SuiteCRM Demo & Introduction (the free CRM)

Hey everybody its Paul Stevens from aegyo sales and marketing today I’m going to talk about Suite CRM do a quick demo a little bit of background about it and why it might be a good fit for you so what is suite CRM well Suite CRM is a free and open source CRM software you can download it from the internet from Suite CRM installed on your web server and it is ready to go a little bit of history it’s an offshoot of Sugar CRM which was a free and open source CRM software that’s been around since 2004 a few years back they decided to stop developing the free version and move on to develop just a paid only version so a suite CRM picked up where they left off and they have a free and open-source edition for everyone to use so that’s basically the history of how it got to where it is what does it have in it well it’s got products you can add all your products in which means that you can add those products to quotes and you can have pricing you can send product info off to clients it’s got a whole product management system in it it’s got quotes so for example if you have an opportunity and you want to send a quote out you can create that quote in the CRM from the products that you have and it will all be stored in one place attached to the client everybody can that well have security to see it will be able to see it it has a whole contract management system in it if you have contracts that renew every year or anything like that you’re able to keep track of the contracts renew them and make sure the expiry dates are set and all those kind of things it’s got an invoicing system you can send invoices directly out from your CRM and then you know manage the status of whether they’re paid or not paid and all that kind of thing now it doesn’t have an accounting system so you will need to have a separate accounting system but you can send out the invoices for services that are entered in your system you can generate PDF templates for various email purposes so for example if you have like let’s say a customer sign up contract you can generate a PDF template and then every time you bring on a new client you can send out the template which kind of leads me into workflow here it’s got a full workflow management system so what that means is you can set up rules so for example when I said every new client gets a contract email to them you can set up a rule that every time a lead is converted to a customer automatically email out the contract and then you can generate a to do for your accounting person to follow up on that or generate a call a scheduled call to follow up on that a number of different things and it can be used in million different ways a real time-saver really great at automating your sales marketing and process workflow it’s got a fantastic search feature it’s fully indexed so for example if you want to find you know a sales call you did six months ago really easy to find by any of the keywords in that sales call and it comes up very quickly and gives it you know the most relevant searches it’s got an event management system so let’s say you’re hosting a conference you want to add a bunch of people from a lead list to that event and you want to either email them out invites and keep track of who went and what calls they got all those kind of things who’s going who’s not going can manage through events it’s fully Google Maps integrated routes so what that can do is for example let’s say I’m going to Toronto this week and I want to know any clients within 20 kilometers of Toronto so I can you know try and you know make my sales calls more efficient and do them all at the same time you can generate a lead list for everybody within 20 kilometers of Toronto send them out emails all those kind of things you can really geographic target very easily with the Google Maps integration it’s got a full security suite for teams so for example of team a can see these accounts team B can see those accounts or you can say this role the sales manager can see this account sales reps can see that account full easily customizable Security Suite it does have a Joomla portable where you can do a Joomla website where people can log in and for example request support and that kind of thing coming soon hopefully is the WordPress version but anyway it is very useful if you do that kind of thing it’s a fully responsive web browser theme so it operates in a web browser from any wireless connection it’ll go on any screen size you can use it on your phone your tablet your desktop it doesn’t matter it’ll work which makes it fantastic you don’t need any additional software to use it from your other devices so basically you have full access to your crm from anywhere anytime as long as you have an internet connection it’s got a outlook plugin so if you’re for example getting your email on Microsoft Outlook you’re able to just send that email directly to Suite CRM and it’ll attach it to the right customer or the right opportunity or the right lead and everything will be filed and organized properly of course it has all the standard suite CRM stuff targets leads contacts accounts if you are using any kind of CRM you’re familiar with this kind of thing so the question I normally get is it really free well yes it is just go download it and install it but there are some costs you have to be aware of you know you have to host it somewhere on a web server which you know depending on the size of installation can be you know on a budget web server for like ten bucks a month or you know a high-end private server for like 50 bucks a month it really depends on what your needs are but there is a cost involved with that you also need to have some expertise to install it and upgrade it as needed so anybody that’s familiar with web applications should be able to do that for you what are the pros well it’s free you know many people don’t need to look further than that but it is it’s unlimited users at no extra cost which is one of the downsides of many of the paid applications is that they charge a seat fee so for example every extra sales or if you add cost more money so maybe when you have two or three sales reps not such a big deal but when you grow to 10 or 15 sales reps now it’s a huge cost so you know you can add as many as you want it’s also completely custom by customizable without any coding it’s got a full studio in the background where you can drag and drop fields create your own fields drop downs anything you want to do really straightforward any you know person with you know just a minimal amount of computer skills is able to do it you don’t need to code anything it’s you know actively upgraded on a regular basis by programmers around the world it installs wherever you want installer you can stall in your own web server you can you can you know install it on GoDaddy or or any other web hosting solution it’s written in PHP so it’s really easy to hire programmer if you do want to customize stuff and I think you’ll find it has like 95% of the features and functionality of something like Salesforce or any of the paid services so it has a lot of things going for it you know there are some cons and you need to know about them it is free software so there is no company to call if you have a problem you know it’s really there’s an excellent user forum I I’ve been able to solve many issues and problems and glitches and things I’ve run into by going there chances are if I’ve had the problem someone else has to but you know you can’t pick up the phone and call customer support so you need to understand that going in the the other thing that you need to be aware of is being on the latest version is probably not the best idea because it is free and open source software that you know basically people who are using it are the software testers so they do have a stable version and then they have like a cutting-edge version so I advise most people to stay on the the stable version you need to have some IT support you can outsource this or have it on staff but in order to do the security and the backups and the things like that that keep a typical web application running you need to have that so those are the cons Suites around vs.

Salesforce if you go to their website they have a full comparison on all the features you can go there and take a look for yourself it’s easy to migrate you can migrate for pretty much any CRM it’s got a real easy import feature if you have a lot of complex data and a lot of custom fields and those kind of things they can get a little bit more complicated but generally it’s a fairly straightforward migration so without further ado let’s take a look at the software I’m gonna just move it over here and we’ll have a look hey everybody this is Suite CRM so we’re gonna go through it show you the main features kind of go through some of the things you can do with it and why it would be good for your company so what we have here is the main dashboard as soon as you log in this is what you see you’ll notice that this is operating in a web browser it’s operating in Google Chrome it’ll work in any web browser you can do it on your mobile phone any internet connection and you you’re live to your CRM anytime so the dashboard is completely customizable each rep can set it up however they like you know maybe they want their top ten opportunities at the top of the Paige it’s really simple you just drag and drop it all these are customized reports that you can also edit and make it to see for example your meetings everybody’s meetings you know meetings only next week or you know show a maximum number of ten or however many they’re all completely configurable you can see you’ve got your standard sales pipeline here so you qualify your opportunities by a different sales stage and you can see what deal size you have and how the dollar value of each deal and each one is also fully you know you can drill down and see each individual deal that makes up that graph so that all this stuff is really user friendly it’s great for managers or sales reps to come in in the morning and know exactly what they have to do and be on top of any leads or opportunities they’ve got going on so there’s various different kind of widgets you can put on the dashboard I like to have my calls I like to have my pipeline my meetings first thing at the top I obviously don’t want to miss my meetings my top opportunities so I know what I’m working on and my top leads you know right close at hand so I know who to call next and get some more sales from in addition to the dashboard you can also add more tabs so maybe for example you wanted to add you know another tab you wanted to put your calendar there so you can just add another tab let’s just say calendar add the tab and there we go had to refresh okay so then you have another tab there’s your calendar you can then go to that tab and then you can add a dash lit to that tab and I’m gonna add my calendar clothes there you go and then this will be available every time you log into Suite CRM however you want to set it up so you can see the dashboard is a great great feature there’s all kinds of reports and and different types of information you can show here you can create your own reports and then add them here as a dashlet really really you know I can’t say enough about how how good this is for a sales or to come in and know exactly what they have to do also really great for the sales manager to know what everybody’s working on and you can arrange this in a way that’s really easy for you to see that in a hurry so like most CRN’s works out you’ve got targets this is basically a list of people that you have that you want to email to at the moment I don’t have any targets entered in the test system here but it looks very similar to what Leeds would look like you’ll have a group of leads that you can also filter any which way you want so I’m just gonna look at new and I’m gonna look at everybody so I’m just gonna clear this and we look at new leads only search and you see you get a list of leads and it’s as you saw it’s very customizable you can filter it however you want to find somebody your leads our standard kind of contact form lead where you have your you name your address your contact details what’s also kind of cool about this is everything comes together in one place so if you have any meetings for this person they would it would appear here if you have any previous history with this person so emails calls meetings quotes all those kinds of things would appear down here makes it really easy in one spot to see everything you need to see about a particular person so this this person happens to be a lead let’s say I called them you know they’ve got some business for me and I want to create an opportunity it’s all done with one click and it’s super easy convert the lead now I’ve got I can convert the lead to an account so what that’s going to do it’s going to create a company record and a contact record so you can have more than one contact per company at the same time you’ll see this is a real time-saver I can create the opportunity so let’s say new business it’s in the prospecting stage it’s worth $5,000 and you know this is a great deal whatever the opportunity is you can describe it there at the same time I can log the call I just had intro call resulted in an opportunity ok so at the same time maybe I want to send scheduled myself a task to do like send send the client an email send intro email to client ok and you can see I’ve done all of this on one screen you know after just one click to convert the lead so save it oops didn’t put the close date in sales managers gonna want to know when that is so let’s say it’s next week save and you’ll see it’s created a contact account an opportunity call on the task you know if I go back to my home page here you know you’ll it’ll it’ll eventually be populated into my opportunity list and it’ll be in my sales pipeline so it’s really that easy to sort of manage leads and opportunities and contacts the other kind of cool thing I wanted to show you about Suite CRM was the the marketing functionality so if we go back to our leads here for a second I can select a bunch of these guys and just say I set up some criteria that made sense I do selected 20 I can very quickly add these to a target list just like that and I’ve got a test target list set up already so I’m just gonna add them to that target list and boom they’re on a target list so the whole point of target list is say I want to do an email campaign now go to campaigns and I already have a test campaign set up but I’ll start another one here just to show you how easy it is so I’m going to create a campaign I’m gonna do an email campaign and let’s just say prospecting oops and I don’t have to do anything else next I’m going to add the target list that I just created and I’m gonna add that to the campaign I’m gonna create the campaign and sorry next and then I can create a new email template or if I had a previously saved email template I could use that email templates in this system are really great you can set up as many as you want for any purpose and everybody in the company can use the same email templates I’m just gonna create a new one here to show you how easy it is you know new email save okay so for my email that I’m gonna create you get a whole email builder here let’s say I want to put in a title you know a little bit of text you know some key bullet points about how great my service is that whoops edited twice a photo and then at the bottom the information about how to contact me so there we go it’s really that easy and then you can just go in and you can edit any of these and you know next I’m going to you know basically you know enter some information about what email it gets sent from and that kind of thing and hit Send and then this this campaign I can scheduled a certain time as well we’ll go to that mailing list and it’s a real time-saver just creating the list adding the leads sending out the emails you can also schedule them on a regular basis set up ten or twenty of them in a row if you like makes marketing just just a breeze and all this information also gets stored in the actual contact or lead so you know what marketing materials they’ve received already makes for a fantastic marketing system fully integrated with sales makes it work well so in addition to this the sales and marketing functionality it’s it’s got a full support feature here so it’s got a case management system so for example in my business I have it set up that you know if people want let’s say I don’t know change the photo on my website I create a case for that and I you know make sure it gets done follow up a customer and suite CRM automatically sends them an email saying I got I got your request I’m working on it and then I can update the case as I go and when it’s closed the client gets an email saying this is done and then I have a full record of what happened and how long it took and what I did and when I did it it’s got a full bug management system if you’re developing software or anything like that clients can add bugs and it’s actually got a front-end joomla plugin if you’re using joomla to accept the bug requests over the internet right on your website apparently they’re working on a wordpress plugin as well that’ll do the same functionality hopefully i’m you know hoping that comes out soon for your individual person you’ve got your calendar you can manage your calls so you can schedule calls for next week do call reports of calls you’ve already had scheduled meetings with clients since got the whole functionality if it sends the meeting request to the client and they have to accept it and all that kind of thing it’s got full email capabilities you can send your emails and receive emails directly from suite CRM manage tasks so you know follow up with this guy or you know prepare report for your manager all those kinds of tasks you can add in keeps notes attaches the notes to the the leads or contacts tons of great functionality here other functionality that may be of interest it’s got a full document management system as well so for example if you have a bunch of policies and procedures you can put those in here and there will be a central storage place and it keeps track of revisions and all that things if you’re doing any kind of quality system that you need something like that it’s also got a full project management system in it with Gantt charts and the whole nine yards you can create a project template so for example in my business I design a website I have a certain you know 20 or 30 different steps I have to go through to design that website I create a project template and then every new website design is a new project and I just copy the template and I can manage it that way it makes it really really convenient for managing projects there’s just so much so many features here to talk about but one of the things I did want to talk about is the PDF templates you can create it’s been a full PDF editor in it so you can for example create a credit application let’s say and if this is what clients get when they sign up it’ll be you can send out the PDF template to your clients if you’re doing that every time you get a new client you can add a workflow which is kind of a cool feature workflows are rules that you can add to do specific things in the CRM so for example every time an opportunity is marked as one I’m gonna send out the credit out so you can go into workflow and you know really easy create a new workflow and I’ll just say credit app and opportunities I’ll just select the module that it pertains to and I want to do this on any modified record so this would be the case where I change it from I don’t know quoting stage to the one stage so for example I’m gonna add a condition that says the opportunity status or sales stage here is equal to one okay so what that means is this is gonna kick off every time an opportunity is changed to the closed one stage okay and what do I want to do I want to send an email and then I just picked the email template that you know I want to use I don’t have one set up at the moment but let’s use my new email that I just did okay so if I save this now every time that an opportunity gets changed to the closed one stage the email is going to be sent to them this is a really time-saving feature for both sales and marketing you can imagine even your accounting department you can you can imagine all the the rules so you can set up I have a you know a few dozen set up for myself you know for example when a client I said a quote out to a client if it hasn’t the opportunity hasn’t been changed to either won or lost within seven days it sends an email out that says hey you know did you get my quotation how did I do saves me doing a lot of you know follow-up calls and things like that if I haven’t heard from from within like a week and a half then it schedules the call for me to follow up and say you know did you get my email did you get you know the quotation how did I do try and close that opportunity that’s just one example but you can there’s so many different ways you can save time so that’s about it I really personally used sweet CRM for a number of years now I been using CRM s you know for like the last 15 years really helps the sales process really keeps you organized and keeps your sales people on track so if you are interested in sweet CRM it’s free you can download it from their website and install it if you need help installing it or help configuring it or you know just help in your sales process trying to determine exactly what your sales process is or it should be and what marketing collateral needs to go with it that’s what I do for a living you can contact me and I go sales and marketing and I’ll be happy to help you so thanks for watching I plan to make more videos on sweet serum and stay tuned

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