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Previously on car Trac Auto Tempest challenged each of us to find the coolest cheap exotic we could find for the price of a CA Corvette we chose a Ferrari 360 spider a lamborghini gallardo and an Aston Martin v12 Vantage S I’m 90% sure that you cheated I am 100% sure that you have cheated Oh does it have a clean title [Music] they also said that we’d be competing in a series of tests and the man with the most passes will get to keep his car and the others will have to list them for sale you’ll take your cars to a professional exotic car mechanic to do the pre-purchase inspection you should have done on your cars before you bought the Tyler now they’re pulling behind me out of time I got nothing cars dead Oh none of this looks cute Oh what we got here holy cow that’s actively dripping $13,000 your next challenge is to save some money and fix an item on the repair bill you just got on your own you have until midnight I am an awful mechanic but not as good as me yeah you don’t turn rich you I don’t know which side of them you do turn so this is gonna be fun let’s go to my shop [Music] [Music] [Music] immediately after we got the text from Otto tempest challenging us to fix our cars by midnight we hit the road hard [Music] [Applause] how does my exhaust sound yes that v12 sounded pretty good but nothing beats an angry Ferrari [Music] [Applause] we arrived at Tavarez secrets workshop where he was way too excited to get his hands dirty for some reason he instructed us all to back our cars on a lift which usually wouldn’t have been a problem unless of course you’re driving a flappy-paddle Ferrari [Music] what what is that smell the clutch well the automated manual transmission the f1 it’s confusing it’s a little hot for reverse and sometimes it just doesn’t want to go and reverse it you know I don’t get it right soon could it be one says are the other one doesn’t well it’s kind of a weird T thing it can happen thank you okay so the reason why we’re here is because auto Tempest told us to fix something on our long long repair list and I am really excited because this this is my element I’m ready to get dirty are you guys ready to get dirty I have people for that yeah okay well that’s hands they’re not working hands no delicate [Music] there are two problems with this car that I would love to address this evening the first is that it absolutely refuses to accept fuel when I ask it to the other is that as I Drive the residue and sediment from the flood that has paralyzed this car previously absolutely buries my luggage that’s in the front compartment and so I would love to find out what vent is stopping the fuel from being able to freely flow into its gas tanks and I would also love to I suppose remove whatever this trough is that holds my luggage and clean whatever dirt is underneath that so I’m going to set out to the removal of whatever these Torx screws and I don’t know bolts are and get this plastic tub that houses the top out and then I’ll set off to that but Freddie what are you doing this evening I’m gonna completely transform this car it’s gonna be awesome so are you gonna do the clutch no it needs a clutch you have to wrench every day I know but I’m not gonna do that now all right how about the power steering pump that’s probably little more manageable right no so what are you doing dude don’t worry about it you’ll see later just worry about whatever you’re doing all right so for my wrenching segment I am going to start with a deep pimping as much as I can with this car I’m going to continue by replacing my intake boots with this brand new one here inside very easy to access I’ll start by getting this start by getting this off where the air filter lives to get to here to get to there to there yes [Music] [Music] yes yes yes oh yes Oh Freddie what I’m gonna need a little help on this one these this is a weird clamp all right so this clamp it’s a one-time-use uh-huh and what you have to do is you have to take this and you just squish it down but you have to be very careful because whatever you put on it well you can never really take it off so put this around right here that didn’t hit the floor I don’t know where it went okay yeah just hold this up we’re cutting it up yes yeah okay yeah I get it like this and now it should be good okay alright is a is that one day bad one because um you’re right yeah yes he said this one was the bad one so I just said the wrong one did you really do that hey I did you really just replace the right did so so that wouldn’t be a bad problem except for the fact that you don’t have any more of these clamps and they’re one-time use so you can’t do that I just really screwed up okay I got an idea I got an idea duct tape tape yes okay we can take that up and we’ll be okay wonderful we’ll be alright you want to do that yeah I can handle it off with the rest of the back together and start unpin ping ball right I think I think Edie really really need your help I think Oh oh yeah I think he’s lost in fact I was far from lost I was making great progress removing anything in my way sure to find something marked Park that stops gasoline from getting in to the point where I have that sing-off [Applause] eventually though I delegated a few of the final steps well it looks like you gentlemen have that under control so the other issue that I would love to address is the fact that there is a lot of mud inside this car and it was sediment or whatever fortunately it was a freshwater flood but it was some muddy water and so as I Drive it appears to shake up or through this absolutely uninstalled shield to cover my luggage with mud and dirt and so what I would love to see happen is to see this not get so dirty so my assumption is that there is so much dirt underneath this thing that it’s just vibrating or blowing up somehow and getting all over everything so my next goal is to stop that yes that is not immediately obvious how that might come out Freddy Freddy what how would I get to all the dirt and mud that is probably inside my front bumper cover push this car into traffic I don’t want the hoovy solution I want the real solution okay it’s really really easy you got bolts here and here here here remove this six CD changer because now who uses CDs anymore my Halloween beyond requires okay so you take this off take out this electrical connector and then this entire thing comes out pretty precariously there’s some wires that could get damaged and then you can clean whatever it is you have to clean that seems like cloth it’s not that’s not a little I’ve got a better idea you finished this I’m on it you sure yep [Music] flood Guyardo owners of the world will soon embrace the edge shield of course the go-to-market version will probably be a little bit better fitting but I believe I have solved my problem and so now I am off to check on good Tyler’s progress done holy cow Tyler look at that yes what a transformation this is exactly what I think about when I think about it the 360 spider I fell in love with as a 16 year old thank you it is officially done oh my you know I don’t even mind the wheels now with the proper rocker panels everything else you have outdone yourself as a mechanic sir thank you now what about these LED lights well I don’t know how they work at all I don’t think they work I’d hope not that would upset what you’ve done here a good bit how are things going over there I don’t have the slightest clue I just got Freddy to it hopefully he’s got it a little bit closer to accepting gasoline when it’s asked to but I suppose on this trip all right I need you to put your lips on and blow what so we need him to put his lips on your fill nozzle hole okay and blow tightly to simulate being filled with gasoline yeah it’s really easy just just look at this it’s good so so as that happens there’s a little valve here that should be releasing that pressure mm-hmm and as you could hear your gas tanks groaning and Freddie groaning yeah it’s not releasing the pressure right we’re gonna go ahead and pull the valve out and see how much mud is stuck in there and preventing it from opening yeah and that sounds like a great plan you don’t die you finished that I’m like what year is it after many hours of discussing holes and what to do with them I had successfully removed the hose with only a small amount of help from Freddie and the exceptionally well-dressed Jared we then discovered some more deadweight that I’ve been carrying along on this journey how’s it going pretty well I can tell you that I’m a little better than you are so blow on that you see that that is a gas tank that is totally usable really yeah well yeah I could I could put as much gasoline in this is a game changer this will change your life dude that is life-changing yeah so all you have to do is put everything back just like the plastic tray and just button this up and boom your car is good to go repaired yes wrench every night yes okay yeah hey dude did you see those LED lights and Tyler’s engine bay maybe how do we make them work well probably you need a remote yeah so uh that’s the remote yes like a previous person bought that for that car yes okay well you fixed my thing and you helped Tyler with his thing now I suppose you can go and work on your own car all right well I’m sure you’ve done a lot of work cut out so now that those other two are left to their own devices I’m gonna do something that I’ve wanted to you ever since I got this car and it’s really really simple say big transformation by doing something extremely simple now back here is a fuse box and in it is a little fuse and all I have to do is pull it it’s fuse 15 and so little five in fuse you pull it and immediately the car is better hey so let me get this straight you’re wrenching session mister wrench every day it’s pulling a fuse right so the reason why is because I have an exhaust lead that was on my list of things and the fuse is for the exhaust and it makes the exhaust more free-flowing so if my exhaust is more free-flowing then that means my exhaust leak is lessened boom I have solved the problem wait till you hear this you ready sure are your worst sound the same to you okay guys okay that’s fast no it’s not fixed it’s masked so Freddie yeah you really haven’t fixed anything else what are you talking about not a single thing what are you toss ‘m it sounds amazing absolutely you pulled a fuse edy right you put a piece of cardboard and tape all over the front of your car and then let Freddie work on the rest of it you didn’t fix a single thing conceited but highly effective I fixed something absolutely like not the right some no no not at all yes it was the wrong side but I fixed something also look at this car it is a complete transformation I have completely unkempt it completely oh really yes really whoa oh this you got it working oh yeah my disco lights this is the remote 2005 who has arrived my friend in all of its glory and it’s it’s even in the floors – oh yeah yeah it’s the whole package Wow somebody went all out this this is expertly expertly done what are you gonna do with all of this I have no idea but all the work I just did to unpin up I have now Vinnie Rhee pimps Larry pimps guys I just got a text from Auto Tempest it’s a pretty long one okay so it says congratulations on completing in several hours what a competent mechanic would get done in a few minutes the only thing you’ve proved is that unless you like hanging out in dirty shops in the middle of the night buying exotic sports cars out of warranty with no way to pay for expensive repairs probably isn’t a good idea to put your bubblegum fixes to the test you must take your cars on a road trip from here to one of the most prestigious car events in the world the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance ooh that’s not too far that’s wonderful yeah because Amelia Island isn’t very far from where we are now tomorrow morning you will drive 200 miles in the wrong direction and to show how practical your car is going to be you’ll do the entire drive on one tank of fuel okay well at least I can now insert one of fuel and I have to hyper mile a Ferrari and one last thing no highways oh yeah how we gonna do that I don’t I don’t know can we go to bed yes let’s go to bed yeah all right night-night.

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