Super and Mega Yachts at Monaco – by Trading CoachUK

Monaco playground of the global elite and a favorite of British billionaires where to belong you must have the mansions the jewelry and the cars but there’s a secret world which only the wealthiest of the one-percent inhabit the world of the mega yacht today’s units are the manor houses of Europe measuring up to 200 metres in length and with more horsepower than 10 Formula one cars they’re the ultimate billionaires toys everything you see is bulletproof on this boat but who are the owners you have to ask what it costs you probably can’t afford it why do they buy these boats it’s all about six seven stars first-class or no class looks after basically everything has to be absolute protection and to what lengths will owners go to outshine each other nobody really moves a submarine on a yacht with super yachts at the heart of a growing industry worth 24 billion pounds a year the showing off culminates at the Monaco Yacht Show these folks are getting bigger bigger and bigger the ultimate competition their sides but we’ll bigger really be better where’s the trust means why as well as the flippant answer is because I can [Music] monaco boasts more billionaires per square meter than anywhere on the planet and many of them are british excitement is growing as 120 of the world’s most expensive yachts are beginning to cruise in all of them for sale at the upcoming yacht show it’s a chance for boating royalty to parade their prized posessions mega yachts ranging in length from 40 to 85 meters one of the tycoons will be going to the show is Doug Barron he mainly lives on the Isle of Man I’ve got five forms around the world and there’s a settler the biggest now a rough-ass Scott’s gift from Glasgow really you know there you go Doug was a chartered accountant but he’s built an empire after setting up his own private equity company and with millions in the bank Doug who’s separated has created the ultimate in bachelor pads in its may no I think all guys are children at heart really yeah we still like to enjoy life and do the things we did as younger men you know whether it’s play pool whether it’s hangout your friends playing cards or just have a good night out really I think it’s all part of the package isn’t it Doug loves fine art fast cars and the better things in life but his greatest love is his 55 meter yacht which cost him over 20 million pounds that boat is turquoise completely replica of what the what the real the real yacht looks like I always like to smile when I go on board and stop smiling on it when I leave [Music] dark holidays on his yacht turquoise nine weeks of the year with his family this can get anything like most of the aughts turquoises hull is made of steel with an aluminium superstructure it can reach a top speed of 17 miles per hour better though sometimes pinch yourself to see I really office he employs 13 full-time crews 52 weeks a year to provide him and his guests with around-the-clock 7 star service and never say no to that turquois glasses as well all the best you have to spend on something there’s a limit to how many houses you can have and a privateer travels so therefore a lot of people come to the conclusion I’m gonna have one of these he bought turquoise secondhand and spent over three million pounds completely refurbishing the four decks and ten rooms to his own design I think I’d have to say that everything you look at Express have got that ship Doug’s also added powerful jet skis and underwater scooter accessories can cost up to a million pounds extra but he’s still not satisfied now he’s thinking about building a bigger boat British designer Johnny horse field is experienced in helping multimillionaires like dark spend their money wisely there’s not much missing off this boat really I mean okay a dedicated gym and a beach club I think it’s probably and each other like endless hours together really talking about this boat designing this boat it could cost Doug 50 million pounds back in London Johnny’s working on several projects where his clients want bigger boats so they another meter into the thing it started out it’s something like 85 feet it’s no onion five feet so it’s easy to say yeah let’s just increase it but actually attack a lot of work for us and if they know they’re gonna have to pay for it that kind of focuses their minds a bit and the other thing is of course we keep seeing new ideas you’ve done all this work in the come by girl actually I quite like this now so that’s kind of quite competitive I think as well most owners trading their super yachts for something new after just three years one person who’s also looking for something bigger and better is London property magnate Howard Raymond so Soho is coming to Monaco I have not quite so hopefully Howard inherited an 80 million pound property empire from his entrepreneur father Paul Raymond and now he’s worth substantially more he runs several large companies from his London base he’s in Monaco because his ambition is to take a year out from business and sail the globe I’m kind of in the market for a slightly bigger boat this was 30 meters and it’s great for the mid but it’s not much good to go transatlantic or it’s the Indian Ocean we need a different type of both go here that boat but this Londoner could be a fish out of water at the Monaco Yorkshire I kind of like what’s already who knows but Marseille and Soho and based like that so it’s quite refined here but it’s very much like going to Vegas you have to go to Bay just to see it to believe it and you have to go to the Monaco Yacht Show to feel very similarly you have to be a little bit looping about both make our choice in life some people buy wine something spiked with food some people buy cars I quite like both side by boat to pursue his dreams Howard will have a choice of plenty of boats of the Yacht Show where there’ll be over 120 yachts and state-of-the-art accessories on sale Reuben Nelson is an ex British naval officer turned sales broker ferry bond is now arriving into Monaco he just has to persuade wealthy people like Howard to spend their millions on buying a yacht bending power is huge a business it’s no sort of polls part they’re not gonna go down to the littles or the wait roses of this world they’re gonna go to the nice suppliers it’s all about six seven stars first class or no class everyone gets preset for you I mean that’s that’s our pie that’s what we eat as a broker Rupert can make up to five percent commission on sales over 100 million pounds there is a misconception that’s selling big luxury toys has got to be a breeze you go to parties you chat up all the models in fact his owners are difficult they are rich they’re expect to get their own way and they want to win so when the only gets upset or the buyers are saying you’re taking the michael here you are a shock absorber where the two of them would swing at each other you there take the swinging you get the hit and at the very very end when the money is about to change hand their motion levels are very high it’s not a safe place to be sometimes then you got to be very careful Rupert spends the year traveling the globe to see all his deals but the Monaco show brings the market this is the biggest boat show probably ever staged in terms of the combined value of the assets I suspect you’re probably way way north for a couple of billions of euros and out of all the yachts for sale this year thanks to you thank you Rupert has the biggest that’s the money shot shows you the size measuring 85 metres with a cruising range of 6,000 miles and costing 130 million pounds solange is the most expensive boat at the upcoming show ideally the best client is a is a billionaire asifa’s it’s a hundred and seventy-five million euros because he was an older guy that could be a plus because he’s ready to retire chuck it all in tell the company by the OP and youth might be good too because it means he’s got somebody who’s impatient a little bit too spontaneous who might say yeah pardon back on superyacht turquoise Scottish multi-millionaire Doug Barrowman is contemplating costs in particular the cost of running a yacht on the high seas a 15,000 pound work of art has hit the deck there’s an example of some damage that we’ve had today that’s probably a 20,000 euro sculpture it’s really disappointing that but it happens you know we’ll deal with it or replace it and there’s a bigger expense on the horizon he’s planning on selling turquoise in order to spend 50 million pounds on a massive 67 metre mega yacht the advice we’re taking is that there’s a good time to seller so that we can invest the money and perhaps a larger vessel perhaps we will sell her perhaps we won’t what is near to sea to realize history Doug is taking turquoise to the monaco Yacht Show to try and sell her in competition with hundreds [Music] it’s the countdown to Monaco’s annual yacht show the world’s wealthiest people many Brits among them will be amassing to buy sell and show off their multi-million pound mega yachts they’ll expect their prized toys to look as good as new and cleaning up after billionaires can have its rewards crew can earn over 40 thousand pounds tax-free a year and as much as 9,000 pounds in a single tip just outside of Monaco is a boot camp for wannabe yacht crew leaning pair trainees have to impress their tutor Terry Gilmore which keeps major silver service we teach them how to do Russian service butler service we teach them to do bedrooms bathrooms back-of-house which includes even holding a tea towel Terry started out as a laborer in Dorset but gave it up for a more lucrative career he spent 30 years on super yachts serving the world’s most on average we have 30 40 applicants a day looking for work and out of those 30 to 40 applicants we may have two or three that we think are suitable for yours it is an attractive industry which attracts attractive people it’s as simple as that and that’s what’s required the extra is that they’re pretty good instead of pretty awful because nobody’s doing a boy he’s just been sent as well as training them Terry also provides criminis for super Yoda let’s say you had six miss miss world’s on your boat and the owner’s wife wasn’t as attractive as the others of course she’s gonna get upset it’s human nature there’s enough so you just make sure you’ve got one miss world in five others not so attractive no the wife is opposite and so he’s got two hands she’s got two hands under the table you know husband’s got a smile that does not work so basically it really is a turn Dan across there is an act of clearing the table there is an art of speaking at the table to the guests the certain way judo say the worst one is awesome what I mean who says what you say partner I did have the sex someone once for saying potatoes at the table it was to do with raw circles and you do not speak at the table and this girl said potato sir quite simply if you’re not want the only requires or the captain requires you’re off [Music] on super Yahtzee flour the crew are all well aware of the rules of the job they are busy preparing for the arrival of their thrill-seeking Scottish Odin Lord herb in late he made millions from creating one of the world’s largest conference organizing businesses and his company set up the Monaco Yacht Show at 72 he spends over nine weeks of the year on his boat with room for ten guests got to know that I’m officially retired so life is meant to be holiday all the time as its primary purpose is to be a boat that is enjoyable to be on board both it is beautiful to look at both inside and out see flowers should be immaculate if it doesn’t fulfil that then the crew get changed Lindsey from Glasgow is one of Lord laid laws eight full-time crew earning nearly 30,000 a year as a stewardess it’s an all-consuming job making beds daily chore we always want it to look like it’s never been slept in before it’s what people come to expect and I superyacht head stewardess Kaylee who comes from Bournemouth earns nearly 40,000 a year she’s responsible for the upkeep of every little item you have to have overwhelming attention to detail and basically everything has to be absolute perfection worried about it and I’m worried about it some more you know overall command of Lord lados boat is captain Matt don’t really appear to be moving forward when you’re trying to manage a floating stately home any small accident can be disastrous these particular owners have three dogs Standard Poodles so rather large dogs we try delightful but dogs bring the whole range of extra issues that one has to deal with if you need to that was a dog accident which we’re not going to be able to remove so we’re going to probably have to put a cut in the carpet here since 1975 [Music] you can’t justify them anyway more so you have to love them because if you don’t love them you are certainly going to resent expense for the man who has everything a super yacht can become an obsession back in the Isle of Man multi-millionaire dark Barrowman is pushing ahead with his dream to build a 67 metre mega yacht to replace his 55 meter one I just basically have a passion to build something bigger really as a as an achievement for me me personally designer Johnnie horse field has drawn up some plans for a project that could cost 50 million pounds with so much at stake expectations high I could sit here it still goes back on Johnny otherwise all of the cuts on my handmade silk carpet this is actually 67 meters and that was the profile you you pretty keen on the beach club works because that’s what people are going to spend most of the day chilled out down there I think the larger pool is important because then these days quasi swimming pools are involved but if you’re gonna build a board of this size it has to have all these ingredients doug expects all the mod cons on his new boat and we talked about the design stage you were gonna build a touch-and-go helipad have you incorporated time yeah I haven’t actually found something I’m done you could see it’s more a gimmick and then a practical usable thing but it’s one of those boxes that are your of this size good we’d have yeah I mean it’s possible we can put it on whether it whether really get used that’s a nice problem to have it’s good to see you and so thank you very much your time it was nice of you to sell cocktails and dreams all the best for now it’s back to the drawing board for Johnny he’s designed over 20 megawatts and is well aware that despite the owners aspirations bigger isn’t always better you get limited on where you can go you know you can’t get into every marina in a 80 meter if you like the limits in San Tropez is from like 50 meters so you think Oh guys I got a 50 meter but he’s the one saying San Tropez having a party but you’re out bobbing around you know in your 80 meter you know with no friends but for some owners bigger is better kismet – was one of the biggest boats exhibited at the Monaco yacht showed last year and is owned by American billionaire chard Khan if you have to ask what it costs you probably can’t afford it so he arrived in Chicago from Pakistan in 1967 as a penniless 16 year old took an engineering degree and started up a company making car bumpers Khan’s bumpers are now attached to two-thirds of all American cars in a very small way this is a microcosm of the American Dream his net worth is estimated at almost three and a half billion pounds he owns Fulham football club and the Jacksonville Jaguars American football team but his biggest challenge was building the 95 meter kismet – with a gross tonnage weighing the same a 66 blue whales a lot of times size becomes a factor chard had a vision for five decks eight staterooms a personal wellness center and a helipad and he also had a clear idea of the color scheme for lack of a better word I would say a champagne and caviar that it’s light and dark you know took really not only a village took a city to build it and I’m very proud to be part of it pascale Raymond and Britt Jason mockery were responsible for the interiors they haven’t seen kismet 2 since it was fully completed this really good we remind you a little bit of the deco that you have in when you used across the Atlantic so it’s a touch of glam and elegance you look at the staircase every lady was a beautiful evening dress would like to go down the staircase to join the group and have a drink we bring a dream they’re here to inspect an elaborate chandelier fitted after the yacht was launched fantastic we had this space between the glass lift was a nice way to bring some color some light chandelier contains hundreds of individually hand blown glass pieces this is extremely intricate but is extremely heavy so I think it was around 270 kilos on a boat you have to take out all the vibration so it’s a little supported because it’s obviously extremely dangerous now my favorites thought the toilets in this far oh shards brief was followed even in the smallest of rooms I love it because we’re talking about the dark and light is what you’re having and you see a dark room with a sort of slight sauce in the center walls are curved and it’s really influenced by person out with interiors like this costing over 20 million pounds everything has to have a WOW factor when you design something you have to have the cost in mind but the same time you can’t just think of money because if you see the money we stopped thinking of ideas how many TVs 100 pascals business is british-based 70% of the world’s mega yachts are built in Europe where the Brits are a vital part of the industry Tim Hayward an Andrew winch on the godfathers of yacht design here we go Wow they’ve created floating empires to suit the demands of Roman Abramovich and the Saudi royal family today’s yachts are the the manor houses and great houses of of Europe they’re in a gigantic Dutch shipyard the birthplace of many of the boats at the Monaco Yacht Show to check on their latest 85 meter creation the shipyards themselves are cathedral spaces they’re huge and but they’re working machines to build these yachts the whole boat is a mass of millions of details you think of that engineering thought that went into that they’re now using technologies developed in other industries these days you get BMWs and other cars with partner facilities where you get to the space you press the button and it pass itself there are yachts that do the same thing super yacht owners constantly need designers to provide something out of the ordinary to impress their guests for lying in bed and we have a panoramic view 180 degrees what’s unique to this boat is we have a full beans bar on the lower level with its own water Beac the left-hand side is a big door that tim has built into the side in this design and we have Wiest we go up some steps so you can walk out you can have a swim in the sea and so we are all in the business of entertaining as well as pampering the others they have to protect mega yachts these days are often equipped with panic rooms and one or two even have a missile defense system the first project I did with bulletproof glass was last century and the irony there was that the glass was bulletproof but the superstructure was aluminium so if the client felt threatened he had to jump up on the windowsill and press himself against the glass there is no such thing as a normal yacht for me glass bottom viewing rooms full operating theaters hospitals all of these things are outrageous for a few moments and then they become an obvious sensible requirement from the client [Music] back in Monaco sensible is not on the agenda the 85 meter mega yacht salons is arriving a day ahead of the Yacht Show [Music] she’s the showpiece of the event and the pressures on broker Rupert Nelson to sell her for 130 million pounds they could buy 760 Ferraris instead the beasts largest shot in the show largest yacht ever for sale in this show four days I’ve got a Triumph locket yeah that’s my job obviously we’re not lining up millions of appointments because the type of caliber plant are looking for is one in a hundred even though there’s 37,000 people on the dock we have to filter the wheat from the chaff keep them keep the riffraff away Rupert’s chances of selling solange will be limited to the very highest echelon of superyacht society Monaco Yacht Show is about to open for business it’s the one time of the year that over 2 billion pounds worth of super yachts will be on show for prospective buyers to inspect the mooring alone costs fifty thousand pounds His Royal Highness of Monaco Prince Albert the seconds arrival signals the start of the four-day event hundreds of British businesses are also there hoping to persuade billionaires to buy into the yachting dream this is our very latest creation that is made in in England it’s English fine bone china Cobra skin and it’s not only available in white gold we got the very latest rods girls at dinner service such as that you know for you know for a fourteen sixteen seater dining table would be in excess of six figures this year there are 120 yards up for sale each with their own unique features but all competing for that elusive buyer multi-millionaire Doug Barrowman is looking to find someone who loved his yacht turquoise as much as he selling it for 20 million pounds will allow him to build a bigger boat it’s one of those things we asked the people to to judge the yacht on our merits and somebody wants to buyer and be the right money then I’m a reluctant but willing seller broker Rupert is hoping to make the biggest sale of all measuring 85 metres and costing 130 million pounds solange is the biggest and most expensive yacht at the show a former Navy leftenant Rupert’s now spent 25 years as a broker finessing the etiquette required to sell to the world’s wealthiest they have an expectation when they walk into a hotel room it is it is they want that service they won’t click the fingers hopefully but too smart so we say provider not servant the provider of that service a yachty broker myself captain crew knows and expects what they want and therefore anticipates and that’s why they never have to click their fingers British entrepreneur Howard Raymond is also in the market for a deal he’s looking for adventure and he’s willing to spend up to 15 million pounds of his substantial fortune you never say you haven’t so you know must have it immediately but it seems every time I see a boat I quite like everybody did mother wants it so it’s been on the market for four years and now I believe everybody wants suppose he could be in luck today as rookie broker Henry Smith is looking to make a quick sale on an 8 million pound yard but is this the boat of Howard’s dreams hey Henry mornin whoops that’s a very very very good deal and as we know everyone’s good deal so we’ll see what we can do at 8 million pounds it’s relatively cheap certainly one of the best but Howard still expects the best in design and accessories there’s a full rubbish out which goes rigid when you put water through and if cooling now on day I must buy it major and then there’s the question of the previous owners taste this is the master Kevin forward and then here is the bathroom I’m a really funky bathroom you can almost certainly tell when you walk into an Italian bathroom always because they always have annoying u-shaped sink I doesn’t it’s not right very very difficult to clean I’m not your friend if you were to use a cloth that’s for sure at the end that they have nothing in the bathroom what was that is very true Howard’s person who’s cleaning the bathroom I also be went to be serving Howard a drink a lot of the new bags now after designers who’ve never been to see you designing what they think about should be with lots of sharp edges so that when you bang your head or your lips when you say you even hurt a lot of statements and I’m not looking for a statement I’m looking for a boat that is comfortable is homeless and picks all of my boxes [Music] it’s not me the search continues yet getting the yacht you really want means paying tens of millions of pounds and building from scratch Pascal Raymond and her design partner Andrew Langton are at their Riviera Beach House cross between James long and 15 times they have a crucial meeting in the Boat Show with American billionaire Herb Chambers he left the Navy to work as a photocopier repaired and bought a Cadillac dealership after being disappointed with the service the 72 year old car dealer is now believed to be worth 1.2 billion pounds he’s had seven yachts and wants to see designs for an eight he wants to look elegant fast we’re on to something which is getting him excited wetting his appetite I’ve spent over 300 million dollars on yachts and expects the best for his body how clients who can remember every word every conversation you’ve ever had with it they are incredibly intelligent people so anybody the boats become much more custom design I think that’s an incentive and wanting to get a new one I’ve come up with three sketches of a 60 meter version it’s even more racy even more sporty this one’s got a Sun Deck and there could be big roof I think we can make something really really special I’m trying to think of something where I can still get at the same parts but have something different before herb spends any of his millions he’ll have to be convinced his New York is unlike any other is one thing’s for sure you’ll never ever ever have the biggest part he may not one the biggest but he wants to see all the extras yeah this is like a hot tub so if you didn’t want to have a heavy fat we could fill that in and just have the sundae so your frickin sausage inside outside this is only the beginning it could be years before her satisfied with the design they don’t try to push their ideas on me they try to give me ideas that I think are mine they develop them to something that really turns out to be beautiful like many billionaire owners herb prince is boat out to other wealthy holidaymakers it’s called chartering a week’s break on the largest mega yachts for 12 people and cost up to 1 million pounds Howard Raymond also charters his yacht and is always on the lookout for accessories to outdo the competition and why not a state-of-the-art mini submarine hello this is next year’s toy charter yes they always want to be ahead of the game so we 16 hours underwater in air-conditioned luxury can ride the submarine with this the big question is so he goes well we never hear anything in the safety features for example the the dead man’s trigger if something were to happen with me it will bring you up to the surface boy I’ve got tell yes it’s great delivery on this unit is about a year the last year has been extremely good for us the recession in this case yeah that’s great so numbers done there this model is about 2.3 million euros yes and then you can add some options lights manipulator arms cameras so but it includes training and everything you need to operate it yes so the smaller one as well yeah that one starts at 1.5 million one hundred meter versions multi-millionaire Howard buying a submarine is a drop in the ocean it would be the only boat in the method doing that there’s actually completely insane yeah this isn’t everyday life this is James Vaughn stop here who have to get one immediately two days into the show and broker Rupert is still on a mission to sell solange 130 million pounds it’s the most expensive yacht in town [Music] potential buyers have loved the jacuzzi and cinematic but they haven’t been so keen on the first room they see Solange’s elaborate main lounge a lot of clients are sensitive to I choose to work very carefully bright or strong features or colors or bold statements that could turn them off and a boat like this you’re looking at hundred seventy five million euros you have to make sure that you impress from the moment they get on the boat ever the salesman Rupert has devised a tour that leaves the colourful deck or of the lounge until last so something’s not quite accommodating you leave it till you’ve managed to educate a little bit persuade cajole impress so by the time you come here it’s not a punch in the face it’s not a shock and I think you you’re you’re you’re better equipped to deal with it Rupert’s luck could be about to change his best chance of making a sale has just appeared on the horizon the Monaco Yacht Show is into its fourth and final day over 30,000 people many of them British are attending [Music] they’re all keen to take a peek inside the 120 floating homes of the super-rich up for sale brokers like Rupert Nelson have to be able to spot the serious buyers the 1% of the 1% the watch might give it away jewelry might give it away I mean there’s no way he’s bought his wife a $5,000 engagement ring she’ll have something with several carats it sounds a bit sort of voyeurism you’ve got to look at them an odd little bit but you’re looking at the cut of the hair the way the face is it does show it’s been lived in nor has it actually been looked after you know so far only 30 exclusive visitors have been allowed to come aboard the 130 million pound boat Solange even Lord Sugar with his estimated 1.4 billion pounds doesn’t seem to have been tempted to buy the boat but all is not lost a serious buyer has just sailed onto the horizon a secret American billionaire has sent his British representative to buy him a yacht but Rupert’s worried Solange’s overly purple main lounge could be a turnover time for uber to put his cunning tour plan into operation what we’re gonna do was thought of tops as a bit of a hike and let me spiral down it’s much easier Rupert starting his tour upstairs leaving the yachts main lounge until last let’s start with the Sun Deck come even in time we put up an awning or not we have a TV a cinema screen and then when the film’s ended you got your disco dance floor and that white box there is a mixing desk you could have a pole that surfeiting you could have a pole the lien is care about the finer detail so Rupert has had to memorize everything about the 85 meter boat so obviously you’ve got your gymnasium you’ve got a fully fully functioning massage closing off this is a steam room it’s a shower behind me you can come in behind me there’s a door there again go back the barn with your beers it’s a healthy lifestyle it’s all about getting the alcohol out of the body you can carry on doing it again max 12 guests commercial there are seven stroke a better seal oh boy time to test the water with the feature chandelier the biggest ever made for a mega yacht 15 metres long stretching through all six decks this is called The Tree of Life there are over 800 marina Venice Venetian glass handmade Jack and the Beanstalk I say do it slowly because you see guys walking around the show like this you know they’ve been on solange that’s what you think of the other very intricate beautifully made and probably these super yoga for people every time you say hundred and seventy-five million and you can walking around this boat you actually getting a feel for what you get you go match it’s quite justifiable if you go on some of the other yachts in the show you know the volume is 1/3 the potential owners also have to consider the 10 million pound yearly running expenses three generators he has two hundred twenty thousand liters of fuel just turning on the engine without moving can cost two thousand pounds 90 meals a day in its current operation is 2029 crew onboard so he’ll be on the beach platform let’s sleep ops throughout only the purple salon remains Rupert’s ready just soften the blow by the time you get here you realize you know what I can change this Purple’s not a bad color you never live inside of you live outside Lian everything about this boat there’s a labor of love all these units you see like them or don’t like them they’re handmade for this boat they weren’t picked off on an antique store patter seems to be paying off most owners are very detail orientated the glass here on this table the craftsmen that made that is truly an artist on xone people ask you why 275 million well you’ve got to pay six guys for three years to do some glass and tables what you start thinking of it in those terms suddenly it starts to make sense if 170 I really never makes it his apartment in New York is very similar in style and detail he’s had five yachts so far and now he wants to go world cruising but they want to do it at the level that they now live at and this is exactly where they’re at now try and seal the deal Rupert can offer a small discount she’s not gonna sell for under 150 she’ll certainly sell for 160 despite Rupert’s efforts there’s no immediate sale the agent wants to have a think and talk to his boss we have had offers they haven’t been accepted but offer offers buy yachts so you’ve got to start somewhere Rupert’s big payday may have to wait and when the Sun sets over the Monaco Yacht Show the exclusive boat parties begin and business continues Howard’s using it as an opportunity to view another boat to fulfill his dreams a bit of both the boat having a little eyeball and well I get too pissed because I’m forgetting my checkbook out so have to be a bit careful with that one Howard wants to take time out from his multi-million pound Empire and buy a yacht in which he can travel the world [Music] while Howard may be looking to buy another party duck Barrowman deserve the flashing lights have lost people in the top deck yeah well it’ll give it a try and see how we get on him he’s rubbing shoulders with guests worth 100 billion pounds which gives him the chance to promote turquoise the yacht he wants to sell rip Nicholas Frankel specializes in organizing super yacht parties where the wealthy can gather and talk business there are no sacred places where these uber wealthy people hang out and that’s where super yachts become even more valuable because they are still sort of bastions of what they would describe as of civilization the odd show gives dark the opportunity to mingle not just with the uber wealthy but also the mongolians have arrived good evening even the Mongolian Foreign Minister has been invited to sample the lifestyle of the rich and famous unfortunately for dark the Mongolian Minister is somewhat restricted from buying a super yacht shell is Dehlia named some millionaires who already have it all we’ll be leaving Monaco owning even more Howard Raymond’s lifelong ambition is to buy a boat to travel the world having come to the Monaco Yacht Show he’s now one step closer to buying the boat he needs we’ve identified two potential boats the sort of semi fit the criteria even if he gets one like any self-respecting multimillionaire he will still have to refurbish it to his own specific tastes just like a pop down to the garage and get a car and I thought I love that one and get it tomorrow morning he’s a complicated piece extremely complicated bass so it’s it’s if it was all okay today science he’ll delivered and I wouldn’t expect to see it for at least two years [Music] Doug Barrowman is going to have even longer to wait for his new bigger dreamboat over the four days he’s had over 30 prospective buyers tour turquoise but you really because you’re trying to live on the yacht and they’re trying to see every nook and cranny and a sharp-looking in your underwear drawer really he’s had significant interest but they could take at least six months to seal the deal I say coming to the end of the show I sound quite happy to be winding down [Music] sirens signal the end of the Monaco Yacht Show for another year [Music] 120 boats that are now leaving are just a small fraction of the 6,000 super yachts that have been built over the last 25 years and as the rich get richer the demand looks set to increase with another 700 boats in construction around the world this is not some just gonna go away and these boats are getting bigger and bigger bigger and in an industry that employs thousands of Brits they’ll always be a chance for a payday that’s the number of wealthy people in the world the creatures are magnifies as it does year on year there probably will be a time where there’ll be so many very rich people in the world that actually these boat shows would be rather like a market stall and more yachts mean billionaires like Doug Barrowman and continue to pay where’d it all go wrong well I think it actually went right when I bought it I can still see that [Music] well next Sunday at 8:00 the engineering behind Hitler’s super gun was it really powerful enough to destroy London on the way next tonight Queen is in real trouble just who is this good Samaritan an intense homeland on the way.

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