Steve Jobs super yacht – Venus – walkthrough by Captain Rick Moore

[Music] welcome to the Anchorage in Simpson Bay at the sunny island of st. Maarten today we’re just out for a little stroll around the bay and have a look at some of the boats that have been coming into the area [Music] [Music] [Music] here’s the super Yahtzee – at 257 feet and built in 2009 she’s owned by Ronald Perelman the US billionaire philanthropist with net worth over 14 billion dollars and having donated over 200 million in 2013 alone he’s most well known for his investment holdings and companies like Revlon Group so you ladies remember next time you’re putting on the lipstick and makeup this is the guy who brought it to you other holdings include am general known for the Hummer and the military Humvee looks like Ronald has done pretty well for himself [Music] and moving on we see the brand new yacht Venus [Music] at exactly 82 meters she’s the director a child of mr.

Steve Jobs himself [Music] jointly designed with Philip Starck Fiat elegantly boast pure simplicity in line with Steve’s desire to design private and quiet places that provided the zen-like atmosphere that he preferred Steve was quoted as saying once I’ve tried to be inspired by the Asian idea that emptiness is more important than fullness hence the famous transparent cherry design back in 1998 called the Marie that he believed to be an almost perfect object just as his idea to bring Venus to life as the elegance of minimal [Music] unfortunately Steve passed away before ever getting to see his masterpiece come to life but the family brought the project to completion and now Venus roams the earth and Steve’s memory with a fixed crew of 22 on board so back on our side of reality it’s time to get back to sophisticated lady and get ready for the next adventure now we’re getting set to head over to the British Virgin Islands for the rest of the season so stay tuned there’ll be lots more coming take care until next time .

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