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Hey everyone its Paul Stevens here from aegyo sales and marketing today I’m gonna do another quick Suite CRM demo I’d like to go through the difference between targets leads opportunities accounts contacts and how easy it is to convert a lead to an opportunity if in a contact story if you’ve ever used another software for doing your CRM sometimes this can be quite a task but today you’re gonna see that in Suite CRM it’s really quick and easy so without further ado here we go so one of the key concepts in any CRM in particularly suite CRM is the different types of you know contacts for lack of a better word that you can have so initially you’re gonna have targets so what targets are are generally an unknown quantity so perhaps you’ve bought a list of you know all of them I don’t know let’s say you sell computer software so all the IT managers in Toronto that would be a target you would you know then market to these people send them emails possibly mailings those kinds of things once the target sort of self identifies so they visit your website they fill out a form on your website they call you they request more information any of those types of activities that happen your target now converts from a target to a lead so a lead is generally somebody you know depending on your sales process you know it can be either subject to some more intense marketing or it can be ready for a sales contact depending on how you set up your sales process once the lead has you know an actual D so I define that as you know an actual purchase that they have time frame and a budget for at that point I would convert a lead to an opportunity there’s a couple of differences between leads what happens when you convert them I’m just gonna go through that next here so a target and a lead generally you’re gonna find they have a single record so the the company information the contact information the information about you know I don’t know they have a ten thousand dollars in the business a year or that type of information it’s all stored in a single record when you convert you know target to a lead it’s pretty much the same thing it’s a single record it stores it all in a single record in the database but what happens when you convert a lead to an opportunity is at the same time you’re creating an account and a contact and a reason for this is it’s just more robust information that you can store so the account record is going it’s going to be a single record that’s going to get created and it’s going to contain information about you know where the account is you know maybe the industry the account is in annual sales whatever information want to capture both the specific company or account depending on how your process defines it at the same time it’s going to create a contact record and this is the actual person so the reason why it’s creating two separate records your multiple records if you have lots of contacts is precisely because of that is you have one account and you could have multiple contacts associated with that account when you create an opportunity it’s a record as well and that opportunity can be also associated with the account or can be associated with the contact or you could have multiple contacts associated with the opportunity so it’s really a great way to sort of keep everything organized and in one place and if you work the opportunity you closed the opportunity you still have the account and contact information and you may create other opportunities for those accounts and contacts so hopefully that gives you an idea I’ll just go back really quickly here’s just recap so target is unknown lead has expressed some form of interest and an opportunity has time for and budget they’re ready to go and you’re actively in the you know close this business mode we’re gonna create a few different records here and without further ado I’m going to show you how this is accomplished so in Suite CRM if you I’m just going to go to our leads here the process of converting a target to lead is really simple – one-click conversion but what I really want to go into here is a lead conversion into an opportunity and show you just how easy and simple it is in Suite CRM so with many other CRM systems when you convert the the real pain is you got a you know as soon as you convert that lead into an opportunity you got to create the Cal you got to create the contact you got to link them all together and it becomes kind of a you know data management nightmare for the sales rep and then what happens in a very short period of time is the sales reps you know stop converting things to opportunities and then you know when they actually close and win the business then they create the opportunity in hindsight and say hey look I want it and you get yourself into a mess and it’s not really working properly so sweet serum has made this super easy so this is a lead in my demo version here and I’m just going to click on actions and convert the lead and what happens here is it’s going to give me all of the information about the contact it’s going to create you can see there’s a little X here I can choose not to create a contact by unclicking that but I definitely want to create a contact and you see it’s pulled in all the information from the lead already so I don’t have to enter it again if there’s extra information I want to enter or change anything you know now it’s the time to do it it’s really easy you know I can do a quick description here by the way these fields can also pull out if you need more space for typing at the same time you can see I’m creating an account if this lead happens to be already associated with some other account that’s already been entered it’s really easy here you can just click and search and pick the right one makes it super easy or you can see it’s pulled in already the information from the lead which makes it nice and easy and you can edit that if you you know need to at the time I can at the same time boom create my opportunity one click you know obviously have to put in the opportunity name the opportunity amount if there was already an opportunity amount in the lead that would have come over as well you know let’s say it’s you know ten thousand dollars and this is new or opportunity test I’ll just correct my spelling here and this is in the let’s say qualification stage expected closed day is going to be you know December 29 you know probably you know I decided to create an opportunity because I just got off the phone with this person so I can create the call log at the same time you know intro call you know just called hazard has new business wants a quote okay and then let’s say you know we agreed in that phone call agreed to meet on Tuesday okay at the same time I can also schedule that meeting you know it’s real easy so bleeding to discuss EAL I’m gonna schedule this for Monday or Tuesday what did I say Tuesday it’s going to be one hour and at the same time I’m gonna give myself a task to prep for the meeting and it’s that easy there’s one last question here if you have already had call reports and all kinds of things maybe emails and stuff attached to the lead you have to make a decision now and where do you want all that stuff to go when it converts it do you want it to go be linked to the account or the contact or the opportunity or a call or a meeting or a task I generally personally link it to the opportunity if I’m you know converting a lead to an opportunity and it’s all about the opportunity I want all that stuff in one space so I generally select the opportunity but you can link it to the contract contact if that makes more sense for you and then just click Save and boom there we go we created a contact we’ve created an account we’ve created an opportunity an intro call call log a meeting in my calendar for next week and I gave myself a task to remember to prep for it really that simple so I’m just going to go through this to show you really quickly so here’s my contact that’s been created you know I can go in and edit this if I like here is the opportunity that’s been created so there’s my new opportunity the account name is all linked properly you’re gonna see the contact that I created was already linked to it no problems if I had any emails or anything like that set up prior that would have come over and it’ll be in the history because I said to link it to the opportunity you’ll see the old lead that I can convert it to a contact and if there were any other documents or anything associated with it it would come through and that’s basically how it works really simple really easy again it’s Paul Stephens with I go sales and marketing help people install sweet CRM free CRM I help them consult on how to you know design their sales process training conversions if you want to import your data from another CRM system I can help with that my contact information I will be in the link below and if this video was helpful please 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