The Car With The Oxygen Tank!

[Music] you’ve been in Dubai or something and they might work this is my home so good that’s the human what’s up guys supercars lan de and we have something crazy in store for you Parker from vehicle Virgins has just pulled up and we’re gonna unveil the craziest car ever you know if you come with a super dirty car that’s what you’re gonna get all right supercar blondie there you go boom it’s on there forever sorry mate so it works it has been a while doing well now we’ve got two cars this one is this the guy whoever owns the Fiats like haver put a cover on my car maybe you will get it for me I suppose the best way to do it is just get straight to know she would just let’s just boil it off just pull it off I said oh you haven’t seen it I’ve only just seen it now backwards oh my god Oh oh my gosh look at what we’re seeing isn’t that just like some kind of spaceship so I knew when you said that it was gonna be a crazy car I fit you of anyone on the internet would show up with the craziest night I can’t even tell you what this is is that why you came in covered it well that’s why I came we did surprise me I have to give it to you so this is the in theory so I thought I just talked to you about what are you an all-electric racecar you go in the right track you got the you’re gonna take this is like a vision of the race car of the future single seater as you can see oh the coolest thing wait I totally forgot hang on two seconds this is unbelievable oh my gosh do this okay this is the helmet you where there are American we should take this area 51 yes yes it’s work it’s like Italian car the car all right if you were ever gonna raid area 51 which is always in my comments on YouTube this is what so you can communicate with the aliens oxygen and water Wow so when you’ve got this on this connects into here you see so that the oxygen and the and the water is fed to you as you’re racing and then do you have a like a push to drink button yeah we’re over here this one’s for drinking that one over there and obviously the oxygen like you have to keep that going the whole time you can’t just like this I got to turn about it’s just shuts off yeah breathe because it’s a full canopy when you got the canopy down yeah obviously got a breeze on that right so they thought well why not feed the oxygen into the helmet and they’ve got the tank here you see here just behind that that’s the tank yesterday oh you guys it is a concept right this is the first car that Faraday future made this is like their vision this is when you look at this car all of like little gadgets and knickknacks that it has in it that’s actually gonna feed down into their production cars and I’ve actually got a couple of those cars in that building right next to us that I’m going to show you because when they were like hey we’ve got you know we can show you this awesome like zero one and then we’ve got like this production car and we’d love to show you that and I was like the reason why I love concept cars is because I love to see where companies are going in future what kind of gadgets and like cool knickknacks and technologies and designs we’re gonna see we took the corner pakhi you breaking some yeah unfortunately broken it but this is this is so tough this is so timely though why did I invite you seriously did this well I am I just was talking to a friend yeah about the fact that everyone does use their phones yeah in the car whether it’s for naps or they’re gonna look at it yeah but no car has a good phone holder yes random top holders or places you can’t see it’s so annoying look at this this is a slot for your iPhone that then goes in the center of this earring though notice how it should be this one should be right that way you can watch supercar blondie videos while you’re driving of course or partner on Netflix project not as good as Super Cup on the videos but second best I’ll take it I just wanted to show you the front this is quite cool look how it opens up on both sides here of the of the cabin so these foes all the way down to the back there and on this side thing about trees on this car are just here in this center cabin all the way down and these kind of air tunnels on the side they’re there for aerodynamics but also to call the batteries these tail fin here will light up this is going to be a display so that you can put your name your team’s name on it you can put your a fastest lap time on the back whatever you want really what they wanted to make sure of is you could take this exact platform the way that the batteries are lie on this platform the technology everything about it and transfer it into multiple vehicles you can have something that looks this crazy on this platform or you can have the exact same technology and transfer that into a vehicle that looks completely different so that’s what they wanted to make sure that they had in Faraday future going forward this is quite cool here you see how the petals are separated from the brake and the accelerator because they were thinking you know at high speeds when you’re on the track you don’t really want to get those first petals and such so they’ve got this like kind of perspex separator in the middle so that you know it suddenly accidentally step on the accelerator when you’re meant to be stepping on the brake [Music] it’s like you’re lying flat in this car [Music] [Applause] that was cool it’s like a massive sunroof I’m jealous I took my shoes off and they’re like kilometer who’s gonna go give my shoes thank you thank you okay it’s not the easiest so they’re saying this is probably the strongest part of the car right here so if you put your butt cheeks done and then kind of swivel over yeah hey that’s pretty good not bad oh yeah I forgot now I’m gonna show you guys the production car are you ready for this production car coming out next year this is what they’re hoping anyway 2020 it’s just around that corner it’s going to pull up this is super quick during one hundred two point four eight seconds here it is [Music]

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Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing..

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