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big news to tell you just before we get into this video I’ve actually been nominated for a shorty award I cannot believe it it’s kind of a big deal I need your help I need the help of my supercar blondie family to win my category I’ve actually been nominated for break out of youtuber I need your help I cannot win up without you it’s based on the judges it’s also based on the number of votes that I get so please go and vote for me the link is in the description below this video click it only takes a few seconds if you love my videos and you love this channel please please do that it’s also big for the automotive industry this is the first time a car entertainer has been recognized and nominated for a shorty award so let’s do it for the supercar blondie family all right guys let’s get straight to it [Music] what’s up guys it’s super couple under here in Dubai oh my god this is so exciting we have got the Valhalla being delivered right here today the new James Bond car just before we see that this is a Lisa my friend Lisa oh thank you supercar blondie channel if you have not yet subscribed please do so click that subscribe button right now otherwise you’re gonna miss out on the coolest cars of 2020 there it is first time this has actually been delivered to someone in the public we’ve only ever seen reviews of this car in studio before it’s in the new movie no time to dive in Daniel Creed’s last James Bond movie just think right our butts are gonna touch weird daniel craig’s but potentially the touch so that is exciting oh right the coolest thing is it’s not just in the James Bond film it has James bond-esque features massive thank you to Jamil Art Center for having us here in the or like this garden area here it’s like an exclusive lockdown zone from us today just you me and Alisa Oh [Music] [Music] I’m bossy I don’t wait it’s so cool you guys this is one of four Aston Martin’s that has been confirmed to be in the new James Bond movie first one it’s obviously the one that a lot of people kind of considered very James Bond which is the db5 the db5 it’s beautiful db5 with those kick-ass little guns coming out much better than mine mine’s more like yeah yours are minor cb5 about the DVD Drive then we’ve got the advantage yeah oh we’ve got the DBS as well and we’ll have this one the Valhalla this is the most spaceship e100 from all James Bond’s gonna look sexy in this but we don’t know if he’s gonna be in it yet doing no so this is the thing you guys so we asked us and Martin the car is gonna be in James Bond but is James Bond driving it and they said they cannot confirm who is driving the car James Bond might not actually be driving it but what would be cool is if the female agent yes because it’s not every day you get a James Bond car delivered to you this is crazy I can’t it’s a wet less cover off hello [Music] Aston Martin has really always kind of been seen as the classically beautiful car it’s kind of been a gentlemen’s driver it’s been a long front here with the engine here in the front it’s gotta blow known as a grand tourer you sit back you kind of go for his long trips in the car it’s Comfort right comfort and luxury now Aston Martin for the very first time I’m super excited about this kind of direction they’re going in very first time move the engine from the front to the back so now it’s like a mid-engined hyper car and now it kind of takes on the look of a like what you would consider a hyper car should look like come and have a look at these exhaust pipes right here this is a terrible charged v6 engine it’s a hybrid so you know better for the environment I guess if you’re a supercar owner that takes your own cup to the coffee shop and gets them to fill them up this is the one for you why’s that because you like reusable and recyclable thing you see what I mean better for the environment invited her one of the coolest features you guys we cannot move past this part right here right you know typically wings at the back as you go at higher speeds it will kind of move up and down like this now what this car can do is the carbon fiber itself will Bend so it’s not moving it’s actually bending this is aerospace technology developed with NASA right what does this remind me of because it’s so open here at the back if you come and take a look at it from this direction kind of looks like an eagle in flight yes it does yeah like kind of its head here and then it’s two wings going out the others either side I think that’s a really really beautiful back that is very creative you should write books or time it took me like an hour to come up with us write and look at this what do you notice where’s the wing mirrors well this one does not have wing mirrors look there’s a wee camera right here and the best thing about this of course aerodynamic you you know that but look inside there you can see the tire the suspension and you’ll see everything from here don’t need a wing mirror or seemingly Alek no they are old school now they’re done by by wing mirrors if you have a car with wing mirrors just love them off because they don’t know and that is not good advice I’d like to do that alright fine don’t don’t just buy a million dollar car without wing nose yeah you got to pay more if you want less car that’s how it works before we get in let’s take a look at the front of the car here first things first so these are 3d printed headlights 50% less weight than your average Aston Martin headlights yeah I’ve never actually like thought about the weight of a headlight before and then something that really usually keeps me up at night but no no no it’s not a fact I’m gonna get back to my car and just be like you guys way too much you know this is not cool well you guys are weighing me down if I had headlights that with 50% lighter then imagine how much faster he goes this is like a car that’s done the keto diet guys has got a roof scoop here now this isn’t just for looks this is where it’s gonna feed air straight back into the engine that’s kind of cool because of course Aston Martin usually has the engine in the front so now we’re seeing roof scoops for the first time this is not going to be Aston Martin’s only mid-engine supercar or hyper car we have of course got the Valkyrie [Music] and we’ve also got the new vanquish coming up the new vanquish is also going to have the engine right here in the back and it looks a little different to this but equally as cool and I’m actually considering getting oh come on are you who did want to do it yourself this amazing height for car cause the Valkyrie like you were talking about it’s over three million dollars but I mean it’s probably still you know bit out of range but this one they call the Sun of Valkyrie because it’s kind of a baby version yeah and it’s a bargain for 1.3 million dollars like it change really easy easy P so you’re gonna get one of these cuz if I’ll get 300 I might as well have just bought the Valkyrie in maths alright right I really only just brought her so she could open the door at the same time as me just so it looked good guys have got a little surprise here for you in this box hop in hop in be careful cos quite low oh you know what I mean whoa I feel like I’m sitting on the road that’s what I love about supercars yeah it’s so cool beautiful so you can feel everything beneath you right in the Valkyrie we kind of see almost like this lying down like you’re in the Formula one like that yeah come on though isn’t it but this one isn’t this is the more broad version yeah this is a more Road friendly exactly so you got to sit so this one you’re gonna be sitting up a little bit higher right like this now the thing is is that these seats you guys they are going to be attached to the the top of the car so you can’t move the seat forward at all instead you can move the pedals towards you so that one of the same as in a laferrari for example right and also the wheel is going to come towards you as well the full entertainment system should be there right yeah yeah it’s all on your phone okay so you can use any type of phone any iPad any sort of screen and mount it there and you’re good to go yeah so instead of a car actually coming with an infotainment screen you just use your own watch out watch out here we go here we go and the passcode is double o33 this was the original name of the car three before it was called the Valhalla double O three not double O seven for James Bond but still a license to kill the doubles the double O so these cars are license to kill but it’s called the double three license kill but the reason why it is called the double O three years cause the double ones the Valkyrie the double O 2 is the Valkyrie Amr and this baby in the Valhalla is the double 3 all got licenses to kill talking of James Bond this is pretty damn cool this material here this is called ballistic nylon right now this material was first developed in World War two for Airmen who would wear it in a jacket right and so it would protect them from the debris that flies at them when bullets are fired so when James Bond is being fired at or one of the agents whoever’s going to be driving this car and James Bond being fired at this is kind of a protect I mean it’s not really gonna do anything is it real but there’s the story for you know kind of like if there was a bullet flying at you fragments flying at you this is kind of gonna be you’re protecting layer but do you think that people that will own this super car will live in that kind of neighborhood I’m not sure yeah good for you probably not talking about James Bond things put your hand on the steering wheel yeah pretty cool very cool shape steering wheel but also is very nifty because if you just look here if you were James Bond maybe you weren’t getting shot at maybe some stuff was going on you were thinking oh I don’t know what’s wrong with me am i dying you can look here and it measures your heart reality damn cool you know there are 500 of these babies being made and if you’re lucky enough to be someone who can get their hands on this car and buy this beauty these technologies are going to be in the cars on the roads this is all 3d printed you guys 3d printed carbon fiber here to save on weight and all of these buttons are actually integrated into that they’ve actually been 3d printed as well so that to save on weight here also do you want to just close this door actually Lisa because this will give us a better kind of line I’m too scared cause it’s so nerve-racking sometimes because like what these cars they only make one or two of them and we’re sitting in one of them all and if that would have slammed down it’s really the end of your career that’s it but Lou you’re our this is how the door opens with a whip yeah it’s pretty fly right no I’ve never seen that shape ever in a car before how do you know what the end of a whip looks looks like is that anyway so what else can we say about the car and all that’s the really nice but it doesn’t you can’t see out the back oh yeah yeah this is me though yeah look you can’t see out the back you guys I don’t know about you but when you were learning how to drive they were big on when you’re reversing you gotta go like this boom reverse reverse I think it’s gonna be weird to get used to because it becomes such a habit to look behind you right when you reverse now you can’t see anything you’re gonna have to look up here yeah and those cameras that you saw beforehand going to be integrated into this screen so you can see on the left right and at the back of the cart the other thing I think is really beautiful is this line here Lee so you see this like scale kind of a feature here it goes all the way across all the way down the front and all the way up this the side of the the door here this is actually the Evan so your aircon is going to come through there also the sound yeah right so your tunes are going to be blasting through that and also the interior lighting so this whole thing is going to kind of light up at night and that means you don’t have these ugly kind of looking air vents here the front do you know what you look quite James Bond do actually I think I could be the next female double-oh-seven well I’m not sure about that but you’re well on your way to looking the part yeah like I look like I’m going to like a party at Bobby’s mansion or an 80s club night or that neons only this was not the clams clearly it’s gonna be on the market in a couple of years but the next time you see this car is going to be in the James Bond film which is launching into March yeah end of March is a premiere April is when you will see at the cinemas are you done can I Drive now oh come on out you get yeah you can call you can give it a go cuz I haven’t been able to turn the engine on yes there’s no engine it’s so engine just the shell it’s just I can play with it yeah it’s been cool right but it’s been really cool yeah thank you guys so so much for watching it give us a quick like subscribe to the supercar blondie family if you haven’t yet we would love to have you with us thank you so much Aston Martin for bringing it down to Valhalla exclusively for our channel here for the supercar blondie family massive thank you to annalisa for joining us here as well we used to be radio buddy we said look guys no we’re driving the James Bond car not done alright not yes I can’t wait until it has an engine thank you to the Jameel art centre for having us here as well for this beautiful location it’s about to well it’s already starting to spit so I think we’ve got to wrap it up and love you guys [Music] [Music]

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