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Proverbs instructs us to God our hearts above all else for out of it flows all of life just as the physical heart is central to our physical well-being pumping blood giving us life and functionality in every part of our being so God has given us a spiritual heart that pumps his life throughout all of our spiritual relationships and since our battle is spiritual it becomes the pump that gives us victory therefore God has given us a special piece of armor the breastplate of righteousness this righteousness stand is our position with God which can’t be touched by the enemy it has been eternally settled in heaven but in order to have victory on earth our position must be matched with our practice so once you learn what God’s position is and align your life to that position in your practice God is free through the holy spirit to pump his life through your life so that you live life as God intended it to be lived overriding the enemy’s attack overriding his attempts to bring defeat into your life let’s find out how this pump works so that your position in heaven becomes your experience on earth as you live out spiritual victory to the principal I want to talk about briefly today he said at the end of verse 14 put on the breastplate of righteousness so you start with the truth in other words you find out what God thinks or says about a matter that is the first place you should go he says I want you to put on the breastplate of righteousness righteousness what is righteousness righteousness is simply the standard that God requires for people to become acceptable to him righteousness is the standard God requires for people to be acceptable to him righteousness is a standard it is a standard that God holds and that standard is predicated on the truth righteousness is really my application of the truth in my everyday life the truth is the informational base that tells me what the right thing is to do the opposite to righteousness is a wrongness okay wrongness is functioning operating or thinking in opposition to the truth the truth is whatever God says about a matter that is the truth regardless of how many other people agree the other way righteousness is my response to that in basketball the goal is 10 foot high it’s 10 foot high that is the standard that is the standard of the basketball goal if you’re playing basketball if you lower the goal you’ve lowered the standard see what many people do is they lower the standard shoot hit the shot and think they did something when they didn’t operate by the standard they adjusted the standard to a level that they could be happy with shot it in there and think they were okay when that wasn’t the standard that was a negotiated standard that was a human standard that was a reduced standard it wasn’t the divine standard and until you operate on God base truth which gives you the standard you don’t know whether you hit it right righteousness righteousness is the application of truth in the life of the believer and it is meaning a God based standard now why is this so important because we’re talking about spiritual warfare wickedness in heavenly places and the thing you need to know about this and why righteousness is a major point here is that demons function on wrongness he’s talking about the spiritual realm demons function on wrongness wrong is not just wrong wrong is demonic invitation see wrong is wrong just because it’s wrong but what wrong does is invite demons to join the wrong mess if you’ve got trash in your house that’s bad because it’s trashy but the trash in your house is not the only bad thing the trash in your house is an invitation for roaches to come in and the Hangout where trash is occupied so trash is trashy but trash is also an invitation so when the window when the roaches and the ants get a sense that there has been some unaddressed things in the house and food has been left out for an inordinate a period of time one Roach tells another Roach we have been invited into the house so you wind up not now just dealing with trash you’re now dealing with demonic invitation by the trash so what you have to understand is that unrighteousness is demon invitation so you’re not just dealing with the trash you’re dealing with demons who have made themselves at home in trashy mess okay so this is why it’s spiritual warfare remember the blessed breastplate of righteousness is tied to spiritual warfare what what unrighteousness does not operating by the divine standard is invite the demonic flow and to block the move of God okay so two things happen with unrighteousness demons are invited in and demons make a bad place worse and God is blocked out so that God’s flow into the situation is limited because you don’t have on a breastplate called righteousness that is the breastplate or the standard by which God operates two things happen here let me say it another way unrighteousness give Satan a legal right to you he now has a legal right cuz that is his nature so you invited his nature into your world okay so so so this is well spiritual warfare is so important and why we must put on the breastplate of righteousness now the problem with righteousness is that um God’s standard is perfect and that’s the frustration does standard is up here we’re living down here and right unrighteousness can include so many things it not only includes what you do it includes the motivation behind doing it in fact you can literally do the right thing and contaminate it with the wrong motivation so now the problem is we got this high righteous standard and we kind of do the best we can but even the best we can gets flawed by motivations so I got a got a cup of problems here I got demons being attracted to me wrong so I got roaches all over the place I got ants I got rats I got mice I got you know I got I got demon in all shapes and sizes cuz I got this trash okay but I don’t want the demons which means they got to get rid of the trash you go around pray against the roaches all you want if the trash is still there they ain’t paying attention to the prayer so you come to pray to God all you won’t if the trash is still there then then the prayer is not gonna work cuz the roaches have a legal right to come in cuz you said you said I’m feeding you today okay so they’ve got a legal right to come in so many of us are being contaminated now with demons okay to attach to the trash so the trash is not the trash the trash is a trash inviting demons into it which is why the situation gets so worse so here’s what we settle for we settle for stick with me now what we settle for is trash management we know we shouldn’t had a trash and we don’t want the roaches so we try to manage the trash chute you had somebody coming over to your house and you want it to appear that you’re clean so you throw everything in the closet you just grab stuff you just junk it in the closet you just what you’re trying to do is manage junk and keep your trash hidden see you want hidden trash cuz you don’t want anybody else to know how trashy you really are so you go to private trash okay that is you give a form of godliness you look like I look like we look like I got a clean life I got a clean mind we dress like it talked like it walk like it act like it we give the impression of righteousness okay so we give the impression of righteousness so that everybody who comes to visit us will think we are in fact right you know I have in my house many of you have you out a trash masher okay that means I can dump trash in and it’ll flatten it to take more trash and so you keep piling in and powering in and flatten it and flatten it when all you’ve done is accumulated trash but you’ve gotten a management system in place so you manage it the best way you can the problem is since that one smells it if I hadn’t taken it out she got this trash sent so she knows that there’s trash even if the trash is not visible because there is a standard that has a set to it well God has an unrighteousness set so even if you manage your trash pack it down hide it put it in the cause of the garage the Attic god still knows is trash and all demons have done is it’s gone to the closet where the trash is there they haven’t left the premises cuz they know that the unrighteousness is still occupying the space so this presents a problem I’m presenting to us a real problem today and that is there’s this unrighteousness that that is that is surrounding us and and what makes it worse what makes it worse is that God won’t grade on the curve mmm in school if you failed you hope everybody failed you want everybody to fail so that they would have to be forced to grade on the curve that’s why you got mad at that righteous nerd you got mad at that righteous nerd who come up and go ha don’t come up with a hundred and break the curve measure you mad at him cuz he studied you mad at him because he made 100 cuz his hundred made you look bad ok so but the problem is God is not great on the curve in other words he doesn’t lower to go he got lower to standard his standing is perfection now so the question is if righteousness keeps demons away and allows God to flow in my life predicated on truth because that’s the only way you know it’s right but God doesn’t lower his standard how do I get this righteousness operating brush plate he says put on the breastplate of righteousness the first three items have the verb to be having the breastplate of righteousness the last three have the verb to take take so the first three you keep on all the time the last three you pick up as needed so you keep your belt of Troop on all the time you always want to know God’s perspective having the breastplate of righteousness you keep this on all the time you dress for success okay now why does he call righteousness a breastplate a breastplate is basically a chest protector it’s a chest protect it protects your chest now why do you want to protect your chest because then your chest is your heart why do you want to protect your heart because all of life flow banks on that because see the only the only reason the rest of you works is because the heart pumps once the heart stops everything stops because the life of the flesh is in the blood but the blood gives the flesh life because it’s got a pump the job of the heart is to pump life into the rest of you if the heart is not working right the blood is not flowing right if the blood is not flowing right the rest of you is not working right unless the heart is right the flow to the rest of you will be wrong the job of the hot breastplate behind the chest heart is to buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh pump to pump life into you to pump life into you well for every spiritual principle there’s a physical counterpart so we can understand the spiritual principle we have a physical heart till we understand the physical principle well behind that is a spiritual principle that’s why the Bible says so much about the heart it talks about the heart because that’s the spiritual pump to pump the life of God into you God will not change his standard he’s not going to adjust because of his nature his perfection religion will only help you to manage sin and managing sin is not all bad I mean you don’t want a person who’s a murderer just doing what they do you want them to manage their impulses okay so you’re so so management management isn’t all bad but it doesn’t solve the root problem okay to tell me to stop doing something is the right thing to do I ought to stop doing that and I may stop doing it because I’m not supposed to do it or I don’t want to go to jail or whatever but and I may stop doing it but you haven’t solved my propensity thwarted my desire toward it my history with it because I’ve been dealing with it for twenty years or whatever it is because we have not gotten to the heart of the matter yet he says it must come from the heart donuts can camouflage hunger but it provides absolutely no nutritional value I share with you one time I was on a cruise and I had a toothache I got this to think on the cruise and this toothache was killing me this toothache was killing me and I’m taking everything I can take I’m taking all kind of you know all kinds of stuff to get rid of this toothache and absolutely nothing is working and I called back to my dentist here in Dallas and he says the reason you know it’s hurting for a while and it goes away for three hours then it comes back and it’s hurting for a while he says the reason and I looked at your x-rays he says the reason is you have an infection and he says all your pills are doing is masking the infection but then it comes right back again because the infection is the problem the toothache is the symptom you’re trying to stop the egg without dealing with the infection so you get temporary relief so we come to church and get a little temporary relief you know we go to special events and get a little temporary relief but the thing keeps coming back because there is an infection a heart disease that has gone unaddressed he says put on your breastplate of righteousness which is the heart disease now which is the dealing with the heart so then how does this work how do we begin to see this look look at what he says turn back a page to chapter 4 where he brings this together verse 20 but you did not learn Christ in this way if indeed you heard him and have been taught in him just as truth is in Jesus so we got truth that is reference to your former manner of life you lay aside the old self who you used to be which is being corrupted in accordance with the lust of deceit there’s our deception and you have been renewed in the spirit here’s the spirit the spirit of the mind and put on the new self which is in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness holiness and of the truth so what he says is if you start with the truth what God says about a matter here it is that’s where you start this is what you say God God has already deposited a righteous seed within you call the spirit in this righteous seed your job is to go back to the truth and recite the truth because only the truth sets you free what does God say about the matter when you rehearse the truth over and over and over not just hear it preached because you’re going to forget this when you rehearse the truth it sucks into your spirit because your spirit only has truth guess what’s in your spirit righteousness okay righteousness complete righteousness perfect righteousness has already been deposited in your spirit would you take the truth over and over and over again when you meditate on it when you quote it when you think it let me give you the opposite to meditation because everybody can deal with Medicus the bible says so much about meditating on the truth weary where is the negative form of meditation so have you ever worried about something over and over and over again well that was negative meditation you just kept throwing it over what happens the more you worry about something the more you worry about something the more you worry about something in other words worry gives you more worry because now you’re not only worried about what you were worried about you worried about worrying about what you were worried about because worrying invites were worried and the more worried you add on top of worry the worse you feel because worry has now been magnified in your soul so now you’ll sold all out of it you you depressed you’re discouraged you’re disappointed because you have now meditated weary and where he is taking it in and you thought about it when you woke up he thought about why you were getting dressed he thought about it when you with the breakfast he thought about as you driving to work he couldn’t get rid of it all day at work then you took pills to forget about it but then when the pills wore off you remembered it again then you couldn’t sleep at night because you kept worrying about it and then you’re tired and worried when you wake up the next day so now you’re evil and mad coz coz coz weary has controlled you so you worried about it and worried kept growing and growing and growing in other words when you meditate it on worried worried took over well when the Bible talks about meditating on the truth the same result the different goal now you take the truth what God says about it you memorize it you think about it you rotate on it you go you show that it penetrates the heart in other words many of you will take this truth today and it will hit your body it will hit your ears and it will stop there it’ll be gone before you hit the parking lot so it will be of no value to you some of you will take it further than the body you will take it into the soul so you will say y’all gonna think about this and yeah you know did you hear the sermon today and maybe you’ll you’ll even get it taping and listen to it again so it gets down to the soul level the problem with the soul is the soul is contaminated because the soul has been contaminated by sin so the soul is going to fight against the new information being introduced to it so you may or may not keep it but what the what the information can’t do is jeopardize the spirit because you’ve been sealed with the spirit the your spirit cannot take in any contaminated information your spirit can only take in the truth that’s the only thing that can penetrate the spirit realm because it’s the god realm it’s the perfect realm it’s the room with the standard so when you take the truth and you shove it down that’s why Jesus would always say he’s in half an ear let him hear he doesn’t leave here with your outer ear here with your inner ear when you take the truth and you drive that thing down and drive that thing down and drive that thing down and you won’t let it go like Jacob wrestling with the angel I ain’t gonna let you go till this truth sinks in and goes deeper and goes deeper and goes deeper and goes deeper once that truth is caught by the spirit it’s right in when the spirit Yanks that truth in there is a relief valve that opens up this release valve sends righteousness out so the righteousness that’s in the spirit flows out into the soul so the soul is now becoming transformed not because your body made it different but because the spirit released righteousness into the soul when the soul grabs the righteousness that’s been released by the spirit it then tells the body you gotta walk different talk different think different act different cuz I’m now your boss and I’m telling you what to do and since the body listens to the soul and the soul now listens to the spirit you wound up being transformed and you wonder what happened to you because you have on the breastplate of righteousness that’s what it means James submit to the Lord and the devil will flee from you if that that wasn’t flee from you cuz you tell the devil leave me that’s like you talking to a road saying get out of here that rose you’re not going anywhere cuz they hear your voice you know you know Jesus Jesus Jesus and like that no no no no unless the spirit dictates the soul and the soul dictates to the body all you can do is manage unrighteousness you can’t be transformed and we’re trying to be transformed we’re not just trying to manage our badness better and so he says look into the mirror and see your natural face there for a mirror referring to the Word of God okay explains nobody in here knows what you look like you don’t know what you look like without a mirror you don’t know what you look like without a mirror okay you know what people tell you you look like but you can’t see you you can’t see your face you don’t know your face without a mirror you go to a mirror for the mirror to tell you the truth that’s what you go to the mirror for now you may not like what it tells you but you can’t talk about you unless you see a reflection that’s the only way you can talk about what you look like because you see the reflection showing back to you what you look like okay you can’t fix you you can’t judge you because you only know what you look like in the spirit world unless you get a reflection the Bible says God’s Word will reflect on what you look like now you may think you’re a pretty little saint you may think you’re a godly little Christian you may think you’re a little nice little little a follower of Jesus Christ but when you look in the mirror it may say you ugly cuz look at your heart look at the things you think look at the things you want look at the things you do so the mirror will tell you the truth now you can look at the mirror and disregard it or you can stay in the mirror tell the mirror tells you you’re okay and you know a woman a woman will stay in the mirror tell amira tells us she’s okay okay all these persons got compacts in them because a woman will carry her mirror with her because she she she will go too long without making sure she okay a woman will meditate in a mirror over and over and over and over again to make sure she’s okay that’s what the Bible says the Word of God is the word of God is a mirror so here’s what we’re saying if you accept the truth and you agree that that’s God’s standard and you drive that truth in the fastest way to get over an addiction it’s not simple it’s not saying I’m not gonna do it anymore I mean that’s a good thing to say but you don’t have the power to pull off what you just said because if you have the power it wouldn’t be an addiction okay so that’s not the power to get over that’s management okay manage it but don’t just only manage it drive the truth down to the spirit level drive it drive it drive it drive it drive it because once the truth gets down there and God opens up the release valve he releases righteousness so you’re righteous from the heart and not just from the feet you’re righteous in the thought not just in the action let’s say I told you you have ten thousand dollars now let’s go up that’s cheap let’s say I have I buried one hundred thousand dollars in your backyard I buried one hundred thousand dollars in your backyard as soon as church is over if you believed me as soon as you’re you ain’t gonna greet nobody you’re not gonna say bless you praise the Lord yeah none of that you leavin here you gonna run to your car when you hear I have buried in your backyard $100,000 and you’re gonna get a shovel and you gonna tear a Yanna you’re gonna tear that yard up having to use the shovel will not be a problem you won’t dig as deep as you need to keep the dig for as long as you need to do it because something of inestimable value has been buried deep down in your backyard every effort you put forth together that one hundred thousand will be worth it because it’s so valuable once you dig that baby up out of there you can use it for so much more you gonna change your clothes take off that old new nice-looking you don’t care about looking cute you now want to get down to get this thing up out of the ground when you got sea-god deposited deep down within your soul all the righteousness that belongs to Jesus Christ but you can’t benefit from it unless you’re willing to go down there and drive the truth down there and did that stop up so that God can release a brand-new you under the breastplate of righteousness so that your heart goes boom boom boom bah buh buh buhbuh buhbuh and it’s pumping righteous thoughts and righteous actions and righteous talk and righteous touch and righteousness is popping up where you never thought it could be not perfectly because we’re still in our bodies but progressively because our soul is being transformed by the goodness of God …

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