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[Music] [Music] slowly you are doing a great job just keep it steady tanja radio topside and tell them we’re nearing our desired depth sure thing dr. T topside this is deep abyss Explorer how’s it looking up there over Explorer this is topside calm seas up here over over where you’re clear to continue over Roger that continuing with the experiment deep abyss Explorer out okay nice it nice and slow don’t watch your depth very carefully don’t worry dad okay I got it what was that I don’t know the controls they they are responding Tania radio topside tell them they have to stop us now we’re dropping too fast Mayday Mayday topside we’re dropping feedback we’re closing in on collapse death [Music] Roger that Explorer breaking now sits in are you alright I think so oh wait wait oh well it’s outside of a bump on the head I I think you’ll laughing are you two okay okay Tanya passed me through the topside why’d you cons a little flaky right now peroxide topside this is deep abyss Explorer do you copy Karen Arthur are the controls working not at the moment okay keep trying okay dr.

Greene can you run a full diagnostic of the wave generator please right away topside this is deep a bit big for do you copy Explorer this is topside topside isn’t this is dr. Taylor our controls are not responding we want you to pull us up right away over Top Sider can you hear me all right Explorer this is topside repeat last transmission topside controls are not responding I repeat they are not responding request you pull us up now over Explorer was the wave generator damaged over dr.

Greene has the Diagnostics check completed ah sisters are normal topside we request aborting the experiment and be pulled up over topside diagnostics report all circuits are operating but I am very worried about our position and we Explorer negative on extraction we will hold your position proceed with the experiment Karen how are the controls coming I’ve got nothing we’re hanging on by a thread literally dad what’s the plan topside proceeding with the experiment will love we’ll get back to you over dr.

Taylor good luck the topside dr. Taylor this is madness this year power from the pulse from the wave generator could break this hull apart get dr. T I don’t like this either I mean there’s got to be something we can do you know I could just fake the data Karin is the break locked for now but it’s all being controlled by topside well we’re above collapsed ABS so only by a few hundred feet look I don’t like this any more than the rest of you the fact is they’re not gonna pull us up until we’re through with the experiment okay it’s it’s unfortunate but it’s the simple truth Tanya can you can you get the operating systems up and running all set dr.

Greene all set well here goes nothing yes oh it’s working dr. T we’re getting a ton of data Oh Taylor really did it but with that everybody quiet just be quiet and just listen for a second Tanya can you patch me through to topside on it topside this is deep abyss Explorer we need immediate evacuation we are experiencing falling debris over Explorer this is topside was the experiment successful yeah yes we have all the data we need now no no now pull us up over Roger that Explorer pulling you up whoa what was that oh this can’t be good I’m sure we’ll be moving in a moment [Laughter] dr. Greene do you know what’s going on this is more than a little shake up from the wave generator it could be a number of things I’m not one to speculate maybe right now is a good time to start don’t you think I think we might have triggered our worst fear Jeff dan what is he talking about megathrust earthquake oh that doesn’t sound good no neither is the mega tsunami that will follow shoulda brought the beer both what is that what’s going on there’s got to be something we can do doctor teeth right I’m afraid not we only have a short amount of time what implosion and finishing what we started our arrogance will kill millions [Music] [Music] [Music] take a look at this this can’t be right check the remote connection to the Pacific seismometers it looks like – with the Marianas Trench are to put but it looks like the rest of them are operational the recent readings are off the chart it’s got to be a glitch nothing can be that big right let me let me check hold on oh no what is it it looks like one of the seismometers is down there were four of them and now only through your operational for all three in the western Pacific yes and it’s headed this way [Music] what are we gonna do get the fig get the headpiece get the headpiece we have to warn everyone put it on your head call them get it this is an emergency broadcast from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center [Music] the massive earth like it originating from the Marianas Trench resulting in a mega tsunami look Luke yeah send out the warning to the other centers the tsunami will hit the islands very shortly seek high ground and shelter immediately there is no time for evacuation my God have mercy on us all Luke what are you doing I have to be with her [Applause] wait there isn’t time I have to no one is available honey I don’t know why you’re not answering the phone right now but listen my way home don’t leave the house don’t listen to anything you hear on the TV just stay where you are and be right home just please stay where you are we’ll be right home [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] with seasonal temperatures about 82 degrees by this afternoon clear skies tonight with a low near 70 increasing cloudiness it can’t be no no no that’s not right I just saw her yeah Daniel Daniel can you get down to the lab immediately we’ve got a lot of data to sort out and very little time to do it what are you talking about that was the mega tsunami it’s only theoretical it it’s not possible yeah well well it’s happening just get down to the lab I’ll explain it when we get there [Music] I laugh and you need to capture someplace far away yeah yeah I think I you have to get out of here okay just go I’ll stay with my mom for a while any serious please this is important the Mamas in Arkansas it’s like 15,000 miles away 1,500 [Music] sweetheart Sylvia sweetheart I know but I need you to get up okay [Music] [Music] I’m coming I’m coming hold your horses I’m coming I said Wow can I help you dr.

Vickers I’m gonna race argent Benjamin right you need to come with me why would what happened I’m not at liberty to say sir my orders are to take you to the thunderclap bunker immediately under cloud your country needs you I don’t understand what do you want with me please step out of the house sir I have my orders you’ll be removed by force if necessary huh it’s not necessary they’ll just give me a minute you can take care of that later okay don’t let me just grab my papers no need sir we have everything that’s good luck products now listen to yourself you’re just going on and on and on for the last 10 minutes 20 minutes we’re the ones who caused it if we hadn’t you are not listening to me we just flew over the island there’s nothing left it’s what we’ve been waiting for a true test of wherever living yes I understand I don’t quit cause the tsunami understood it’s working are you hearing me yes good get a press release prepared I want this transmitted to all of the affiliate you mean yes yes I got it all of it okay all of them you have about 20 minutes okay all right afternoon gentlemen IDs please gunnery sergeant right who do you have with you dr.

Ivan Vickers dr. Ivan Vickers wait here please sergeant right dr. Vickers please follow me he’s going down not very talkative part how far down we going it’s classified dr. Pickers really a strange what harm could be let’s just say we’re going far enough I see you need someone to help with this structure that’s why you need a geology that’s right I really can’t say dr.

Vickers of course well when do you think that gets some different clothes I really don’t want to be walking around like this all that fools glue right there yeah alright babe are you doing finding your chute up relate the report is upstairs waiting for us right now no no I’m gonna get going hon there’s game guys do pants up let’s go now yeah what go ahead and get behind that a pile right there look dr.

Vickers please join us dr. Vickers nice to meet you I wish it was under better circumstances why don’t you so what are the circumstances exactly what am I looking at right lots of 12 hours ago an earthquake suddenly occurred here along the Mariana Trench our reports indicate that this was a massive shift of the Pacific and Mariana plates what were these seismic readings before the earthquake all reports were normal up to the point of the quake no tremors at all what about from the Pacific Warning Center that’s dr. Vickers the earthquake is not our major concern right now right now we have much more pressing issues to consider the tsunami correct where is it now the tsunamis on a collision course with the western coast it looks to hit Southern California up to Los Angeles we need your input on a possible solution a solution to what my field is geology stopping it you want to stop a tsunami impossible it is one of the most destructive natural forces known to man its only purpose is to destroy you cannot stop a tsunami it’s a juggernaut death [Music] 20 turn on the news the press conference is about to start [Music] good afternoon everyone let’s go ahead and get started shall we finally the ability to control mother nature’s most destructive forces is at mans disposal through my company we can stop the tsunami and because of my generosity I will make my satellites available to the United States together we will save millions of lives and has the United States contacted you yet requesting your help no not yet but I expect a call at any moment so please do excuse me if I need to rush off mr.

Nariño how exactly is the satellites supposed to work a concentrated wave of energy is directed at the Earth’s crust causing it to fracture it’ll be a much larger scale of course covering a broad area and what is the energy wave composed of the actual frequency and pulse of the wave is a closely guarded secret something we cannot share we would hate for it to fall into the wrong hands now has this process been tested I mean have you successfully created a wave in the ocean before not in the ocean but smaller skilled lab tests have been conducted and the results have been very favorable and I have been informed that the satellite will perform equally as well on the scale we need so the satellite is not been properly tested no no no that is not what I’m saying the satellite is being repurposed to perform the necessary actions firing a wave of energy at the tsunami is within your capabilities directly in its path actually that sounds like a military operation but if successful won’t that just add to the problem and create another tsunami it will create another wave but it will be traveling in opposition to the original tsunami when the two waves collide they will just cancel out one another now I won’t make one thing perfectly clear nothing of this scale has ever been attempted by any man today we will make history and I stake my reputation on it [Music] okay five four three two [Music] ladies and gentlemen there you have it straight from billionaire Simon Moreno of thunderstorm technologies the fate of the entire West Coast may rest upon his cutting-edge technology may God looked down upon him today I’m Jayson Andrews reporting to you live from channel for Metro news please stay tuned for further updates as more information filters in if who told him this was possible he’s just playing God with people’s lives what’s that banging the press conference what do you think about it I wasn’t listening there’s something here sir which guy Simone Moreno he’s on every channel telling people about this noise and well boy so now everybody knows could’ve been ty Benny worse mr.

Nariño claims he has a solution he said one of his satellites can create an opposing tsunami that will rolled this one on top of his self a smaller wave maybe but this one seems far too powerful for that he’s gonna make things worse I can feel well us we’re gonna find out the only way to know for sure is to run the numbers trust those not you’ve got alright where’s the stress point here is where mr. nariño is planning to focus the energy wave from one of those satellites directly in the path of the approaching tsunami no I see can you pull up the underlying structure uh-huh I think you’re right it has no chance of success at that point let’s try a few more possibilities now about here and here I think those should give us good possible scenarios what about here I think we may be running out of time for that one but without included anyway if a counter tsunamis gonna work it’s gonna be from one of those points now what we have to do sit back and wait for the results in the meantime I’m gonna work with another idea that I’ve got dr.

Vickers so you familiar with mr. nariño and his thunderstorm technologies yes I’ve worked with mr. nariño and the military on several projects together then you are familiar with the wave machining that mr. nariño know but the theory is sound based on the information provided by mr. nariño and everything seems to check out but I’m not sure if I should be looking for something in particular maybe you could check through these and see if you spot anything definitely the direction that I would have taken hmm the exact spot as well I think mr. nariño has everything figured out forth so you would recommend that we go with his plan I would yes no reservations whatsoever no no I think everything is good colonel do you agree yes madam vice president seems we don’t really have any other choice millions of people are counting on us and the clock is ticking yes madam vice president may also recommend that we begin evacuations as a proactive measure not that we won’t succeed ma’am yes of course Connie I’ll call FEMA get the ball rolling excuse me better very important call to make and the vice president now we wait [Applause] [Music] so what’s up looks like you’re having some car trouble there no uh I actually got it covered oh you think so maybe I can give you a ride you know give you a hand no you sure you know maybe I can help you out you know I’m doing my hand well you know looks like you’re heading out of town maybe a little actually I’m gonna be picking a lot of people up so I can’t I got I really gotta get go hold on I think you and I could be friends so once you just make some room in the back you got room in there okay you need to just let me go I’m not looking for any trouble here okay and I’m kind of in a hurry relax all right babe you know the world is about to end okay yeah I know what have been its weren’t you’re not getting it back and go for a ride so you want to see me we need to talk about our little experiment what we have here is an opportunity of a lifetime the chance to win the hearts and minds of the world as well as show them the power real but what about the incident that started all of this well that depends on you I see no reason why it even needs to be discussed maybe because we caused the tsunami that killed the many people I caused nothing I was nor near that submarine I had no idea you were there either well no I wasn’t there personally but we both know what happened there you have it none of us was on that submarine none of us really knows what happened and the one who do know well they’re gone understood that settles there now we need to concentrate on the next step which is to stop what has been created expect a call from dr.

Vickers racism oh it’s not much but it’s something Thank You Daniel do you see anyone else on campus nope I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones dumb enough to be here about that I’m sorry but I really do appreciate having you here so we do right besides not like I had any where I needed to be today what about Alison where’s she I sent her dove my mom’s as soon as you called she should be a while on her way now good I’m glad she’s safe this is worse than I thought here are the data points we ran representing the possible locations for our counter tsunami to be created according to the data this one won’t do what we want either will this one or these that’s unfortunate none of these will do any good nope no matter which point we choose the outcome will be the same which is the tsunami will be even bigger and stronger than it is now just as we feared this data is after it parts the tsunami will reach Nevada we have to stop them well this is the federal government you’re talking about Daniel you can’t just call them up and tell them what to do maybe we can mrs.

The president has considered all options including our recommendations and he has decided to go with mr. nariño plan we have a lot of work to do and that much time to do it in so this being a military operation I’m handing it over to Colonel Brayman thank you dr. pic I’ll expect you to work closely with this Seamus during this project absolutely colonel I’ll do anything I can to help thank you I need you to coordinate this with the computer satellite uplink right away Colonel Brayman sir Laurie Joker do your job all right and you’re more than up to doing it okay kid yes sir dr.

Vickers this is your field of expertise now we are expecting you to get us through this you know what’s at stake how does everything look doc there are no changes in the recent satellite scans everything looks good to me really you know we only have one shot at this right present good I have a call for Colonel Brayman sir hang on a second corporal just waiting on the docs confirmation of the target phone what is the final confirmation of the target zone are we on target I recommend we proceed immediately better vice president carry on girl mmm Colonel I believe the caller said it was important sir he said his name is dr.

Stoker sir dr. Rachel Stoker yes sir you know I’m gay yes sir dr. Stoker was dr. Vickers predecessor to be a second opinion sir Oh patching through yeah hi are you in charge Oh Gunny hi good to see you yeah you know listen I dr. Stoker I’m am Colonel Brennan I’m in charge here I’m afraid we don’t have much time exactly so please listen Marino’s plan to stop the tsunami won’t work you must not go along with it colonel he has no idea of what he is talking about you’re insane old man the numbers don’t lie you were fired for a reason and I replaced you your ideas are outdated no the wave generator cannot not Stoke her up please mr.

Nariño smih sheen will only make the tsunami stronger more people will die colonel Colonel you have to believe us we have the data right here is no idea what he’s talking about we should proceed we do have an alternative what what is it what I’m still working on it but we do have I’m sorry we really must carry on thank you very much but colonel colonel give us understanding technology by the pilot coordinates right the satellite is in positions are powering up to fire okay are you friend up right cuz we only got one shot at this yeah firing in five four three two come on one please fired Oh louder than a song [Applause] okay [Music] get us out of here okay coming for us the recipe know what why didn’t I didn’t that work dr.

Vickers you have a theory on what just happened there No have no explanation for not we have a we have a the tsunami just spit it out besides getting larger and gaining speed the tsunami is also changing course sir where is he gonna hit it’s gonna hit Los Angeles full force sir and there’s more the aftershocks from the blast they’re gonna be a lot stronger than we had expected excuse me [Music] we have breaking news a flood warning is in effect from 6:00 p.m.

Tonight until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning County officials are serving evacuation notices to residents that live close to major levees flood waters are predicted to rise up to 4 feet above normal in emergency situations residents are advised to move to higher ground and seek help let’s go to weatherman Kevin who’s tracking this premiere I’m hungry would you say any are we almost there I’m hungry yeah we’re we’re almost we’re almost there okay and just a little bit oh my What’s Wrong mommy looks like there’s a woman ahead that needs mommy’s help stay here don’t move okay okay right but please help get me out of here my job I know I know okay don’t don’t do anything just just give me a second to figure things out many things are coming so the mothership we need to get to it okay don’t leave me to make a pick mother ship is making clear the people I don’t you hurt my baby okay you just let her go mister I’ll shoot you dead do you understand just let her go captain Owen doesn’t care about guns and god this is it there’s nothing you can do about it the world is over I’m gonna tell you one more time I let her go or I’ll shoot you dead if you hurt her just let her go get in the car get in the car don’t leave me [Music] dr.

Stoker this is thunderclap are you reading me dr. Stoker are you reading me dr. Stoker no it’s Daniel ash I’m listen Daniel we don’t have a lot of time you two were right the tsunami is still coming we really need your help the tsunami is stronger than ever and headed straight to Los Angeles do you two have any ideas I think we just might have something Tony have you been able to get ahold of doctors dr.

Luther it’s Daniel and he is coming through right now mr. Eicke yeah yes yes can you hear me colonel [Music] Daniel we lost it what happened it must have been on their end that last tremor must have knocked other communications running out of time no I’m I’m just running out of eight years well maybe we’ve done all we can you know this may be your last time to get away no no we can do this it’s only temporary they’ll fix it we need to give them more time well what about Alison she’s fine and we will be till you’re not going anywhere all right all right let’s keep trying then you know what you just may be on to something here [Music] Squirrel Girl Tony you okay anybody else hurt good Tony see what you do to making this back up and running we still got a job to do Tony okay go on last I saw her she was in you see mistake heavy maybe your gun Oh [Music] really [Music] no one is available to take your call please leave a message Daniel it’s Alison I don’t know where you’re not answering my car just stopped in the back of an alley I’m on seven well sir we call back when you get a chance or I don’t know I haven’t even gotten out of this city yet so I don’t know what to do Tony what do you got not good um we’re running on emergency power only right now but it’s only working for the light I’ve got to find a way to get power back to those systems the earthquake must have tripped the breakers has a safety precaution not very helpful in the situation where’s the quarry over there I here’s what we’re gonna do corporal yes Gunny you’re coming with me down the sub-basement we’re gonna find a way to get those generators back up and running a check on the vice-president on the way downstairs dr.

Vickers just do something ricardio corporal wait how far down are we going honey take more stories the great which is supposed to be isolated for man-made and natural disasters like a mega tsunami precisely [Music] yes at the moment I’m bringing up the University feed right now dr. stoker we may not have much time I’m running on emergency power now have you to come up with anything that might help yes yes I’m afraid it might be our only chance though Daniel they’re back you have any news on the evacuation last we heard nearly 82% have been evacuated to a safe distance good good is Daniel he has an idea but it’s drastic what do you have in mind an earthquake let’s get corporal I’m not sure Gunny I’ve definitely seen something like this before but the what Jesus mother we don’t have another one I gotta find something to bridge this gap [Music] I miss you daddy look I I really think you should come with us I mean there was no telling how long before your ride gets here I appreciate it Victoria really but you’ve been a godsend already and I don’t want to be a burden you’re not a burden okay what do you say we just get back on the road I know baby I know me too help you guys are okay [Music] [Music] I love you see you soon yes stop sign listen I really appreciate it but I’ll be fine you two go ahead good Oh No [Music] all systems check out goody we’re back on full power Thank You corporal now explain that again to me mr.

Rash you want to do what exactly in order to stop the tsunami we need to give it a place to go and that means opening a trench with an earthquake this is ridiculous the only way to stop the tsunami is with another counter tsunami we need to use a satellite again to find another target area before it’s too late didn’t you learn anything the first time around the satellite work you simply do not understand the forces involved you are as outdated as your data gentlemen please how big of a trench are we talking about big real big we’re gonna have to activate the Newport Englewood Rose Canyon fault zone somehow wait a minute it should do the rest for us are you talking about drop in Santa Monica Pier lax and and more into the ocean do you who are quiet madam vice president what do you think miss Simms what are the evacuation numbers coastlines are 89 percent evacuated FEMA is running into resistance from some of the locals looks like we don’t have a choice canning little it take to activate that fault line we need a big localized bangun e1 that will reverberate through the crust along the fault I think we have something like that send me the coordinates you do realize if we do this people will die madam vice president and if we don’t do it even more will die this is an earthquake versus a tsunami whichever one wins we lose you biscuit cracking Gunny we still have the option to use a satellite we can move it closer to the shore no we’re going with mr.

Ash’s plan you had your chance he’s a student intern doctor it’s done Tony I need you get a hold of black talent 5 have them drop us a package of mr. Ash’s coordinates Black Talon 5 this is thunderclap do you read me over corporal you’re coming with me we’ve got an earthquake to set off wait wait let me go with you gummy please I need I need to do this alright you’re with us but you stay out of the way and do as you’re told you understand keep your fingers crossed setting off an earthquake can have indeterminable results I feel confident it will work it’s past time you got out of here now’s your time to take your best shot well things are still somewhat calm kept breaking news plus 7.3 earthquake has struck central Los Angeles hundreds of reports are coming in now from frazzled residents who are witnessing major structural damage to many roads and building the US government has issued a state of emergency for the entire city of Los Angeles let’s go to our on-the-spot reporter Mary who is on Sepulveda Boulevard and in the midst of this chaos Mary [Music] thank you get out of here I can’t get out of here like now I like you Vanessa here with this GPS dock right here coward of court [Music] she’s gonna power it up sir you understand that anything with a half mile radius will be killed from the last wave of this machine right yes I know doc that is what was designed to do the earthquake will set off is just an added bonus Gunny we have a problem what is it corporal the device isn’t connecting we’re gonna have to do this manually all right take the dock and get out of here I got sir sorry that’s an order corporal whoa what are you doing doctor move over there gun down put your gun down I’m not gonna ask you again drop corporal sir stop the weapon that’s an order I said drop your weapon corporal I gotta make this thing right right don’t do this doc I can’t believe you shot me I’m gonna give you five minutes to get out of here before I set this thing off you sure you know what you’re doing duck yeah I make this right right [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] surprisingly there have been very few casualties considering the magnitude of such a disaster the averted tsunami may well have saved into the millions of lives our own Vice President of the United States Colonel Brayman sergeant Wright and military analyst Tony Sims still unaccounted for as the search and rescue teams try and get down to their deep underground bunkers where they seemingly masterminded the effort to save the people of Los Angeles and beyond our prayers are with them and their families as we hope and pray for their safe return Anthony Palmer with Channel 7 News of Southern California now back to you guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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