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hi guys I’m Shmi hello and welcome back to the channel where at the moment I don’t really know what to say behind me we have the car collection of b14 currently here visiting London and while the cars kind of do the talking we’ve got the Lamborghini veneno roadster we’ve got a Ferrari laferrari apart-er we’ve got a Pagani Huayra roadster we’ve then got a Porsche 918 Spyder price tag package we’ve got a Koenigsegg Agera and a Ferrari laferrari coupe a v4 team has bought these cars over here to the UK from Saudi Arabia and we’re gonna have an exclusive opportunity to see them all together to go through the cars before wait for it we’re going to be taking out the veneno roadster I’m going to be jumping onboard this car for a small experience in a complete unicorn this is unreal let’s check out B for teens cars now this is a sight to behold and a half we are looking at some of the rarest hyper cars in the world and yes please do expect many voice cracks right now from excitement because you do not see this every day even I am in complete dreamland right now but the amazing thing is that each and every one of these is actually unique special or has something bespoke about it as well I don’t really know where to start there are only nine of those there are just over 200 of those that is number one out of a hundred being made 9:18 9:18 spiders they’re only going to be making I think it’s 70 or so Vergara’s and of course the laferrari one of 499 now five hundred as well but the specs are all unique in fact let’s start up at this end this is the only Ferrari Coupe a painted in yellow that also has a yellow roof the Koenigsegg Agera clan exacts mega hybrid hyper car we could say is also painted in a unique delivery this is a car actually and I saw presented at the Geneva Motor Show coming further on we had the 918 Spyder that went back to Porsche exclusive manufacture to have the interior changed its actually got houndstooth on the interior it also has the magnesium bronze painted wheels then we’ve got the Huayra roadster number one as I said out of the 100 that are being made in total the laferrari apart-er an incredibly rare car this one unique with the palace of white the golden wheels also some touches to the interior and I’m going to be showing you through all of these very shortly and then we get to one of the most ultimate I think angry aggressive rare bespoke special hyper cars that has basically ever been made the Lamborghini veneno roadster they made the three co-pays they made the nine roadsters I’ve been lucky enough to see a few of them so far in my time for this one in satin black with the green leather interior is just something else this thing as I’ve described it before is the Lamborghini Estelle and bikinis this is what happens with their flew off series when they go completely wild and make something insane and that is the car we’re going to be hearing and experiencing very shortly but just the look at that lineup look at all of these cars and it’s like I said the voice cracks are going to be on overload because I can’t quite take in what I’m actually looking at right now while Ferrari Aperta Y roadster 918 vais sack Koenigsegg Agera lapper re at the end these are some of the greatest dream cars in the world and they’ve all been sourced via seven car loan Walt over here to London to go and visit topaz detailing to have PPF installed in fact the four white cars have already got to install the laughs the Pagani the Porsche and the Koenigsegg the laughs at the end and the veneno will be heading after this visit to go and have their PPF fitted as well but this this is just what could I say it’s a Lamborghini veneno roadster let me come one quickly show you the interior of this car we will open it up door handle just under here doors pop and open and look at this it preempted in a way the SV in the svj based on the Aventador platform there’s no roof no roof at all you have that snorkel behind the head pulling the air into the six and a half litre v12 back there was the Badger 750 horsepower four-wheel drive with the ISR the 7-speed automated manual gearbox but this is I mean this is what happens when Lamborghini decide to go bespoke you have the trickle or a colored flag colors of the Swift gear in the centre you had that shark fin running towards this ginormous rear wing and the time this was introduced this was the early days of these kind of cars making bespoke limited editions you get the back the different positions you can mount the rear wing at everything about it is breathtaking and we’re gonna be hearing it in a moment and then we’re gonna be taking it outside which seems like a bit of a dream I’ve been seeing it over the internet on b4 team’s Instagram page and now we’re here with all of these to experience this before we go anywhere let me show you something very exciting really quickly just here we have the magic bag with all of the keys to the different cars just have a look at some of these the Koenigsegg Gregg Araki with the Koenigsegg crest and come and check out this the party trick if you haven’t seen it before you literally DoubleTap and watch what happens I kid you not the doors open they are motorized this is do you know what I’ve seen it before and it’s still very very special and yes they do have sensors to ensure that they don’t hit the ground close them in exactly the same way you can open and close the front and rear clams of the car as well the Agera that’s just such a fun thing about that car then what do we have the 918 let me show you the interior of the 918 and what’s so special about this so just unlock it quickly inside here literally the houndstooth interior finish done by Porsche exclusive manufacturer that’s incredible so called a historical not from Portia’s of old and being a vice that car that’s where you have those end plates and more carbon fiber for the roof right back we come quickly to have a look at I think a lot Ferrari and I’m gonna have the problem here which key is it is this their Porter yes that’s the purse I have a look at the interior of this it’s a nod towards your Ventus b14 is a big Aventis fan and in fact inside the car there are actually a few touches you’ve got you’ve antenna here you’ve got a you ventus phrase here fee no Allah fee no but again this car from Ferrari TaylorMade both laugh Ferraris a tailor-made that’s just well it seemed pretty special to be for quite careful with laferrari doors drop them from just a few inches above but erm look that back up for the moment and here also should be our phone a no key this is the one we’re gonna be taking right now let’s do it um this is not the next clip that I was intending b14 has just invited me to drive governador to take the wheel myself in his words he’s my biggest fan and that’s probably true if he’s going to trust me to drive this I am buzzing slightly nervous slightly anxious to experience this car so let’s I guess take a step inside and start it up shall we fire this into life this feels quite unreal right at this second but we are doing this we are going to be but I’m going to pee literally driving the Lamborghini veneno oh okay deep breath flip this up fire it into life this is really happening this is actually really happening I don’t know what to say let’s head on out all right then pull the paddle into first gear I won’t turn off the electronic handbrake this is genuinely happening right now this car is huge that’s for sure I’ve got to be very careful of this pillar as we’re about to drive it past that line up and do excuse the noise the tires on the ground but this is this is absolutely we’re doing this okay there the curtain he goes I’m driving a veneno and it’s this Vanina theory Alabam and yes I’m currently driving in automatic and in strada as we cruel Knightsbridge in central London in the banana roadster that’s very enemy just pump it into sport the view in the rear view is pretty non-existent you’ve basically got a snorkel floating in the air behind you but that’s something else no easy there this is the ultimate Batmobile there is no Batmobile more Batmobile like than this thing okay well there’s something Rory noisy over there I’m going to be taking it easy nice and quiet until this is insane we do have air conditioning we don’t have entertainment we don’t have a live system it’s very low press this we go into manual literally my first port of call is to go through the Hyde Park Corner tunnel so it’s three hug from night space dump it down into second gear [Music] I’m driving it like 25 miles per hour and it sounds like I’m going about in sport mode that’s morning there’s Oliver and barbels I’ve never heard this I think I just got recognized I this is mad novice lino roof he’s low cut windows absolutely ridiculous I’m driving a banana and again one of the strangest part of this for me is the visa roads I know currently driving on the course left-hand drive I have but in viscom of applause I just cannot get the smile off my face it’s a bit of shock really but this is happening and work in front of me a lamborghini huracan the baby sibling to this thing my sneakers cause they’re driven in my life and I don’t know what to make of it right now I’ve got the line we have some very dark front window tips which do not make it particularly it’s mom it is very very much it’s so aggressive and I’m sure that somebody is going to comment stop driving it like a granny but I hope I don’t need to remind you that this is an incredibly valuable car that we are driving in the centre of London so this is not the time to put the book down just to have this opportunity is kind of mind blow [Applause] driving bitch I admit cautious with this sound a which is basically the only place in central London where normally that’s lady Boston’s me I am basically driving a Lamborghini race car in the centre of London we’ve got Marble Arch behind the bus in front of us this is like a tourist trip around London City Oh like in there as well although I think if I did I’d wake up when this is just going to be some kind of dream how we’re really doing this now of course it’s later night in front of me here in his hospital Street imagine being here on a Saturday afternoon driving in this thing people would actually think Batman was coming they genuinely were I mean what else could this possibly be now out of the nine roadsters six of them I think a red is a very nice red one of them is something Arvind one of them is white and this one is satin black this is by far the most menacing well it’s probably the only one that just try course about our interests sake I think it’s gonna get perhaps Rayleigh I haven’t really mentioned and by the way the noise of the having something like you that’s very very problem a sound you snipped off let it roll I think I’m gonna pop it back into s’mores and it just get more more aggressive toenails bits I know it miss commissioner power buildest there’s so little information out there about this car I don’t really know all I know is that it’s insane they literally only made the nine of the roadsters at the back of the success of the freaking phase both paddles into neutral that’s just about three and a half thousand rpm goes all the way up to 8,000 750 horsepower of naturally aspirated v12 open-air this is a spectacular date to be driving this car it’s dreaming the dream spark our other office into this small ladies and tell you what does a great job you’re driving I’ve actually been slightly wary as well but we are in central London at night and this area in particular is where you basically can’t drive and make a lot of noise so in fact we should probably back into strata but this is something that I never ever even put on my bucket list it was that remote that I could never get the opportunity to do back at the Veneto and here we are under the looking sub London in front of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel we’ve just got past one of the Ferrari Italia days driving driving in this I mean it’s a like a fighter jet the crazy thing they’re never no words for this they’re genuinely on words thank you for this opportunity but I was not expecting just coming to live in the cars and then the opportunity came up to go out of this I’m here we never actually driving hit Oh what am I going to wake up we’re back then which means I am actually driving the veneno towards a rogue era and a laferrari I’m 18 and the Huayra Roadster and a laferrari Oh master it just gets even more unreal I tell you what we haven’t done pop it into mutual for a second just listen to this [Music] wow that’s uh yeah I I receive apart come to the others for a moment because I have to take a photo this thing reversing camera view even that’s what to think I don’t know what to make of this I mean Emre card we’re about to have silence [Music] [Applause] Wow just literally what has just happened part of me thinks that I was just driving people teams veneno roadster the other part of me thinks there is no way that could possibly ever have happened but the hell up the car is here let me show you a few more things about it and I should also mention by the way I am elected to say earlier that Lamborghini chaos in Florida frequently drives his veneno coupe a and I was also thinking more about that it respects of venero roadsters and there’s also a bright green one as well so maybe that means only five of the maretto who actually knows because you so rarely see these things to even be in its presence is something special and I was lucky enough recently during my trip in the USA over in New York and Long Island’s go buy a Lamborghini Long Island and to see two of them side by side the white one alongside the white roads there alongside one of the grave who pays all three of the co-pays a silver-gray painted with different pinstripes accents actually there are two white Bonanno roadsters and all this goes on the more I actually remember about them Wow I’ve seen a few I’m quite lucky to have seen as many bananas as I happen to have now experienced what it’s like to drive but this car is the result of Lamborghinis designers going completely wild complete freedom to make something insane and you can see that with all the jagged edges the lines the arrow style and was fighter jet styled arrow and aggression of it look then that the front splitter is and how sharp and pointed it is right down towards the floor the distinct taillights almost LMP style like on the Hmong cars and the prototypes you’ve got these end plates it’s all carbon the whole body is carbon fiber then look at the jagged wheel arch line look at that edge look at the wheels as well carbon fiber trim piece around the wheels calipers painted to match the pinstripes and the interior then you come around the size of those openings for the air flow through to the radiators to cool the engine the jagged arches again around the back and then the wing mounted towards the spine Motorsports and start inspired the wave snorkel the way this is all designed and styled is incredible in this particular car in the satin black it suits this so well I’m sure you agree with that working around it the car over from Kerr say Saudi Arabia you’ve got the taillights with the wife spoke the traditional kind of Lamborghini style that way and then almost running before with the way they’re styled around the Lamborghini badge and then look at the exhaust down here look at that exhaust system the way it’s mounted on almost the part of the diffuser with these gigantic fins as well that you have going underneath it the whole design of this thing is truly absurd and that I would say is probably the most aggressive of the cars here just look at this lineup and I’ve been very lucky actually prior to now to have driven a Ferrari and Aperta to a driven up Huayra a 918 and a Koenigsegg Agera and now of an I never honestly never thought I would ever drive a Lamborghini veneno let alone be fourteens veneno roadster this has been an evening of dreams at the beginning that was not something I thought might ever happen and it’s just kind of hitting me this is the realization moment how special that actually was I’ve driven around the center of London banana roadster all I can say is thank you so much to b14 because that’s been incredible one of the highlights I think of my youtube channel ever the date have the opportunity see all of these cars together and that Wow so thank you very much for watching everyone thank you for your support I appreciate it an awful lot for now I’m going to go away and try and relive this and take it in and see if it actually happened you already know we will find we’ll find out later for now though that’s it I’ll see you soon Cheers you.

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