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a few things in life are absolutely certain death taxes the unquestionable expertise of internet commenters and the fact that if you say something nice about a high-performance car today they’ll be so quick to chime in and let you know that the c8 Corvette is the greatest thing that’s ever been made now we complain a lot about this amongst ourselves but no one else seemed to listen until we met the guys at Auto Tempest so Auto Tempest is a website where you can have all the major car classified sites in one search in fact their slogan is all the cars one search and auto Tempest told us to put our money where our mouth is use auto Tempest to buy our own cars for less than AC eight Corvettes something exotic and exciting and then report to swampy Central Florida rule for a series of challenges when you say it like that I lived there IMed bullion from Ben wiki I’m Tyler Hoover of Hootie’s garage I’m Freddy Tavares Hernandez and this is car Trek [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Florida the land of sunshine timeshares and things that can’t wait to kill you arguably not the best place to start a supercar adventure but I made sure that I brought the only car that made any sense say hello to my beautiful Ferrari 360 spider a 2002 model and please forgive the fact that it looks like it’s been on an episode of Pitt my ride because I was working within a budget here it was way less than a new Chevrolet Corvette c8 it has only 29,000 miles on the odometer despite the fact that it’s almost 20 years old and it has a clean Carfax now I know I’m not known as the person to make wise purchase decisions but really you can’t go wrong with a Ferrari 360 spider it is the best value of an exotic car out there and when on tip is post this challenge to me it was the first car that popped in my head I immediately went searching on auto timís to find a car and this one was on eBay and it happens to be the cheapest Ferrari 360 spider with a clean title in the USA I was feeling pretty good until I heard the sound of EDD no he didn’t how it’s beautiful where in the world are we well a swamp aka Freddy’s backyard have you been here long enough to become addicted to crystal methamphetamine no but I kind of feel like I’m on crack right now because how did you get this for less than a CA Corvette well a terrific choice you’ve made here I love a 360 spider Thank You gorgeous car and a great value relative to a CA unless of course you can find the world’s cheapest Lamborghini Guyardo these are over 100 grand for nice ones most of the time yes but the greatest thing about Auto Tempest is that you can add additional search terms to whatever it is that you’re trying to find such as damaged or salvaged or even flood no yes feast your eyes upon my passenger seat here and you’ll notice some markings that indicate the previous water level to this fine automobile but now it is a perfectly good running and driving 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with just 12,000 original miles yeah what do you think pretty will have brought I have no idea that guy’s weird actually what I bought was the complete opposite of weird [Music] what do you think what is it so this is a 2015 Aston Martin v12 Vantage S yeah oh okay yes so this is a good one this is quite possibly the most beautiful car in the world it has the two-thirds golden ratio going on everywhere there’s no bad angles on this car I’m 90% sure that you cheated I am 100% sure that you have cheated because this is a five year old v12 Vantage right right there’s no way it’s cheaper than the base price of a CA Corvette no way what do you base price yeah fifty nine thousand dollars correct no I paid fifty nine thousand Oh what did you pay for this okay I paid fifty four thousand dollars way less than the CA Corvette No so we said CA Corvette you didn’t say anything about base price so CA Corvette nobody’s buying the base model what they’re buying is the upgraded package with the nice seats and the nice arrow this was 69 thousand which is exactly what somebody would pay for AC a Corvette cheated the thinks that a c8 is 59 grand right we were not alone in this assumption he’s definitely cheated I don’t believe him at this vid you know does it have a clean title yep that wasn’t because Tyler got too excited riding in it that water line is pretty high then yeah you know and but I’d like to think it was what were on one end it was pretty obvious that we would not agree on who made the best car purchase so what we decided to do was take our keys put them in the ignition and do the one thing these cars are born to do [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it is a beautiful day in Central Florida and I am driving my gated manual 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder what could honestly be any better than this now the Lamborghini Gallardo is generally heralded as the best entry-level exotic or sports car supercar because quite honestly they tend to be pretty much bulletproof now when out he bought Lamborghini in 1998 their influence wasn’t really made manifest until the Guyardo came out for model year 2004 in the United States model year 2003 rest of the world and in 2006 they removed the roof and so now we have the Gallardo’s Spyder sports car should be manual this car is manual and the greatest thing about all of this is that I’m not driving one of their cars with a flappy paddle gearbox I love the sound of the shifter maybe it’s not as fast maybe it’s not as track worthy or whatever but goodness gracious there is nothing like it and the 360 came out everybody loved it they praised the performance the engine the looks everything except for one person one very important person and that was Jeremy Clarkson he really didn’t like the way it looked he said this bigger car that was more practical it wasn’t a Ferrari they shouldn’t be comfortable and practical and the power-to-weight ratio is the same as the old 355 but he said most of his Christmases most of his hate for this the automated manual transmission the f1 transmission or as he called it and coined the phrase a flappy paddle gearbox as much as I love a gated manual transmission that I can roll myself this makes sense this is the first of the modern age but unfortunately they do have a tendency to eat clutches very quickly at 5 or $10,000 a pop and I’m sure ed and Freddie are making the same argument but but they cheated they cheated I didn’t cheat this is easy to find well below the budget of a new Corvette and it offers just as much fun if not more oh boy this is what I’m talking about this is an Aston Martin v12 Vantage S I love this car this is not just my favorite car but my favorite shape of anything I love the original Vantage I think they got it right the first time and the v12 is a little bit more muscular a little bit more aggressive and it makes just the best noise Oh so a lot of people consider this transmission to be the first years of new technology which is usually not as good as the last years of old technology I think that’s sort of reversed because this is actually the best single clutch automated manual on the market it is actually very responsive and there’s a little trick you hit the sport button and it makes the gear shifts a lot crisper and it makes the car sound oh it makes it a lot snappier ed and Tyler are they they bought the wrong car they bought the wrong car I love this thing and while we all spent the morning loving our cars my Lamborghini decided to do something completely out of character for an Italian supercar Oh [Music] throttle throttle throttle come on I got absolutely nothing darn it all right guys we gotta pull over shoot Tyler Tyler pulling behind me I don’t I got nothing cars dead cars dead now cars dead it was like the clutch was slipping but the clutch is quite honestly brand-new so really you can’t buy a Lamborghini Guyardo for less than a c8 Corvette that’s actually worth buying well here’s the thing it might be out of gas like it might actually yeah it’s just under a half tank I feel like okay well yeah so a little less than half a tank is empty for you yeah gas stations right there I’m helping how are you you ran out of gas pass everything except the gas station yeah you know hey put those on really loose from the factory there is something I haven’t told to gentlemen okay and it is that occasionally Lamborghini dr-dos will refuse to accept yes they use it a lot they do but it’s putting it in that’s challenging so obviously the filler neck is quite short and then there’s two saddle tanks and they could go in any kind of velocity oh whoa as slowly as you can put it in like less than Samantha you need to watch the hundreds of a oh boy this is it’s like properly dangerous it honestly takes about 30 minutes a very long while later my car was full of fuel and I even employed some fire safety measures that would have been approved by Valentino Balboni and the entire Lamborghini Factory probably sorry about that gentlemen thank you for the push I suppose my course not quite as trustworthy as we all thought it would be that’s a bit of an understatement thank you I appreciate the exercise but clearly we cannot trust your fuel gauge at all hold on ding ding I got a text from the auto text they’re getting all right all of you bought the wrong cars now a modern-day supercar must be all things to all people they’re no longer the fragile fire-prone prima donnas of the past nowadays they must be fast good-looking comfortable convenient and reliable to show that you should have bought a c8 you’re going to take your cars on a series of tests designed to expose your aging poop these mini flaws that’s you you just have it each test is pass or fail the man with the most passed test will get to keep his car and the losers will have to list them for sale on Auto Tempest your first test begins now you’ll take your cars to a professional exotic car mechanic to do the pre-purchase inspection you should have done on your cars before you bought them a repair estimate will be generated passing will be any estimate below $5,000 fine 5 grand is alive my car is basically perfect I don’t have a prayer I’m so – good luck gentlemen let’s get to it Wow to perform our post-purchase inspections we were led to an old hangar in the middle of nowhere and despite our reservations everyone felt good about their cars help well maybe not everyone it’s kind of behaving itself ok more or less mostly less ok I know this place looky here yeah different doings I wonder if they work better than [Music] hey hey guys yeah going to meet you nice to meet you yeah that’s me absolutely 2002 Ferrari 360 yeah yeah yeah first thing we noticed was the grease boot on the tie rod in there the upper end there oh yeah it’s torn so it is uh it’s leaking grease whatever was left in it’s probably gone by now the same with the lower ball joint it’s not an uncommon thing that’s a 360 thing hmm so you change those out in time when we check the wheels for plate it’s not in it right now so that’s a good thing but okay it’s coming we do have a little mystery oh yes we do don’t we drop the pan they’ve got a ha ha ha ha bullets oh boy that’s fun belt service looks like it was recent it looked great yes last week very good the motor mounts look awesome usually they’re falling out of the cars that’s a 360 things but yours look like they were changed well done minor yeah minor cam Cobra oil leaks not the end of the world ok this minor the driver can do that you can see a little bit more up in here oh yeah it’s a pretty decent link there’s a minor and I mean minor f1 fluid leak of one of the lines there you just kind of give a little bit of love and it’ll be ok I’ll just tighten it up a little bit alright it’s not pouring or anything which is a good sign excellent yeah excellent isn’t very nice shape that’s totally unexpected but right next to the computer it’s alright the clutch and all that should be fine now I think I think is all in all you’ve got a nice car so far all right thank you very good very good well so so far nothing serious no no this little stop which is good but there is one thing that I know is gonna be expensive let me show you this top all right deal that’s nice huh it’s great sound okay it’s a little temperamental and warned [Music] so you see that side over there it’s quite nasty well yes it is [Music] it’s better day right that’s okay might want a truth clutch where if it’s worn and you need to replace it is very very expensive on these cars so hopefully hopefully not as I’m already facing a top so how are you looking any faults how’s the clutch so far so good you’ve got no fault it’s awesome that’s a good thing okay clutch wear it looks very good it’s 41% worn okay which means give or take you have it roughly 50% left so it starts acting up around 20% below or about when you’re around 75% where that’s when the car will start missing shifts or the clutch will slip or start acting or misbehaving okay a lot of warning lights and things so but yeah you’re you’re totally good for that so that’s a good thing nice okay well not too big of a list no Tom’s gonna be kind of an estimate yeah you’ll let me know I will sir absolutely you’ve got a few other cars to inspect though they’re gonna be a lot worse I already know next on the lift was the Aston Martin a car that double-o cheater Freddy swore all day was absolutely perfect okay well fortunately we don’t see anything as far as the leaks go right now we’re gonna really anything insanely obvious was a little something there but that’s no motor mount there it is see the fluid leaking right there oh yeah the motor mount leaked out a little bit yeah interesting yes some food there some fluid a little bit I don’t know what that may be okay yeah there may be some not stock components up here maybe see what’s great about buying an old exotic car is you got to do stuff like this before taking it on a trip and let’s just call them bonus experiences this is really what it’s all about yeah who needs a warranty with cars like this one you can just use your own equipment I mean instead of being clean and enjoying yourself this works as well there’s a lot of bulls here there’s some clutch fluid that just leaked out because I guess there was just too much this car just you know it sometimes you got too much fluid in cars and they just let you know okay yeah yeah didn’t have anything to do with the fact that we had to replace two ruptured lines okay it’s a it’s a good-looking engine isn’t it oh it’s beautiful okay gorgeous actually a nice piece of artwork do you like the amount of armor all that went onto this engine I did not do that everything is greasy everything’s super greasy so a detailer went a little crazy I would assume yeah it does have a noisy power steering pump yeah we’ll check the fluid level okay and a fluid level is yeah that’s full okay so on fluid oh boy maybe just a noisy pump I’m not sure how so that would need to come up to address that and see what’s going on with that of course so this has had 32,000 miles and I don’t think the spark plugs have ever been changed so that does have to be done on these of course yeah and it’s kind of a major operation you upper intakes have to come off to get to them it’s a lot going on none of this looks cheap unfortunately no all talking we’re on a sidenote mm-hmm it’s an Aston Martin okay labour-intensive so one thing that I’ve noticed and I’m being very completely honest with you when I drive this car specifically when I Drive it hard I have a clutch smell coming into the car it’s not it’s not super apparent but I do smell it it’s coming okay that generally means it’s not me so how what how much does a clutch clutch job probably anywhere from seventy five eight thousand on up depending on what you need eight thousand dollars okay yeah yeah give or take now sometimes you get lucky on price on parts but okay they’re expensive so that’s let me let me this car which is perfect okay perfect 100% needs a power steering pump needs a motor mount needs possibly the clutch which means that transmission has to come out and the torque tube and all that new tires recked I mean other than that don’t actually go she’s a creep he’s perfect he’s perfect okay I am NOT looking forward to that estimate it doesn’t have any check engine lights I mean we can put it on the on the computer but your computer can’t read Aston Martin clutches or anything right no unfortunately not right now okay I think that’s enough you have enough to go with already so okay all right oh boy and then it was the turn of Idi aquaman bolian who at this point was as surprised as we all were as car meet at this floor all right so I just did tires so I know those are good we did notice some slight bends in the rear which I do notice is a very strong vibration right around 80 miles per hour does it go away the faster you go it does do a faster that’s what I’m that’s the approach I’ve taken okay and you will find a good bit of mud ah under here very interesting yeah there’s a lot of corrosion up there look at a lot of mud things Wow awesome don’t take your Lamborghini swimming known as it turns out Oh what we got here holy cow that’s actively dripping yes it is oh it’s filthy is it is it oil yeah we did just change the oil okay yeah it’s all cake tub Wow here yeah I could see stuff like in here how many miles would you guess we’re on this car from its substantive underneath it looks like eighty to a hundred but the odometer shows the opposite of course yeah it’s it was a hard 13,000 miles and poor car all right so this is the fourth bottle of water going in so it’s taking on water just about as fast as it takes on gasoline so when you’re trying to fuel it up it will click off after about every two tenths of a gallon so it takes a bount there we go okay it takes about 30 minutes to fill a tank of gas maybe the canister should be a well yes they are known for that but I replaced it before we came so that was an additional part that I had to find unfortunately they’re on infinite backorder from the factory so we just had a new Marcos but we did check and the fuel pump switch fuses are good but the guess is that since we had a half a tank on the gauge that perhaps one of the sending unit isn’t reporting hopefully that that does not mean that the assembly is just going bad which would involve the other fuel pump yeah but you can see that the water line came up pretty high here we had Aman Aman here a lot of mud but it did not get to the control modules okay so perhaps you can tell me what they have to say about the check engine lights on the – oh absolutely once we scan we’ll see if they’re alive and kicking and go from there Oh fingers crossed all right how about them check engine lights here we go you have an evap emission control system pressure sensor malfunction I think that has to do with your fuelling issue potentially so and I’ve got a secondary evap fault I see yep secondary air injection system insufficient flow it could be a valve is stuck close the commuters move back and getting to do with it about they’ll let air flow so nothing wildly alarming there no these jet engine lights are probably not going to put me on the side of the road as long as I don’t run out of gas probably not that does concern me it’s like the gauge the fuel that will either you know is it a module I mean or is it the foam admittedly the pump itself seems like because we know we got away how to do one and that’s the other one we didn’t get to so that’s the likely suspect yeah all right another one okay okay well thank you sir my pleasure being humble no no let’s let’s round everything up let’s get all the guys together and we’ll meet in the office for the magic estimates thank you sir thank you appreciate it [Music] that’s nice sir thank you sir thank you for you sir you can keep that thank you so much thank you thanks for being gentle thank you all right oh he was not he was not gentle okay all right everybody say your ear repair cost at the same time one two three $13,000 yeah it’s 13 grand if you get that call hole again is it nice I thought the cars perfect oh yeah yeah I’ve heard you say perfect a lot and that is so perfect it’s just less than third well it’s less than plus the big ones your clutch uh yeah so that’s the clutch that’s probably gonna need to get done $6,000 geez so yeah so I had your love I’m $8,000 yeah wait hope no yeah I mean it’s a lot of little things but okay no it’s an Audi underneath it there’s no way okay okay well I’m only at $2,600 technically pepper mechanical eyes what possible technicality well it’s technical because they’re mechanical issues but the $8,000 top is my big my big problem the key so technically if I didn’t have any of this stuff on the list I would be at zero so technically I won and technically if there were no flood in April of last year in Santa Monica but then it would be $100,000 so how much did you spend on your car fixing it before it came here and we needn’t speaking up yeah come on come on $12,500 $500 so how much are you into this thing with repairs with everything else that’s 60 plus a plus about 80 80 80 thousand dollars yeah yeah so I mean that’s a good amount of money to spend on a car and you were way over on the budget and now you have a fine in the budget you never I’m at a t25 investment so but since I only bought the car for $54,000 and then spent $2,300 on the timing belt I’m at 66 thousand nine hundred dollars Corvette I’m the only one still under C eight Corvettes Lenny was at least my clutch is over 50% unlike yours which she’s dead the card still runs so let’s let’s just leave it at that well I can tell you how much of this my car’s gonna get a few more bottles of water to top the coolant reservoir off and forget about it guys I just got another Auto tempest text mmm do tell says now that you know exactly how trashed your old exotics are you’re going to do something that you must do if you’re out of warranty and broke you’re gonna work on your cars yourselves this would be no problem for a Corvette owner so you have to prove wrong the stereotype that super cars like the ones you have are hard to fix in your garage your next challenge is to save some money and fix an item on the repair bill you just got on your own you have until midnight I am an awful mechanic but I’m as good as me you don’t turn right you so I don’t know which side of them you do turn so this is gonna be fun let’s go to my shop [Music] flood Guyardo owners of the world will soon embrace the edge shield of course the go-to-market version will probably be a little bit better fitting but I believe I have solved my problem and so now I am off to check on good Tyler’s progress done

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