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Hey everybody its Paul Stevens here from aegyo sales and marketing with a another suite CRM demo today today we are going to do a simple workflow there’s going to be a few components to it and I think you’ll find it useful in not only setting up this kind of a workflow but other workflows so um let’s get to it just move myself out of the way here so what we’re going to need in this simple workflow example let’s say and I’m gonna use a scenario here that every sales rep has you go to a trade show and you know the general things you do after trade show is you send the people that you meet an email with your contact info and then you you know follow up with them a few week later or whatever and talk to them about their interest in the trade show so you can help automate all this and oh the third thing we want to do is add them to a target list but you can help automate all this through Suite CRM and it’s pretty straightforward there’s a couple things we’re going to need we are going to need to create an email template we’re going to need to create a target list and then we’re going to need to create the workflow so let’s just switch back here to suite CRM and let’s go through it so the first thing we’re going to want to do is create the email template for the trade show follow-up so you can find that in your list here email templates workflow let’s go here sometimes it’s easier so we’re gonna create an email template and you get your email template builder here so we’re gonna do something really simple here we’ll just say thanks for your interest at the trade show and then maybe we want to put the person’s name hey and then we’ll put in here the account the lead and then we will select first name okay so a little for the background on this fuse if you select lead and then put in lead first name it’ll work for leads no problem but if you use this for a contact later you’re gonna have a problem because it’s a contact and not a lead so what I like to do specifically with a person’s name is there’s another option here that has contact lead and target so if you choose this and then contact lead target first name and then what I’m gonna do is just click here and I’m gonna insert it and then of course my comma okay so I’ve got my hey contact first name thanks rich the trade show blah blah blah some information and it will automatically if you have your name and address and sincerely email footer already set up it’ll automatically put that in so you don’t have to put it in the email builder and that’s it if you’ve never used this email little bit before it’s super easy like I just did drag and drop you can edit however you want if you want to put a picture in here the same way add a picture and then it’s just a question of editing editing the picture and putting in the right URL there just like that and then you put the source in typically you want the source to be maybe hosted on your website or something like that because it will need an actual URL to pull the image from but let’s say that’s our email so I’m gonna just name it trade show follow up okay it’s gonna be assigned to me as administrator and just so I remember like you know two years from now what this you know has to do with and if I’ve forgotten put a little description here to be sent to leads from the ABC ABC trade show okay subject line nice to meet you okay so that’s all I need for my email I’ve got my title I’ve got a description I’ve got my subject I’ve got the body of the email here I’m just gonna save that okay so task number one is done this is my email that’s kind of a preview of what it’s gonna look like so that’s the first part so the second thing I’m going to need if I look at my I need an email template I need a target list and then I need to create the workflow so let’s just go back here so the first thing I need is to go to my target lists which is under marketing generally and I’m going to create a target list and the reason for this is so I can just keep track of all the people who I met at the trade show in one place and I can send them emails later or I can schedule follow-up calls or anything like that so I’m going to say trade show baby see follow okay and I’m going to just leave it a default and it’s gonna be assigned to me the administrator and I’m going to save it so there’s my target list so that there’s where I can put the leads okay if you’re unfamiliar with how target lists works basically it’s just a list of either targets contacts or leads and then it just makes it easy to select everybody on a target list and maybe send them out an email or something like that so this is starting to come together so the third thing we’re gonna need to do to make this whole system work is set up a workflow okay so you will find your workflows under all and I’m gonna go to workflow and let’s set this up so I’m going to create a workflow okay and it’s called trade show ABC follow up okay so there’s a few things here in the workflow that you want to be aware of so the workflow module that we want is going to be leads because that’s what’s going to sort of initiate an action is when a lead gets added so we want the lead workflow module again if you were doing opportunities you would select the opportunity module so there’s a couple options here whether it’s active or inactive if you’re not super familiar with workflows you might want to leave them inactive till you get it all set up and then change to active later just so you don’t do something that like affects every record and the database sort of thing but this one’s going to be fairly straightforward we leave it active so we have some choices here if we run this always-on all records it’s going to run it on every lead in the database that meet the criteria obviously and if we put on repeated runs it’s gonna run it again and again and again again like every minute I did this once and my database ended up growing to like 15 gigabytes because it was it keeps a record for every record that it changes and it will just grow exponentially so be careful so I’m gonna run this in the scheduler so what that that does is you know I have workflows scheduled to run you know nightly sort of thing and it processes all these things the other way you can do it is only unsaved so and in this case that would work as well when we add a lead it would you know send it out to the client but I’m gonna just run it in the scheduler but it’s your choice so you can put a description just so when you look back on this later you remember what this workflows for to send and email follow-up after the trade show and to schedule a follow-up call okay excuse me so the condition that we want here is first of all I’m gonna say leads so when leads are assigned to me first of all because I don’t want to do this maybe you have other sales reps and you don’t wanna do this for everybody’s or maybe you do but in this case I’m setting up my own personal workflow so I’m gonna say when it’s assigned to and I’ll just pick my name the administrator in a strainer here oh there it is okay that’s easy there we go okay so when it’s assigned to the administrator and it’s it’s a lead the next thing is I don’t want this to send every single lead I add forever maybe I’m only gonna be at the trade show let’s say on February 9th okay so I’m gonna say the date is created and then I’m gonna say I have some options here but I’m gonna say is between oh they don’t have between for this one okay so let’s say is greater than a date and sorry I will make it a value here and then I will select a date so let’s say February what did I say nice so it’s over the weekend so anything that is greater than February 9th and they created is less than February 5th okay so keep in mind these are and so it will it has to meet all of these criteria in order to pass so does it is it true that it was created by the administrator yes is it true that it’s greater than February 9th yes is it true that it’s less than February oh I think I selected the wrong date there February 9th to 12th if it’s less than the 12th yes it meets that criteria okay the other thing I might want to do is just to make sure I target the right one is I’m gonna say if the lead and the lead source where are we here there we go if the lead source is equal to and then you can pick the value so I’m going to say trade show now if you want it to be very specific you could create a value in the pick box for lead source maybe a BC trade show but in this case I think I’m gonna hit it pretty good so it has to be a lead that was assigned to or created by let’s let’s make it that created by the administrator and it was created after February 9th and it was created before February 12th and the lead source is trade show okay so this is gonna get it so what’s gonna happen now is when we enter lead at this trade show it’s automatically going to enter it in to this workflow that we’re gonna do okay so now that we’ve got the conditions set now we want the action so the first action we want to do is we want to send an email so I’m just gonna label this action so when I look at it later and I remember when it’s for send email to trade show me okay so the email template I just set out so I’m gonna select the trade show follow-up email and the email address I want it to send it to is the record email okay so that’s that’s the email for the lead okay and then maybe just so I know it went sometimes I do this just to make sure it works okay I’m gonna see see myself and so the administrator okay so that’s action number one the second action we want to do is schedule a follow-up call so I am going to create a record in this case I want to create a call a call scheduled call so I’m gonna schedule call again this is just a note so I know what the action does when I look at it later on so I’m going to create a call log here a call and then what I need to do is just set up all the fields that are in good they’re gonna go in that call log so I’m gonna want the subject so I to appear as trade show follow up I’m gonna want the let’s say the start date start date so let’s say I’m gonna want it to be five days after I create the lead okay so in this case I want to select a date and I want it to be the date created and I want it to be plus five days okay so this will create the start date for this call five days from when it’s creating okay so the next thing I’m gonna want to add here is probably who it’s related or what it’s related to so I’m gonna select a field here so it’s gonna be rate related to the ID which is the which is gonna in this case going to be the lead because we selected the lead module let’s see what else might be worthy here the duration let’s say I’ll add the duration make this a value for 15 minutes there’s a bit of a glitch here and it doesn’t show up when you select minutes but it works fine and let’s make it ours in this case just so it works properly so value I’m gonna say one hour okay what else might I want to add to this call when I set it up if you do what all this in advance you don’t have to like you know edit it later oh you you’re gonna want to assign it to yourself okay so let’s see here recurring recurring status assigned to and I’m gonna want to pick myself okay so there we go we’re all done so it’s gonna create a call log or call a scheduled call it the subject rachel follow-up it’s going to be five days from the date that I enter the lead it’s going to be related to the the related ID which is the lead and then it’s going to be one hour long and it’s gonna be assigned to me okay so let’s just go through this one more time from the top okay so we need a name we need to assign it to somebody choose the workflow module leads we need to um I put myself back on the screen here we need to put the conditions so our conditions here are leads created by me leads created on a date greater than when the trade show starts and leads created on a date that are less than when the trade show ends and leads that are lead source equal to trade show it meets those criteria it’s going to send an email to the record email and it’s going to send the trade show follow-up email and it is going to also send myself one so I know it went out it’s also gonna create a record it’s gonna create a call report our call log subject trade shall follow up start date is going to be the data to created plus five days related to the lead ID and the duration will be one hour it’s gonna be assigned to me oh the other thing we wanna do is add it to a target list okay so add an action and we want to create a record okay so we want to third step here’s add it to a target list so the next thing we want to do is we want to create a record we want to create a target then we want to add a relationship two targets and then we want to add a field sorry target list prospect lists then we want to select the list and here’s my ABC trade show follow up so what’s going to happen here it will create a target record and it will add the target to the ABC trade show follow-up so the final step of this is just to save it so there we go so we can see our final saved trade show list so it will show you the conditions and then it will show you all the actions so send email schedule target the scheduled call add to target list and that’s it everything is done this will happen only in the scheduler so you need to make sure you have your cron job set up to trigger the workflows and it will run on all records that meet this criteria so that’s a very simple workflow but now what you’ve done is you saved yourself a whole bunch of time you don’t have to do all this stuff manually when you meet some of the trade show all you need to do is basically just enter them as a lead and then select the lead source is the trade show when you’re at the trade show and that’s it you know you get your stack of business cards that you meet people and then when you go back to your room after dinner just enter them into your CRM and that night they will get an email and they it’ll schedule phone call for you for the following week makes your whole life easier so that’s just a simple tip it’s something sales reps run into every day and it makes your life easy anyway if you liked the video please you know do me a favor and give it a thumbs up down below if you like these videos please subscribe to the channel and I will keep making more I’ve got lots of great tips for sweets year-round and if you happen to need some help with installation or some training or you need help you know modifying your sales process to work with sweet CRM or even migration from another platform I can definitely help with help you with that that’s my day job that’s what I do my contact information is down below and again thanks for watching I hope you liked the video bye

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