fight spiritual things with flesh and blood when you’re in the midst of it you know you’re trying to do something gets worse fight spiritual things with the spirit Satan is shown in Pharaoh Pharaoh is a type of Satan and what did what is Pharaoh do aside from trying to put the people in bondage and not letting them go he also tries to drive them up against the Red Sea the enemy will always try to drive you up against a rock and a hard place where you fit you’re in the situation where you’re gonna stumble if you go here here here and you have to trust this end be still and see the salvation the Yeshua of God Satan the Bible says is an a accuser so what does he do he accuses that’s what he does his job he’ll accuse you through other people he’ll accuse you through the world false reports he’ll accuse you through other believers even just like he used Peter he’ll accuse you through people close to you because I mean they may not know what they’re doing because he knows it can get to you he’ll accuse you through yourself to the voices you have by that he’ll try to discourage you I’ll try to say you are separated from God your God will not forgive you God will not be with you God will not come through the story is told of a man who had a dream at night with the enemy writing all sorts of accusations on the blackboard filled it up and the man then takes an eraser and says the blood of Jesus and wipes them all away the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin when they rose …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

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