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oligarchs internet entrepreneur new money billionaires are springing up faster than ever before and with new money come brash new attitudes wealth now it doesn’t mean forty fifty sixty million it means in the billions generation hyper rich has arrived it’s kind of blingy and more out there than it used to be it’s like you’ve got a 300 foot yacht but he’s got 500 foot yacht now you’ve got status anxiety you have the old money versus the new money the individuals spending here there and everywhere on everything bling and everything sherry billionaires are the new celebrity and just like celebrities many new money billionaires are not afraid to be seen to be extravagant and they want grand iconic toys that scream check me out seems they’ve checked a box which says yacht or plane or stud farm or mini stately home if they have no background of being rich or not the etiquette or the finesse I think it can become very very stressful well there is a disorder now that the coin is called acquired situational narcissism middle-class people just like you and me who become billionaires overnight they’re becoming you know obscenely vain and and drunk on their own self-importance they wanted to show that they belong so that’s when people start competing amongst you know who’s got their children the best schools she’s got the more expensive handbags who’s got the prettier wife who’s got the better looking children which is an awful thing to say and who of course has got the most outrageous gin Palace on the Med this is the world of billionaire toys Monaco in July is a mecca for mega yachts and it’s a chance for their owners to measure up against their fellow billionaires floating villas mobile palaces or ego boosting phallic symbols they all shout that’s right I won ten years ago we had the haves and the have yachts but now we have the haves and the have Giga yachts and we have the rich the super-rich and the ultra rich to join this ultra exclusive club you better have plenty of the folding stock you’ll be able to purchase a yacht you’ve got part of East between 30 and 60 million pounds so that’s your first cost which is obviously enormous and then you’re more than likely if you’re that type of person who can afford to buy a yacht you’ll want it refurbished as well so that’s looking at at least another probably four or five million pounds if not a lot more than that the running cost to fund your own yacht they really do cost astronomical amounts of money running costs are the old hidden nemesis of every boat owner there’s an old adage that you know you should rent anything that flies floats and fornicate it costs a fornicator amount of money just to keep your tub in the water and then you’ve got to fill her up we use about 1500 liters of fuel an hour and we have a capacity of about seven hours of fuel so every time we go at the gas station we have to be about 40,000 euros now 40,000 euros every 7 hours it’s a rude awakening to even the most gung-ho of new-money billionaires it’s one thing buying a mega yacht but at the highest echelons of showing us that’s simply not enough what sets the hyper wealthy apart is their ability to build a new yacht to their own specification when you’re that rich you can have whatever you want well within reason we help our clients wife who was wondering whether we keep a pony on a boat for her daughter the idea was to have an exercising turntable at the back of the yachts on the off day but they weren’t embarrassed to ask the question they thought it was a reasonable question to invert well I think it’s fair to say they live in a totally different world they are increasingly living in a bubble now suppose the ideal lifestyle for a member of the super-rich is James Bond crossed with the Bond villain we also had a client they wanted to have a shark tank there like a swimming pool but with sharks in it well the true import be a half shark half human with a glass wall between the two again I didn’t think I’d be very kind of sharks employing specialists naval architects like Ed Dubois or Tim Haywood doesn’t come cheap and that’s just the point no one easy on you it’s a very last thing you need actually if you want to see your money actually just vanishing into thin air you buy a yacht why not if you’re worth a billion you and you spend 300 million in the yacht it’s not a lot of money every super yacht is a one-off creation designed and built with extraordinary craftsmanship I think of them I hope it’s not sacrilegious I think of the Mormons as being today’s cathedrals cathedrals of the of the Middle Ages were the most sophisticated things on earth I think now yachts are annals shipyard in Holland is where nautical dreams come to life British yacht designer Tim Haywood has come here to see his latest beer moths take shape it is remarkable to see this boat today having spent the hours drawing it it’s a 66 meter yacht built over three tiers and the price well I watering on average now we talked about kind of a million euros a meter yes that is indeed around 66 million euros just for the built the whole of the outside is hand sanded the whole thing no the pulled your below for that boat is going to be to three million euros and that’s just for the outside for the interior design he’ll spend many millions more to furnish his fantasy they want the latest gadget what they’ve heard but but they want the things out in films they want that awful expression the James Bond factor they want all those sort of Wow things unreal life made real so the big TV screen is there so if you want to have everybody on the big long sofa watching a movie you can do it like that on the other hand if you want to look outside sorry um you can turn the whole thing back again so money really does make the world go round finally you’re ready to weigh anchor and get showy yacht is for every owner a weapon off show off they want their yacht to be the biggest and it causes some genuine pain when when some other dudes yacht comes in and it’s bigger than this they feel they failed even though they’ve got an enormous sized yacht these boats are you know how big how big do you want it I mean it’s there’s a status field I think actually driven than that okay big is all rather silly but right up there will always be someone else with a bigger yacht than you I mean I know there are a couple of fashion billionaires when their yachts we’re together in San Tropez literally the other screamed across the water mine’s bigger than yours mine’s bigger than yours it’s a it’s a bit of a cockfight well let’s see those nautical and get fighting here are the world’s current top 5 gigawatts at number five topaz weighs in around 12,000 tons and stretches 147 meters and number four al Sayyed built for the royal family of Oman measures 155 meters accommodates 70 passengers and 154 crew members dubai at number three was originally commissioned by big-spending prince geoffrey of brunei in 1996 construction ground to a halt due to lack of funds five years later Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum finished the job in style it’s estimated that Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is eclipsed cost him nearly 1 billion dollars rumored to have its own intruder detecting system and anti paparazzi laser shield it’s just the ticket for a Roman holiday once the biggest yacht in the world it shrank in 2013 when an even bigger fish splashed into the pond launched in April 2013 azam is this year’s top of the yachts and most yacht spotters reckon it’s the plaything of the ma of Abu Dhabi this 94,000 horsepower vessel travels at more than 30 knots which makes it not only the longest but the fastest super yachts in the world coming up playtime in Paradise the ultimate high-end toys for new money billionaires left out in the cold just because you’re super rich doesn’t mean the super-rich accept you there is this isolation that billionaires have to endure and staffing the super toys millionaire style if you’re a size 12 to 14 it’s very difficult to do your job the last thing they want to see is somebody that’s from people newly made billionaires have got it bad decked out with brand-new showpiece toys they’re finally into high society except it’s not necessarily the navona of their dreams a billionaire spends his whole life trying to accumulate wealth to escape society and then when he gets there he spends his whole time trying to reinitiate himself back into society there is this isolation that billionaires have to endure just because you’re super rich doesn’t mean the super-rich accept you because the pecking order amongst the super-rich is quite stratified so on the top of the super-rich league are they extremely well-educated well-spoken art enthusiastic sophistic they do not feel that they are the same as the next super rich guy whose owns three yards but can’t pull a sentence together your new old money pals don’t deem you worthy so what do you do you head back to your trusty friends from the good old day I mean the idea that you know you’ve been invited on someone’s yacht yippee I’m first of all you’re expected to leave 10% of the cost of the yacht in tips which by the way is more than flying around the world first class on top of that the men who come and take the little boat that takes you shuffles you back and from from the eye they expect to be tipped as well so actually unless you’re very rich you can’t afford to be a guest of someone who’s very rich I think the unspoken contract between the host and the guest is that the guest is there in some way to entertain the host and the other guests and you’ve got to play the game you’ve got to be part of the fun and you know sing for your supper I was once having lunch with a billionaire it’s something very amusing which was that when you invite friends on on your super yacht they take everything in the room they basically walked out with the entire contents to hell with your friends you’re a billionaire you don’t need them anymore plus you’ve got this year’s ultimate sea going super toys first released in 1972 40 years on the jet ski is still the undisputed hooligan of the high seas but the billionaire who thinks he’s above it all well six inches above it all then the 40 mile an hour hover pod is the only way to fly disliked by captains and crew alike the super slide is every little big kids three big kids with 130,000 pounds to spare that is the billionaire life encapsulated in one fabulous toy full of ups and downs and spins and swoops for the wealthy flyboy at play the fly board is guaranteed to raise pulses and eyebrows across the marina now to mere mortals this cutting-edge contraption may look like a submarine but no they’d be wrong it is in fact an underwater aeroplane the super falcon can fly to depths of 120 metres and it’s all yours for one easy instalment of 1.7 million dollars but even underwater soaring can become boring eventually and at this point the lonely new-money billionaire looks to his household for company so they end up having to invite their members of staff know mostly their decorators of designers their personal chefs to spend the holidays with them but of course it’s always on their terms and servicing this whole billionaire staff knees up yet more personnel are brought in to cater for all on ball the last thing they want to see is somebody that’s frumpy they want somebody who’s young vibrant attractive she needs not to be oversized because if you’re a size 12 to 14 it’s very difficult to do your job in a correct manner you hear all sorts of stories of stewardesses and captains to be me as well as stewardesses are Nona’s I think it’s quite a common trap for girls to fall into those stories in the end with the stewardess Dean on the streets to be honest and is a good job but of course it’s not just the stewardesses and let’s be fair stewards servicing the boat bound billionaire a whole industry caters to their demands and in can expats Ellen and Gabby have set up a fruit and vege business catering to the appetites of the super-rich this is our fruit and veg fridge and all afterimages prepared a temperature well at a constant temperature Marshall our client one day asked us to send her some papaya fruit down to Sardinia so we had to charge her a private jets just to put the fruit on board pilot wasn’t too happy actually get asked to send our fruit and veg to the Maldives with Lee beam Seychelles him at the Caribbean so we send a lot in winter we we we export a lot oh oh yeah we have a lovely in-house florist called shoe shoe he just does he’ll bend over backwards to help you I love my job it’s of course her 20 years 60 years at a makers job he’s really lovely and the boats adore him he goes onto the boats he’ll talk through with the chief stewardesses and he also comes on board some of the yachts with us and places the flowers on board for them so the girls don’t have to do anything everything in repeat as party planners to the hyper wealthy Heidi and Bruno are accustomed to providing immediate gratification some of the world’s most demanding guests mega yacht owners when they decide to organize a party it’s last-minute it’s always that’s me the team is the key and they do work under pressure and they know his style which could get a little erratic sadena como se Co Co Co on Samos roomie – Samantha blew a key time problem extradicted problem tempo tempo thought you Civic we faked you swell about dessert on Cola mrs.

Seiderman ADA nummies whatever you want the pressure is on as Bruno and Heidi prepare a huge boat party fit for a princess 21 year old she’s having a birthday party she expects a lot she’s pretty demanding well the whole family pretty demanding red party red they’re Russian client wants a six-course dinner with fine wines for 30 guests they’ve insisted on a top DJ from London dancers from Paris and fresh lobsters from the bottom of the sea all to be on their yacht by 8:00 p.m. this evening they are not leaving tours French cuisine they’re looking for and good quality fresh and they do tend to have a lot of courses and meals do take tend to take a long time the Russians might not say bomb – French food but vino is a definite we this one is a cuvette very rare it’s a from champagne blonde blonde vintage 2002 and this is a golden real gold label and champagne it’s the the top covere from Audria it’s a crystal but pink which is quite rare but for the big occasion it’s is the one we suggest we try to have them to just be open we have to be expendable to wait for them to understand for them to want it if it’s not expensive they won’t want it we have something interesting that we use a lot for charity on the boots this is the best the best seller it’s real gold on it’s very nice suddenly there’s a problem the DJ is stuck in the UK Vampirella vo separado tienen Ottaviano supposed to swallow me for absolutely more it’s a DJs in London when we always have okay how much how much is it first private flight have a look the Mont look read them on the paper for me I can’t be anyone else oh yes I’m what about dances fact dances from Paris where they still coming very Shabbat suppose is your posture typical van we had one client who arrived with her baby on and was going to her super yacht and she forgot her baby monitor and so we doesn’t seem like a problem to you alright but we were we were said we were going by no she didn’t want to board one she wanted her own so I had to charter a jet to Moscow to get her baby monitor baby monitor arrived and life continued for hours till deadline and now it’s all hands on deck from mad dash down the coast the clients boat if he’s back now on next up Monaco I feel really at my best when I feel that pressure it’s like a drug here we are in marvellous Monaco the boat is a is here we only have a small window of time where we have to get everything on board before it leaves the key all very experienced evolved very private and all surrounded by bodyguards it’s a very discreet industry in a funny way these boats are so showy it sort of contradicts everything that they want to be so you have to keep it low-key we arrived the install we exit for the next project coming up not content with peer pressure at sea competitive billionaires head for the skies when somebody feels good about spending their money there is no limit to what you’ll spend it’s very very addictive so once you start flying private you will never stop the big thing now is you have your own Airbus with the bedroom with showers with a gymnasium or probably this you know there’s probably a golf course in it now to the outside world the billionaire lifestyle is one of endless pleasure they have yachts and they have private jets but flying toys like all fabulous playthings are only for the deepest of pockets price could be anywhere from three million dollars to one hundred million dollars have operating costs that run anywhere from about 1 million dollars a year to about 5 million dollars a year depending on the size and how much you use the airplanes if you’re flying in a private jet that sets the scene it’s an unspoken sentence but I’m for real I’ve got money I can get the deal done well from what I can tell from my sublet spirits on private jets was that mostly it creates an enormous amount of stress I was once flying back from Czechoslovakia and I was offered a lift by this billionaire who had his plane to himself was being very kind to the rest of the guests and said I’ll give you a lift back well all the people who took British Airways got home in two and a half hours and sort of four and a half hours later we were still searching around Gatwick at least one billionaires are delayed they’re not stuck by the lose of their knees around their ears to the high-net-worth traveler flying as a world of private airports and personal service where they are the only customer now Katinka hello it’s June I’m good I’m good just checking that you’re on your way in the traffic’s okay and everything’s fine fantastic well I’m here I’m ready the plane is in position so we’re just waiting for you and blue to arrive it’s June’s job to care for her customers every creature comfort onboard today miss Katinka niku and her traveling companion Roo the Rottweiler who was born with a silver spoon in his jaws it’s very very addictive so once you start flying private you will never stop giving up that private jet ha ha ha that’s the hardest thing to do we’ve got the aircon on for you so be nice people yeah there are clearly children who fly around on private jet the whole time I have a friend whose daughter was once flown on a commercial airliner and she said no daddy are these all your friends um she’d never seen 300 people in the same plane before the first day of the birthday week first aiders birth coming in to celebrate as the jet salesman to the super-rich New Yorker Steve Basar no lives the lifestyle of his customers I love my life I have the most fantastic life I have this girlfriend I have the best friends I live at work in a fantastic environment after all if you can’t feed them join them dress San Tropez normal unfortunately chic yeah unfortunately I have to slide back to London to go to the offices ever the businessman for Steve it’s always work before play he’s off to make money did you hit 40 million or is it just love steve is one of a handful of go-to guys if you’re a billionaire looking for a jet because he wants his ultra high-net-worth customers to come to him he’s opened a retail environment they just can’t resist complete with a jet trading desk as a then but the real kicker is his billionaire friendly mega app the multi-million ometer what do you think the budget is that you like to stay around call it 10 to 15 super successful people super wealthy people super powerful people there’s one thing they love to do is talk about what they do and who they are and you know if you ask them the right leading questions they just pour it out can you run quickly uh paradin on the operating cost yep they’re incredibly close operating costs and you get an airplane that is 20% bigger and cabin so still pushes in my acquisition price what’s the difference between both well that’s significantly more they will spend ten million dollars on buying an asset but they will decide to fly economy instead of business class on an airline jet because they can save $300 because it’s a big difference between enjoying your money and wasting your money and when somebody feels good about spending their money there is no limit to what you’ll spend by the moon let me play among the stars Steve started out selling to the original Jet Set I was really fortunate selling jet to Frank Sinatra it was an unbelievable opportunity and when you talk to somebody like that gives a feeling of really accomplishing you’re really proud of what you’re doing so let’s look at the comparison of the two airplanes from a schematic standpoint Steve’s client has a relatively modest thirteen million dollars to spend on a secondhand 8 seater jet born salesman Steve knows the power of one-upmanship and heads next-door to show exactly what a 300 million dollar jet looks like so come on in here and you can experience actually a little bit bigger than the plane you’re looking for but actually put you into the space so it’s a it’s a little bit more just said a lot of work if I can afford that so Steve keep doing it okay I have a lot more than you got it come on in here have a seat thank you one fantastic cabin this is an exact replica of a Airbus 3 1 9 corporate jet this airplane probably new is about 8590 million dollars a little bit more than what you’re looking for but it could be your second step third step third step I hope you’re right me too so by the time you have 600 people on your payroll who travel with you because you can’t go anywhere without two personal chefs and six pas and your financial manager and your tax consultant so then you need a Boeing you know you need an Airbus and the big thing now is you have your own Airbus with the bedroom with showers with a gymnasium or probably this unit there’s probably a golf course in it now let’s go check into the WoW dining room of the Airbus or the conference room and it actually extends even further to the bedroom of the airplane no more Steve no more yeah you know what upgrade it billionaires may claim their Jets are just time-saving business tools but being billionaires they can’t resist a little competition in 2008 American billionaire Steve Wynn took private jet ownership to a new level when he decked out a Boeing 737 one is talking more about new money than old money and culture where visible wealth is important speaking of which one year later Wynn was trumped by Donald who took to the skies in his own Boeing 757 you’ll notice the seat belts as well as everything else are 24 karat gold-plated then roaming Roman Abramovich claimed a Laurel proud owner of his very own Boeing 767 but in 2007 there was a new sultan of bling Prince Alwaleed bin Talal sold his Airbus a380 is estimated to cost over 500 million dollars once his taste had been accounted for but soon of course there will be one still better I think if someone developed a supersonic aircraft I know a lot of people that be interested in buying one if super yachts are about billionaires playing host to privileged guests then the private jet is the perfect place for the billionaire to entertain himself you can do whatever you want on a corporate jet because nobody’s there to watch it well if you own the aeroplane it’s your orgy you know you do what you like in the back you smoke cigar smoke cigarettes get drunk smash the place up you can’t really throw the TV out of the window like a rock star unless you’re on the ground the Jets are furnished often at a cost of millions to meet the owners personal needs and we’ve seen in this for a larger seven four sevens and triple sevens you see owners where they put in cinemas jacuzzis bedrooms dining rooms they kissed it out in the interior design of their choice so basically the world’s our oyster some people you know or just temporarily put a beach sand with folding chairs in the back of a plane some people from the Middle East will have a chair that’s always on a magnetic compass that points to Mecca but pilots must beware indulging the owners every whim the consequences can be fatal and there is a story true of a boss of a big company who told his pilots he could not be late for dinner and they had to land and they missed the runway crashed and everyone was killed coming up billionaire competitiveness gets out of hand confessions of a car collector this is a ridiculous addiction and chaos in Knightsbridge it’s not all fun and games being a billionaire on the plus side you’ve got access to the most fabulous toys that money can buy not quite so wonderful is the constant reminder that’s always someone else out there with an even bigger and Brasher plaything for the super-rich there’s a silly season for showing off August and while the Russian and American billionaires battle it out on the Med another tribe of super-rich migrated to Knightsbridge in central lung within a 2-mile stretch you can probably see 50 supercars they’ve all got Arabic plates from Dubai Qatar and Saudi Arabia there’s a lot of princes royal family lot of millionaires a lot of billionaires and it’s just a great sight to see it’s fair to say that not everyone is thrilled the area’s become supercar central we’re completely overtaken by these incredibly expensive vulgar outrageously noisy cars and it’s just too much and I know so many of the locals are actually there leaving town because they can’t cope with it it’s just horrific it’s a testosterone-fueled showdown as very rich young men raise very expensive fast cars in a battle to win over the admiring hangers-on for many it’s about pulling power through astonishing horsepower between supercar owners there’s a lot of competition so it’s always a case of who can get their car featured on Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube more and how many hits they can get so you’d literally get girls coming up to the car and being like hey what you doing – I’ve seen one red Lamborghini have a number written on in lipstick on the windscreen I’m princess view of the supercar eNOS and they do appreciate kind of the attention they get from girls I think the car is pretty good-looking very aggressive so I like showing that around we have Maseratis we have McLaren who have a Camaro we have a GTR we could show off as much as we like create some noise all the ties here a top-end so when your Ferrari just isn’t cutting the mustard what are you going to do well like reared here you have it painted gold of course it’s quite expensive license cool finishing was amazing I just love it it’s not the shyest of multi-millionaires riyadh just likes to see his golden gas guzzler formed over by the adoring masses this cool by lexington people are smiling and sit alien people when they see the gold sauce awesome you know and if anyone were to suggest it’s perhaps just a little bit over the top on five-time world champion Andy boxy I’m originally from Iran I live in London these tricked-out me machines have become bigger celebrities and their multi-millionaire owners trending online is the Tron Lamborghini and putting the austere in steering wheel the velvet Ferrari you do see a lot of personalized cars that have their own initials in the headrest they have their initials on the car and they really make it their own car I had it wrapped in detailed exactly as I wanted it was originally silver but I hadn’t got white with like the black and red detailing in the wheels and all that brand new it was over just over 100 grand but now it’s probably about half up oops Needham for the super-wealthy spending heaps of money to make your car less sellable but you more attractive well it’s an expensive way to go about the mating game and not everyone is after a kiss and a quarter million pound lift home billionaires beware British bobbies and their weapons of mass humiliation the annual Harrods Grand Prix is formula fun for the billionaire boy racers the only trouble is the Sloane Street straight isn’t really a racetrack nevermind Schrute polish out perhaps take the chance to get it plated platinum whilst you’re at it for the billionaire who prefers to marvel rather than mangle as a far less physical pain to be born in high-end motor acquisition if you want the contents of your garage to trump all competition you must suffer the pain that hurts the hyper rich deepest the pain of becoming significantly poorer it’s August 2014 and the bids for this car a 1962 Ferrari GTO are increasing by a million dollars a pop the world record for the most expensive car ever sold at auction is about to be broken the mystery phone bidder has agreed to pay 39 million dollars that’s 23 million pounds for the Ferrari it’s a new world record and a huge sum to swallow the resonator that is very simple to track the results of auctions over the last three or four years and one can see very clearly how the values of these cars will be entreating up and up and up installing miracles have appreciated just over four hundred and fifty percent which is huge absolutely massive Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire and a high-end classic car auction as once again brought out the hyper wealthy big hitters 150 new money 160 170 170 hero classic car auctioneer Chris routledge is familiar with the new breed of big-money buyers there are some clients who will be quite nonce long I will say buy it and that’s an open-ended instruction to buy it and if you’ve got another competing bidder who equally has an open end instruction to buy it you get fireworks at fifty thousand now 52 for the ultra high-net-worth toy consumer the competitive irritation are being pushed to astronomical bids by others equally determined is somewhat offset by a rather wonderful tax loop now working in their favor on my left I’m asking for 60 wine watches and cars are known as deteriorating assets except they’re not actually looked noticed they’re the innate deteriorating assets actually gone up in value massively in the last 10 years but car collecting is not without its snags Paul Bailey owns one of Britain’s most valuable collections of supercars it is just absolutely fantastic to come down here and think wow how cool is that car and how lucky am I to have one or 39 for poll when it comes to hoarding Rich List runarounds well more Ferrari Enzo is more so this is my Lamborghini my Aventador Ferrari 360 spider is even more cars that are in most collections often they’re locked away wrapped up in cotton wool people don’t get to see them they don’t get driven may literally just sit in someone’s collection gathering dust waiting for the day when that person can double or triple or quadruple their investment but Paul has succumbed to another affliction that can ensnare the super rich car collector my wife’s California this is a 360 Challenge Stradale but here’s the problem at which point does a quirky horribly expensive passion turn a wealthy sane man into a full-blown petrol head case this is volcano red pearlescent orange metallic yellow I’m not afraid of a nice yellow on a car is it this point metallic silver I need to have a black one how about now 16mm SLS Spiker Paul is addicted to buying supercars it’s as simple as that at least his wife selena has a good grip on his mounting obsession surely you don’t need that many cars you don’t need that many shoes you only have that many handbags you don’t need a lot of things in life but it is our passion and we love to have the amount of cars we have and hopefully some more in the future what do you do when a new one comes out you really try hard not to buy it but then you think well I’ll just buy one of those and that’s a really cool car to have Porsche Ferrari and the rest will make sure that Paul’s ravenous desire can never be sated because Paul is their perfect customer the dealers are telling me that the gt3 RS is coming out any moment now and then that’s going to be a car I’m going to have to have because currently my gt3 RS is our manual and the new ones are PDK this is a ridiculous addiction in some ways I think it it is as bad as alcohol drugs or gambling I could probably have some sort of medical help from somebody all supercar habit would ruin most people but as the value of his collection keeps on rising an f40 it’s gone up seven times since I bought it this is perhaps the only known addiction that pays for itself in the end every toy has its day there will always be a newer brighter ball to tickle a billionaires passing fancy are the super-rich happening probably happier than the super poor I mean you know you can safely say that but we have to ask why the accumulation of wealth is the main driver in their life in my experience the more money people have the more problems they have especially if you’ve come across a lot of money very quickly Who am I now people get trapped by the trappings of their wealth boats and their planes it all have to be taken care of and it doesn’t suite them at all I think the very very rich I’ve always had something to prove the thing that’s been pushing them forward is probably insecurity making it force like their dad once said to them some need to fulfill some desire to prove something to the world so are they happy no and that’s what drives them on.

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