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welcome to another livestream of signs of the last days ministry where we connect world events and conditions to the biblical prophecies before we start with last day’s prophetic signs we have I want to remind everyone that on Sunday evening at p.m. US central time we will have our watch and pray live stream home service on this channel where we gather together to review the prophetic signs of the last days that are happening and together encourage our community as we are at a fide together in fellowship so to be encouraged on a weekly basis to be ready for the coming and coming appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ why because it’s happening the signs of the last days prophecies are happening just like the Bible see it revealing we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ because now we are having strange and even mysterious signs that are continuing to happen since the January super Blood Moon starting in 2019 now we discussed some of this in our last watch and pray livestream service this past Sunday but in just the past few days there have been even more signs that are happening we had mentioned how there had been a very rare Florida earthquake that just happened in the Florida Panhandle and it happened where the scientists say that earthquakes are not supposed to happen but now since then there has been not just one but there has been three earthquakes in that Florida area in just a few days the US Geological Survey reported that another magnitude earthquake occurred near the state line of Florida this is the third earthquake to hit at the Florida State Line in the past few days and the US Geological Survey says earthquakes in Florida are rare because the state does not sit anywhere near any tectonic plates the agency says two other earthquakes have now occurred in the same area in the past few days previously a magnitude earthquake happened and also then a magnitude quake happened near the state line at sensory Florida their strength is not what’s important but their strange location is what’s important where the scientists they’re saying there is nothing there to cause an earthquake also the Florida Geological Survey has also said that Florida is located on a passive continental margin which means that there are no tectonic plate boundaries nearby that can cause earthquakes but yet they’re having earthquakes where they are not supposed to be having any earthquakes it is a mysterious sign of the earth so for an earthquake to happen and earthquakes to continue to happen in Northwest Florida in a place where there’s no tectonic plate in a place where there is nothing that caused them is a mysterious strange event in an unusual place but these strange signs are just as the prophecies of the Lord Jesus Christ foretold in Matthew the 24th chapter and Luke the 21st chapter that we would see signs of earthquakes in diverse various places that would happen this is another case of strange signs with earthquakes and strange weather happening in 2019 since the super Blood Moon of January which on the day of the Blood Moon itself it also had a severe earthquake but that’s not all a few days ago there was also a mysterious rumble that rattled patio doors and shook houses as it hit across the space coast of Florida’s east coast a few days ago and US Geological Survey seismologists were the agency are hard pressed to say exactly what it was that happened it shook homes from cocoa to Merritt Island they don’t think it was an earthquake but still it’s a mystery the deep rattling was reported by residents many of whom are familiar with the occasional sonic boom in that location from overhead military jets and they’re familiar with consistent shaking that would follow a rocket launch a Satellite Beach resident who experienced this strange rumbling and shaking said I felt my sliding doors vibrating for a solid two and a half minutes I left my bedroom and I went to the front door to look for a rocket thinking I thought I may have missed one but air force base officials nearby they also heard of the mysterious rumbling and shaking and they said there were no military exercises involved that could have caused it and it is still a mystery and previously before this not long ago on February 12th some of the same Florida East Coast residents from Titusville to palm to Palm Bay also reported on social media being shaken after what they after what happened turned out to be a fireball that exploded in the nighttime skies there over the Atlantic Ocean where the force it was reported equal to 100 tons of TNT that bright green meteor was also detected by private network that contracts with NASA’s planetary defense office to monitor asteroids meteors and fireballs mysteriously Florida has been hit with three confirmed earthquakes in ashore period of time in a place where there is nothing to cause them and adding to the mystery are these claims of a fourth event rumble and shaking on the East Coast happening not long after a meteor explosion their strange and even mysterious and you can find articles and links on all this and postings on our website signs of the last days org in the news section on the left side of the homepage are in the blog from the top menu bar but that’s not all we also are now having even stranger weather events happening like never seen before now Justin last Sunday’s watching prey livestream service I described to you many strange signs some of the strange signs that have been happening so far this year in the Earth’s atmosphere with weird weather events just as the Lord Jesus and his biblical prophecies foretold that the Earth’s weather cycles and events would intensify until the Seas and the waves are roaring is what the prophecy of the Lord said the the seas and the waves are roaring which we know scientifically are interconnected to the weather patterns and to storms like hurricanes and the resulting intensity but now the signs are becoming even stranger you see the Lord God wants the world to know that he is the Lord that he is God and the things that he has done in this earth were not done in a corner they were not little things that were hidden away the signs of the last days prophecies are going to continue to intensify to where anyone that has any measure of knowledge in the Word of God in any type of sensitivity to the thought thinking that there is a God they’re going to have the opportunity to know that the Lord God of heaven is providing signs that tell us to get ready for the last days at the end of this age and for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for now the signs are becoming even stranger because this week we had an amazing event happen this week at the same time of these strange earthquakes happening in a strange place in Florida and the central United States we just had a cat to our category 2 level hurricane that formed over land I said formed over land in the winter in the central United States amazing this cyclone our hurricane that they named Homer did not form over water like what’s normal for a hurricane and it did not form in summer heat like what’s normal for a hurricane or a cyclone but this historic rare winter bomb cyclone they called it with cat to hurricane-force winds set records across the central United States as it exploded from nothing over land into a historic cyclone in just 24 hours and did that transformation over land in the central us rather than over the water of the Seas and the waves ladies and gentlemen we now have cat 2 hurricanes are cyclones developing over land in the winter these are strange signs and again this is all directly right out of the news everything that I’m sharing with you is right out of the news over the past three days all of this all of the statements all of the quotes directly out of the mainstream news media God’s not hiding God is showing the world that I am the Lord God of all of creation and my holy prophecy my Holy Word is true and it will be fulfilled as I the Lord God hath said oh I feel the Holy Ghost this explosive intense winter storm with up to cat to hurricane force was described by weather experts not me I’m just a messenger it was described by weather experts as a rare bomb cyclone that is a historic winter cyclone the National Weather Service the National Weather Service described it as quote incredible unquote and a quote great plain cyclone of historic proportions unquote where they said that over 70 million people across most of the United States was affected the storms pressure now remember this is a storm that developed over land even though everything I’m going to tell you sounds like a hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean but no this just developed in 24 hours it exploded from nothing into something in 24 hours and the central landmass of the United States but the expert said that the storms pressure dropped to the equivalent of a category two hurricane with many towns such as Pueblo Colorado and Dodge City Kansas dropping to the lowest pressures they have ever recorded and it strangely combined the worst weather of all Four Seasons into one storm from violent tornadoes and thunderstorms damaging hurricane-force winds and severe blizzard conditions even to flooding the blizzards stranded over a thousand drivers with many requiring rescue and enclosed highways many intercontinental freeways were closed airports were closed as airplanes were tossed like toys and thousands of flights were canceled and high-profile vehicles like 18 wheelers were blown were blown over on the highways and railroad cars were toppled over from the railroad tracks at Denver International Airport they had kept one hurricane force winds recorded at 80 miles per hour the strongest on record there south of Denver at Colorado Springs they logged a wind gust that was clocked at cat to hurricane force of 97 miles per hour the highest there ever recorded a veteran broadcast meteorologists reported this is about as bad as I’ve ever been in winter wise in 27 years at the Weather Channel and another quote this is a very epic cyclone said the chief of forecast operations for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Weather Prediction Center they went on to say we’re looking at something that will go down in the history books it’s a storm for the record book strengthening from a run-of-the-mill weather disturbance into a historic cyclone in 24 hours with a central pressure dropping 33 millibars meeting the criteria of a meteorology chol bomb that exploded over the central United States God was saying hey look at me and pay attention to my holy prophetic word and this storm made this transformation over land rather than water let me tell you that the Lord God he is the one that walks on the water and the one that controls nature and controls the fate of souls this was another case of strange weather happening in 2019 since the super Blood Moon of January so in just about three days we’ve had Florida hit with three earthquakes and a place where there is nothing to cause them and adding to the mystery the claims of a fourth event Rumble and shaking on Florida is east coast after a sign from the heavens of a meteor explosion there and at the same time we had a historic a two level hurricane with an eye and the winter that developed over land in the central us within only 24 hours that set records all across the United States I submit to you these events are strange and even mysterious but the biblical prophecies foretold that they would happen the biblical prophecies foretold that there will be strange signs in the earth and in the heavens indicating the coming end of the age Luke the 21st chapter verse 25 through 26 said there will be strange signs in the Sun Moon and stars and here on earth the nations will be in turmoil perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides and that people will become terrified at what they see coming upon the earth axis second chapter verse 19 says the Lord God will cause wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below you are seeing signs of the prophecies happening now pointing to their coming fulfillment indicating we are nearing the end of this age and the appearance of Jesus Christ I suggest strongly to everyone to get ready now for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ to catch away his born-again believers in his church because right now there is good news we still yet live in the church age of forgiveness and salvation and the front chapters of the book of Revelation near the rapture before the horrific events that are unleashed on the world later in the book of Revelation so now as Jesus said in Luke 21 we can be made worthy hallelujah to escape all those things that will come to pass that’s the words of Jesus by being born again as Jesus commanded in John 3 again the words of Jesus and how his apostles told the we are to do it in acts two when Jesus started his church we can be made worthy of eternal life and deliverance from the wrath to come as the Apostle Paul said in the Bible by repenting now of our sins and having them washed away by the blood of Jesus through water baptism in his name and being filled with a baptism of the Holy Spirit as the Apostle said which will make us ready to be translated at the rapture moment of the catching away unto Jesus Christ and the clouds of the air but the Holy Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 6 that now is accepted time behold now is the day of salvation this is the opportunity this is the time when we have here there in this mid work midweek watch and pray live strength to make our decisions and our plans for Jesus Christ what is your plan for your eternal salvation what is the plan for your life – lil for the Savior Jesus Christ and to do work for him and to be ready to meet the Lord in the future what decisions do you need to make for Jesus Christ to be your Savior in the Lord of your life for you to believe on Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you’re willing now to make a decision for Jesus Christ in your life if you’re willing now to change your life and to be better and do more for the Lord Jesus just into the chat right now or in the comments later type in that you’re making a decision for Jesus Christ in your life and don’t hesitate we are with a son the signs are becoming stranger and more urgent we’re running out of time in this age of grace as the signs are showing I want you to come to Jesus now in prayer and I want you to talk to him like you would someone now I want you to say this prayer with me and just mean it from your heart say it now dear Lord Jesus I believe on you as the son of God that she died for me and you rose the dead but I may be complete and alive in you I asked you to forgive me of my sin and to save me for a once you as the savior and Lord of my life thank you for hearing my prayer and loving me and lead me and following you in Jesus name Amen hallelujah since you willingly said that prayer we believe that you’ve made a decision for Jesus Christ in your life and you started a new relationship for him with him for a new beginning that leads to a wonderful new future Jesus has for us now that you made that decision up in your mind and determined to take every action in your life you need to take for Jesus Christ after this live stream go to signs of the last days org website on the homepage and watch the video next steps to the rapture and learn more about your personal next steps to take and continue your experience with Jesus Christ and if you need help finding someone to baptize you or pray with you biblically where you are contact us at signs of the last days ministry to help you find someone our contact information is on the signs of the last days org website at the very bottom thank you for being in this live stream as we are watching the signs of the last days prophecies as they’re happening now and as we’re encouraging one another in the prophetic word of God and in prayer in fellowship as our Lord Jesus commanded in Luke 21 we are watching hallelujah we’re watching and praying so that we may be counted worthy as Jesus said to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man for as we see these things begin to happen jesus said look up lift up your heads we’re not sad we’re not worried we’re not fearful we’re excited whenever I see the signs of the last days prophecies manifesting in the world with these strange signs that are happening now bet the Lord foretold would happen I’m not sad I’m not I’m not and are fearful or worried I’m happy I’m excited because our redemption draws near to be caught away to Jesus Christ in the moment in the twinkling of an eye to be forever with the Lord praise God if this ministry is informative and a blessing to you would you please pray about giving an offering of any amount to help us so we can continue sharing the signs a Biblical prophecy to the world so that more realize Jesus is coming and as we near the end of this age and if you believe in prophetic ministry sharing the signs of Jesus is come and join together with us as a monthly partner in prophecy giving any amount each month to share the signs of the coming of Jesus we pray to see you this coming Sunday evening at p.m.

You US central time and our watching prey livestream home service broadcast on this channel where we plan to share prophetic last day signs happening in Europe and Israel two important places biblically to keep our eyes on until then God bless you and keep you in the name of the Lord Jesus and remember for the born-again believers in the kingdom of God the last days are not the end but the beginning of our wonderful new future in Jesus Christ forever signs of the last days ministry connects the conditions and events happening in the world to the biblical prophecies we are now reaching into cities and areas all across the United States and the Lord has blessed us to reach into over 40 countries now around the world and what makes this all possible is the support from the Lord in his body of Christ in the world as you who give to God into this ministry so to bring all these broadcasts and content to bless you and others the Bible says we live in perilous times of the last days where the world is selfish as lovers of themselves and lovers of money despising those doing good for God but we have not so learned Christ for Jesus said in Luke 6 to give and it will be given to you giving us his principle of giving as God’s Way of supporting his work of ministry and in turn blessing his people with a greater blessing as they do so pray about going to the website signs of the last days org and they’re securely given offering of any amount that’s tax-deductible and be a partner in prophecy helping this ministry proclaim more signs of the last days prophecies so more people know to get ready for the coming of Jesus thank you for supporting this last day’s ministry and receive the blessing of the Lord Jesus upon you as you help others to watch and pray and prepare for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ of which there shall be no end ..

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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