Suitecrm – The Basics

hi there and there welcome to market magnets introduction to sweet CRM so a couple of things to know first of all sweet CRM is what we call open source software software that’s managed by a community nobody owns it you’re allowed to host it and that’s what market magnet is doing on your behalf and by hosting it basically means it lives on the internet so you will access your suite cerium via a website address which you will know already and you will access it by a lodging another username and a password which you would have set up already if you’re not sure how to do that then contact us and once you have logged into your CRM you’ll be presented with what you see right here this is what we call the dashboard and the dashboard contains a whole bunch of smaller dashboard called dashlets which you can modify change move around and do with as you see fit to modify just for you one thing to note is if you change something it only changes it for you it doesn’t change it for your colleagues that are logging into the same Sam CRM so feel free to modify this and customizes as much as you like and in a later video we will go through looking at specialists and the other concept I want to run through is why are you using a sweet CRM this may seem like additional admins that you need to go through an additional workload and you probably feel like you’ve got enough on your plate already I really want to stress very very powerfully to that every successful business that has more than two or three employees really really requires the use of the CRM so what is a CRM it stands for customer relationship management so every interaction that you have with a customer I want to add to them to every interaction you have with a supplier needs to be recorded in the software why that is so your colleagues management people working in your department can see what is going on it means all the information is kept in one place where everybody can check in and have a snapshot view and a historical view enter view of what’s planned in the future that is a pertains to a supplier or pertains to a customer’s absolutely vital you’re probably doing this already you may be doing this while your email packets you may be doing this layer a paper diary and the trick with those things is that information is isolated no one else can access it which seems great and from a privacy point of view it really sucks when it comes to managing it and a business where information can be shared so CRM is absolutely key and you really need to be sharing the information in your business freely and the cerium lets you do that so I encourage you or faculty I insist in what capacity that I can that you live eat breathe inside of CRM what you’re seeing here on the screen here should become your dashboard should become your desktop that you live in this is the master if you want someone to do something you sit on a task in here and they may head off to castle or to some other software using to execute their task but they pick up the request from here and they come back here and say that the request was being completed so this should start running your world a couple of concepts as well and in terms of suite CRM and how to set up it is a generic CRM which means we need to customize it to suit your particular business and there are a couple of concepts that we need a hold in mind when we navigate through this so before we start clicking on menus and actually navigating around I want to just demonstrate to you one of the key components of understanding our CRM works in particular suite CRM so to do that I’m going to head up to this menu item the top as you can see the whole host of menu items are the first one I want to deal with itself mainly just to show you the difference categories of data grouping of data that we need to understand so the first thing on this menu is home if you hit home or you hit a little icon at home up in the corner it’s going to bring it to your dashboard which we’re seeing now next one down is an account what is an account an account is a typically an account will be a company in your CRM so for example let’s say that we are doing business with Disney and if we wanted to capture Disney into the CRM we would create an account and the account would be called as Disney Disney as the company and that that we’re working with so it’s not a human being it’s an entity unlikely to have a cell phone number or a mobile number it may have an email address but that email address is not going to be read by the company it’s going to be read by somebody who works at the company so a company is nothing without the people that work for it so if an account represents a company context represent people who work for their company so once uploaded does mean I’m going to load a contact at their Disney at Def sorry at their company and that may be lots of me so Walt will have a cell phone number if you could share that with us Walt will have an email address and any interaction we have with Disney will be via a contact at that company and that in this example would be what so a contact must be linked to an account also known as a company and an account that doesn’t have any contacts working for it is pointless weak on communicator that it’s not a robot so accounts and contacts are very very powerfully linked the one confusing aspect that can come through is there are circumstances when you will deal with a individual with an account with their contact who’s not linked with an account you may have an individual who comes to you to buy what you’re selling and they’re buying it in their personal capacity to make sure that we keep with the format of account and context what we request that you do is you take the contact it’s called the contact robin you create that contact and then you link that the contact to an account and you simply call that account robin household because robin may send in his wife or his daughter or a friend to come in buy things on his behalf in which case you can load those people as contacts for the account slash company called robin household so that’s a real deal with individuals an opportunity represent a business deal that lies with an account so if there’s need we may be wanting to sell a new animation software to Disney so they can get their latest movie up and going and they have requested quotes and we one of the many people that are quoting for that job that means we have a business opportunity that lists that exists with that account and that opportunity will have stages as we’ve discussed already and through our training and they’ll go through different stages of where they are in terms of this deals evolution and we’ll record those stages and underneath the sector in the CRM called opportunity so that’s what opportunities are about and then I lead a slightly different to the above and lead is a record that you capture to the software it doesn’t actually represent any business just yet it’s a lead it’s someone that you think you might want to do business with perhaps I don’t even know you exist yet and but you want to capture the details as a reminder to follow up with them to see if there’s any potential for business so that’s a leave not very fussy you can pretty much do what you want to the lead and the moment you investigator they lead to a point that you think a real business opportunity lies there we can convert that lead into an account and a contact and create the business opportunity that exists with them so leads are kind of a preamble before they become accounts and contacts and potentially opportunities so that’s quite important to understand when we navigate into the CRM in so in summary and it counts as the company or the the entity that will have a host of different contexts that belong to it contacts are the individuals that’s what you mail addresses especially personal email addresses and cell phone numbers will belong a business opportunity belongs to an account and leads are those things that we are investigating to see if they can be turned into an account and a contact and hopefully a business opportunity so that in a nutshell gives you the overview of the logic behind how sweet– CRM is working navigating around sweet CRM is pretty straightforward you’ve got a couple of options in different ways to move around the program and I’m going to run you through some of the basics but the great thing about Suite CRM is there’s many ways to skin a cat so you’ll find your own way of moving around the program your own shortcuts but I’m going to give you an overview right now once you’ve logged in you’re going to be presented with your dashboard so that’s what we’re looking at right now you can see we have a host of dashlets we’ve got my calls and my Activity Stream my meetings my 10 opportunities my accounts and so on and so forth now these dashlets can be removed it can be added they can be changed they can be modified to suit whatever information that you want so if you’re an admin smart person you may want more historical type information what quotes have been closed being sent out there type of thing if you’re a salesperson you may be more interested in what’s planned for your day the calls that are coming and meetings that you have to do and so on if you’re in management sumup want to be looking at open opportunities what’s in the pipeline what business is likely to be landed and when one little dash that I really enjoy and I encourage you to have right open right of your screen is this Activity Stream and this gives you a brief overview of exactly what’s going on in your program as your fellow users create things and delete things and move them around you’ll see a list here I kind of like resistor in social media I feed over exactly what is happening and you can also do little posts here I didn’t want a short while ago I’m logged in as well Wes learn more listen says says hi there and will list and reply to himself because seems he has no friends and he said hi back so it’s a nice way also just to stay in touch with your colleagues especially if you’re not working in the same office or you split around the country and or just on different floors of your building so that’s the overview of – nuts and you can click on the little pencil icon and that will go take you into the configuration section so you can configure that – good to see you butter leather is a refresh so you if it’s not said to Auto refresh you can menu to refresh it and bring in the latest data and you can remove – turrets with that little X so if you recall in the last time I took you through accounts contacts opportunities and leads so from a neighboring navigational point of view let’s do the same thing so I’m going to head over here to this menu and I’m going to click on accounts that’s going to bring up a list of accounts as I mentioned before there’s a couple of ways to move around the program if I go to marketing you’ll see there’s also a way to get to accounts so I could click that and it will take me to you to accounts this section is lists all the the navigational options and again that there is accounts listed once more so any one of those will bring you through to a list of accounts now by now you should have an import of your data into your CRM if there isn’t an import it’s probably because we don’t have any data you’re either a new business or you do burn keeping records beforehand but hopefully you’ve got this data in front of you companies that you recognize if not made perhaps using this demo and you’ve seen the same thing that I’m seeing right now but right now I can see a list of all the accounts also known as companies that exist within the CRM so we have a company called cloud cover trust if I click on that everything in red is clickable I’ll get more details about cloud cover trust it’s been assigned to my colleague Sarah she’s looking after it and the email address for this company is that I can change these columns reorder them and which columns appear disappear if you’re not sure how to do that perhaps we’ll cover that later otherwise ask you administrator to configure this to suit just what you want now from here on the navigation is exactly the same I want to see a list of accounts on two cells and I clicked accounts that’s my list I want to see a list of contacts I do the same thing I just click on contacts this time and just like before there are other ways to find the contact menu you can see it here in the marketing and again and all is another list of accounts there sorry the contacts so here we have a list of contacts mirabal’s is an individual she works for DVD furniture that’s the email address and it’s been the user Sally and Sully is looking after this contact and this account for us so again everything is clickable I get back to sales I have opportunities remember opportunities of business deals so let’s come down to when we recognize we’re having a look at cloud cover trust earlier so that’s the account we have a deal on the table an opportunity with cloud cover trust to purchase a thousand units from us it is at that stage in the sales cycle so worth fifty thousand ran and we are forecasting that we’re likely to close this business next year so definitely a long term project this particular one but again I can click on any one of those things and get a zoomed in view so that is accounts sorry that is opportunities and then finally we have lead now leads a little different as I mentioned before leads are just and record it can be the name of the company can be a name of an individual it’s just someone that you have come across maybe a business card and it would meet at a meeting or a billboard that you saw driving down the road and you want to investigate as to whether there’s any potential business there and you just quickly want to capture those people all those companies into the programs as you can follow up with later and this is the list of leads once we know that a lead has potential business we can convert them from the lead into an account and a contact being the person who works for that account so those are overview of navigating around sweet CRM creating an account inside sweet CRM is pretty straightforward so the way you do it is you want to navigate to the account section and as mentioned before you’ve got a couple of options for that under sales with what accounts I go through to that they’ll be an option to create a new account and looking for a shortcut I can use this create button here on the right hand side which has just me straight through to the create account section one thing to bear in mind before you go and create a new account is make sure it doesn’t exist already and the early stages either CRM and that’s probably going to be fairly straightforward that as time goes by you may find that an account really exists and you don’t really want to be creating a duplicate account because then you start getting information that is not reliable inside your CRM so for now we’re going to assume that I can account doesn’t exist and we’re going to create account so I’m going to follow through on the name you can delegation we did before and kick through to accounts and you’ll see on the left hand side yeah but a summary of where I’ve been a VA ting through recently so I can use those a shortcut keys to get around and but today we want to create an account so I’m just going to click on create account right there and it brings up a form that’s pretty straightforward so I’m going to use the Walt Disney example as we start with and the company is Disney so I’m going to load this Nia I’m going to give it a bogus telephone number and the website is and now there are certain things that you have to fill out that would be marked by a little red asterisks the rest is voluntarily so whether you capture it or not really comes down to do you want to have access to that information at a later date and we have a basic premise that if in doubt capture it it’s always easier to ignore information in the future rather than wish you had information you no longer have access to and but the point being is you only need to capture what you want to capture and and you may capture a summary if you’re in a rush and you can come back and fill out the details later although we do encourage you to fill this out correctly first time around because often there isn’t any time later and there’s no time like the present so I’m not going to fill in an email address here because yeah a few what I email it doesn’t it doesn’t need another person so I’m actually gonna leave that blank like you could certainly fill it out you could fill out things here as well I happen to know that Disney’s based in Florida I think and that’s in the USA and and I could give a description of this account and I’m going to say things like in then to make UMass and but really you put anything you want in there and you don’t need to put anything in there at all and who is going to be running that and will West and that’s me but if I can select another user I hope that gives me a pop up menu and it gives me a list of the other people in my company so I could assign this to Jim Brennan if I 1 or 2 or max Jenson and just clicking on that will assign their person and I could also delete us and to start typing Jim and it’ll prompt me to put Jim in there let’s go back to Will and Cupid with will Western alright we can add some more information here if you are they this is a prospect we don’t have any business with them yet what industry are they in and we can see what industry they may be in that comes with us and not seeing anything obvious here let’s put them in the technology section now these drop-down menus can be customized to suit you so if their menu doesn’t make sense for you to make a note of where it is let us know we can modify that menu to suit your business and you can fill out other aspects here if this contact came in as a result of the particular marketing campaign you my tribute it to that and is it misfits a member of a particular group you can add it in there we can also remove some of these fields you’re not presented with them but nonetheless that is the basics of how to an account that I had save right now it gives me the overview of Disney and if I go and have a look at the unit counts you’ll see it files with the latest one at the top and it’s giving me the details now you’ll notice here it doesn’t actually give me Florida and USA which I’ve filled out and the reason for that is this this particular overview is set up to show me billing addresses and I filled those filled in under shipping addresses which is why it’s not showing and this is a demo data that gets refreshed every hour as I can’t make any changes in here that up and just be reset so we won’t bother with that but that is the reason why it’s it’s not sort of not appearing at the very straightforward that’s how you set up accounts now that we’ve created the account called Disney we need to create a contact for that account so we have someone at the company to contact so I’m in the account section right now and you can see that there’s the Disney account that we’ve contacted we’ve created so now we need to create a context for that so there’s a couple of ways to do it the simplest way to do that is actually to click on Disney and go into the account section so there it is loaded up and a couple of things you can edit this you can actually add it straight into the fields by clicking on the grey block I don’t find that the simplest way to work I prefer to actually use this Actions menu above here and work with that i I just find that sometimes it hangs up as I like to go into actions to get it and it brings up that same form field that we filled out earlier so I’m going to get out of that cancel that and I’m going to scroll down here and I’m going to you’re going to see these different modules and we’re going to go through those modules in a bit but for now actually just want to start with the contact you can reorder these these modules I’m gonna do that right now I’m gonna just click and drag and I’m dragging the context module further up and just make sense to me that the first thing I want to see after looking at our encounters the contacts at work for that so I’m just going to open that by clicking on it and I’ve got an option here to create and I drop down menu that lets me select but seeing as I have no context creator there’s no one to select so I’m just going to click on the create on the actual text and voila I cannot create a contact for this account so let’s edit mr.

Walter Disney here so that’s a muster first name is Walt surname is Disney now I’m quite ki sweet CRM users of the surname to order everything so you have to have a surname if you don’t have a surname you can’t leave it blank so in which case put the first name in there until you get the first the surname or the last name that except prerequisite it’s a field that has to be filled out so something’s going to go in there all right we’re just going to add in some data here and and now we’ll even email address so I’m going to go what and there’s because that’s how he knows what it’s a Disney lead sauce Lee that’s pretty critical we can modify this pursuit your company but if you could have drop-down menu how did this client come to be so let’s say I came in via our website so I’m going to select website it’s absolutely critical as a marketer we want to know where the leads are coming from so please do your business do your business owner do your marketing department a huge service by recording where you’re getting your needs from makes a massive difference to finding out what successful and they’ve been able to leverage their success to everybody’s benefit and so that’s quite key let’s hit save and as simple as that we’re still in the account we’re in the Disney account you know that the account section isn’t read and we can see Disney here and if I scroll down I can see I have mr.

Walt Disney he now works for that account and if I click on that I will be able to drill in and see mr. Disney and the other way I could see that is I can go to a list of accounts and this should be at the top of the list now it’s been organized by alphabetical order as we won’t go hunt around in that right now but well let’s just if we flip this around and if we can find him quickly not as I mentioned as a sample data with about how lots of people editing this all the time as I’m doing this so leave that alone right now but amidst the Walt Disney is in there in fact let’s use this opportunity to do the search button so I can do a search up here by clicking on that for Walt Disney I’m single hit enter and there we go there’s our contact mr. Walt Disney so that is a nice great way to quickly check if someone’s pre-existing in the database before you go and create them so that is how we create an account and create a contact and Link it to that account so we’ve created mr.

Walters me as a contact for the Disney account let’s have a closer look at some of the other features that are linked to accounts and contacts they’ve pretty similar layout so I’m actually going to jump in at the account level and let’s have a look at what’s going on here and so I’m going to scroll down as I mentioned earlier we have these modules that we can move around as we need so the most important ones for me are contacts has already mentioned activities history opportunities I’m going to move that act in that order and those are the ones we’re going to go through today and so we’ve already gone through context of eye-opener plus here mr. Walt Disney works for the Disney account next one I want to look at is activities so activities are activities that are planned for the future with this account and so anything that’s upcoming will be listed here under the activities once that activity is completed it will automatically file itself under the HG modules so by opening these two you’ll quickly get a snapshot of what has gone before and what is planned for the future so let’s go ahead and create a task here quickly for and for Disney account so we’ve loaded it here we’ve created of them it doesn’t make sense for us to add someone to the database and then actually not put some form all activity involved so I hit create task now and I’m going to create a very simple task I’m going to create a sales quote so as simple as that I haven’t started it yet it’s related to the account called Disney and I can drop down here and I can relate it to a whole host of things and as mentioned before and a lot of us will go through in due course but for now we’re going to stick with accounts in contact so it’s related to the contact and the contact is Disney and when do I want to start this oh let’s let’s start this today and I want to start it I’m sorry I want to start this at 9 o’clock in the morning and when is a Jew add to 5 focus if you take very long so there we go we can select a priority use it assigned to and we can set the goal of the task so let’s set a task here to introduce ourselves all right nice and simple and what’s key here is I can assign this tasks to someone so I’m going to sign to myself for Western and click save and it’ll bring us straight back to create task and you can see we’ve got a sales call a set for 29th of April and I can drill into that sales call and it also appear on our calendar on enter – so the other calendar – that set up you’ll see it on their tag let’s quickly take a look at the calendar and take a look at a calendar we should see that sales call scheduled on that calendar there it is it’s already put in place so that’s pretty useful to get back where we’ve come from and just use the shortcut menu over here on the left and we pop straight back to the Academy T all right let’s jump ahead in the future and let’s just say that that has happened now so I have to action was call so I’m going to make this telephone call I’m clicking into the sales call so I can record the outcome of the sales call so here we go I’m going to say we they loved us and one to meet so you could put anything in here but it’s an overview of what happened and we can we want to change is to completed it’s done and if I had save you will notice now that if I go back to the account I’m clicking on Disney there and I look at the activity section that will now be blank because the activity has been completed that and the history you can see that there is a sales call that’s being completed so that’s a pretty cool little feature there that it automatically files itself that every single task in a CRM should result in an ongoing task any time you create something in the CRM you don’t leave it without creating a future task even if it’s for a year’s time just to check in to see if there’s any change in their circumstances and future business you always leave an open task with every single account in your CRM so let’s do that and if you remember from the call I said they came to meet us so why don’t we go ahead and create a meeting so I’m going to schedule a meeting and let’s do so off let’s make a day needs needs analysis meeting it’s planned related to the account let’s schedule that for Monday a.m.

Is good for me and let’s make it one hour long and what it makes here Jeff said I can add reminders in here this is pretty cool and I can do a pop-up reminder I can email reminder whatever the case may be and I can put a description of what we planned agenda of the meeting should be and I can save it this works in the same fashion as their phone call so we’ll see now and activity use that we ever needs analysis meeting planned and if we go look at the calendar we’ll see the best place there and let’s jump in our time machine scoot forward and as you notice that I clicked on the needs analysis it was red so therefore it’s a hyperlink let’s jump into the future and edit this and give you the results of that meeting so I’m going to change this to held and I’m going to add an end result and they have requested a quote it’s all going very well and these are some cool features of the meeting where you can see a busy time the blue blocks represents busy time and it’s a nice way to find time on your calendar it’s with another user that’s inside your inside your CRM and we’re going to keep things simple now you know this is pretty straightforward you figure out your own time and but there we go we set the results of that meeting and we’ll notice now if we come back to the account and it does need the activity section will again be blamed because that activity has been completed and we’ll see two results in the history so that’s a very simple way of attributing tasks to someone and let’s create another task here to demonstrate and keep that straightforward if I hit save I can go ahead and look at all the tasks that are attributed to me I hit tasks yeah it gives me the latest tasks that I was created myself create quotes forgive the poor spelling there and it’s got an X it means it’s not completed so I can make a dash that on my dashboard where I can have all my open tasks like at a glance can see what’s being attributed to me and it’s a nice summary overview to see how my day is planned so that works really well let’s pop back to the account scroll down so as an overview we’ve got the contact that works for that we’ve got the activities that are planned for the future we’ve got the history of what’s gone before and then finally we have opportunities so we haven’t set up on a bit opportunity yet but given that we’ve been asked to provide a quote we get you know there’s an opportunity on the way so let’s create that opportunity so very simple and you’ll see the same logic every single time so we have I’m going to call it animation software that’s what we’re selling and the currency using US dollars in your particular setup we will have changed that to your currency and we’ve got options here it’s a new business opportunity amount let’s call it a thousand dollars we can set the date we expect to close that make at the end of next month we can set the stage that we’re at these stages will set up for you to suit your company so actually be already set up if not let us know and what we can tailor make this the stages that make sense for your sales cycle and so we’re going to put a share price quote and and so on so I’d save now we have the business opportunity saved and so I’m still in the Disney account and all of a sudden under opportunities you can see we have eight thousand dollars Gil on the table we’re ready to go to be closed and the great thing about that is if I’m sick of what less than is sick and a colleague of mine is skippin to run the business he at a glance can log in to the Syrian login to Disney and see the tasks that gone before and the tasks that are planned so the company keeps going seamlessly no longer do you have those messages to the client going Will’s not in today I’ll get him back to you tomorrow and that’s not very professional and maybe busy moves on to someone else who is using a CRM who is more efficient and may get the business instead of you so this is the key value of the CRM and everybody is on the same page and we’re ready to go so that is creating accounts working with accounts and contacts creating tasks completing the tasks and creating an opportunity within those tasks up to now we’ve been looking at adding data into the Sirian so let’s move along and look at working with data let’s create a real-life situation let’s say you are at work behind your desk and the phone rings how do you relate that frontal activity through to your CRM so let’s work with some of the sample data that’s already in this particular demo version of the Sirian and let’s say the phone rings and the person answers and identifies themselves as someone from the spindle broadcast corporation I’m using that because I see this name here and but let’s say that it wasn’t represented there they just identify them as someone from the spindle so I’d quickly just check to see FA exists already in my database because if they don’t I’m going to create a new contact and a council lead and so let’s quickly search for spindle and sometimes this doesn’t show up so we use at the basic search option and it brings to you that this person does exist well this account does exist and this person goes on to identify themselves and gives them a name so let’s just see what contacts work for spindle company and let’s say that this identifies themselves as Nicolas so we’ve got Nicolas calling in from the spindle company so that’s great now we want to record the outcome of that phone call I’m going to click through to Nicolas Carruthers and get a quick overview of what has gone with Nicholas so we know we looks like we’ve got a proposal sitting with Nicholas and bear in mind is the first time as I’m recording this with you that I’m seeing this so this is a real-life example of me trying to gather the data just like you would if you were working with someone for the first time let’s see if have any opportunities on the table with this company and I see we do so we’ve we’ve got an opportunity that’s only going to be closing next year it’s a fairly large ticket item so we run it keep this guy with kid gloves and make sure we get this deal and so depending on how the conversation goes and how much time you’ve got you be able to click through onto these things and get a better picture of the background so let’s have a look at the opportunity and all right we’ve got no details on the opportunity so that’s either a lazy co-worker who hasn’t recorded anything here or there’s actually been no movement on this opportunity let’s got back to Nicholas Carruthers seeing as that is here on the finalists and see what’s sitting here so we have a proposal that has been sent and an introduction that has been completed and let’s see what activity is there no activities so we’re on the phone right now with Nicholas let’s log this call so very simple what if Nicholas calling about us he is chasing his quote let’s say we promised them a quote and it hasn’t been delivered yet so someone hasn’t done their task and that’s what he’s calling about so this is an inbound call it is it will be held because at the end of this phone call it will be completed it’s related to the swindled or cost company it’s happening right now a lifetime that is the time that’s happening and we want to say that Nicholas computer lag there bear with me so Nicholas once is quiet it’s attributed to that so this is the results of the phone call and now as I said before every action in a CRM should result in a task so we’re going to save us and we’re going to create a new task and the reason that particular task that must appear here in the activity section is we said it has been held so you can see how to automatically file directly into the history module so let’s create a new task and we’re now hung up with Nicholas we put the phone down and now we want to let the right person know that he wants is quote so lets us quickly see who’s handling it so Sarah Bronson is responsible for this business opportunity so I’m going to give Sarah a task so let’s go and is coil it I’m going to say not started activator to that start date let’s work on Monday we want to get it off first thing in the morning so let’s make that 8 o’clock and you date will make it by the same day 15 minutes later so I will make that very high priority and send part as a proposal all right I want to tribute it to celli so let’s scroll down here and just to Sally Sally Bronson so save now this is also one of the most powerful parts of the CRM without us here and what would you do in the past you’d probably open up your email and since early an email so now you don’t have to do that so this is where cerium is not additional work it’s replacing work you’re already doing and it means you don’t have to write an email it means that you now have some control over where the Sally actually does this or not because if you sent her an email you’ve got no idea whether she’s actually going to get around to sending this quote whereas now it’s being logged as at Oscar Sally and we can come back and see if studies actually done it and because so he should have markers as complete once it’s done and let’s have a look at the thirty and there you can see that we have a task attributed to celli to send us quite so that’s pretty critical way to make sure that we’re managing tasks effectively and leaving clients along the list so that’s how we’re managing tasks and managing setting meetings tasks and these tasks can be anything from hit the photocopy machine barbell coffee meeting request it don’t really doesn’t matter and that it’s a way to pass information around between each other it’s not limited to sending emails to writing on piece pieces of paper to making phone calls it’s actually a digital version where there’s a record of what’s going on so it’s incredibly powerful and really enables a degree of tracking and the degree of management which is really probably the most critical function of the CRM

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