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Hey everybody its Paul Stevens here with I go sales and marketing today I have a tutorial on campaigns I have a few requests for this one and so I’m gonna take you through how to set up campaigns marketing email campaigns with sweet CRM and so the other thing I just wanted to mention sorry it’s been a while since my last video this is January through March is my busiest time of year but things are starting to set up a bit so again if you do need help with sweet CRM or anything like that you can contact me through my website I’ll have my information below having said that let’s get started so there are a few things that you’re going to need in order to start a campaign so let me just move myself out of the way here okay so some of the basic things that you’re going to need in sweet CRM before you even consider starting okay so one you’re gonna want to make sure that you have your outbound email account set up okay so in this test installation I have going here I don’t have it set up so you’ll see this information here that says you don’t have it set up if you want this to actually work you do need to set up and open an email server I’m not going to do it in this case because I don’t want to send out a bunch of random emails to people but anyway I’ll show you where that is if you don’t have it set up so you want to make sure in your admin here you have an outbound email account setup okay that’s the first thing so I’m not going to do a whole tutorial on how to set this up it’s pretty straightforward but if you don’t have an email account here you just want to make sure that you create one and have a system outbound email account setup there’s lots of information and documentation on Suites here about how to do that if you have problems with it let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll do a video on how to set up your outbound email accounts as well the other thing you want to check to before you get started is you notice here there’s a campaign email setting okay so again here you also want to make sure that you set this up properly so a couple of couple values that you’re going to want to just double-check here depending on how many emails you’re sending out many email providers have a limit to how many they will take per hour or per batch or that kind of thing I know with GoDaddy on my VPS it’s like 5000 per day maximum okay so some of them also have limits of how many per batch and how many per hour and all that kind of stuff so if you’re having problems you can set this up like for example emails and I’ll show you later are gonna be set up through a cron job and they’re gonna be sent out automatically from the server so for example if you had a limit of 500 per hour you could have a you know each batch run 500 and you could have the job around once an hour kind of thing and you you wouldn’t have a problem with your email server okay so that’s one thing you can also whether you want to keep copies of the campaign messages on the server if you’re sending out a lot of emails generally I would say no if you send it out fairly infrequently it’s up to you if you want to keep copies of the emails but you know if you sent out an email campaign to a thousand people why do you want to keep a thousand copies of it on your server it’s just you know taking up space for no reason so it will keep a record that you’ve sent it but there’s really no need to be to keep each each individual one okay and there’s also a link here to your on email accounts and again you want to make sure you have one set up okay so that’s the first thing you want to make sure most people if you’ve been using sweet CRM are going to have that set up already the second thing you need is an email template so I’m gonna go to I have it in my marketing menu you may not have it set up there but you’ll find it here in me all ok so email templates you’ll see there’s different kinds here there’s there’s a system email setup that are part of a sweets are em they’re like default emails that when the system does something it sends out an email and then we have one here that I I made previously and I think we’ll use this one for the campaign it’s just a quick email put together for a follow-up for a trade show and this might be a typical kind of thing you might want to send out so I just put something very similar together think a very simple together thanks for your interest at the trade show if you don’t know how this email builder works I’ll just show you really quickly so it’s all kind of drag-and-drop I have hey contact first name and the way I got that is if you go up here to variables and you go down to contact need and target that’s the one I normally like to use and then you’ll see here here’s the variable if you can just sort of click anywhere and insert and you’ll see it puts they put to the variable in okay and you can use that for any field that you have in sweets um if you want to insert like first name last name you know I don’t mean there’s other special fields you have set up you want to insert it in the email you can you can totally do that okay so that’s how you insert variables the other thing is if you want add a new module here I’m gonna add a footer to this one so I don’t have one okay so normally in the footer you know you could put something like the name of your company and then your you know one two three any Street and then your phone number okay that may that’s just an email compliance thing you need to have your contact information here and you also have an unsubscribe link so the unsubscribe link if you want to insert that let’s see here it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these ah never mind yeah you do it in the campaign section I’ll cover that later okay so here is my email here so I’m gonna save it and there’s my email and again you can put photos in text drag-and-drop create whatever fancy emails you want this is just a very simple one okay so that’s my email template setup the second thing you’re going to need is sort of third thing is you’re going to need is a target list so I have one already set up so I’m going to my target list here and again if I have my menu set up this way you might find it in all here you can add it to your custom menus so in try of traits you’ll follow up here or set up and you’ll see I have some leads already in there you must have at least one lead or contact in the target list for for the campaign to work otherwise it’s going to give you an error okay if you want to add more people to the target list you can always like from within the target list go here and you can select targets and you know you can add a couple let me move that over the way I think it’s messing up with my screen share application here okay there we go so I’m going to select a couple and just select and you’ll see they’re now added to the campaign okay so you can also if you’re selecting people here you can also search and then select the one you want after you search that can be a bit cumbersome the other way you can add people to a target list is for example if I go to contacts and maybe I’m you can set up your own filter here for whatever you want you know maybe lead source trade show for example okay I don’t know if I have any but anybody in that okay I do so you could select them all like that and then you could bulk action add to tar list okay and then I’m going to select my trade show target list and there we go they’re all added to the trade show target list okay so that’s an easy way to create target list you can do it the same with contacts or even if you have a custom module or whatever you can add them that way okay so that is my target list and it’s all set up where did my target let’s go there it is okay okay so you can see I have my target list and I have a bunch of people in there if you need to create a new target list it’s very easy just you know click here create one and then add some people to it really the only thing you need is a name here and oh I should cover the types here while I’m at it so the types are default this would be pretty much any list that you set a target list of clients or contacts or meets you have okay default is fine suppression list which I’m going to cover next is like an unsubscribe list and then the last kind is the test and you generally you add yourself as a user to the test list so that when you want to test to see what the email looks like when you get it and it works okay you want to add yourself to a test campaign list okay alright so that is target list check okay so the next thing you need is as I mentioned as a test list okay I don’t think I have one set up but let’s see okay oh I do already have one set up okay so again you can just create a list call it test target list or something like that and oh I don’t want all these people on the test target list you can just remove people like this okay but ideally oops ideally what you want to do is make sure that you add yourself so under users here you’ll select the list and a search oops oh I think I made min on this one well maybe not let’s see who’s here I am administrator okay there we go so I just added myself to the test list you don’t need all these people here you can you can get rid of them if you like obviously when you create a test list you’re you’re not gonna have leads and contacts in the test list you’re just gonna have users that’s the whole point you want to send the test list just to users okay but that’s a setting up a test and the important thing here is that the type here you want to make sure it’s a test and then save okay so this is a test list so I’ve got my two lists set up and then I’m gonna need a third type of list before I get started okay an unsubscribe list so I’m gonna create one here back in in my target list on a crate target list and there’s number of ways you can do this so I the way I like to do it I like to have one unsubscribed list for everything that way if someone unsubscribes they will never get another email from me again okay that’s I think that’s a good way to do it but you may have a case where you’ve got like separate lists or something and maybe you want to have an unsubscribe list for a particular campaign you can do that as well but in my case I like to have one general unsubscribe but someone unsubscribes I just don’t send them an email again okay so that that’s the way I do it and then I always use the main unsubscribe list for every campaign and then that way I’m sure that people don’t get it okay so give it a name that’s really all you need and then I’m gonna there’s a couple choices here for suppression lists okay my domain so for example if there’s a company that you never want to get your emails you can you can like put their domain name in there and no one from that company will ever get any the second way is by email address and that’s kind of the way I like to do it so what happens is if an email address matches an email address on the suppression list they won’t get the email okay so that’s that’s the way I like to do because I mean generally if someone subscribes for a particular email they don’t want to get they don’t want to get any more emails so you don’t send it okay so the other way is by ID okay so the difference between these two is this will suppress an email address so if a person has email at two email addresses in your system it is possible that they will get a future email campaign okay so if you choose to do it by ID then you know they want that particular person regardless of how many email addresses they have we’ll never get another email from you okay so again the difference between the two is this one if let’s say your list quality isn’t that great and you have duplicate a person in there twice then it’s possible if you went by ID that they would get future emails okay if you have it by email address that will solve that problem but it creates another problem of where the person might have two email addresses in you know as one contact right so you have to kind of make a choice here I prefer this one but that’s that’s the choice you need to make okay so suppression lists save okay I don’t think I need to have anybody on it in order for it to be usable but that’s that’s all I need here so let’s just have a look okay so I’ve got my n subscribe list I have my target list and I’ve got my test list so all those things check check check my email template I got that here twice let’s get rid of that okay so email template is we already took care of the next thing we want to do is get into setting up the campaign okay so we have all the components we need now so I’m going to go into campaigns and again I have this set up the way I like it but you may have it in your you know exhausted list of options here okay so I’m gonna go to campaigns okay and let’s let’s create a campaign okay so you have a few different options here okay one is a newsletter okay and the difference between these two here is the newsletter it’s gonna allow you to send like an email campaign to a single target list and you can always you know add more like January’s newsletter February’s newsletter april’s newsletter so on and so forth so and by using the same target list okay so this option here is a little bit different this will allow you to send a single email to multiple target lists okay so maybe you have like I don’t know a bunch of clients you have industry a industry B industry C and you want to send out one email to three target list so that’s the one you would use if and conversely again this one is if you have multiple emails and one target list okay so we’re going to do this one today they’re very similar if you can do one you can do both it’s just you have to decide which one makes sense for the campaign you’re trying to do non email based campaign is just you know a way of tracking I don’t know let’s say you’re doing Google Adwords or something and you can relate the contacts to the google adwords campaign it doesn’t do anything it doesn’t send anybody out but you can track who you know which clients you got from the Google AdWords campaign so that’s a non email based campaign and there’s also surveys maybe I’ll cover that in a future episode okay so for now we’re gonna do a newsletter campaign okay so it takes you through here a series of steps to set this up and it’s pretty straightforward so I’m gonna call this the trade show follow-up campaign okay you put a description if you want put a status okay if you actually wanted to go out you want to make sure it’s active okay so I’m going to make it active there’s some other information it collects here if you care to use this I rarely do but you know the budget and the expected cost and revenue blah blah blah if you want to track how it is kind of thing in the future okay so next we’re gonna go to the subscription list and remember we created all those lists well here’s where we need them okay so a subscription list we’re going to select one okay so these are the people who are going to get the email and we want the tradeshow list okay and then the unsubscribe list we want to select the unsubscribe list and the test list we want to select the test list okay so there we go we’re going to get everything we need we can go next it helps if you set up all that stuff in advance because it makes the campaigns that have go much smoother okay so now we get to the actual email okay so if we did not set one up in advance we could build an email here okay I normally like to set them up in advance the way I’ve just shown you and then that way by the time you get here it’s easy so we’ve got a couple options we can select an existing template we can create a brand new one or we can copy one so maybe you do one every month let’s say I often do this and the next month is slightly different okay so you could copy an existing one and then just change it slightly and then save it as something else okay but in this case I’m just gonna I’m gonna select in an existing template so here’s my trade she’ll follow-up email okay and so there you’ll see it’s imported it in here okay so the other thing I mentioned is we want to add in a unsubscribe link okay so here’s how you do that okay so we are going to create a tracker and let’s call it unsubscribe okay and just click here off that link and it automatically puts the right thing in here okay so let’s create the tracker okay so now you see we have the tracker here and I’m just gonna put here if you no longer wish to receive and then I’m going to insert the tracker in here okay so you’ll see there’s now an unsubscribe link inserted okay and you can do any kinds of trackers you like okay so like let’s say you wanted to track we’ll go here you know like read my okay something like this and you wanted to track anybody clicked on it you could create another tracker and we’d OOP that’s today read my blog it’s gonna be the link text and HTTP I go sales and marketing of course you can just you can plug in your link you want obviously or cut and paste it in so I’m going to create this tracker okay and you can see here now I have a couple trackers I have the unsubscribe one set up and I have to read my blog one set up so I’m just going to click here and then I’m going to insert the tracker okay so now I have a link to my blog and I can track any time somebody clicks on it okay I’m not going to cover the campaign tracking today I might do that in a future episode but anyway what this does is anybody that clicks on that you can now track that you know that that particular person click through the read on your blog and you know if you’re monitoring this stuff that would be a good indication that you should follow up they’re interested in your blog right we could do a phone call hey Saul you were just in my blog wanted to think of it blah blah blah lead into a sales conversation okay so the every is fundamentally set up you can add or edit any of this on the fly if you like but everything’s good right now to go to the next step which is to set up the marketing part okay so we’re gonna give this email a name let’s call it monthly oh no this is the tradeshow line try to show follow up okay and then balance handling account I hope I set this up okay no I did it so in your I have it set up in my main ones but in admin here you are going to want to go to outbound email to edit it okay let’s see there’s an option here somewhere probably in the campaign setting one okay these are all the same I think I actually have to set this up in order to have that option but there’s an option here there’s a checklist here that says you use as bounce handling account and what that does is you’ll be able to or do I need to create a new but let me just double check so I’m telling you the right thing here okay let me just see if I can create one and does it give me that option no it doesn’t okay if I had it set up you would select your balance handle in the account okay so what that does is if an email goes to somebody and it bounces it’s going to send an email back that says you know this person is no longer available or no longer here whatever and Sweetzer em will monitor that account for bounced emails and then you’ll be able to track that in your in your campaign now I don’t have it set up right now but if you have a proper system email setup you will get that option okay so the outbound email account is going to be the system and of course if you had other email accounts set up your personal one or whatever you could you could use that as the outbound email account as well okay so the other thing you’re going to want to do is schedule it for you know let’s say April 10th okay at 11 o’clock a.m.

Is fine okay so the next option is who is it coming from and you know you’re gonna put one possibly put your name in here or you know the name of your company okay so the from address just one thing about email deliverability okay if your if the system email comes from eiko sales and marketing comm for example you’re going to want the from email address as best you can to match that so if you’re sending it through like Gmail and then the front address like so for example the outgoing server is Gmail like let’s say P Stevens at and and the front address is P Stevens and I go sales and marketing calm and then the reply address is you know Dave at gmail or hotmail or something you’re gonna have problems with deliverability because that’s a sort of a spam warning so it doesn’t mean you can’t do that but it will impact deliverability so if your system email is I go sales and marketing comm we want to make sure that you know comes from P Stevens at I go okay and then reply to is going to be the same or I mean in your case it could be different but again try and keep the domain name try and keep the domain names the same as much as you can unless there’s a really good reason not to you because it’ll just help you with deliverability okay so that’s everything I hope it’s not going to give me a warning here on bounce handling account but we’ll see here in a second okay oops paste okay I don’t know why yeah it’s not gonna let me talk he’ll let me kind of the last step here okay so um let’s see let me bypass it no it won’t okay let me see if it’ll let me go to the next step here okay so generally if you have selected a balanced handling account you would hit next and then you go to the summary I’m gonna see if it’ll just let me skip by here for the sake of the video okay it won’t but the next step is really just a confirmation and it gives you some options okay guys so here is how you set up your balance handling account I’m gonna splice this in the middle of my last presentation here because I had to look it up it’s been so long since I set up my okay so in it min here you want to go to your inbound email setup now your outbound your inbound okay okay so if you go to admin so we set up the outbound email already for the campaign but you also want to set up your inbound so your inbound here if you go here you’ll see new balance handling account that’s what I was looking for so okay so we would we would set up a new balance handling account and then you know you would put in your the name of your account you can use a gmail if you want for the balance handling the server address you can get all this stuff from like it’s your SMTP settings from your email provider and then you can set up an inbound account so what’s going to happen is any time there is a balanced email it’s going to bounce back to this email box and sweet CRM we’ll check this email box for bounces and report bounces so that’s what that’s for and that’s that’s one of the requirements as well for sweet CRM to set this up so I’m gonna just put that in here is number two inbound email account okay bounce okay so that is your final list for setting this up so here’s where we left off and you can see I have a bounce handling account set up already and next okay so here you go this is the next screen that that you would get you know assuming you have a bounce handling account setup and so you would so if you have multiple emails in this campaign you would select the one that you’re using obviously in this one I have one and then you have a couple of choices here you can send it as a test or you can send it at a scheduled time so generally I like to send myself a test and just because I’m gonna be on the test list and check it out the next thing I want to do is send the email at a scheduled time okay so now once you do that you’re getting into the last thing that we need here which is to make sure you have your cron jobs and your outbound email queue setup okay so once the email set up to go okay I’m just going to cancel this because obviously I can’t I can’t save it with oh there we go let me go to the final screen anyway because I I couldn’t save that one particular field without the balance handling account okay so if you have that set up you won’t have that problem it’s just that this is a test environment okay so the next thing you want to make sure is we’re going to go to admin here and we’re going to go into the scheduler okay so these are all the cron jobs that run on your server okay and one of them here is going to be run nightly mass email campaign okay so you can change this to run whenever you want I generally run them at night and just because it’s you know it doesn’t it’s easier on the server while I’m on it during the day and it’s not you know sending up huge campaigns in the middle of the day but you you can set it to whatever you want I have it set up here you can edit it and change the timing and stuff so mind goes you know on the hour from 2 a.m.

To 6 a.m. every night so if there are campaigns ready to go that’s when they’re gonna go okay so that’s one component that you need so in order to set this up properly if you’re on shared hosting or something check with your hosting provider but you need to set up a cron job okay and this is the the key that you need to set up as far as the canto so it runs all the time and then it’s going to be the path to your server and it’s going to be the where cron PHP is and all that kind of stuff so you’re going to need to set that up different I had some issues setting up the first time just getting the syntax right you may want to check with your hosting provider and what that does is it just runs all these jobs and you need to have them running otherwise you’re gonna have problems so email email campaigns is one that you need to have running in order for this to work okay so the next thing that you’re gonna watch I guess once you’ve once you’ve done that okay what’s gonna happen here is it’s going to create an outbound email here okay sorry that’s not the right one in email queue is the one I’m looking for here okay it’s going to create of course I don’t have any in the test environment here any anything in the queue but you will see all your emails from the campaign here and then maybe you know if you have a thousand people there’s gonna be a thousand emails cute okay so this will send by that nightly job okay at night or whenever you have it set up for as automatically but if that’s not running you can always like force it to go right now or you want to send it this minute you can always send cute emails campaigns like right now okay and then they’ll go out okay so that’s how you that’s how you do that okay so we have covered pretty much everything so the outbound email accounts the email template the target list the test lists the unsubscribe lists the we set up the campaign and we’ve checked to make sure cron jobs and the outbound email queue are working and then your campaign should be good to go once your campaign is done let me just check in to mine here that that I’ve sent out I said I was going to cover this in the future email here but this is one that I’ve sent out if you go to view status okay you can i’m not going to scroll down and show you all my contacts but you can see here that you know this particular one sent ten emails out one bounced and you know nobody clicked through my link so this wasn’t a very successful email but you get some stats here and then if you scroll further down you you see the actual results of who did what and who got it and which ones bounced and all that kind of stuff so the bounced ones you may want to either fix the email or you want to maybe add them to the unsubscribe list just so that you don’t you know you’re not resending them again okay so we’ve covered everything at this point moving forward everything is all done and I hope that you enjoyed the video if there are any questions or anything feel free to put them down below in the comments please subscribe to my videos it really helps in you know helps me make more videos that they’re people are interested in it and subscribing to it as well I’ll put a link down below visit my website if you have any concerns or questions or you want I mean I do this for a living if you want me to help you out with your installation you can contact me on my website I have contact forms I’ve got Facebook messenger you can chat with me please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you anyway thank you very much for watching

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