Strategyzer’s Value Proposition Canvas Explained

Every day companies design products and services to improve their customers lives but 72% of new product and service innovation fail to deliver on expectations this means that customers don’t care about seven out of ten new products introduced to the market it doesn’t have to be this way just like you create value if your business with a business model canvas there is in fact a tool to intentionally visualize design and test how you create value for customers it’s called the value proposition canvas the value proposition canvas is composed of two parts the customer profile and the value map with the customer profile you describe the jobs your customers trying to get done jobs can be functional by getting for me to be social like impressing friends and colleagues or emotional like gaining peace of mind you highlight your customer pains which annoy customers what can get a job done pains and negative outcomes that customers hope to avoid like dissatisfaction solutions and challenges frustrations risks or obstacles related to perform a job and you outline customer games which describe how customers measure the success of a job well family gains are positive outcomes that customers hope to achieve like concrete results benefits and even aspirations missed a customer profile to visualize test and track your understanding of the people or companies you intend to create value for it’s a map that becomes clearer the more we learn about the customers the second part of the canvas is the value map with it you list the products and services your value proposition builds on you described in which way these products services and features are pain relievers how they eliminate reduce or minimize pains customers care about making their life easier and you outline in which way they are game creators have a produce increase or maximize outcomes and benefits that your customers expect desire or would be surprised by the value map makes explicit how your products and services relieve pains and create gains use it to design test and iterate your value proposition until you figure out what resonates with customers you achieve six by creating clear connection between what matters to customers and how your products services and features these pains and create games great value propositions target essential customer jobs pains and games and do so to stream Lee well your customer profile may contain countless jobs pains and gains but your value map highlights which ones you intend to focus on don’t forget an outstanding value proposition can still fail if your business model is flawed successful companies embed outstanding value propositions and scalable and profitable businesses use the value proposition canvas to create products and services that customers won’t get started and strategize – calm

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