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this is a 2018 Cadillac ct-6 and it’s the flagship cadillac luxury sedan in fact it’s the most expensive cadillac luxury sedan ever the sticker price on this one is around $70,000 but you can equip this car to over $90,000 if you get the platinum trim level more importantly this car can drive itself thanks to a new technology called super cruise today I’m going to show that to you and I’m going to show you everything else that’s interesting about the new ct-6 I’ve borrowed this ct-6 from Tustin Cadillac here in Orange County California they have a vast selection of all the new Cadillac models including a brand new cts-v but I really wanted to check out the ct6 and I really wanted to see what supercruise is all about and so today I’m gonna do that first a little overview now the ct6 is Cadillacs most impressive luxury sedan ever it starts around fifty six thousand dollars but like I mentioned before you can equipment well over ninety thousand dollars if you get the Platinum model the base engine is a 265 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder but there are two optional engines and get a 335 horsepower v6 like this car has or if you want more power you can get a 404 horsepower twin turbo v6 this particular ct-6 is a mid-range model equipped how most people would equip it if they were actually buying it to around seventy thousand dollars and it also has super cruise now Cadillac says super cruise is the world’s first hands-free highway driving system so today I’m going to drive the ct-6 and I’m going to test out super cruise and show you how it works I’m also going to show you all the interesting quirks and cool features of the ct-6 and then I’m gonna give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts on the ct6 click the link below to visit slash oversteer where I’ve also compiled a list of some weird low mileage older Cadillacs that are currently listed for sale on auto trader right now on to super cruise now supercruise really is a self-driving system and I’m gonna show you how it works in a second but first a couple of basics now it’s a $5,000 option it’s bundled with a couple of other things but mostly when you’re paying the five grand you want supercruise it only works on certain roads that’s because cadillac paid a company to go and map all of the major interstates and highways in north america with lidar and so it only works on the roads that they map don’t work on the little road that you live on in your suburb or whatever but as soon as you actually get on a highway where it’s active it’ll work just fine in the car will drive itself here’s how it works you activate cruise control with a button on the steering wheel just like every other car and when super cruise is ready this little gray steering wheel icon appears in the gauge cluster press a button on the steering wheel to confirm you want to turn it on and then the gray steering wheel icon turns green the other thing that happens then is a green LED light strip on top of the steering wheel turns green to let you know super Cruise is active then you can just sit there you never have to steer we never have to press the pedals and you never have to touch the wheel for as long as you want and you’re free to look around for instance if a Peugeot 505 station wagon is next to you and you’re really excited and you want to get a video of it to show your YouTube subscribers the fact that you can be hands-off may surprise you because in other systems the government regulation says you have to tap the steering wheel periodically to prove you aren’t distracted but not super cruise the difference here is that there’s a little sensor mounted above the center of the steering wheel that watches your eyes to make sure you aren’t distracted if you take your eyes off the road for too long the green light strip on top of the steering wheel starts flashing and after a few seconds it turns red disengaging the systems so you have to take over so you can’t look at that Peugeot 505 for too long or else you’ll have to take over and do the driving other interesting super cruise details you can increase or decrease your following distance on the road with buttons on the steering wheel and you can increase or decrease your speed the same way you can see the speed is green and it changes on the speedometer if you change lanes the steering wheel light strip turns blue until you properly enter the next lane and then it turns green again and finally I noticed supercruise gets confused when you pass exits and the lane lines temporarily split so it’s best operated in a middle lane I’m told it also doesn’t function in especially bad weather now aside from supercruise the next most interesting item in this car is the rearview mirror strangely enough take a look at this you can see the rearview mirror is there showing what’s behind me now here I’m putting my hand in front of the rearview mirror and it’s not showing my hand that’s because the rearview mirror in this car is a camera it actually shows a full wide-angle picture of what’s behind you at all times which is pretty cool because that means that the rear-view mirror image is not broken up by headrests in the back or by your rear seats or by the pillars back there instead it’s a constant unobstructed view of what is behind the car which frankly is a really good idea the weird thing about this mirror system you see when the dimmer switches and a normal car mirror in this car that turns the mirror off which is weird to me you would think that you wouldn’t be able to turn off the mirror but you can turn it off if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to see speaking of the sunshade here’s an interesting feature about that you have the sunshade up because of course you want to shade your backseat passengers from the harsh rays of the Sun then you stick the car in reverse and check this out the sunshade automatically whirrs down so that you can see better when you’re backing up that’s kind of a cool idea and even better when you put the car back in Drive to go about your business the sunshade whirrs back up to the position you had it in before you next up we move on to the gear lever which is kind of interesting in this car most luxury cars have gone to weird gear levers with weird operations this one is a pretty standard Park reverse neutral Drive the funny thing about it is its shape it’s sort of contoured to look sort of like a dome or something like that but it does fit your hand nicely when you put your hand on top of it pull the button and shift into gear and in the vicinity of the gear lever we have to cover the center console which I find to be rather interesting if you’re sitting in the driver’s seat you can push the button on the center console and open it right up no problem but check this out you’re sitting in the passenger’s seat you can push the button on the passenger side and open it up in the opposite way the center console is like dual hinged you can open it from either side also speaking of the center console directly in front of the center console you have the wireless charging tray for cellphones the cool thing about this particular wireless charging tray is that it allows you to leave your cellphone only sort of halfway in there and halfway outs most cellphone wireless charging pads are in some sort of cubby or something so you don’t have easy access to the phone in case you’re getting out you might forget it but in this one it’s always visible so you remember to take it with you when you’re leaving the car one other item worth mentioning in that center console you can see there are two little clips for pens and they are two different sizes which means you can have a large pen and a small pen if you have a ct-6 something to think about if you’re considering this car against rivals do they give you the option to carry around a small pin next up we move on to another interesting item in the center console and that would be the trackpad check this out Cadillac allows the infotainment system to be controlled in two separate ways it’s a touchscreen so you can touch whatever items you want or you can use the trackpad and you just kind of scroll around and you click on stuff that’s not particularly usual but one cool thing about this trackpad is the number of fingers use changes what you can do for example here I am on the home screen and I’m using one finger and you can see that I’m just going between different items if I use two fingers I’m scrolling between different pages and if I use three fingers to scroll you can see it pulls up my radio presets so I can switch between presets easily without having to go into the radio menu next I’m moving on to a couple more interesting buttons inside the cabin here one of my favorites is to the right of the infotainment screen there’s a button marked simply glovebox you push it and of course it opens the glove box apparently Cadillac is too good for a simple glovebox latch another cool thing around the infotainment screen on the base of the screen you will see that you can adjust the stereo volume using this cool volume slider now I admit a volume knob is easier to use but you got to admit sliding your finger across a little slider and having the volume go up is kind of a cool futuristic touch plus it allows Cadillac to integrate the V logo into the interior which they have done basically everywhere if you look around this interior you will see an enormous number of V’s it’s meant to mimic the base of the Cadillac crest logo which comes to sort of a point in a V on the bottom it’s everywhere not only is that volume slider shaped like a V but so is this base of the dashboard where it meets the climate vents you can see that the climate control buttons themselves are in a little bit of a v-shape there is a silver V printed on the front seats and silver V’s are all printed on the back seats as well the top of the gear lever comes to a little v-shaped point at the bottom in the middle of the steering wheel comes to sort of a v-shape in the centre below the Cadillac logo the base of the seats themselves makes sort of a little V at the bottom and I’m sure I’m missing dozens of other V examples in this car that all sort of remind you that you’re in a Cadillac a couple of other interesting things inside the car at the end of the windshield wiper stock you see a little silver button there and then there’s a diagram that shows like a camera and water and an arrow well it turns out if you press that it actually washes the backup camera for you so if you get some debris on your backup camera instead of going out there with a little towel and cleaning it off yourself you press that button and the backup camera washer comes on and automatically washes the backup camera for you so you don’t have to dirty your rag as cleaning your backup camera also interesting there’s a little button to the left of the steering wheel marked info that button controls the heads-up display like so many cars this one has a heads-up display that projects important information on the windshield in front of you and you can change it to show various different things for example you can have the tachometer pop up you can have the speed limit on the road that you’re on pop up but the most interesting thing about the heads-up display is that little green icon to the left of the speed you’re going see how it turns orange that’s because it’s measuring my following distance Green is okay when it turns orange it’s letting me know I should back off because I’m following too closely next up we move on to the gauge cluster which has a couple of interesting items in it one of which is called rear seat reminder which is an unusual feature that’s designed to help parents remember if they’ve loaded something in the back seat specifically a child so they don’t accidentally leave it back there and it gets hot the way it works is before you go for a drive if you open up the back door and close it the car assumes that you’ve loaded something into the back seat potentially a child you drive to your destination and turn off the car and a little reminder will show on your day just err telling you to check your rear seats that way you can’t possibly forget a child in the backseat because it shows right in the gauge cluster that you should check the rear seat before you walk away not speaking of the gauge cluster as you can see you can scroll through various different items in the gauge cluster and get all sorts of information it shows you if your fuel economy for example your direction of travel you’re following your music it also shows you blank page that’s my favorite one if you just have so much information that you’re getting overloaded you can go to blank page and then nothing will show up in your gauge clusters so your whole world can be a little bit less complicated other cool things in the gauge cluster take a look at the tachometer needle it’s not really a needle instead it’s like a little blue mark that just sort of increases as your revs increase that is a really cool way to display your engine revs in fact that’s one of the coolest Tekamah tur needle displays that i’ve ever seen another cool feature in this car has a night vision system a few high-end luxury cars have that basically you’re driving along at night it’s a dark road you can’t see very well you turn on night vision and it displays sort of an infrared camera and allows you to see better unfortunately you can only demonstrate it when it’s dark because night vision is very clear about the fact that it is only available when it is dark and some cars you can turn on in the day but not in this one next up we move on to the infotainment system and specifically the recorder you can see in the infotainment system there’s a little icon for the recorder earng what that does if you click on it it actually uses the cameras on the outside of the car to start recording there’s a little slot in the trunk where you can insert an SD card and if you insert your SD card into there and you turn on the recorder the car will start recording while you drive so it’s like a built-in dashcam except all the cameras can record so you can record whatever is going on around you here’s the really cool thing about the recorder though it automatically turns on if the alarm goes on so if the car is being broken into the alarm goes on the cameras all start recording you to see exactly what’s going on basically this car comes standard with security cameras next up something I absolutely love about the infotainment system is the redundancies allow me to explain and I mean a lot of people are really annoyed by touchscreens because they want a little pad down here can easily control without having to put their hand all the way on the screen a lot of people are annoyed by the little pad because they like touchscreens and a lot of people want standard traditional buttons so Cadillac was like screw you people were giving you all three take a look at the climate controls if you go into the climate controls you can go into the touchscreen and adjust the temperature or you can use the actual physical climate control buttons in the middle in the center control stack and you can adjust the temperature or you can use the trackpad down in the center console and you can scroll over in the touchscreen and you can adjust the temperature and kind of like figures if they give you all three options now you can’t complain because you can do it however you feel is easiest the mixed up another interesting item in the infotainment system if you click on current location it brings up your coordinates your exact coordinates latitude longitude degree minute precisely where you are but it also brings up the nearest hospital police station fuel and service station and here’s the crazy part if you click on hospital for example it actually plugs it in as a navigation system destination and then it sends you to the nearest hospital wherever it is so next up there’s a little icon in the infotainment system for traffic if you click on it it will show all of the traffic congestion around you to show if there’s an accident nearby and I’ll show if there’s a backup nearby road construction whatever I noticed if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of traffic it will show you stuff up to 85 miles away for example the system is currently showing that 72 miles from my location there is a 1-minute backup boy I hope I don’t get caught in that it would be really unfortunate I drove 84 miles then had to sit in one minute of traffic fortunately the infotainment system has warmed me ahead of time next up this car offers a teen driver mode as so many cars do if you’re a parent you can set a key so that it is the teen driver key you give that key to your teen and then after he or she drives the car you can get in here and get a report card of basically how they drove it that includes where they went how far their max speed and it even shows how many times wide open throttle was achieved so you can say your teen why’d you floor it four times next up like a lot of cars this one allows you to control the chime volume volumes of the ding-ding warnings that you hear from soft to loud the weird thing about this one is it allows you to select based on numbers the numbers it gives you 15 is the lowest volume and 25 is the highest volume why doesn’t it just go from zero to ten I have no idea two other interesting items worth noting in the infotainment system one is the trackpad inversion feature if you’re one of these weirdos who prefers it when you move your finger down the infotainment system Scrolls up then you can change it so it does that I don’t know why anyone would do that you have to be crazy when you move down it should scroll down but some people such as my wife prefer it the opposite way the car also allows you to turn on a proximity sensor for the navigation system which is actually quite different than what it sounds like it has nothing to do with the cars placement in the world in the navigation system and said it’s a proximity sensor for your fingers if you have the navigation system on you can see all the menus go away but if you bring your finger relatively close to the screen the menus all pop up before you actually touch the screen in order to show you where they all are again if you move your finger away the menus go away into their home so you can see the full map but once again you bring your finger close to the infotainment screen and the menus reappear so you know where to touch it can simply sense when your finger is nearby and it knows that you might want to make a change or an adjustment of some sort next up we move on to the back seat which is fairly normal pretty standard back seat for a luxury car there are a couple of nice luxury touches back here for example on the door panel there’s a little button you press it and it brings up or down the rear sunshade other interesting items back here about the fact that the center console comes down and then from there you can press a little button and cupholders pop out and sort of raised up in a luxurious fashion maybe the most interesting touch back here though is on the back of the front center console there’s a little piece of black plastic with a silver v on it it doesn’t cover an ashtray or a storage bin it’s just a V reminding you that it’s that Cadillac the theme we were talking about before next we move on to the front of the CT 6 in the front lighting when you’re driving around normally in the CT 6 this giant piece right here is lit up as a and it looks kind of cool and it’s very distinctive Cadillac but when you turn on the turn signal this giant vertical line becomes a giant vertical turn signal which has kind of a cool look and speaking of lighting on the outside of this car one cool thing is the way that door handles light up at night take a look at this you can approach the car and they light up and they have this nice look to them so you know where the door handles are but also so you look a little cooler in the evening is in your parking lot mixed up we move under the hood of the ct-6 one interesting item under here is that the hood struts are in the middle of the engine bay I’ve never seen this before typically they’re located on the very sides to allow you easy access to work under the hood but in this car there in the middle I’m sure there are other cars out there that are like this but I can’t recall actually seen one another interesting thing you’ll see under the hood is that there’s room under here something larger could go under here and in fact that’s exactly what’s happening Cadillac has already announced that there is a CT 6v sport model coming with a twin-turbo v8 that should make 550 horsepower in 627 pound-feet of torque which is quite a bit and so those are the quirks and features of the CT six and a demonstration of supercruise now it’s time to see how this car drives when it isn’t driving itself alright driving the cp6 the belt just painted around me the interior is really nice surprisingly in the materials seem nice everything seems nice to touch there are any blink switches or anything like that it seems like a nice place to be pull your auto it’s very serene it feels very nice it’s reasonably quick obviously this is the middle level engine in this car but it’s not really about performance this car isn’t particularly designed to be like a high performance car the transmission is very very smooth you can’t feel the shifts at all and you can’t hear much the engine is very muted this is really intended to be like an old-school luxury car like the traditional true luxury this car really is very serene it feels very very nice very luxurious the seat is very comfortable in fact in terms of serenity I have to say that I think it decisions CEO feels like a little bit more luxurious more more serene than the Genesis g90 that I felt which is a very close competitor to this car in terms of price point size etc the seat is very comfortable visibility seems good the mirrors are nice they’re small but they’re nice and wide so you have a pretty good view behind you and of course this mirror I can see everything I can read the license plate of the guy behind me and the guy next to me I will say this is the first car I’ve actually driven with this with this mirror this is camera mirror thing and it’s disorienting at first you look back there thinking oh I’m just gonna look at a mirror and actually you got it your eyes have to almost adjust to the fact that you’re actually looking at a camera I will see yeah it feels reasonably quick I mean it’s not tremendously fast this is no sports car it’s not really intended to be and you could step up to the twin-turbo v6 if you learn more power it’s another 70 horses but it’s sort of missing the point of the ct-6 my parents supposed to be sort of a nice luxury cruiser and it really does kind of feel like that I’m just going 50 now down the street straight and it feels like a nice place to spend time you could really just sort of sit here and enjoy yourself and you could sit here and enjoy yourself without your hands on the wheel in terms of steering you can tell if the steering feel is it’s not vague I wouldn’t call it vague but it’s very light the intent is to make it feel like a luxury car yeah the handling seems fine the car doesn’t really body roll that much but you know it’s not a it’s not a sports car it just feels like a very smooth and nice luxury car and that’s sort of the intent on the transmission is very smooth the ride quality is very smooth it feels like the type of vehicle you could just sit in and spend a lot of time and so that’s the Cadillac ct-6 this is an excellent luxury sedan but it’s competing in a world of SUVs buyers want more and cadillac is making more they have the new xt for coming out this fall which will join the Escalade and the xt 5 which they already make still if you’re looking for a traditional full-size luxury sedan this should definitely be on your shopping list especially if you’re on the highway a lot because then you can just super cruise around and watch my videos I mean look at the road you have to look at the road yeah anyway now it’s time to give this a dug score starting with the weekend categories and styling the ct-6 looks nice but maybe a bit dull not really bold or exciting and it gets a 6 out of 10 acceleration the CT 6 with this engine does 0 to 60 and 5.9 seconds which gives it a 4 out of 10 handling is fine secure with light steering average but know better which is totally fine for a car like this and it gets a 5 out of 10 fun factor is low the CT 6 is nice it’s comfortable it’s luxurious but it’s hardly fun it’s reasonably quick and super cruise is fun to play with so it gets a 4 out of 10 cool factor is low it’s cool because it’s a new luxury car but otherwise it’s not especially and it gets a 4 out of 10 for a total weekend score of 23 out of 50 next up we have the daily categories starting with features ct-6 is amazing loaded with some truly impressive stuff but super cruises restriction to map roads is a hindrance if super cruise worked in more places I’d give this car ten but instead it falls just short and it gets a nine out of ten comfort is excellent just shy of the very best and it gets an 8 out of 10 quality is excellent again just I have the very best and it gets an 8 out of 10 practicality is average for the segment and it gets a 5 out of 10 finally there’s value and this is well priced considering how luxurious and how well equipped it is it gets a 7 out of 10 for a total daily score of 37 out of 50 added up and the Doug score is 60 out of 100 and here’s a comparison against other similarly priced luxury cars it just barely beats out the Genesis g90 mainly thanks to the CT sixes additional equipment it can’t quite touch the Lexus LS 500 H but then again the CT six is also a lot cheaper [Music]

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