The Book of Revelation Chapter 15 – Overview

Revelation Chapter 15 focuses on the seven angels with the seven last plagues. John described what he saw in detail. The song of praise for the Lord in this chapter can be traced back to Deuteronomy, Psalms, and Jeremiah.

The first verse in Revelation chapter 15 mentions the last seven plagues, which are also known as the seven vials or bowls.  These are discussed in detail in Revelation chapter 16 and I explained them in  this article

The plagues that were sent in Revelation Chapter 15 were the last ones because God’s wrath was almost complete. John saw a sea of glass which seemed to be glowing as bright as fire and was ablaze. He said that those who were standing behind this sea were people who did not follow the beast. These are the ones who overcame the antichrist and his evil number

God gave the people harps and they sang songs which Moses once sang. The song in Revelation Chapter 15 can be found in the book of Deuteronomy. They also sang of the Lamb of God. They praised God for His marvelous works and for what He had done for people. They praised the Lamb for being the holy one and they said say that He was the ruler among nations  The Nations are still on Earth during the Millennium and in Eternity. Who are these people? In Revelation Chapter 15:1-4, a Great Multitude sings praise to God. They have been victorious over the Beast; they did not worship his image or receive his Mark. They sing “You alone are Holy, All Nations will come and worship before you”. Then the Angels begin to pour out God’s Wrath.

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