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Hey everybody its Paul Stevens from aegyo sales and marketing and we’re back with Suite CRM and today we’re gonna cover reports and report writing there comes some occasions where some of the standard reports that are offered just don’t meet your needs and you may want to create your own report so today I’m gonna cover how to create your own report and as an added bonus I’m gonna show you how to also add it to your dashboard on the front page so without further ado let’s get started okay so you’ll find reports in the all menu or however you’ve got a customized set up but just roll down to reports and then from the report module you can on the left-hand side just create a report and in the create screen you have a few options here the first one is the name of the report so today we’re going to do something we’re gonna take opportunities and we’re going to sort them by stage so let’s call this opportunities by stage okay and then the next field is who do you want to assign this to and it’s just a way of keeping track of who made what report you can either it’ll default to yourself or you can assign it to someone else the other thing is what module do you want to report from in our case we’re going to do opportunities but you can select any of the available ones here and they all work pretty much the same way so I’m gonna select opportunities and then you’ll see on the left-hand side I get all the fields that come from opportunities you may also want to select fields from other modules so for example if I want to do accounts or something you can also pull fields from accounts as long as they’re related to opportunities kind of thing but in our case we just want opportunities and you’ll see the values down below change depending on what module we select but right now we’re gonna do opportunities I’m going to select a few fields here and just kind of show you how it works so let’s say the day created so we want to know when the opportunity started we are going to want to know the name of the opportunity it’s a good one to have and let’s say we want to know the account name we also want to know let’s say the sales stage and what else maybe we want we want to know the lead source okay we’ll put that one in as well okay just move myself out of the way here so you can see we the fields that we’ve chosen our day created opportunity name account name sales stage and lead source so it will show those on the report for all opportunities some of the formatting options you have here so if we take a look at the opportunity name for example we may want to do it in such a way that on the opportunity name well we will be able to click on and drill down to the opportunity so in order to do that all you simply do is click on here link and it will link it to the opportunity some of the other options you have here are grouping let’s say I could group it by sales stage which means the report will basically sort by sales stage and then it will and you have a choice here ascending or descending and group them all together in one report but I want to do something a little bit more advanced I want each group to be kind of its own section of the report so what I’m gonna do instead of doing that is I’m gonna go to the main group here and I’m gonna select sales stage and you’ll see what that does when I’m when I’m finished with it some of the other options you may have here by default date created it’s going to end up being like a date-time field but maybe I want to format it as your month day let’s say my oh I didn’t put it in an opportunity amount I’m gonna want that so let’s say in each grouping that I’ve done for sales stage I also want to know the total amount of the of the leat of the opportunity so all I do here is summit and maybe I want to the number of opportunities in each group so in that case I’m gonna go on opportunity name and I’m gonna count them so that’s gonna get me a pretty decent report so let’s save it and have a look at it okay so you’ll see here that I have close lost clothes lost clothes lost that’s not really what I want I really just want the open reports so the rest of the layout looks pretty good I’ve got the day created the opportunity I’ve got the opportunity amount and then it adds them all up properly it counts the number of opportunities in each grouping so let me go back here and take a look at what I did so what I’m gonna do here is it’s gonna make sense to keep it sorted by sales stage and then what I want to do here is go into conditions and then sales stage and I’m gonna add a condition so there’s a number of ways of doing this you can have equal to or not equal to so I could say equal to a value and I could say I only want to see ones that are in the qualification stage that’s one filter I could apply but what I really want is wanna see everything except for ones that are closed or lost so in that case what I can do is I can say not equal to and then I can say one of and then I get all the different options here and I’m gonna say this I’m going to hold down control to choose the second one so now I’ve got both of those chosen and I can save the report so now this is looking like what would I want to see so I’ve got the sales stage of ID decision-makers and then I’ve got everybody that’s in that sales stage on the report I don’t think it’s working quite right here it’s breaking it up into two sections so I think what I’ve done sometimes this takes a little bit of trial and error I think because I’ve sorted it by sales stage it’s messing up a little bit I’m gonna sort it by day created and then I’m gonna group it by the sales stage okay let’s see if that looks better yes it does I find sometimes if you try and sort it by the field at which you’re grouping it on it can mess it up a little bit so what we have here now is what I wanted I’ve got qualification stage and I’ve got all of the opportunities that are in that stage sorted by date and I’ve got the total amount for that stage listed here ID decision-makers you’ll I’ve got that sorted properly as well totaled and counted qualification and value proposition and it looks like it’s working properly here although I keep seeing qualification twice could just be the demo data’s not set up properly these ones actually look like they’re they’re blank in terms of opportunity stage but in general that’s what I’m trying to do here so the next thing we might want to do is let’s say we want to further filter this and let’s just say looks like they’re all created on the same date here so that’s not gonna help us in terms of learning something let’s say we just want to see opportunities that came from what makes sense here the website okay that would be a good filter okay so I’m gonna go back and edit it and go to my conditions and I already have the conditions that anything that’s not equal to open or closed but I’m gonna add another condition so if I click on my fields here I’m going to say lead source and I’m gonna say is equal to and I’m gonna pick a pick one of them here or website and save it so now you’ll see I only see the leads that come from the website on this report and that’s kind of what I wanted to get to so you know there’s a number of different options in sorting and creating reports we’ve done grouping we’ve done you know selecting a bunch of different fields we’ve done filtering we’ve done a couple of different conditions filtering the report so that should give you a really good base in figuring out how to do your own reports and and what you need the last thing I promised to do was show you how to add it to your dashboard so now that this report is created I’m just gonna go back home and go to my dashboard and what I wanted to do here will show you how to add another tab here so I’m going to just delete this one for a second if you ever want to delete a tab it’s really easy under actions you just edit the tabs and get rid of the one you don’t want and close it and it’s gone so the reason why I got rid of is because I want to show you how to create one so to create a new tab and just add a tab you can add pretty much as many as you want I’ve not sure what happens when you get past the end of the screen I’ve never added that many but you know generally if you want add a few more it’s not a big deal so I’m gonna add opportunity report okay and number of columns is just how why do you want each report to be on the screen so on the home page for example it’s two columns you can put two columns with the reports gives you options here one two or three I’m gonna make this one column one full page report okay at the tab and you’ll see now I have an opportunity to report page I could have just as easily added it to my home page if I wanted to but just because it’s a big report it kind of makes sense to put it on its own page so once I select the tab you’ll see there’s nothing on it I’m gonna add a dash lit and you can pick any of the predefined dashlets that are already there but in our case what we want is reports and as soon as you see it added in the background you can just close that move myself out of the way here and you’ll see oh did that it let me try that again and Ashland reports clothes ah there it is sometimes you need to just refresh the page so anyway I headed it twice I’ll get rid of one now that the report module is there on the dashlet the other thing I need to do is add the specific report to it so I’ll just click on the pencil to edit it and let’s change the title to opportunity report and all we need to do select the report so this is the report all the reports that are available if you had you know hundreds of reports obviously you could search for them I’m just gonna pick the one that I had and save it and there we go so it’s now permanently added to this dashlet here so every time I go into Suite CRM I’ll get my home screen and if I want to see this report it’ll be there all the time you can also you know obviously at any time go to reports and run any report you want and rerun the report but this is how to add it as a report on your dashboard if you want to see it you know it’s a really important part report you want to use every day so that’s it it’s really user friendly easy to make reports if you have any questions you know you please comment below it would really help me if you enjoy these videos too please subscribe to my channel and like the video it helps me make some more videos and keep it in front of people also if you need help with sweet serum that is my day job I help consult and help people install sweet serum I help people organize they’re selling stages and selling profile in order to fit with sweets erm and and work the two together if you need any technical help or issues installing it let’s click on the link below that’s what I do you can help me out again Paul Stephens I go sales and marketing thank you so much for watching and have a great day

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