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Where you ought to be excited to know that you’re not fighting for victory you’re fighting from victory because of the accomplishments of Christ and the cross in fact this accomplishment has given you a brand new wardrobe a wardrobe to wage victorious spiritual warfare and the first piece of armor that’s a part of your wardrobe is the belt of truth truth is an absolute standard by which reality is measured and it is the stabilizing piece of armor which is why it’s the first piece in the same way that we wear belts to stabilize our clothing and to keep things intact God has given us truth as the stabilizing force in our lives because you see our enemy only knows how to function in lies and that is why truth must be foundational for everything else all the other pieces of armor hang on this belt call truth and there’s never been a time when this belt has been needed more we live in a day of relativism we live in a day where absolute truth has been disregarded and thrown out of the window but there are two answers to every question God’s answer and everybody else’s and everybody else is wrong so no matter what you’re facing return to God’s perspective on the matter which is truth because it will then be the basis of you addressing anything else that comes to face you and attack you seeking to defeat you because truth alone is the basis of your victory he introduces us to the first piece of attire that gives you victory in the spiritual realm which affects how things work in the physical realm and he calls it gird up your loins with truth verse 14 says gird up your loins with truth the first thing that you must keep with you at all times is a truth belt to gird up your loins means to put on a belt virtually all the men here have belts on the loin is the waist area he says goat up your loins with truth many of the ladies here have belts on a belt for a man holds up his pants it keeps his shirt tucked in what a belt does is bring order to the attire you know with the belt you aren’t sag in and you shouldn’t be I don’t get that every time I say somebody sagging I want to go by belt or use a belt but it brings order and it holds things in place the belt holds thing that keeps the pants up it keeps the shirt in it holds things in place so he’s using the human body to make a spiritual point gird up belt your loins with truth the belt is usually buckled when things have been situated and then you keep them situated with the belt you you you you you you button the pants you tuck in the shirt and now you want it to hold you you know you don’t want it shifting on you you don’t want it moving on you and so you tie it all together with the belt when the belts there then now I’m ready to move I’m ready to I’m ready to move because now I won’t disturb the order of things if I if I keep my belt buckled he says he says if you’re going to win in the spiritual realm you need a belt and the name of this belt is called truth you never leave home without it because it’ll hold things together now taking it from this contemporary context to the historical one all of you who’ve watched movies from the Roman era which is when the Bible was written or when these activities occurred know that they walked around in tunics sort of long roads that’s how the people dressed men and women they they dress in these tunics these long robes except when they were going to do something serious because then they would tie the tunic they would gird their loins with a belt or a rope or a piece of cloth they would lift up the tunic and tuck it inside the belt or the rope or piece of cloth when they did that that meant they were they were getting ready to move either they had work to be done and they didn’t want to step on the tunic or or they had activities to take care of and they needed things to be because they were going to be in movement and emotion so the whole things together in their movement they would gird up their loins that is they would take the tunic and tuck it in and tighten the belt because they were about to move when a Roman soldier was about to go to go to battle he would tie up his tunic because he was getting ready now to go to war he says keep your belt on with truth now this raises a fundamental question for us and our culture today and Pilate asked it many years ago what is truth what is truth what is this thing called truth because it is your understanding of truth because truth is all over the place today you hear people regularly talk about my truth I know my truth my truth it is because we do not understand this belt and why it is so critical and I’ll tell you why it’s critical the moment that we start off dress and roll and when you start off dressing wrong everything else going to look out of place he says the first thing you must never leave home without is truth our world today is full of opinions prognostications perceptions the pundits are forever moving in realms of pomposity of discussion that that leave us guessing what was true yesterday is not true today Coffee is bad for you we had another research coffee not that bad for you you know it it keeps it keeps jumping all over the place so when it comes to food and and some medicines and stuff you don’t know whether they take it or not cuz yesterday we’re kidding but a new study tells you today is I and so you’re not sure what is true what is true here here here is a definition of true truth is an objective standard by which reality is measured it is an objective standard that is a standard outside of you it is it is outside of you it is an objective standard by which you measure the reality of something it is not predicated first and foremost on how you feel or what you think about it it’s not predicated on how you feel or what you think about it to determine whether it’s true truth is an objective standard by which reality is measured it’s a fixed standard truth is that to which all things must conform truth is reality in its original norm that is truth is that which is real because it was real originally so in order to discover truth you look for origin since God is the originator of all origin only God can be the fixed standard of what is true because he is the origin of it there is no pre origin to God so there’s nobody behind God that you can go to to check on God there’s nobody you can go to to say did God know what he was talking about thinking about saying when he said did or thought this because that is the original norm it is an objective standard by which reality what is real is measured since God is the originator and since God is perfect it is absolutely critical that he is the point of reference and suppose you jump on a plane and the pilot said I think this is the right good way to go I think I’m going Noah I think I feel it I feel it I mean we wouldn’t function well like that you probably get off that plane hey come on I think it’s going to lift off you know what pilots are thought pilots are taught to read the instruments and never go by how you feel because you want up there in the space you can get disoriented because you can feel you’re going right-side up and really be upside down that’s what they believe happened with John Kennedy that he got disoriented and and and that he was upside down when he thought it was right-side up and he plunged into the ocean because he was disoriented he was deceived by the environment Satan is the great deceiver he can flip you upside down and you think you right-side up and how many of us have thought we were going right-side up only to discover we were upside down that’s why they have control towers they have objective standards outside of you to let you know whether you’re headed right to let you know so you’re looking out there too probably looking out there I don’t see any planes that doesn’t mean a thing that doesn’t mean a thing you don’t see any planes there is a control tower a tower that gives you an objective standard that tells you whether you see a plane or not there is a plane there because your sight line is limited here’s the question of truth the question of truth balls down on one thing what will be your final standard that it balls down to that will it be your emotions the problem with that is feelings change feelings change you’re happy you’re sad you’re glad you’re mad feelings change you cannot use your feelings as a measurement of truth don’t misunderstand me I am NOT suggesting you disregard feelings feelings are real feelings are there I’m not saying you skip feelings I am saying you don’t allow feelings to be the final arbitrator of what the truth is they say that that’s a big difference acknowledge them have them God gave us feelings but never allow them to be the final determiner of truth you say well I’m smart my mind I can figure this out I’m Cal smart you are you are finite in your brilliance you are smartly limited you have limitations that’s why with new information we go oh how many times have you went oh or oops new information was added to your brilliance that you are previously unaware of which made you change your view new information swear they do all this studies come up with new information and tell you different things because they get new data God is the only one that has all the information everybody else is ever learning it so we’re finite in our minds what will we use our moral instincts well they vary everybody has different opinions about right and wrong and good and bad and up and down so you must I must we must make a definitive statement about truth watch this even when we don’t like it because i’ma tell you now a lot of truth you don’t like it my father and he will kill me if I don’t edit this off of the tape by the time he hears it because they my parents regularly tell me stop using us in your sermons fine finding people down there and use them so he’ll tell me that in a minute and my father one day went to the doctor and the doctor was telling him what was wrong and what he had to do and my father did not like what the doctor had to say he did not like it I said dad what did the doctor say he tell me what the doctor said this I ain’t fooling with him I said wait a minute he did the test he did the examination he said this was wrong he’s going fool with him I said what you’re going to do and his answer was change doctors in that one we do when we hear somebody who says the truth but we don’t like the truth we switch folks with churches because they don’t want the truth folks with counselors because they don’t like it folks with friends cuz they don’t like it that’s the question is is it the truth why why is this a critical issue because demons piggyback on lies see this is why this is not a small issue demons ride a horse back on lies so if you have believed a lie you have invited a demon okay did you hear me if you believe a lie remember the schemes of the devil or deception if you believe a lie you have now told a demon you have permission to ride me ride my back control my life because that is the engine they piggyback on see so many of us are demon led demon led thinking we’re okay we’re flying upside down I’m thinking we right side up and demons are behind the wheel okay now that was deep and that’s the truth he says put on your belt don’t leave home without it you function with a mindset of truth with a fixed standard here is why because your soul and my soul which is the mind the emotions and the will that your soul has been distorted I hate to tell you that but it’s distorted it’s distorted it’s jacked up it’s messed up you can’t trust you see the moment you begin to trust you over God I mean the moment you I mean all of us have kids who do this who think they grown come on you ever had a kid thought they were grown even if you had even if you don’t have children you were a child thinking you were grown and the reason I notice because your momma told you they think they’re grown so they won’t tell a parent with no experience no knowledge no money they got nothing going for them but they won’t tell a parent how things ought to be and then guess what they do they will go use their friends as a way to endorse them talking to you well my friends they will they will try to they will try to bum-rush you with group thinking and their friends are ignorant as they are well we are God’s children with children we we don’t know enough to have independent truth and so we live lives upside-down whether the right-side up because of distorted souls and that’s when they get their entrance the demonic realm and when they do they establish a hard drive in the head because the way they rule you the spiritual realm we’re talking about is in your mind your problem my problem our problem is between our ears but that’s what the problem is what you’re struggling with what you do is here is all here look at look at look at real quickly first Corinthians 2nd Corinthians 10 well-known scripture spiritual warfare verse three sec irradiance m34 though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh it’s not the way you win is not with your human capacities but divinely inspired for the destruction of fortresses we are destroying look at what we’re destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against guess what the knowledge of God and we are taking every thought captive to obedience of Christ he says what the evil world wants to do is set up a thought in your mind and create speculations every time a demon hears you say I think they say hey pay attention we got a we got him cuz she didn’t go into her thinking he didn’t go into his thinking so what they do is set up a fort says fortresses a fort okay and they set up a fort that must be dismantled we must destroy it says speculations your your your your ideas he says we are destroying speculations and we are to destroy arm not only speculations but every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God it is you ought to get rid of I am to get rid of we ought to get rid of anything that blocks God’s point of view from getting through anything that blocks God’s point of view from getting through must be torn down because if they can get a fort block out God’s point of view leave you with your point of view your mama’s point of view your friends point of view your neighbors point of view and your own personal point of view gotcha that realm owns you and you find yourself in a stronghold the stronghold is a spiritual thing you can shake because the knowledge of God was not that the word lofty thing means particular the Greek word means partition and it’s like some of our rooms on the side some of our bigger rooms have partitions down in the middle you can you can block them off so that they become two rooms what Satan wants to do is pull a partition in your mind he want his what he wants he wants you to have the god side and he wants you to have the man side he wants you to have the Bible side and he wants you to have what other people think side he doesn’t mind you having the God side as long as there’s a partition he does not mind you saying hallelujah praise the Lord preach it let me read my Bible he wants you he likes you going to church as long as you have the partition as long as on Monday you gonna flip and go to the other side he owns you because he’s created a partition of the mind that keeps truth or the knowledge of God from flowing through and if he can keep the partition up so that you speculate and then pontificate men and and and are consumed with the human point of view it blocks out the knowledge of God and without the knowledge of God you do not have the work of God the power of God the spirit of God bringing you victory and so he says that there’s got to be truth with a belt that you wear all the time let me tell you something else about truth truth is more than information and more than facts includes information and it includes fact but you can have fact and information and not have truth sometimes truth can be tough reminded of a humorous story of the the two very wicked businessmen these were some too evil businessmen and they start attending this church but they were wicked the pastor knew they were wicked but they start attending the church and the church within a building fund campaign so they needed money but and then and these two rich businessmen were now starting to come to the church for more social reasons but they were coming to the church but they were filthy rich one of the businessmen when the brothers died the other wicked brother came to him and said in a pastor I know you and this building fund and I have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars that I want to write a check out for the building fund for you under one condition when you feel realize my brother next week you’ve got to call him a saint you got to say as part of the funeral he’s a saint and then I’ll give you hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars well the pastor is caught on the horns of a dilemma because he knows this guy is not a sane yeah he needs his money because he’s in a building program so the question was how can I be authentic and tell the truth and not lose this money or can i it came to the funeral it was time for the eulogy he began speaking about this brother and he said this man was wicked evil he was almost Satan incarnate in his business practices but compared to his brother he’s a saint there’s a way to deal with the truth so what am I saying Jesus made a statement you know have to turn there but you all know it John 8 and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free now everybody likes to quote that without having to find the truth see so that’s nice thing to throw out there to make it sound like you’re using the Bible but unless what you’re calling true is what God says it’s true it’s not the truth I don’t care how many people voted for it I don’t care how many people agree with it I don’t care how popular it is if it disagrees with a divine point of view it’s not the truth so you won’t be free you will not be delivered you will not be victorious and you sho’nuff won’t be free indeed for he who the Sun sets free is shown uh free indeed free for real free because the truth sets people free but it’s God’s truth not your truth it’s God’s truth not man’s truth it’s God’s truth because the demonic spiritual realm it is Jack Nicholson said it best can’t handle the truth see they can’t handle the truth when Jesus was being attacked by the devil he hit him three times with the truth the Bible says and the devil left him cuz he couldn’t heal e he couldn’t take it he couldn’t handle it because his nature is a lie his nature is deception so you keep happening with the truth even though you don’t feel it you keep handling with the truth even though you don’t like the truth you keep handling with the truth even though the truth is not what you want but you keep hanging with the truth yeah I know what you’re saying but God said but God said but God said boom boom boom you keep hammering him you keep having him you keep hammering them you keep hammering them but God said but God said but God said but God said no no no I am a homosexual that’s not the truth that’s not the truth now you may have homosexual feelings but that’s not who you are because God says once you’ve accepted Christ you are a saint you are a son a daughter of the Living God that’s who you are Satan’s got you thinking you something you were never meant to be but you’ve been thinking and so long it may you believe it but now you got to say no devil you just lied to me you told me I’m a homosexual God tells me I’m righteous in him so you lying God’s telling the truth in spite of how I’m feeling devil you said I’m an alcoholic God says I’m not an alcoholic now I may have a propensity toward alcohol but now that I’m repeating what God has said I’m going to move this partition so the Spirit of God can go through God says I’m a man says I’m nobody my mother said I’m nobody mama was lying because God says I am somebody I’m a son a daughter of the Living God that’s the truth and I would keep saying the truth and I’m a tear down this partition and I’m not gonna let you lie to me you alive that was not going to have his way in this and you keep bombarding with the truth and I don’t care how long that wall has been how long that walls been up you keep Hannah BAM with the truth and then one of these minutes you’re gonna see a little crack there gonna be a little crack in there there gonna be a little crack and you know what that crack mean this walls on its way down that crack means this wall is on its way down and once you see that crack you ain’t gonna let it go and you will be set free..

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